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Jan 26 hike

January 27th 2010 2:54 pm
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Woofs to all,
Nothing dramatic to bark about,but Dad and I managed to get in another hike along the delaware canal in NJ. It was a chilly day but not really too cold as temps reached to near 40 degrees. We hiked about 21 miles in all today,exploring a section of trail near Milford,NJ which used to be a railroad line. Just a section of the railroad was left intact here but the trail passed thru a secluded forested area which was rather picturesque! On the way back to our starting point,we enjoyed a sunset over the delaware river which was running high and fast due to recent rains.Jan 26 photos


Rainy Day!

January 25th 2010 3:03 pm
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Buckets of rain and wind today! Pennypack creek is almost level with its banks. Dad and I had to wade thru chilly water overflowing the trail on our mid day walk. Thankfully it is a mild day!! Wind gusts almost blew us off the trail at times!


Mild winter weather!

January 19th 2010 2:52 pm
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After a few weeks of cold temperatures in the 2o`s and gusty winds and snow,we were finally treated to some milder weather lately! On Sat and again yesterday,the temp soared into the low 50`s and Dad and I enjoyed some long day hikes along the Delaware canal. We hiked from Washington Crossing in PA up to Stockton,NJ a distance of about 9 miles and then back again on the NJ side of the river for a long loop hike! Dad found a geocache in NJ on the hike back using his GPS. We enjoyed the warm sun and sights along the way! Jan 18 hike


A day hiking in the snow and sun!

January 11th 2010 1:42 pm
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Jan 10,2010

Today was cold but sunny and there was little wind as Dad and I set out on another hike along the Delaware Canal towpath in NJ. The temp on Dad`s car thermometer read 12 degrees as we arrived at the parking area at Bulls Island in NJ. This is where we begin our summer rafting trips but with the temperature being some 50-60 degrees colder,there was certainly no thought of any rafting today! We had the towpath all to ourselves for the first few hours of our hike. There were fresh bike tracks in the light snow which dusted the ground and wearing my sledding harness,I pulled Dad along the towpath which made the hiking easier for him! We hiked about 10.5 miles towards Milford,NJ where we stopped in a secluded forested area for lunch. The trees blocked what little wind there was and the sun was warm as we relaxed beside the Delaware river. Surprisingly a group of kayakers went by on the river as we were sitting here. Kayakers in January is not a common sight,we presume they were wearing wet suits! As we hiked back towards Bulls Island,we observed an ice shelf extending out into the river right at the spot where we usually shove off in our raft in the summer. Passing numerous islands as we hiked,we would reminisce on warm summer days rafting past those same islands! Can`t wait to launch that raft in only 5 more months! A few pix from our hike are here: Tracks in the snow


Winter Canal hike

January 7th 2010 1:36 pm
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Dad and I undertook another hike along the Delaware canal in NJ and Pa yesterday. The day started cloudy with snow flurries,but the sun came out finally at mid day and although it was a bit windy,we had a comfortable hike. Due to recent cold temps,the canal ice was frozen and ice rimmed the Delaware river as well. We hiked 9 miles up the towpath in PA and then back along the NJ side. Dad and I finished the hike by headlamp in the evening. Some photos are here canal hike Jan 6 2010


Ice and Hiking

January 1st 2010 7:42 am
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Happy New Year to all!
Dad and I took another day hike along the Delaware Canal a few days ago and we came upon some interesting ice formations on a rock cliff and also near the Delaware river. Ice Photos Click to see the pix! We hiked 20 miles round trip for the day and I was a tad tired at the end of the hike!


Delaware Canal hiking

December 28th 2009 1:20 pm
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Dad took me for an all day hike along the Delaware Canal yesterday. The weather was mild---50 degrees in the afternoon---and bright sunshine. We hiked 10 miles each way from Bulls Island,NJ to the Frenchtown Milford area and back, exploring a wilderness area by the river north of Frenchtown as well as finding a hidden geocache here. It was a beautiful day for a hike,photos of it can be foundcanal hike 12-27 here



December 19th 2009 7:26 am
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It is snowing here and is suppossed to do so all day long. Later in the day,we are forecast to have blowing wind and drifting snow. All in all about 12--18 inches is forecast. Dad is going to take me for a walk thru the park soon but hiking anywhere later in the day will certainly be an effort. We like snow but this is a bit too much of a nice thing!


Winter Backpacking Dec 09

December 13th 2009 2:04 pm
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Dad and I just got back from a 5 day hike in the Pocono Mts of NJ. We hiked the Appalacian Trail as well as various side trails and woods roads to make a multi day hike. We started from the Delaware Water Gap on Mon Dec 7 and hiked to the summit of Mt Tammany. The snow was spotty at first,but as we ascended the mountain trail it deepened to about 2 inches at the summit. The weather was cloudy and cold with just a few sunny breaks. We hiked this trail several miles back and around a mountain lake where we stopped to have lunch. We then linked up with the Appalacian Trail and ascended to a high rocky ridgetop with expansive views of the Delaware River. Dad used his GPS to locate a hidden geocache in this area. We camped for night 1 under the stars in a circular clearing of snow along the Appalacian Trail.
Tues Dec 8 dawned sunny and cold but hiking along the trail in the fresh snow was glorious! We followed the Appalacian Trail to an old woods road which descended into a rocky ravine thru which rushed a swift stream,Vancampens Brook. There were rocky ledges here with sheer drop offs to the stream below! Exiting the ravine,we followed a pleasant woods road in bright sunshine. Here we relaxed a bit and had our lunch. Later in the afternoon the occasional sound of gunshots could be heard as it was deer season. We camped along a lonely woods road near Flatbrook stream as evening was coming on.
Wed Dec 9
We could hear the patter of snowflakes on the tent overnite and by daylight,about 3 fresh inches had fallen. The snow changed to a cold rain as dawn was breaking and dad decided to hole up in the tent for a few extra hours to wait out the chilly rain. As a result,we got a late start to day 3 of our hike. Mid afternoon,we came upon an interesting waterfall flowing down a rocky slope. This was an awesome sight as the woods were shrouded in fog. Later in the day we came upon bear tracks in the snow! A picture is posted on my page contrasting my small paw print with the huge print of the bear!
Thurs Dec 1o
Morning dawned sunny and clear and we resumed our hike passing thru an old 1800`s village known as Millbrook Village. There was an old general store here as well as a wooden hotel and blacksmith shop. The hiking was pleasant today,cold but sunny.
Fri Dec 11
Temp dropped to 9 degrees overnite but dad`s stove heated up the tent nicely! We finished our hike today under sunny skies. photos from our trip are here http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=13446&id=1793873206&sa ved#/album.php?aid=13446&id=1793873206


Hiking the Rim Trail

November 18th 2009 3:19 pm
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On our recently completed Grand Canyon trip,Dad and I hiked the Rim Trail for 12 miles out to Hermit`s Rest and back. Dad got lots of nice shots of me on the rim of Grand Canyon and will rotate them on my page under the title Rim Trail photo on the right center of my page. This pix will change as dad works on the photos.

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