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Christmas is coming

December 22nd 2009 8:23 pm
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I have been counting the days until Christmas, and it is almost here. I can hardly wait until Santa Paws comes. Until then I have been pretty busy getting ready for Christmas. I have gone Christmas shopping, and making sure noone snoops or steals the presents. I have helped to write my Christmas cards, helped bake by testing all the non chocolate treats. Most of the time I was not suppose to try the treat, but I was able to use my brown eyes, and other skills I have to get a treat. I have been also looking at all the decorated house in various neighborhoods.
One neighborhood all most all the house decorate and many people come to see all these houses. We parked our car and walked through the neighborhood. It was fun to see all the lights, and of course other dogs. I also enjoyed smelling all the smells. There was a man driving around in a decorated car throwing small stuff toys out his window. At first I thought he might be Santa, but he was not. Mom caught a stuffed pig for me to play with. I think most of the dogs, and kids got a toy if they wanted one. It was a fun night, I wish more neighborhood decorated like that neighborhood


This and that

December 13th 2009 4:15 pm
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My fur sisters are fighting over the little chair in the cat's room. It is very interesting neither one of them wants to share the chair. If you ask me it is just a silly fight. They have 2 other chairs in that room and you think they could work it out. I do not understand them. Maybe this is a change for me to bond better with one of them. On the other hand I better stay clear of the fighting as I do not want to get in trouble with either one of them as they are not shy about hitting me with their claws.

My diet is going pretty good. I lost several pounds so that is good. I have not been able to get much exercising in as it rains all the time. However, I did get to run a race, and came in second. I went to my dog park's bake sale and mom bought me some dog treats, but I can only eat one a day. My friend BJ's mom also gave me some extra treats so that was nice. I have not eatten much cat food, and been eatting more dry food which is suppose to be less fattening.

My mom is worried about my back as I seem stiff. She thinks I might have to give up running races, but I do not think so. I love to run, and have been running in race since the age of 1 1/2 or so. I love to run. I think I was born to run. Well going to see if it is still raining so I can go for a evening walk, I hope the rain stops soon. I love the outside, and hate being stuck inside.


2nd dog

December 12th 2009 4:28 pm
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Well, I thought my race would be cancelled as it was raining, but the rain stopped around 6:30 in the morning so mom decided to take me along and see what would happen. The race was for toys for tots and Pals.Well, we loaded ourselves into the car, and went to the park where the race was. It was cloudy, wet, cold, but no rain. We got out of the car, and guess what. There were a lot of other dogs who parents took a chance and came to. We went got our race number, meet other dogs, and even saw a dog who looked a lot like me. Then it was time for the race to start. Mom and I went to start line and waited until it was time to go. There were a lot of speeches by politicians, police, and city leaders, then it was time to start running. Mom and I did the 5k and we did well. However, a couple of runners who I had to bark at so they would move out of my way. One group of runners would not move, and it was a little upsetting to me and mom.
However, people a long the course told me I was very fast, and the second dog in the race. When I got to the finish line I was still the second dog to finish the race. I was very happy,and many people told me I was cute, I got a nice red ribbon. Then we had some food. Mom gave me some of her roll, and I even tried a orange which I liked
All in all it was a good morning. However, now my dog back is a little sore, but I would do the race all over again.


Thursday December 10-09 A wonderful day

December 10th 2009 6:09 pm
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Oh boy I had just a fantastic wonderful day. I got to go and help my family oick a big wonderful christmas tree. It is the prettiest tree I have ever seen! Then I helped decorate the tree and it looks wonderful thanks to my help. Then I gt to go running. I LOVE to run and it it was nice and cool in the 40's to 50's. We ran about 4 miles had to get home to decorate the tree. I have a big dog race this saturaday and I am really exited. Then I finished my christmas cards for the Terrier exchange and got two little cookied for helping my human sister with that project. (she could not have done it right with out me) Then I got to go and get pizza I love pizza!!. Oh no I smell the pizza I gotta go run and maybe I can get a piece or nibbles of pineapple I love pineapple. Hey I lost weight and it is Christmas time I deserve a few nibbles, after all I did run 4 miles.


Waiting for snow

December 7th 2009 4:03 pm
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Mom and I have been waiting for snow. I have been to the mountains many times and I like snow, mom lived in Mid-west, and Colorado and likes the snow. We were very excited when we heard it was going to snow on Sunday night. Most people did not believe the weather people as they told us this before. However, mom was excited she could hardly wait., and I was as I like cold weather. My tail was wagging on our evening walk as I could smell the snow coming. Yesterday was cold, and in the afternoon it got very cloudy mom just new it was going to snow. However, people laughed at us and told us it would not snow. Well, night time came, and it did not snow, just rain. Everyone told us it would not snow, and not to expect it. Mom and I woke up around 1:00 no snow, 2;30 no snow, then when we got up we did not look out as we thought there would be no snow. Then the radio man said it looked like Christmas, so we turned TV on, and yes, it had snowed we were so happy. Then mom got ready and we went for a walk. It was so pretty with snow on the ground and on tops of cars. We did not get much snow and it melted by this afternoon, but it was fun while it lasted. My friend BJ got to go dog park where there was a lot of snow and play with his dad.
He is very lucky. I hope we have more snow.


Diet up date

December 1st 2009 8:04 pm
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I am still on my silly diet. I think I have been doing pretty good. I have cut back on stealing cat food. One reason my family get the cat food put up before I can get it, and when Rick was here he would beat me to the cat food. As a result I have not eatten much cat food. I have been doing more running, and walking so I think I must have lost some weight. I have not gotten weighed for awhile. Last time I got weighted I lost several ounces so I was happy. I am a little afraid to get weighted as I have been eatting a lot of turkey since Thanksgiving, but I am hoping it does not have a lot of calories. I think I will get weighed next week so I will know for sure if my diet is working.


Thanksgiving time

November 24th 2009 7:44 pm
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Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope everyone has a good day, and gets to sample some of that turkey. I am planning to have a good day. I am going to a walk for a local food bank in the morining. My friend Rick will be joining me and my family. I will be running and he will walk. We will then go home, watch the dog show, get dinner, eat then
go for a evening walk around the neighborhood looking for homes that are decorated for Christmas. It sound pretty good to me. I hope everyone has a fun day.


I am so happy

November 21st 2009 7:48 pm
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On Tuesday my dog friend came to stay for 11 day. He gets to stay until next Saturday. It is so nice to have another dog living here. I live with 2 cats, and they often gang up on me. It is nice to have another dog to hang out with. We have been having a lot of fun together here is some of stuff we have done together
Go for walks, and explore the neighborhood for different smells
play and run together
go for rides as humans do errands
go to the dog park
eat together
get brushed
go to a race together, and meet some dogs
As you can see we have been having a lot together. He will be here on Thankgiving, and we are going on a fun walk together to help feed people in need. We will have a lot of fun. I know I will miss him when he goes home.


My wonderful day

November 7th 2009 6:49 pm
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I had the most wonderful day a running dog could want. For the past few months my dog back has caused me a lot of problems. I have lumbar stenosis which causes pain in back, hind legs, and hips. The pain comes and goes, so mom has a hard time knowing how much pain I have, and I not a dog to complain. Well, I started on some new medicine and boy what a difference, and it has been only 3 days since I been on the medicine. I feel so good, back to my regular self. All this led up to having the best day today

It started out as a regular day, I got up, ate breakfast, and went for my morining walk. When I came home everyone got ready to go the race. At first the family told I would not be running with my human sister, as my back still need to rest. I on the other hand other ideas.
When we got to the big park where the race was being held, I ran out of the car dancing and barking. I tried to chase a squirrel, but could not as I was on a leash. When we got the race area I kept my eye on my human sister following her and staying close to her. Eventually, my mom said I could run. I was so happy bouncing around. We lined up to start the race, I barked and ran fast weaving in and out of the crowd. Then all of the sudden a man who was running started to run along side my human sister and started talking to her. He was very nice, and he said I was cute. He likes dogs, but does not have time for one. We soon parted as I stopped to look at a squirrel. My humans sister told me the man was the Mayor of Sacramento. Man the Mayor of Sacramento thinks I am cute. I am a very lucky dog. When we finsihed the race I found out I was the first dog to finish. A lot of people came over and told me how cute I was.
One lady even offered me a roll which my family would not let me have as I am on a diet. Man I had a fun day


Weight loss

November 6th 2009 7:31 pm
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Well, for the past few weeks I have been on a diet (not my decision, the family). I thought I looked o.k and felt pretty good. However, after Rick my dog friend who stayed for awhile left I had to go on a diet. He was a little chubby and was on a diet, so my family thought it was best I go on a diet too. That darn Rick if I knew he was going to cause me to go on a diet, I do not think I would let him come for a visit. Oh well, my diet is going good as I do look thinner and have more energy. I think I lost a pound in two weeks which is good. I need to lose 5 more pounds. I will get weighted again in 2 weeks to see how it is going. The only complaint is I do not get human food, and I am always hungry. I hate diets

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