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Mick's Great Adventure!

Mickster's likes an no-likes

July 12th 2008 5:38 am
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my frend Chipper taggd me, on thngs i like an thngs i dont like so, welp, heer tha are!

Things I like:
1. walks! long ones. no cheets. an whn we gt home frm owr advntr, i'l powt as if it wrnt long enuf.
2.peeeeeeenut buttr!!!!! uummmmm! and bits of stake frm mom an dad's plates, an steelin hot dogs, and pupy chomps(flavrd hide thts digsttbl) and stake bones wt marrow in em! mmmmmmm!
3.greetng evrbdy at th door wt a toy. :) evrbdy gets to hold 1 of my tooys whn thay visit. fr exacly 30secs. thn i want it bak. hay, its js a greetng.
4.rollng in th grass! and th drrt! and (sory chip!) mud! mom is not imprssd, bt it feels good!

Things I don't like:
1. *havng* to howl at sirens, cop cars, fire truks, amblenses.....its embarsng, bt js one of ths thngs i *gota* do
2.aaaahhh yeh chip! i dont like th chiwawa down my street who barks all sassy like at me. mom wont let me neer him. so i poop in hs yard evry chans i get!
3. whn mom and dad BOTH leev at th same time! an i hav to stayy home! booohoooo usly donnie is roped intto dog sittng tho an tthts ok. bt i stil cry fr mom an dad
4. water. rain watr or bath watr. hate it. i thnk im gna melt or smthng. cas i hate it. dont like tth rain. and hate gettng a bath, whch mom freekn INSISTS on at leest evry cupl weeks, somtims evry week if i enjoy a bit of rollng who's likes and dislikes would I like to hear? Maybe I will tag....

2. Champ
4. my beutfl angel GRETA~tel me wht yuo lovd


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