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trouble X three

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aug 14

August 14th 2008 4:21 am
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well, silly mom just realized we had no diary on our together page!
so we made her start one!
we got the most wonderfull gifts from maine last week! Kili & Suvi sent us TOYS!!!! how special is that! thank you two!!!

we cant believe summer is almost over! that means school starts and moms back to full time! and doesnt get a break again till thanks giving!
we sure wish she would win the lottery.
well, mom says this is all for now, she has a list of do`s before the big family dinner tonite.
why do humans scrub the shower before people come for dinner? is she gonna give them a bath first???


Nov 5th

November 5th 2008 10:45 am
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we were once two, but we are now three. we have a bryce. hes been here almost 3 months. and has really livened the place up.
the 3 of us just love to play! and we sure love the weather we have been having its been warm and sunny most of the time.
but we are waiting to roll bryce in his first snow! the problem is that when it starts it wont stop, so we are in no hurry. its really hard to drag mom out to play when its cold. shes a wenie when it comes to cold. must be cuz she is furless. silly humans they would be much warmer if they had fur coats. and we think they would be cuter.
well off to play


1 25 09

January 25th 2009 9:03 am
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we told mom it was time to update the family page,
she does ok n the single ones but misses this one.

winter has jumped on us with both feet cold and snow that just wont stop.

the snow is kinda fun but we would sure like some warm.
this is bryces first winter and he really seems to like it. he and grace have a blast running and romping.
dylan would rather have a human outside to play with and when its this cold, neither will stay out long, so he doesnt either.
moms waiting for the day we one of us runs acrossed the little fish pond and it has thawed enough one of us falls in. the money is on bryce!

well, not much new here, just counting the days till spring
so we will bark again later


3 16 09

March 16th 2009 12:54 pm
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good bye Jessi

we watched mom cry as she burried you under the pine tree.
she found you laying dead in the same ditch she found you in as a tiny baby kitten almost 5 years ago.

we will miss you
you were a good cat

fly free on the bridge



April 19th 2009 3:14 am
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mom & dad did a dogster railroad trip last night. A sweet little pittie named mystic. she was going from neb to ohio.
such a good little girl. only 7 months old and already had a hard time in the world. its just not right. a broken front leg left untreated had to be removed. she was adjusting well, alittle trouble with the ups and downs but once on the ground did fine.

good luck with the rest of your life sweetie!


5/21 /09

May 21st 2009 3:51 am
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we thought maybe it was time to update this diary

mom has been home with us, yay!we always like that
she has 2 more week before summer school starts
we have been helping her get the gardens and fish pond into shape

but now the bugs have all woke up and its hard to get mom out to play all the time, she says they carry her off

umm mom we dont think so, tiny little bugs are not going to carry you away! suck it up and get out side! our toys do not throw them selves!

not much else going on. we are all doing fine



July 24th 2009 11:55 am
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well, its time to update the group diary.
summer is flying by! but so far not to many days of really hot so its good.
the new kitties are doing fine here better then gypsy,
gypsy is still on the wild side, here just loves bryce! she is always following him and curling up with him

Dylan made the year monster free! we are all so happy about that

and grace is having a ball being a judge for antd! the game just finishes challange 2 and the third has been posted.

mom has 1 more week then she will be home for 3
but only goes back for a day or two and will be off again for surgery on her elbow. her hand is always numb. her typing has always sucked, but this has made it worse. sure hope the surgery helps

a wonderfull dogster crossed to the bridge. such a young guy too. just goes to show enjoy every day. our hearts go out to raja`s family.

till next time.
trouble X3



September 23rd 2009 4:50 am
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well today mom see`s the dogter . she may get released back to work.
we sure hope not its been great haveing her home.but she needs to earn the kibble. guess we like our house and food too.
why is life full of such hard choices?



October 11th 2009 12:04 pm
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sad day here in our life
mom, who has been off work for the past 9 weeks, goes back to work in the morning. nnoooo! we want our mommy!!!!!

and all summer we have had a mom and her 4 baby turkeys on our ground. moms been feeding them and we have all had fun watching the babies grow.
yesterday mom ran into the feed store to get kibble and on the side of the road lay a turkey , mom prayed really hard it wasnt one of ours.
well a few minutes ago they came to one of the feed places mom has. mom and 3 babies.
why cant drivers pay more attention!!??
turkeys are not out after dark, they dont bolt out in front of you!
if you are driving too fast or just plain dont see a group of 5 turkeys in broad daylight park it, you should not be driving

RIP baby turkey


a year gone by

May 20th 2011 6:30 pm
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we cant beleive its been 1 year sence our pony left this earth.

mom sure misses her.

we dont know what to do with the new horse that lives here. he is a handfull, and mom is about at wits end. she just doesnt know what to do.

she is starting to think its never going to work. he will not settle in and be apart of our family

you would think there would be some kind of gain, but no. there has been no improvments.

megan, can you whisper in his ear, tell him its ok?
it would sure help

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