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Breezing with the Butterfly

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New friends and a Music Store

May 8th 2008 9:19 am
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Hello Pups!
I had two very interesting days. My humans took me with them for a car ride one day and we ended up stopping at a guitar store. Those are the big wooded thingys that my daddy plays with. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about them. Every time he takes one out and pulls those stingy things a lot of loud noise appears and it makes all the humans scream loudly. They seem to love it. Sooo strange. Anybark, they left me in the car for a while, but ended up staying longer than they expected, so my mommy came to bring me inside. The guys who worked there feel in love with me! (of course, who wouldn't??) They let me run around the store, and tried to play with me. I got to explore the whole store! It was sooo much fun! Well, until this little human walked in. I was confused by her at first b/c she was so small. She kept running after me trying to throw some thing at me. Mommy said it was a toy, but I didn't like it. And I didn't like her chasing me either. I had to keep running away and hiding behind mommy or daddy's legs. I was so relieved when she left. When mommy told the humans that worked there what kind of dog I was one of them said that was funny b/c he had a friend who has a Papillion and is trying to find a really good home for him. His friend can't take care of him and is giving him away, but wants to make sure it's to a good home. Mommy really wanted to take him, but daddy said I was handful enough. (I do keep them busy ;-) So, mommy felt really sad for the Pap and started asking people she knew if they wanted to take him in. She was having no luck at all. But, then we went to the dog park the next day!

Normally I am a little nervous at the dog park. I don't like to go too far away from my mommy while I am there, and there are soo many smells around that I want to try and smell the entire ground while we are there. It takes me a while to feel comfortable with the other dogs and humans to play with them. This time though was different. As soon as I walked through the gate, there were these two girl humans standing there and for some reason I loved them right away! I could just tell they were fantastic doggie people! I ran straight up to both of them and gave them lots of kisses, nudges, and happy pappy tailwags! My mommy was so shocked! Then she learned that these humans owned three dogs, and one was a Papillion!!! His name was Fivel, and he is only a few months older than me. When I saw him I was SO excited! It was the first time I'd met another Papillion! I was done. The entire time I was running and playing with the other dogs, especially Fivel. He was actually the only one I wanted to run up to and play with. I even chased a ball a few times and sticks, and played tag with the other dogs. It was SO fun! My mommy said she loved to see me having so much fun there. I don't know why, but having Fivel there made me so comfortable and excited! And, even better is, Mommy told one of the girls about the poor Papillion being given away, and she said her mom might be very interested! Mommy was so happy! She can't wait to call them and get them the information from the owner! I can't wait to go back to the dog park! I really hope Fivel is there!!!

Well pups, I gotta run! I'll bark at ya guys soon!



Trying to get better with the updates

May 5th 2008 6:43 pm
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Hey Everypup!
I have been HORRIBLE at writing! I know. I will try and do better. It's been so long I don't even know what to tell you guys about. Things here are just wonderful. I'm the happiest pup ever! My mommy is still job searching, whatever that means. I think that job thingy is what kept her away from home all the time like daddy. Personally, I'm keeping my paws crossed that she never gets another one of those so she will be home with me everyday like she is now. I love it! I think she does too, hee hee. Oh, I had the most fun day ever two weekends ago! My humans took me on what they call a hike. It was the best! They took me to the woods, and they were there, and my Grand dad, and lots of other human friends of theirs. I got to run around with them ALL day without my leash! I was running through water streams and swimming in little pools underneath waterfalls. I was jumping over boulders and trees and things. My humans could hardly keep up with me! They said they were soooo proud of me too! B/c even though I was faster than them, I never let them out of my sight! Even though that meant I had to keep stopping and waiting for them to catch up, BOL. They need two more legs like me! And there were only a few times where they had to carry me over boulders and rocks. I was able to jump over, around, and onto them with no problem! I loved it!!! There were so many smells and things going on out there. I even made some other doggie friends who were hiking out there! I can't wait to go out there again. Also, we have been going out on the boat more and more. I'm starting to get used to it, and it's so fun. I'm still a little nervous about all that water though. There is just sooo much of it! I am just the luckiest Pap in the world I think!
Well, I'll try and update you Pups again very soon!

Bark at ya later!!
Woof woof!!


Good to be Back!

February 12th 2008 9:47 am
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Hey Everypup!
I know it's been a while since I've gotten on here. My humans were away for the week and so I didn't have anyone to type for me. I tried doing it my self but just couldn't get my darn paws to work right on the keyboard thingy. Oh well. I had such a fun time with my cousin, Sammy! He is pretty fun for an old dachshund! I think I might have worn him out a bit....hee hee. We would play for hours and then when I finally pooped out he would just lay on the floor where ever he happened to be. My aunt & uncle even let me sleep in the bed with them sometimes! Yipee! I did have a few accidents in the house though. =( It was just so hard when I went outside bc there were so many new things to smell and see that before I knew it it was time to come inside....and I hadn't pottied yet! Yipes! So, when I got into the house again, I just couldn't hold it any more. But, I didn't do it too often, so it was ok.
Mommy came to pick me up when they got home and I was sooo excited! I was feeling so much better after getting my stitches out and finally seeing my mommy again made me zoom around like a crazy pup! I asked her all about the trip and she said that it was a blast! She said the weather was brutal.....cold cold cold!!! It snowed every day and the wind was crazy! It even knocked her down a few time while she was skiing! That dang wind! I shall go and bite at it for knocking my mommy down!!!! Grrrr!!!! But she said it was still lots of fun and that she & daddy missed me a whole lot and wished I could have gone with them. But she promised that the next vacation, when they go to Arkansas, I am coming with them!!! She said there will be LOTS of water for me to swim in and I'll get to ride in a boat and everything! I'm not sure what a boat is....and not sure what swimming is either, but it sounds like a LOT of fun! I can't wait!!!

Well, I guess I should go and take a nap. I've been running around so happy to be home....I'm wearing myself out! I'll bark at ya soon!!!

~There's no place like home for
Mila - me!


Strange new place

February 1st 2008 1:45 pm
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Happy Furday!!!!!! So, my mommy is still at work but my daddy just got back from work and is spending the rest of the day with me while he packs up his stuff for his & mommy's trip. We just arrived at Grammie's house!!! Yipee!!! I LOVE coming here! There are always lots of new people coming in and out who love to play with me all the time. And I am usually lucky enough to find a few little scraps of treats on the kitchen floor! Hee hee! Anybark, so we are just hanging around here, having a good ol' time. I asked daddy if I was going to stay with Grammie while they were gone, but he said no b/c Grammie is coming too. He said I will be going to stay with my cousin later tonight. I love my cousin. He is a big ol' black & brown log of fun!!! Sammy the Wonderdog!!! Hee hee! I can't wait! It will be a fun week I think. I will miss my mommy & daddy, but I know they will be back to get me. They love me too much. Woof! It will be interesting to take in all the new smells in their house. I just hope I can be a good girl and not have any accidents in the house. Keep your paws crossed for me!!! I will probably not be online for the next week b/c my aunt & uncle do not allow pups on the computer. Don't know, it's a silly rule. I think they just like hogging it to themselves. So, I'll catch up with all of you soon! Ok, well, I gotta go and chase the leaves!!!

Happy Tails to ya!!!!


Daddy's staying home!!!!

January 31st 2008 7:49 am
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Hey Pups!
Today will be a GREAT day! My daddy is staying home from work today so he can spend the day with me!!! I've still got these annoying little stitchy things in me so I'm not as energetic & playful as I usually am. I've been trying to be very careful about not jumping and running too much so that those thingys don't pinch me & it's very tiring for a Pap like me to concentrate that hard on something all the time! So, daddy was not feeling too hot to begin with so he is staying home and will be around all day to play with me & keep me company.

Oh! I got to see my buddy, Tabasco, yesterday!!! Yipee!!! But our mommy's wouldn't let us play together b/c of my stitchy's. I hate these things! I wish they'd come out NOW, so I could run & play & be my old self again!

Mommy spent all night last night walking back & forth to that room in the back of the house with all the great smelling warm clothes! She said she was trying to get everything ready for the trip. Trip? What trip? Ohh....that Colorado place ya'll keep talking about. It must be soon b/c mommy pulled out a big boxey looking thing and was putting a bunch of her clothes in it. She said it was a suit-case. Don't tell her though....but I didn't see ONE suit in there! I think she might be a little confused. BOL! I love my mommy, but she is really so silly sometimes!

Anybark, things have been pretty good for me so far! The stitchy's are annoying, but they are bearable. I'm a tough pup, I can take it! Oh...I think me & daddy are going for a car ride! Woof!!! I LOVE those! I gotta go before he leaves me!

Bark at ya'll later!
~Mila the Superdog!


Grogginess & Stitches

January 29th 2008 1:36 pm
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Hello all you pups out there! Well, as many of you may know I've just had a NO FUN visit to the vet! They had to cut me open and do something to me that Mommy said will make me not be able to have babies. I didn't know what was going on. I was really scared & sad when my Grammie brought me to the vet and then left me there! I thought I'd been bad and my mommy & daddy were abandoning me! The people at the Vet office were real nice, but I still didn't like it there. Then, they gave me shots, and the next thing I remember is waking up & feeling soooo groggy and confused. I was sore in my belly and noticed it had be shaved!!!! And there were these things on my it that sort of pinched me when I moved the wrong way. Plus, I noticed two of my teeth were gone! What oh, what did I do to deserve this!!? I was feeling really sad, & missing my mommy & daddy, I thought surely they were going to walk in and get me at any moment. But nighttime came & they didn't. I cried & cried myself to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I was still feeling sad when someone came to get me out of my little room. When I was brought out I got soooo excited! It was Grammie!!!! She came to get me!!! I was feeling better & better! I stayed with her & Grandad for a while at their house when I heard the door open & there was my mommy!!! Giving me lots of hugs & kisses and rubs.....but not belly was still sore. She told me I'd been such a good girl & was so happy to see me. She made sure to tell me that I just had to have an operation & I had not been a bad girl & was being punished. I was soooo happy!!! I even tried to jump off the couch & start zooooming around the living room. But my mommy caught me & told me to lie down. So, I laid with her a while, then she had to leave for work again. Now, I'm just relaxing at Grammie's & waiting for Mommy to get back and bring me home. It's been tough for this little pup....but, I'm feeling better.....and am sooooooo happy to be home!

Woof woof!!!
I hope all you pups have a WonderFUR day!

~Recovering Mila


Oh......THAT'S what a Parade is!!!

January 28th 2008 7:46 am
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Wow pups! I really do have the BEST mommy & daddy every! I was so confused for a while, bc they were both really excited and kept telling me that we would be going to some kind of parade for Mardi Gras. I was clueless, but looked excited anyway. Well, needless to say, Sunday rolled around and my mommy & daddy put this cute little scarf around my neck and also wrapped beads around it too. I wasn't too fond of it, but they said I looked cute, so, I was happy. Then, boy oh boy! Their friend came over with his old dog....a GIANT Weimeraner (spelling??). And my bestest friend Tabasco was getting all ready to go to. We all got to pile up in this big car and when we got out it was like a doggie celebration. There were dogs EVERYWHERE!! I didn't know where to sniff first, and I couldn't stop trying to run around & say hello to EVERY dog I saw!!! I asked my mommy what was going on & she said that this was the Krewe of Mutts Parade. A Mardi Gras parade just for dogs!!! We got to meet the Raising Cane's dog....Raising Canes II......& watch a bunch of other amazing pups walk down the street and they gave us all kinds of doggie treats! I got to take pictures with all kinds of other pups! We had a BLAST!!! And....oh my dog! There was an Irish Wolfhound! Holy pup! He was HUGE. But, he loved me right away! My mommy tried to get him to take a picture with me, but he must have been camera shy b/c he kept looking away. But, we did get one, and wow! His nose is as big as my whole head!!!! I wasn't scared of him though. He was a sweetheart! I saw a few other Paps out there, just like me! But, they were all stingy boys! And older than me. I had the BEST time ever!!!! I got to spend the whole day with my mommy & daddy, and Tabasco, and my NEW friend Ziggy! We were all such good dogs too! We got lots of treats when we got home, and got to play outside together!! It was a GREAT day! I pooped out when we went to Grammie's house. I tried to keep up with everyone there, but there were boxes & crates every where, and they were running around packing for that Colorado place again. I wonder when they are leaving?? I will be sad, but, I'll have my friend Sammy to play with!

I got to stay over at my Grammi's last night. I was excited about that, but then....I found out why. This morning my Grammie took me to the V-E-T!!!! Yipes!!!! They tricked me!! I had to sneak out my kennel to get to this computer so I could let you all know about my GREAT day! And now, I'm stuck here. I'm not sure what's going on today, but I did hear them say something about a "surgery" ??? I'm so nervous, but I know my mommy & daddy wouldn't let anything bad happen to me, so, I know I'll be ok. I'll talk to you pups when I get another chance. Wooof.....i think I hear someone coming! GTG!!!

Bark at ya soon!
~Mila girl


A new friend is coming to visit!!

January 25th 2008 11:36 am
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My mommy is SOOOO excited today! She says that her BEST friend is coming to visit her tonight and they are gonna go to watch some people play in a band with daddy. But, she told me not to worry about being left all alone for a while tonight b/c her friend is bringing her pup, Ellie, to play with me! Oh boy! I get a new friend! I am sooo excited too! Mommy says she is even teenier than I am, so i have to be nice, and poor Tabasco won't be able to play with us b/c he is just too big for her. But that's ok, b/c we will be BEST friends! It will be so much fun! Woo hoo!!

On top of all that excitement, mommy came home yesterday and kept telling me what a good girl I was. She left me in the house all by myself, she said to see if I could behave. I was lonely at first, but then decided to just lounge around, chew on my toys, and take a nap while they were gone. It was actually pretty nice to have the house quiet and ALL to myself for a change. And of course, I was Furtabulous...and mommy & daddy were so happy. They gave me lots of belly rubs, and kisses, and.....the best part.......EXTRA TREATS!! Boy oh boy! I love my humans!

Well, I have to go and get my room all ready for my new friend to arrive. Can't have it looking like a crazy dog lives here!

Bark at ya later!!


Rain, rain, Go Away!

January 24th 2008 11:47 am
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Phew...I tell you. Rain usually doesn't bother me at all. I mean, really. I could care less if I'm walking around in the rain. It's just water after all, right? But last night & this morning was different. It was not only raining....hard, but it was Fuuuurrrreezzing! At least by Louisiana Standards! When my mommy & daddy got home last night and let me out to potty, I just stood there and looked at them like they were crazy. I mean, REALLY! It's cold you silly humans! YOU try squatting down out here! It was horrible, but they wouldn't let me inside until I did it, so, I held my breath & ran for it! No sniffing around this time! I got inside, got a treat for being the AMAZING pup I am who battled the freezing cold rain, and ran straight for the bed to snuggle up in! I was so happy to be nice & warm! I had great doggie dreams ALL night...and this morning I woke up fine & really needed to go! So, I jumped on my mommy's face (that's the best way to wake her up ;-) and she went to let me outside. But....can you believe's STILL raining! And FUREEZING! This time I tried my hardest to stay dry, but mommy wouldn't let up. If I was going to get inside again, I HAD to go out there.....=( It was soooo cold, but I finally did my business & got to go inside. Now I'm finally cozied up again in bed while Mommy & Daddy are at work. Hee least I get to lounge around all day while they go work! I LOVE being a pup!

Well, sniff you pups later!

PS Still no clue about this 'parade' thing......still a little nervous about it.


Mardi Gras?? What in the world???

January 23rd 2008 12:17 pm
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Hey all you pups out there!
So, I heard my mommy & daddy talking about something VERY strange. Something called....Mardi Gras? Wtw?! I couldn't understand what they were saying, but they were really excited about something. They said they would be in that strange place.....Colorado...for Mardi Gras, but they were excited b/c I would still be able to go to a parade before they left. What in the Woof is a parade!?! And why would I be excited about it?! I don't even know what it is! But, they keep asking me if I am...I just look at them & wag my tail. I figure, if they are excited, I should be, it might get me extra treats! Woof! Still, I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. Especially since my mommy showed me something that she said will be my "costume." What?! No.....NOT CLOTHES!!! I got nervous, but mommy assured me it was only a scarf. Phew.....I don't mind those as much. I'll let all you guys know what in the Doggie World they are talking about after I've seen it. Wish me luck! I hope this is NOT a trick to get me to the Vet!!!! Yipes!

Nervously & anxiously waiting

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