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April 3rd 2013 8:50 pm
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Not much is going on. It has been warm and we are expecting a one day storm. I guess I will not be getting much of a walk. However, last night mom was looking at a magazine you get when it is time to go to vet for physical (for Lucy this time) and it had some interesting recipes for pets. Mom found one for peanut butter cups. I am so excited she promised to make them for me and I can hardly wait. I hope she makes them this weekend. I hope they taste good and I like them. I am so excited for a new type of treat. Well, I am going to go get a drink of water and watch a little TV


Bath day

April 2nd 2013 6:50 pm
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Well today was the dreaded day, Bath Day. Oh my human sister was been telling me I was going to have a bath soon, but things kept happening so my bath was delated. Well, today when she got home from her job what did she do but give me a bath. I was not dirty and looked darn cute so I do not know why she thought I needed a bath. Well, I did well in my bath, and then I got blowed dryed. My other human sister gave me a trim so now I look cute and fuzzy although I already did look cute just not fuzzy. One thing about having a bath my human sister cooked me a piece of chicken for dinner and it was great, I really enjoyed it a lot. I guess sometimes it pays to have a bath.

Have a great day


Happy April 1st

April 1st 2013 8:29 pm
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Hope everyone great day. It was partly cloudy but warm. I went for a walk and had a fun time. I saw my friends Bearnie, Cleo and Epona and they were all doing ok. Epona did have a sore leg, but it is all better now so that is good. Well, I guess I go outside and see what is going on

Have a good day


EASTER and floods of rain and Thanks

March 31st 2013 7:29 am
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Hello I hope the bunny was good to everydog. Thanks to everydog who gave me All those nice gifts. It seems that Gremlins have taken over the computer- it keeps messing up! Boy did it rain in the night- I am sure it is flooding we had Thunder and lightening which Nevr happens here. The rain just came down in sheets. The rain ruined my hiking trip today. I got alot of very nice things from my family and Easter Bunny for Easter. I just wish it did not rain today- it should have rained like this in the winter-- Not spring when it begins the hiking season. Well I have a busy day- gotta get Gass- go to church and out to dinner at my human sisters house. Hope you all have a GREAT EASTER!


Satuday the daybefore Easter= EASTER EVE

March 30th 2013 11:01 am
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How are you dogs doing. I have a VERY busy day planned. I already been busy. I went and played with my friends at the dog park and went on a walk with Bernie and Cleo. Then later on today I have a Very long by bye planned as my human sister has to do some shopping and errends to do. I am very excited For Eatser, as I get to ride along when my humans go to church and out dinner with Family and Hiking if it does not rain! I hope the Easter Bunny is good to me as I am an very exceptional perfect dog and deserve good things. well got to get going, I have alot of things to get accomplished. Have a Great Easter. Hope the Bunny is good to you all.



March 29th 2013 8:13 am
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I hope all you dogs are having a Great day- Good Friday. It should be a good day as it is called Good friday so how could you have a bad day on it? I got some real human baccon last night and so did the cats. It is to rain on Easter which willbe sad- as we planned to go hiking. I hope the bunny rings me something good. I hope I get to go to church with my human sisters. well I am going to go for a walk see ya later. take care.


ST Patricks Day

March 17th 2013 10:56 am
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Hello all
HAPPY ST.PATRICKS DAY TO all the DOGS out there! Oh yes Happy 6th birthday to Nikita Kitty. Just becaus it is your 6th Birthday I still do not like you hitting me. It has been busy - I have been going on walk and going to Dog Park. The weather has been nice but we are to ge rain this week tuesdya or wednesday. I am going to a towns celebration for st.Patricks day, they donot drink so it will be fun to see al the singers dancers and other events. see ya I am going to go rest up- it is only a mile from us. I hope to meet other dogs there. Well hope you have a safe day!


Busy day

March 9th 2013 8:18 pm
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Boy I had a very busy day. I went tot he dog park andplayed with friends. then I came home and went on Errends and went to a car wahs which was very intersting thing to do. then this afternoon I went on a nice walk down the bike trai and I saw 2 deer eating some grass int he wooded area. It was a nice walk but boy am I tired. Then we stopped and got pet food and treats, and of course we had to bring the cats home some or they would complain. I do not knwo why they had all day by themselves and could not pick on me. well I hope all you dogs rememeber to set clocks ahead an hour. I guess I will go to bed and sleep so i do not loose an hour of sleep have an another exciting day. Have A GREAT weekend. adn do not forget to spring forward and hour. See ya BYE
Ps I forgot to tell you they went and stopped for burgers and I got some., and it was mighty Tasty. I LOVE Burger king Burgers- not the vegitarians ones. My one human sister is a vegitarian.The French fries are not bad either I snuck a couple- but shh- dont say anything I do not think My humans know. they are DELICIOUS!!! BOL- spread the word. All you dogs should try some!


cats- they can drive a dog nuts especially if they are DIVAS like- mine

March 8th 2013 1:56 pm
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Boy are my cats driving me nuts! My human sister brought me a nice bone to chew on and eat- she got them bags (2) of snacks now waht is the problem.? they claim I eat to noisy and disturb their peace. They say I chomp to loud. I say it is all HOGWASH! I am a very quite eateer. Talk about noisy and annoying eating it is them withm licking their cat food- lick lick it is very nerve wracking- and I will tell you both are noisy eaters but Nikita is the worst. You can here her all over. she is very noisy both of them are. Lucy sure enjoys chomping on their snacks- she is ver noisy eating those- and boy does she meow around for them which can be annoying in the morning right when you wake up hearing cats meow like they dying is nerve racking in the morning- and Nikita's skeaky meow send shivers up my spine. Do I complain? No I do not I just put up with it as poart of living with Cats. Then they have the nerve to complain about me sitting eating my bone very quitely. My human sisters even said I was cute eating it- so I must Not have none nothing wrong. I tell ya cats are hard to deal with. You can not please them no matter what you do. well I am going to go and eat my bone before the cats come and get it. I think they compalin about it so I leave it and then they can come and enjoy it. Especailly Nikita she seesm to really like dog food- and she complains that the world would be a better place with dogs- well knuckle head with out there would be no dog food. cats and they think they are the geniuses!! see ya back to my bone.



March 5th 2013 6:16 pm
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Good evening to all

Well, I spent most of the day waiting. Waiting for you may ask,well this big storm. We have been hearing about this storm for a couple of days and how we are to be prepared, drive safely, and stay out of mountains unless necessary. Well, I got up this morning expecting to see something, clouds, rain, wind. However, nothing but a few clouds. It got kind of warm and the sunshined all day, I kept on waiting for a cloud or something, but nothing happened. We need rain so it would have been nice. However, after one of human sisters came home we saw on the news it was not coming until tonight. Interesting cause I am looking out window and still the sky is clear. I just wonder if the weather people were tired of talking about nice weather, and decided to make up this big storm for something to talk about. Yes very interesting this big storm. I let you know if it actually comes.

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