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Yesterday I was a dog. Today I'm a dog. Tomorrow I'll probably still be a- dog. Sigh! There's so little hope for advancement

Spring tag!

April 7th 2008 10:07 pm
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My good buddy Maggie tagged me!

The rules to this game are to put in four of the following and then tag four other pups! So here goes:

Name four jobs that you've had.
1. Sole Destroyer : All shoes must die.
2. *insert object* waterer: If it doesnt move I will pee on it.
3. Bashfull Beta Bane: Creeping out fish one betta at a time
4. Nickel'n Dimer: Emptying your wallet as soon as you fill it

Four places you have lived.
1. With my fur-momma and littermates.
2. With my uncle Jordan's friend
3. My friend Peaches house (for a couple of days)
4. With mom!

Four places where you have been.
1. We used to go to Morgan Hill every week.
2. On saturday, we went to the Ikea in Palo Alto.
3. We went to Kelly park and played in the stream.
4. I've been to Sunnyvale lots of times.

Four places you'd rather be.
1. At the dog park.
2. At my friends house
3. Grandma's house (where my brother lives).
4. Mom's bed... best place in my house.

Friends I choose to play tag:


I got to play with my brother on sunday!

January 16th 2008 11:53 am
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I wanted to tell you guys sooner but mom say the puter was not so good and the inter-something was not working. Well, she didnt say that exactly but she was grumbling and saying bad words at the little TV, which usually means its broken.

Anyways, back to Leo... and Max. On sunday, my gramma called and said she had a present for Mom (usually its for me, not mom, so I was super excited) and wanted us to come over. Turns out it was just paint (bleh I dont like the taste of paint) so I wasn't too thrilled. But then mom and gramma suggested that me, and Leo and Max and Foxy go to the school field behind gramma's house. It took us a while to get ready cause fat little Foxy out grew her harness. Grampa says its time to stop "free fedding em" cause Foxy eats all the time and is getting rilly fat. She cant even lick her own butt anymore.

Gramma rigged Foxy's collar to stay around her neck and off we went. Mom had me and Leo, cause Gramma has a bad back and Leo gets too excited and pulls rilly hard. We have to same kind of collar, and when I pull it doesnt feel good so I stop. Leo is crazy. Gramma was walking with Max and Foxy and Grampa was following us to make sure we made it to the school ok.

When we got to the school there was a soccer game going (I like to play soccer cept when the ball hits my head) and another dog was loose. I wasn't to upset cause I am used to other dogs. I go to the dog park almost every day. But Leo isnt used to seeing other dogs (Mom says his dad is a lazy jerk who is ruining his dog.) so he went a little crazy barking and wanting to play. Foxy managed to wiggle free and went running up to the big dog, barking all of the time. I think she forgets that she is a very little dog cause we let her have her way all of the time. If you dont she is very noisey.

Grampa grabbed up Foxy and took her home. Cant trust her off leash cause she is little, quick and she likes to go on walk-abouts. Leo was still way to excited and was gonna hurt himself so Mom passed me over to Gramma. I walk really good on leash so I wouldnt hurt Gramma.

We made our way past the soccer game and other people and dogs to the far end of the field. This is were the fun began. Gramma let Max of first and told him to run. He is a fst little bugger for his size. Then Gramma let me off and the chase was on!!! I like to chase Max. Mom was working on getting Leo to calm down and sit before letting him off. We were racing all over the place. The grass was rilly muddy, which is the best kind I think. Leo and I face planted Max a couple of times so he was a big mess. We raced around for a long time, taking drinks out of puddles and eating some grass before racing around again. We went out as light colored dogs but came back as black dogs, Grampa said.

Mom wiped down me and Leo, but Max had to get a bath. Ha ha! Sucker! And we got chicken treats!

It was a great day.


Craft stores are the bane of my exsistance.

January 8th 2008 8:30 pm
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I swear, if Mom takes me to one more craft store I am gonna something embarassing like clean my boy parts or fart in the checkout line.

We went to three different craft stores today. We were looking for goleye pits or something... Wonder what thoses are. They seem to be very special. Mom was mad they didnt have any. We spent alot of time walking back and forth, it was making me dizzy and kinda bored. All I heard was come, sit, leave it over and over again. Like the noises that comes out of the black thing on the table, while Mom complains about being "on hold". It doesnt look like a "hold" to me... looks like a chair. Anyways...back to the craft store.

What does she expect me to do while she looks at the little bags of sparkly stuff stuck to the wall. They wouldnt put stuff on the floor if they didn't want you to sniff or lick it, right?

And what's with the human puppies? Why do the pet me than make the high pitch yelping noises? They hurt my ears. I liked the litt.... I smell the meat paste stuff!!!

Got to go guys!


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