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The River

August 8th 2009 8:08 pm
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For some people without dogs living in Sacramento can be kind of boring not a whole lot to do. However, we do live near a lot of hikingplace, and have a lot of free concerts and street fairs. Today, I went down for a walk down by the river. We drove to a park, and then took a trail to the river trail. It was really pretty lots of shade trees and pleanty of things to snoop into. There were also a lot of dogs walking down along the river. I always like to see other dogs. On this trail you do have to be careful of bikes. There are lots of people riding there bikes. They go pretty fast on the main trail. I have heard that there are coyotes on the bike trail. If you do not wear your leash, and you see a coyote it can be pretty scary. The coyotes are know to trick dogs into coming with them then they kill the dog. Whenever I go hiking I have to wear a leash so I do not have to worry about coyotes. Sometimes there are reports of mountain lions, but I do not know if anyone has ever seen one there. I think it is just rumors. Anyway, I had a pretty good day.


My cat sisters and cats in general

August 7th 2009 8:00 pm
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I am a dog who lives with two cats. Lucy and Nikita are my cat sisters
They are both very nice cats who I really like. However, the feeling are not the same when it comes to them. When I first moved in here I tried really hard to be friends with Lucy and my other cat sister Sophie. However, they would not have anything to do with me. I wanted to play with them, and would often try to get them to play chase. However, they just hissed, scratched and ran from me. I eventually gave up. However, I was still friendly with them, but they would beat me up often scratching me on my nose.

After Sophie died we got Nikita, and I had high hopes we would be friends, but it did not work out. The minute she moved in she hissed and scratched me everytime she saw me. I was sad we could not be friends

Since my cats do not like me I tried to reach out to other cats in the neighborhood for cat campanionship. Most of the cats just run when they see me coming. I do not know why as they have never met me so how do they know they do not like me. Some cats have even ran after me challenging me to a fight. They come hitting my tail or just hit me in the face. One cat in the neighborhood who is black an white use to ask me to come see him, and when I did he would hit me. Not very nice. I have not given up on my dream to have cats as friends as I know one day a cat will be my friend


A mixed day

August 2nd 2009 4:37 pm
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Today was neither go or bad. It started the regular way. I got up ate breakfast and went for my early morning walk. Then if was off to the dog park. At the park I played with Brinkly and Molly. We mostly ran and chased after each other. Of course I visited my human friends and they gave me treats. Some humans gave me back rubs which always feels good. I came home and helped with yard work, then one of the worse things happened. I had to have a bath. Yuck, I hate taking a bath. It is not fun. I do not mind the shampooing as I get a nice massage when that is happening. I hate getting water pour on my whole body. It is not fun at all. It feels like I got stuck in a down pour. After the bath, I got brushed and blowed dryed none of those things I really like. Any I am done with my bath, and I look pretty cute. Hopefully, I will not have another bath for a couple of weeks.


Ancil Hoffman Park

August 1st 2009 4:04 pm
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Today it is not too hot, but hot enough. My back is still a little sore, but we went to Ancil Hoffman park for a short hiking trip. The park is a regional park here in Sacramento. It is very nice, but the hiking trail is only 3 miles long with some hills. There is another really pretty trail mom told me, but it does not allow dogs (stupid law). Anyway the trail is very nice, and I had a good time. The park is along the American River and there is often wildlife in the park. There are many rabbits and wild turkeys. Sometimes you can even see deer. There has been reports of Mountain Lions in the park, but I have never seen one. Today, there were a lot of other dogs out walking with there humans. It sure was nice to see them.
My dog friend from Top Terriers Sasha was elected Top Terrier of the Month. I am very happy as she is a nice terrier. She is also lucky as her cats actually like her. I have never known a cat to like me. Even my own cats do not like me. I do not understand as I love them. Anyway I had good day.


My new friend

July 31st 2009 8:38 pm
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My friend Pat who always has great treats finally got a new dog. He lab sammy died about 10 months ago. He died of cancer, and she took it really hard. Fortunately, for us dogs she continued to go for walks with us as she always has good treats. Well, about a week ago she adopted a new dog. His name is Brinkly and he is a golden retriever. He is about 4 years old. He is really tall, and has a very fluffy tail. He loves to run and jump in puddles. When we are at the dog park together we run and jump in the swimming pools or if we are lucky the puddles from the watering of the lawn. We have a lot of funplaying together. I am sure glad pat adopted him.



July 26th 2009 5:03 pm
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I am a lucky dog as I live in California and we have both the mountains, oceans, and many very large regional parks with miles of trails for a dog to hike in. All these places are pretty and I love them. Unfortunately, the state park does not let us dog hike on the trails, but they let horses on the trails. Not that do not like horses, but they make a bigger mess then us dogs. It is sad the ocean trails do not often let dogs hike on them as the ocean areas is always nice and cool.However, there are a limited number of ocean trails that us dogs can hike on, but there is still pleanty of places for dogs to hike. I love to hike and picnic. I especially like seeing the chipmucks, squirrels, and other small animals. I would like to chase them, but I am always on a leash. I wish the state parks would let us dogs in them we would be very good. Most of us dogs treat nature areas better than the humans so I think we should be allowed. If we were allowed we would not be left home when are people went to a state park. We would not be lonely. I am one of the few dogs who people very rarely go to parks that do not allow dogs, but I feel sorry for the dogs who are not as lucky as me. One day I am going to start a group to let us dogs in state parks.


Good and bad news

July 24th 2009 7:46 pm
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Good news for the past 4 days I have gone on my evening walks. I am very proud I have not gotten scared and I have gone around several blocks. There are no longer any loud booms that scare me at all. I do enjoy my walks. The morning walks are always much longer as it is cooler. It is going to warm up and I do not know if I will be able to go for evening walks. When it gets up in the 100's the evenings just do not cool off enough to go for a walk.
Now bad news which has to do with dog health. Yesterday a man and lady my mom knows learned there dog has lymphoma which is a form of cancer. They are giving her radiation and chemotherapy. We hope she is doing well. It is very sad as this couple love there dog so much and it will be sad if the treatment does not help
Another one of the dogs we know just had surgery to remove warts on his eye lids. He also had his teeth cleaned. He has a lot of illnesses so we were worried about thim. He has real bad ear infections, and allergies. Today he was doing good, but real itchy.
My friend BJ has stomach problems, and they think he may have cancer. His parents are not going to give him treatment, but he seems fine. He plays a lot of ball and plays at the dog park, so hopefully he is not to sick.
Then I hear Sadie has some kind of auto immune illness, and another Raja Babu Always died
All these dogs being so sick makes you glad you feel good, and nothing is wrong with you


Evening walks

July 22nd 2009 4:16 pm
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Well, I started going back to my evening walks. Since a week before the 4th of July I have refused to go on evening walks. The reason I have not gone for my walks is that there were loud booms coming from people doing fireworks before and after the 4th of July. I was so scared I would just brace my paws and not go.Mom would pull on leash and I would not budge. I just would not go on my walk. I sometimes would go out front and try to hide under the bush. Then we had a hot spell. It was up in the 100's and it was to hot to go for a walk. Mom did not even try to take me for a walk. Then yesterday it was a nice cool evening and mom said we had to go for our evening walk. I was excited and barked with excitement. However, when I got out front I at first refused to go, then I decide to go and I went around the block. It was so nice there were no loud noises and I had a nice evening walk. Now I am back to going on two walks a day. My morning walks are much longer usually 45 minutes as it so nice to walk in the morning. I get to see a lot of dogs out walking and running.It is a lot of fun. Evenings are usually warm so walks are short.


A little of this and a little of that

July 18th 2009 7:44 pm
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Well it is hot once again, but what else is new. When you live in Sacramento you have to expect there will be weeks of extremly hot weather. It is not really my cup of tea, and hopefully mom will move and we can live in a cooler climate.

Today was a pretty good day I got to go for a nice early morning walk, and I saw a skunk walking down the road. I would have loved to meet it, and see if the skunk wanted to be friends. However, mom would not let me the skunk as she was afraid I would be sprayed with stinky stuff.

I went to the dog park, and got to meet Pat's new dog who is a Golden Retriever. His name is brinkly and he is 4 years old. He is really nice and like other dogs so that is good for Pat. Pat is a real nice lady who has lots of dog treats and always give me an extra treat. She also dog sits for people who are going on vacation. My friend Pixcy is stayin with her, and she is one lucky dog.

Tomorrow there is a party birthday party of two of mom's and my friends Carol and Freedom. Both these ladies have birthdays on the same day so they decided to celebrate together. Carol is bringing her new dog Callie and her husband. The party will be in a park, and dogs are welcome to come. I hope there is cake, andwe get to have some too.



Vacation time

July 7th 2009 8:16 pm
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Well, I got a wonderful suprise we went on a vacation. Oh I was so excited 5 days of hiking how wonderful was that. What more could an active outdoor loving dog want. I was so happy when I found out that I was going on vacation. I got to see so many wonderful plants and smell a lot of nice sense out in the world. It was nice to see so many other dogs out and about. I also got to eat outside and what dog does not like a good picnic especially when human food is included. It was so much fun, and I wish the cats could have come, but they do not like leashes and I do. The only thing I did not really like about my vacation was in the afternoon it got hot, but I was able to find shade and rest while hiking. All in all I would say I had a great vacation. I thank my family for taking me, and wish it could have lasted longer.

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