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My First Year on Dogster...

January 10th 2009 5:36 pm
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I've been thinking about this for a long time...what to marks one year since I have been on Dogster. I could write all kinds of things that I am sure we all feel...I did not know this place existed and neither did my mom...we had no idea I would need this place to learn and to help me be the healthiest pup I can be...we did not know that we would make friends that we hear from everyday...there are just some things that cannot be described with words because it is deeper and more important than print on a page...just like a forever know if you are my forever furiend...we all know....


The best gift of all....

December 19th 2008 4:15 pm
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I received a lot of presents this holiday season...presents from family and furiends...but the best present sof all are the people and pups who care so much about me...Thank you's not the presents but the kindness and thoughtfulness and knowing that I have so many special people and pups in my life...and I know this is special...I see mom's eyes even get a little watery...and that is when something is special...


A Special Time of the Year...

October 26th 2008 7:28 pm
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October 27th is the day mom came to get me. I didn't know what was happening. I was already 4 months old. I needed a different place. The new mom drove with one hand and let me lick the other other as I stared at her the whole way to my forever home.

Today we went to the park, just like we did last season. The trees are the same pretty colors and there are the same smells in the air and on the ground. Dad was waiting there for us. He was wearing that outfit for playing ball with all the other dads. We played fetch with kong, a stringy ball left behind by some long ago homerun, a lowflung frisbee, and my boomerrang. Of course, there was time for my favorite pastime, chewing sticks and finding the perfect weathered log to carry around. I am a true retriever.

Last year, I chased leaves on the ground like they were something wild. This year I watch as they gently fall to the ground, satisfied to see them once again. I look up at mom along our walks to tell her I am thankful for each one and to hear that I am a good girl...having come a long way in one year.....


The Walls Came Crumblin' Down!

May 16th 2008 3:03 pm
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I was a bit worried this week, so I had everyone else trying to figure out what was wrong.

You see, last week. I gained my house freedom! I loved it. I am so happy. I am a crate trained pup. After a week of freedom, my crate was still up! I started acting a little worried for Mrs. Fishstick (my petsitter). I started acting like I did something bad when mom got home. Mom would look and look, but could not find anything I ate or destroyed...I am a big girl, so no more accidents. Well, Mrs. Fishstick figured it out. I thought they were all forgetting to put me in my crate! It was just making me feel guilty. Mom told me she was sorry, that she thought I just needed the crate up to feel secure if I wanted to go inside it during the day.

Last night mom and dad tore down that silly crate. Of course, they forgot how they put it together! The walls came down. It is all folded up and behind the couch. I wagged my tail the whole time they were taking that silly thing apart. I am a big girl in a big free world!


Spring Tag! Tag you are it!

April 16th 2008 9:15 am
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Here are the rules to this game-
Give 4 answers to the following 4 questions, and then tag 4 other pups!

4 jobs that you have had
1. House patrol. I alert my parents to all sounds.
2. Yard duty. I make sure the flowers are all okay. They need a good sniff every once in a while.
3. I fetch the mail and newspaper.
4. Alarm clock. I always make sure to wake mom up! I remind her that it is 4 am, even on the weekends.

4 places you have lived
1. I was born in Baltimore Maryland. I was part of a one time litter.
2. I lived for a month in a town north of Baltimore after my first place.
3. I live with my forever mom and dad in Virginia, now.
4. I visited my hu-Aunt in New Jersey for Christmas.

4 places you have been
1. To visit several of my parents friends.
2. To the ballpark
3. To Petsmart and Petco
4. To the plant nursery!

4 places you would rather be
1. In the woods at the park!
2. Playing kong or boomerrang, anywhere!
3. With my parents.
4. Curled up in the big people bed.

I tagged:


Mrs. Fishstick to the rescue...

February 17th 2008 6:13 am
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Something strange happened about a week ago. I met a lady and then a few days later, she came to my house in the middle of the day. My parents were not even home. I was happy to see her because dad left earlier than he usually leaves the house...she let me out of my crate, we went for a walk, and we played with my double tennis ball squeeky toy.

Mrs. Fishstick let me pick up sticks and carry them along on my walk...just like my parents do. (I change my mind a lot about which stick is best). Mrs. Fishstick even said the same words that I know. We worked on "sit" (I know this word, I just get excited sometimes) and "drop it". Mrs. Fishstick tucked me into my crate, and I got a kongicle!

When mom came home I tried my best to tell her that someone came to visit and played with me. Mom was busy reading something she called a report must have been good 'cause I got a treat! When dad came home I was excited and tried to tell him, as well, that a nice lady came to the house.

I liked having a visitor, especially since people were working on my street. It was so loud and there were strange sounds for a bunch of days. Mom and Dad told me that Mrs. Fishstick would come to see me sometimes. That makes me feel better...Mrs. Fishstick to the rescue...


My First Cookbook

January 25th 2008 2:24 pm
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Yesterday, we got something nice in the mail. My dad's cousin, Kaitlyn sent us a cookbook for doggies! Everything looked yummy. The pictures were beautiful. Thank you Kaitlyn!

We will try some of the treat recipes, soon. We will substitute rice or flax flour for wheat flour! I can't wait to meet Katilyn, but it can't be while she is with her birds...

I inspect all packages because sometimes things come in the mail for me. Grandma Liz and Papa Sam sent me a stocking at Christmas (I already ate those toys and bone) and mom shops by mail a lot. I wuv presents and my mail lady. The UPS guy rings the door bell and walks away real fast, and I don't like that so much.


A Special Heart...

January 23rd 2008 10:03 am
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I have a new special heart on my site for my Grandma McTigue.
"Get better fast, so you can come play football with me, just like we did at Christmas. I can come play with you, too! I wuv you!"


It's Magic!

January 22nd 2008 1:13 pm
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I had my "girl surgery" last week. My dad took me to the vet and my mom picked me up. I was happy and surprised, because someone named Uncle Bob sat with me in the back seat until we got home. I was so happy to see my house and all my things and spend the night at home. I was so dizzy. My dad got home later and I was so happy to see him. I bark every time mom says "daddy's home". I learned that from my furiend Annie when I spent the weekend with her.

My furiend Emma had the same surgery the day before me, and we have been sharing stories. We are being spoiled by our people. I could not go horseback riding with my furiends at CinemaDawg, but Hannah made me feel special by helping me get into a buggie instead. I love me new horse picture.

I showed Uncle Bob how I brush my teeth with the electric toothbrush. His company made my brush. My Aunt Chach taught me how to brush at Christmas, when she also taught me that good things come in wrapped packages.

I did not know that Uncle Bob could do magic. It was so much fun and kept me from doing too much. He is a serious business person, but he took my vet bandana and made it disappear. I found it every time. I watched closely and tried to do what he did. You ball it up and put it all in your hands (I used my mouth), and then it seems like it disappears! Then you show it reappear!


Cold Feet!

January 15th 2008 3:56 pm
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There is this white powder everywhere. I saw it once before. Mom said this was nothing and I should like it because I am a Labrador. I try to eat it all. It is cold like my freezer treats. Mom drank something hot after dinner. I wanted some really bad. It smelled really good. Mom said it would hurt me and that maybe we could find something called karob for me to try someday, as a special treat. I curled up and took a winter nap.

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