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June 29th 2009 8:09 pm
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Well, it is that time of the year when humans begin selling the fireworks for 4th of July. I not fond of fireworks at all, and I was very sad when I see the stands going up. I hate the noise they make, and I get very scared. Right now I will not even go for a evening walk cause of the fireworks. It never use to be this way. When I was a young dog I use to like to look at the bright firework lights in the neighborhood. The noise never bothered me. Then last year when I was at agility class which was in the country some one was hunting near by. I got really scared, but no one would let me go home. I wanted to go home so bad, but the teacher thought it would be wrong for me to go home. I ended up staying, but it was never fun for me. I would fight mom when we went to school, and not even a hot dog would help claim me down. I hated going into the arena, and it took me awhile to warm up and do my drills. Eventually, mom gave up and we quite school. I was glad, as I always worried I would hear that noise again. This year I am even more scared of fireworks, and the loud nosie they make. I just wish they fireworks did not make noise


Hot weather

June 27th 2009 7:16 pm
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Well, it is the end of June and boy did the temperatures heat up. It was very hot yesterday, and now it is extremely hot. The temperature were in 103. I hate this heat, I am a dog who likes it to be cool. Because of the temperatures being so hot, today I went for a long walk, and then to the dog park. It was hot at 7:00 when I went to the park, and I had to go to the swimming pool a millions of times. I also had to sit in the shade to cool off. When I got home, I did not go outside except to do my dog business. I hope it cools of soon.


A funday

June 20th 2009 4:08 pm
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Today was a wonderful day for me. I got to go to another dog festival.
It was in Elk Grove which is on the other side of Sacramento. It took us awhile to get there, but it was well worth it. We got to the park where the expo was held and there were a lot of cars and I was excited. However, half the cars were there for a soccer game. However, there were a lot of dogs and it was fun. They had a lot of vendors who gave out a lot of samples ( I love samples). There was also a dog contest about tricks, and an agility demo. It was all very fun. I enjoyed meeting new dogs, and getting free treats.

The race it self was a little disappointing as it was suppose to be a 5k, but turned out only a mile. On the course some rabbits came and jumped out of the bushes and started harrassing us dogs. I think the rabbits knew us dogs could not get to them as we were wearing our leashes. Some dogs were really pulling their humans. My human did not even let me stop to look at the rabbits. She just kept on walking.
Those rabbits were sure silly as one of the dogs could have gotten lose and caught the rabbit. I did not want to catch it, and hurt the rabbit. I would just want to be friends with the rabbit They seem like they would be fun to have as friends.


Lucky dog

June 16th 2009 7:11 pm
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June has started of with a bang. I have been very lucky as I have been very busy doing a lot of fun dog stuff. I was lucky enough to get to go to a River Cats baseball game. It was bark in the park. The River Cats are a minor league team, but very good. They invited dogs to come watch them pay on the first Sunday in June. It was a lot of fun and a lot of dogs came. The River Cats won that day. We got a lot of treats and played some games.

I have also been lucky to go for a hike a long the lake that is nearby. It was a beautiful lake and there were a lot of dog on the trail. I had a good time sniffing all the flowers, and trees.

The walking group I belong to had a birthday party for all the dogs in the group. It was a lot of fun with a lot of human and dog treats. We were going to play some games, but it was to windy.

This Saturday there is another dog walk and expo and I am looking forward to that. I hope there a lot more fun days for us dogs here in Sacramento. I must say I am a lucky dog.


What a day

May 30th 2009 4:05 pm
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I had a wonderful day. It started of the regular way. I got up went out side for awhile. Then I came in ate my breakfast, and went for a walk. I knew something was up as my walk was not as long as usual
I did not know what I would be doing, but I knew it was something fun
Sure enough soon after my short walk I was riding in the car going down the freeway. I was very happy and new I was in for another fun filled day. Finally, we arrived at a big park. At the park there were a ton of dogs, people, and vendor. I knew right away I was at Doggy Dash. Doggy Dash is dog walk and run which benefits the SPCA. I was so happy. I got to go on a walk, meet a lot of dogs, watch some entertainment such as agility, freesbe dogs, police dog demo, and some other contest such as pug races. There were also a ton of vendors that gave away a lot of free treats and dog food. It was a lot of fun. I love going to the Doggy Dash. I can hardly wait until next year.



May 19th 2009 7:12 pm
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Well, my paw has healed nicely and I feel pretty good. However, I now have to wear boots when I go for a walk , run or hike. There are a lot of fox tails so my family does not want me to get a foxtail in my paw again. However, I think I would rather get a foxtail than wear these stupid old boots. I have to wear them on all four paws and they are not very comfortable.

I did figure out that if I scoot my paws when walking they will come off. Then my person who has the leash has to go back and get the boot to put back on my paws. It can be a bit frustrating to the humans, but that is what they get for making me wear these stupid boots.

I went to a trail on Saturday and there were a lot of foxtails and stickers. There were also a lot of people out with their dogs. Many of the people thought it was cute, and wanted to get their dogs boots (poor dogs, hope they do not have to get boots). The dogs were laughing and so were some of the people. I hope my family decide it is to much trouble to have me wear the boots, and stops making me wear them. I have my paws crossed that they do.



May 16th 2009 8:22 pm
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About a week ago my paw began to hurt. I did not really complain as I am not a dog who complains, plus I hate going to the vet. At night I would sneek and lick my sore paw. After a day of doing that my family became suspecious as I really did not want to go for a walk as it hurt my foot. My mom looked in between the toes and around the pads of my foot, but did not find anything wrong. However, she did notice between one of my toes it was all red but no swelling. Then the next morning my foot was swollen. I went for a walk with my walking group, but I could not keep up as I kept stoping and licking my foot. Everyone was very worried, and told us it probabley was a dread foxtail. When I got home, mom called the vet. The vet was able to see me the same day. Unfortunately, the vet had to do minor surgery to find the foxtail. However, the vet could not find it. The vet said it may have come out, but something had been in my foot. The vet gave me some antibiotic and wraped my foot. The vet then set me on my way telling mom that if it is not better in 10 days I had to come back. Well, when I got home my foot was sore, and I could only walk on 3 paws. This lasted a few days. Finally, it was time for the bandage to come off. I was so happy. I was extremly happy when they took me to the pet store. I expected to get some kind of treat for being a good dog putting up with all I had put up with. However, I was sadly mistaken. They bought me the dreaded boots. I know have to wear these boots whenever I go for a walk so I do not get foxtails in my feet again. I hate my boots, and they are hard to walk in. I guess I will even have to wear these boots to hike in when we go hiking. It is just not fair. I hope this is a warning to other dogs. Stay away from foxtails. They are not nice


What is wrong with mother nature

May 2nd 2009 5:39 pm
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I live in Sacramento Ca. Our springs are usually warm with little rain, but this year things have been different. It has been somewhat cooler, which is fine with me. However, we have gotten some unusually strong wind and now we are getting a lot of rain. I am not fond of rain, but I am a smart enough dog to realize we do need rain. However, it did not need to rain on my very busy weekend. Today I was supose to walk in a walk for the Yolo county SPCA in Davis. Davis is 2o plus miles away from my home. We car pooled to this event.with our neighbor and their dog.This morning we loaded our selves into the car and drove to Davis. It was not raining, just cloudy and not real thick clouds. However, when we got to Davis it began to rain, and rain. It just ruined the walk. By the time it was almost time to start the walk I was soaked. It was decided the rain was not going to stop so we went home. It has been raining all day, and now on the news I hear it is going to rain tomorrow. I have another walk/run, and it just can not rain. It must be all the stuff humans are doing to the earth, and now Mother Nature is punishing them by messing up the weather. I wonder if she knows she is also punishing us animals? I got to go practice running by running around the neighborhood. Lets hope it does not rain while I am out running
Please Mother Nature be good to me



April 30th 2009 10:47 am
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Well I have been very busy running. It sems the season has finally began!! I did a run for canine cancer two weeks ago and a run for deaf humans this past saturday 4-25-09. These weekend I am booked, back to back races. One for yolo spca and one for I do not know. It is fun and very hilly in fair oaks ca. Only problem is that Mr. rain might come and mess things up. Rain is suppose to be in the winter not spring during my running season. Doesn't he understand that? well my family after complaining about my weight has finally took a good look and joined a gym. They are not fat- just chunky-under 5 feet 5 inches and under 150 pounds. I hope they do not get buff like the Governor of California that would be very scarry for a dog and embarrasing to have owners that looked like that.
Well I have to go to the vet today to get a shot at 4pm. I am a little upset because I have plans to play with the neighbordog throughthe fense at that time, but no I have to change my palns around and go to the vets. Why can't humans change appts and see what is on the dog's agenda before making appts to go to the vet's


better weather

April 24th 2009 4:13 pm
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Well if finally cooled off. The cool weather came yesterday and then today when we got up it was cloudy and raining off and on. It felt really nice not to have such hot weather. I hope it stays cool for awhile. I hate the heat a lot. The whole weekend is suppose to be cool so that is good as I have plans to run in a race and to go hiking. I am really looking foward to the good weather

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