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A day in the life of Maizy!

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August 4th 2008 8:22 pm
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It's been quite awhile since I wrote an entry, but I at least wanted to thank all my friends and family for the Fabreze collars. It's so nice to have so many friends. I hope I didn't miss anyone, if I did, I'm sorry! I mean ,I know I'm perfect, but occassionally, I slip up...what can I say! It's not easy sending all those collars out when you have the FLYING MONKEYS here.......Yes, we still have them come here 4 days a week....Tipper and Maxxie too! They're getting better, though, and soon Emily will be in afternoon kindergarten. I just know Mama is gonna be all teary eyed! That leaves us with Caleb...typical boy! But I know the house will be quieter.......maybe too quiet!!! :(


Oh no, Tagged again!

June 26th 2008 7:05 am
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June 26th 2008
I've been tagged by my furfriend,Amazing Gracie

Now to answer some questions . . .

Name Four Jobs that you have had:

1. Watching for the mailman
2.Chasing squirrels out of the yard
3. Making sure Mama loads the dishwasher the right way
4. Check that Lucy ha eaten all her food

Name Four Places that you have lived (there are only two)

1.Farm in Illinois
2. Humane Society in Illinois
3.Foster home in Milwaukee, Wi.
4. My furever home

Name Four Places that you have been

1. The dog parks
2.Tippers house
3.Maggie's house
4. Up North

Name Four Places you Would Rather Be

1. In Mama's bed
2. At the dogpark
3. Anywhere Daddy and Mama are
4. On the couch

Now tag four Pups!

1. Phoebe #771139
2. Birdy #512453
3. Chocolate Chips #680556
4. Henry #458024


Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

June 19th 2008 8:34 am
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It's been a while since Iwrote an entry in my diary, so here it goes. Today the FLYING MONKEYS are here. So far,there's the usual yelling and screaming----I just try and tune it out.....sigh! I mean, what else can I do? I can't up and leave, not that I'd want to. All of us go outside sometimes, but than Tipper starts digging---- than I get worried that I'll get blamed. Maxxie is the terror of the neighborhood, with all that barking. I mean, how can I relax? Well anyway, Daddy is on vacation the next two weeks,I can't wait. PEACE and QUIET!!! Rides,treats, going for walks, the dogpark. At least I can recharge myself again. I know Mama and Daddy like to go for lunch at special places, so that means special treats from the eating place, mmmm. I hope the weather will be nice. Well,that's about it for now. See ya! Woof--Woof!


Another One of Those Days!

June 4th 2008 6:05 pm
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Yes,again! Things haven't been too bad lately, except for the fact that now my sister, Tipper, has gotten sooo involved in this Dogster thing, that she decides to START A GROUP! Can you believe that? I mean, first I had a hard time even getting her here, than she decides to join, than she goes all crazy with her Las Vegas type page, now she owns a group!!! Guess who's second in command? Aha,you guessed it! I mean, I was still trying to learn things and help Mama with Sammy and Lucy's page. Like I have nothing better to do? Than she starts bugging the heck out of one of MY friends, getting all kinds of brainstorms and next thing you know---she barks---LOOK AT MY GROUP---CONNECT THE DOTS!! OMD, what could I say? So today Tipper's Mama had to take off 'cause one of the poor FLYING MONKEYS had her tonsils taken out and tubes put in her ears. Well ,you know what that meant----I'm left to keep things going in the group. OK, from 6;00 AM, I'm doing OK. Everything is going along fine until about 8 or 9:ooAM. All of a sudden---- the screen goes black and ALL the lights go out on the ' puter----not good!! Mama and I kept trying differant things, nothing works. Daddy happens to call, so she tells him. He thinks it might be the adapter and to call Circuit City. She does that, explains it to the guy and he agrees and tells her to call Toshiba " cause they bought a warranty. She calls them and tells them everything and he agrees also. Than he tells Mama to print up a label to send back the adapter. HOW CAN SHE DO THAT WHEN HER 'PUTER IS BROKE!! He says "Don't you have another 'puter?" I mean, this thing cost Mama and Daddy over $1400.00 before rebates!
So Mama says "I'll ask my daughter to print it up." Than she has to mail the adapter to them, they look at it and than finally mail us a new one----this taking anywhere from 10 to 14 days!!! So what is Mama supposed to use in the mean time----call Circuit City and buy a generic one for $90.00 and return it when we get the new one. The manager says that's fine. S o off we go to CircuitCity and Sendiks. Finally, after 5 hours, we get the generic adapter. Yeah----back online again and right to the group. Mama apologizes to everyone and finds out that Max, another admin. , had tried to cover for her---how nice was that!!! Well, that's how my day went, but things could have been worse, the whole 'puter could have died---I mean, it's only 15 months old!!!!



May 27th 2008 9:56 pm
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Yowza, I got to be Dal O the WEEK in the new group , Connect The Dots! What an honor. Not only that ,but a cool glittery picture with my profile and glittery stars. I feel like I'm in Vegas, just like Tipper.This is so great,I'm besides myself. I'm so glad I joined Dogster,because I've made so many wonderful friends. And now my sister and cousin are in it too! Well, I gotta go, just had to share with everyone. Good night everybody,sleep tight!

P.S.----Any Dals are welcome ,so please come and check out our group. I guarantee you'll have lots of fun! TTFN ! WOOF-WOOF!


What's a dog to do?

May 26th 2008 8:29 pm
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What a boring Memorial Day. Daddy was working on stripping the deck for several days. I mean, we couldn't even be outside because Daddy said the stripper is strong stuff. So here we are, 80 degrees outside, and WE have to stay in. Besides that, Mama and Daddy are still coughing away----it sounds like a TB ward around here. I don't think Daddy's vacation is gonna be much fun if this keeps up. Tomorrow it's supposed to get down in the 50's again!
Oh yeah, remember when I asked my sister,Tipper to join this site. Did you see her page? I mean, what does she think-----is this Las Vegas? Blinking hearts,flashing dalmatians, glitter words. She keeps sending me e-mails----how does this look?---is this color good? I can't get the music to work! I mean, I got enough trouble trying to get my page up, let alone keep looking at hers. I'm the one asking her for help. Well now, she decides to add Maxxie---more competition. Poor Lucy can't compete with Maxxie, she's too old. She doesn't like posing for pictures, let alone all those flashing lights. Poor Mama can't keep up with all this stuff----I think she created a monster.Tipper's Mama is obsessed with this stuff----why doesn't she just go into computer graphics or something. She's wasting her time doing those MRI's and looking inside everyone's bodies.I'm surprised she doesn't add blinking hearts to the x-rays! I do have to admit their pages really do look nice, but I'm not telling Tipper that. She'll get a big head and put up more pictures and blinkies. My eyes can't take all that flashing, unless it was cameras taking pictures of ME!!


I Knew This Would Happen!

May 22nd 2008 1:09 pm
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I knew it, I just knew it! Didn't I say I better not get sick? First the FLYING MONKEYS ---cough,cough cough. Than Mama gets this goofy bug----she's coughing all night long---I can't get any sleep! During the day,same thing---cough , cough, cough! Just when I start to doze off, she starts. I can't get any peace around here. Well, to top things off, I get an EAR INFECTION! Great, here it is, the Memorial Day Weekend, and I'M SICK. I mean when does it stop!! Not only do I feel lousy, but my ear is all smelly and runny from the stuff Mama puts in my ear. Than I hear her talking to Daddy and says if it doesn't get better, I"m going to the vet. NO, NO, NO-----last time I went there, they tortured me and touched my feet and stuck needles in me----I was a basket case by the time I left there. It took me three days to get back to normal. I know Mama told Daddy --Don't let me hang my head out the window when it was cold----but Daddy never listens either---in one ear, out the other. So who suffers----me,of course. Just 'cause I love hanging my head out the window, that's besides the point! Mama says she should get me some ear muffs----yeah right---80 degrees and I'm wearing ear muffs----I don't think so! Maybe a hat or babushka----I could make a fashion statement!!!


I'M in the SPOTLIGHT! --- OMD!

May 18th 2008 12:25 pm
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I can't believe this-----one of Today's Picks in DIARY CENTRAL ! Thank you all so much. Mama will think I made this up again,'cause somtime's I get into trouble for doing things I shouldn't. Than she'll say" Did you do this?", and I just play dumb and give her lots of kisses---she's a pushover that way! Make no bones about it, this still wouldn't happen without me.
Mama still has a bad cough, maybe it's kennel cough---I don't really know.
She said she feels real hot, too! She hasn't been doing much of anything except work on the 'puter. I think my friend FLICKA knew I was upset about my sister, TIPPER being on the front of PET FANCY,no less! She was so nice to set up a photo session for me so I could be on there ,too. So between FLICKA & TIPPER, they got my page set up. Now I'M on the cover of PET FANCY, too! I'm thrilled! They helped with SAMMY'S & LUCY'S, too.
Well I have to tell yah, I really am honored again and want to thank everyone. I say we go out & celebrate----Steak dinners----oh wait, my allergies. How about fish? Mmmm--so good for you. WOOF-WOOF!



Mama's got the flu!

May 15th 2008 7:17 pm
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Well, I have to tell you, Mama hasn't been around too much ' she knew she was getting the flu or as Daddy said" THE INTERNET VIRUS! Personally, I think she got it from AMAZING GRACIE'S MAMA. She has been sick for a week with the bug! I better not get it, as Mama has been coughing and walking like she's 90 yrs. old. She had the FLYING MONKEYS today, so everyone was coughing away. She said it depends how she feels tomorrow---maybe no FLYING MONKEYS.
Than, guess what happened? Mama's "puter went down this morning as she's working on my page. Great, my page looks like heck and she can't get on the internet for nothing! She tried all day changing things, typing in address, plugging, unplugging---Geeez! So Daddy comes home at 7:ooPM. She told him about it and he went upstairs, unplugged the RIGHT CORD and put it back in after 10 second-s----WOWZA---IT WORKS! POOR MAMA! First thing Mama does is check her emails, like she's so popular! Woohee, a message from Elli---We dals have to stick together, you know So Mama let me on the'puter and I barked back---it was nice to hear from her!
Well thannnn, , to top things off, I have been trying to talk my sister, Tipper, into joining the group,' cause it' so much fun. Well, I mean, here we are , watching THE FLYING MONKEYS and Mama's sick, What does she do? She makes up this fancy, schmancy,page and THAN GETS PUT ON THE COVER OF PET FANCY. I mean, what's up with that. "Course I told her how pretty it was, but come on now, she's stealing the show. I didn't have the heart to tell her I 'm soooo jealous--- I mean, she is my sister! Now her Mama is all excited about Dogster---I should have kept my yap shut!
Sunday is one of the Flying Monkeys birthday parties All us doggies got invited ,too.I told Elli I'd save her a piece of cake Hope the weather is warm.
Don't know when I'll get back,depends on Mama"s. flu! Hi to all and have a good weekrnd if I'm not back yet! See ya! WOOF-WOOF !



May 12th 2008 4:06 am
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OMD, OMD, OMD---I can't believe this---One of the Diary Picks of the Day! Oh,I am so excited I can hardly bark, let alone eat! This is wonderful. Thank you so much. Wait till I bark to everyone---they won't believe it. I can hardly type---I better hurry,before Mama gets her paws on the 'puter. I mean, yesterday was such a wonderful day for Mama. We all went out to eat---well WE didn't go into the restaurant ---- with the Flying Monkeys and their Mama and Daddy, and had such a great day. Now this! I better get some extra treats for this and than we can celebrate with Tipper and Maxxi. WOOF-WOOF-WOOF-WOOF----THANK YOU, AGAIN, I'M HONORED!


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