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We moved and now :(

April 7th 2008 9:56 am
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All we have is dial up and I can't see pics well and it takes forever to do ANYTHING!!!

I hate dial up.


Monday is the Big day

March 15th 2008 7:53 am
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Yup, Monday is the Big move and then we won't have internet until March 27.
Yeah that's right no Dogster until the 27th unless Mommy can sneak on while she is at her parents house and doing school work (*wink*).

The house is a mess (which is fine with me because I cna chew on stuff and they don't realize it). Mommy is tired and stressed because she is the one that has been doing ALL the packing, Daddy is tired because he has been working overtime, Maddie had soemthing called "Strep" and is just now getting better, Kay is getting into stuff more then me which is stressing mommy out even more, and Scooter is of course freaking out because he HATES change.

Oh yeah and I've been in my crate an awful lot because of doors being open and things that could hurt me being on the floor. Mommy says right no the house isn't puppy proof so I have to penned up for "my own good". What a load of Poop! "For my own good"! My own good is to be out of this stupid crate! I mean Mommy is giving me extra long walks but still I want to be with the rest of the family. The only upside is that Kay is in her "crate" too (Mommy calls it a play pen but I know what it really is).

At first this move stuff was kind of fun but now I can't wait for it to be all over.


moving part 2

March 9th 2008 11:20 am
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As I said before we are moving but I didn't understand what that really ment until today :( No kidding but my home now looks like that wind that was blowing outside is now blowing inside!!!

Let me tell you all that has happened this weekend.

First off both my furless sisters were packed off to other places and have been gone. Then all of the fun books that I like pulling off the shelves are gone (first put into boxes and then taken away). All of the stuff is off the walls and though it was fun barking at mommy as she was tring to get them all down, it's still weird.

Scooter is happy because there are lots of boxes every where that he can play in (and I will have to say chewing on them is great). But Mommy keeps saying that soon they will be full and gone.

Daddy says that he is going to be taking "little" things over to the new house everyday until the day of the Big move. So what is leaving next? What is little things? I'm guessing it's anything that will fit in Mommy's SUV that we don't need right now over the next week.

Mommy says that the girls will be home tonight and then tomorrow they are going to start on their room packing or at least Maddie will. Mommy also says that the day all the big stuff I'll have to stay in my crate most of the day and Scooter will be locked in the bathroom.

I don't think I like this moving thing one bit. And to make it worse Mommy and Daddy are already talking about moving AGAIN in two years. Well, I guess I can just hope that won't happen.


Vet Visit

March 7th 2008 9:02 am
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Well, I had my second vet visit today :(
I got a shot and had to get my weight done. I know am 14lbs! That's a 5lb gain in three weeks.

The vet thinks I'm going to become a blue fawn because I am now getting lots of brownish hairs growing in.

I don't feel too good right now but I wanted to let you all know...


Mommy's not too happy because I threw up in her truck and I'm still burping stinky burps...

I need to get a drink of water and take a nap...

Night, night all.



March 6th 2008 6:47 am
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I just found out that we are moving! Mommy says that I will love this new home because it's bigger and on 5 acres!!!

Both of my furless sissies will have their own rooms and share a bathroom with Scooter, while I will be sharing Mommy and Daddy's room as soon as I'm house trained (I still have little peepee incedents) but until then I will be downstairs in my own little room (crate). But Mommy says that there is a fenced part of the yard so that I can go play and then other places that we can explore together.

That being said we will be off-line from March 17th - March 20th, or at least we hope thats as long as it will be.



February 27th 2008 7:55 am
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I got to meet my Aunties this past Sunday. I was very excited to be getting a car ride and then when we showed up I could hear barking! Mommy took Kay in first and then she came and got me.

When we went in, she was carrying me and so it was she that got tackled in the hall by them. She sat down in a chair still holding me and letting us sniff each other. My Auntie Penny was sniffing and sniffing and Mommy but me down and I was so happy! Well until Aunt Dasiy came up and started growling and getting all mad at me.

It got so bad that Aunt Dasiy went upstairs and just me and Auntie Penny played. It was soo much fun! But Mommy says I wore her out; BOL. But she was fun to play with and didn't care that I chewed on her bones.

Mommy took pics of us and Kay, so everyone can see the fun we had!



February 20th 2008 7:32 pm
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I have decided that I HATE winter weather! It is so cold that I didn't want to potty outside and tried to pull Mommy back inside but she got mad at me. All I wanted was to get warm!

But then I found out why she got so mad.... I was pulling in the wrong direction. And then I went up to the wrong door and she got mad AGAIN! It might be because there was ice coming out of the sky. It really hurt when it hit me and I guess it hurt Mommy too.

Well it was soooo cold outside I didn't potty and so when we came inside I peepeed and Mommy got mad AGAIN! But what is a pup to do?

Okay then Mommy said dinner time and I ate it ALL! It was soo good and then she put me in my crate! But it wasn't bed time! She said she couldn't trust me with just my older sissy while she made dinner.

When she was done she let me back out and I had to poop sooooo bad! But I knew I would get in trouble if I went inside so I whinned and sat at the door waiting. Mommy said "If I take you out you better go". So I went! and mommy was soo happy with me that she gave me a treat when we came in and sat on the floor to play with me. :)

But I hate the cold and the ice from the sky!



February 19th 2008 7:18 pm
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This past weekend I visited with with my Daddy's Aunt. They have three dogs there, Fifi, Peire and Taluhla. At first, they didn't like me and tried to boss me around. I let them because I wanted them to like me.

Mommy put me in the crate with them (yes I know some people would say this was the worst thing to do) but it worked out fine with Fifi and Taluhla. We played the next day like we had been friends forever. Tally (Taluhla's nick name) even brought to me her favorite stuff dog!

But Peire was another story. He just wanted to be mean to me. So the next night only him and I were in the crate and I got tired of his bossiness so I told him to STOP! And then we were fine too.

Mommy was so happy because I learned that I needed to go potty outside and she also learned that I could sleep through the night without having to go potty (which was bad because I was able to get her up every two hours before that).

I had fun but then when we came home it was lonely :(

But then again I can sleep without being bothered which is very *yawn* nice...

But I'm getting tired now.... nite nite


Vet Thingy

February 19th 2008 5:10 am
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Mommy took me to this place and I saw a VET. I was worried by the big dogs there and Mommy wouldn't put me down because the one (Mommy says she was a Ridgeback) and she wanted to come to me but she was going "rrrrrr" at me and her tail was all stiff.

Then they said my name and Mommy took me to a different room and made me stand on this cold table. This very nice lady came in and talked a lot and petted me and told me I was a "good boy". Then another lady came in but she just wanted to pet me because I was soo cute.

Mommy kept telling me that was being such a good boy and that she would have a treat for me.

Then ANOTHER lady came in and Mommy said that she was the Vet but she looked like all the other ladies! But then she grabed my legs and moved them all funny and looked in my ears and eyes and then she looked in my mouth. The worst was when she grabbed me under my tail!!! That did NOT feel good but Mommy said I was being a good dog and rubbed my ears. The Vet lady put some really nasty stuff in my mouth which made me gag and then all of a sudden I felt something on the back of my neck and then the Vet was saying I was a wonderful puppy and that Mommy had picked out a good one.

Oh yeah, Mommy says I should say that I weigh 9lbs and 6 ozs.

I did get my treat and Mommy was so happy that I ate it. She called my Heart medicine (?).

I was very tired after that and I slept a lot. But when I woke up I had to GO! and when I went it was all runny and stuff. Mommy says it was that bad tasting stuff but I'm all better now.


What I did today...

February 14th 2008 1:27 pm
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Lots have happened today. I got a collar on yesturday and that was fine because Mommy said it made me look all the more cute. Today, she tied this thing called a leash to it and told me it was okay. *shrugs* It didn't bother me any. I noticed that she was still holding one end so I figured this ment that I was suppose to follow her (which I do anyway), and so I followed. She was so happy that I am naturally doing "heal" (what is that?) and told me that I am the best pup she has ever had when it comes to a leash.
The next new thing was she put a sweater on me. That's right I had clothes on. (She took pictures of me in it) and it matches my collar.
The she picked me up and took me outside and set me down on the porch, just so that I could get use to leaving the house. I sniffed around and bite a leaf. I went on the grass for the first time (and I peepeed and Mommy got sooo happy, it was weird).

But then there was a bad noise and I got scared. Mommy told me it was "okay" but I could not figure out what that noise was! Mommy picked me up and took me back in telling me that the noise was from big birds that could hurt me if I ran too far from her but as long as she was near the birds would stay away.

I told Scooter all about it and he was mad HE couldn't go outside and take care of those birds. But if they are bigger then me that means they're bigger then him too and could hurt him! So I am glad that Mommy won't let him out.

I am sooo very tired now... I think I'm goin- *YAWN* to take a na--

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