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Call me Samoa!

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What to say...

February 8th 2012 1:19 pm
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Now I know how those celebrities feel when they have to write a thank you speech! I COULD stand here and fumble with a cocktail napkin and then start blathering on about the little dogs who knew me when...

I COULD take a political stance and start ranting about Dick Cheney or nowadays Newt Gingrich...but to tell you the truth I'm surprised I haven't ALREADY gotten in trouble for that.

I COULD give all the credit to Savannah who insists she taught me everything I know, but why give her the satisfaction. She is already pretty self-satisfied if you ask me.

I think...I think...

I am going to thank my Grandma. When she walked into the Humane Society kennels, she walked right up to me and said..."I'd like to play with this Black One."

And that changed my life.

Thanks, Grandma. I'll never forget that!
Now, pass the punch and let the party begin!


Deer Chase (an adventure with two narrators!)

February 6th 2012 9:52 am
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Samoa: So it looked like a typical Sunday...we had a chicken foot and went out to water the lawn and settled in while Mom had her coffee. Can't get that woman to MOVE without coffee. And then we went for a walk.

Savannah: Samoa spent the coffee period barking nonsensically at the back door, instead of doing something useful, like barking at the cookie jar as I did.

Samoa: Mom crams us all into the car and I get to set up front because I am better behaved.

Savannah: He sits upfront because I get in the comfy wide backseat.

Samoa: We drove down the street to the school fields and I helped by using the direction signals.

Savannah: He tries to stand on top of Mom while she drives.

Samoa: After exiting the car, we rambled across the wide fields behind the school. The little girls romp around while I keep a sharp eye out for varmints of all kinds.

Savannah: I bring up the rear in case anything ever REALLY happens.

Samoa: As we neared the woods a herd (cluster, covey, mob, assemblage?) of deer broke clear and took off in fear for their lives when they glimpsed large fearsome me. I gave chase.

Savannah: The little girls went off like rockets and left Samoa far behind. Of course, the deer left the girls far behind, but it looked like they were having fun.

Samoa: If not for my efforts to include the girls and slow poke Savannah, I would no doubt be enjoying a venison joint AT THIS MOMENT. But, alas. My good nature proved to be my downfall and the one piece of luck those miserable deer could have benefited from.



Update on the Beaver News...

January 26th 2012 12:04 pm
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He is going to be allowed to continue living in the city park. I think I'll take him some old newspapers to read. I'm sure I can get on the good side of him and maybe keep him from voting Republican in the upcoming.


Beavers can read!

January 24th 2012 9:20 am
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And I have hard proof of the fact. It was in the newspaper! See, there have been recent sightings of Beavers in our city park. And get this! They are right near the bridge over Beaverdam Creek! They somehow read the sign that is there, and took up residence! Like they BELONG there or something!

Now, suppose they get a Facebook account and apply for easy credit and start buying chainsaws or something?

Trouble on the way, once those varmints learn their ABCs!


Call of the Weird!

January 3rd 2012 6:33 am
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Henson, the stouthearted Arctic Dog plods along through the deepening drifts alongside his mistress. Mistress is done up in a series of fleece jackets and wellies, with a lumpy crochet cap. She has forgotten her gloves. She has forgotten everything and is shaking like a bundle of sticks in the biting arctic wind.

Henson senses her distress. He also senses that dinner waits at home, in the igloo.

So despite his desire for adventure, he escorts (stoutly) his mistress back to the sledge (Subaru) and rides home, delaying his exploits until another day.


I like cold weather...

January 2nd 2012 7:52 am
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So it is entirely wrong that I bear the name of a tropical island. And on top of that, an island that doesn't take bold moves. True, they did cancel Friday (see previous post) but why not get to business and just declare every day Saturday and be done with it! Now that would be taking action.

Anyway, I think I want to change my name to Amundsen or something like that. Because I like the cold and feel that I should be named after a bold polar explorer. Or maybe Henson, since I am black! But not Peary, he never really found anything. Or that loser Scott.

Samoa is a girls name. And a cats. My vet has a female cat named Samoa.

Henson! I like the sound of that!


My name is Samoa and I'm taking the day off...

December 30th 2011 7:57 am
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"At midnight on Thursday (10am GMT), the Pacific nation leapt past Friday as it moved to the western side of the date line after more than a century on the east. On Thursday, Samoa was one of the last places on earth to see the sunset; on Saturday morning, it will be one of the first to see the sunrise. The nearby atolls of New Zealand-administered Tokelau also made the switch."


Late Breaking Muskrat Related News!

November 28th 2011 1:13 pm
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This just in. A spectacular New Years Eve celebration is planned in one of the local burgs and for the much sought after touch in regional color - a Muskrat is going to be lowered at midnight.

Not a live one, unfortunately. A stuffed muskrat is on loan from a nearby wildlife museum and it is currently being fitted with a tux for that all important night.

I can't wait!


Republicans in a Field...

November 3rd 2011 6:41 am
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Well, it looks like the line up is set to go. We have a madwoman who believes and has stated that she can fix the weak economy in three months. (wonder why she just doesn't release that great plan? for the good of the country and all...)

We got the guy who bothers women...Not that we haven't had that before, but this time he fumbled the recovery. Kind of makes you long for the good old days of panty chasing in the Oval Office, don't it?

We got the guy who raises the question - was he drunk at that speech or sober then and drunk every OTHER time we saw him?

And then that other guy. Mittens or whoever he is. Yeah, you remember him! He looks sort of like a dark haired Ken doll. About as lively as one, too. Yeah, he does seem to be a tad schizophrenic, but a little thing like that shouldn't disqualify him.

Me, I look forward to any of the four of them in a debate with Obama. Should be a laugh riot!


The Really Important Stuff...

October 4th 2011 7:34 am
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Mom got mad at Direct TV again, it happens about twice a year. So she cancelled service and we all got to enjoy the lack of political news for a while.

Of course, as always...she gets over it so soon I expect I will be keeping you updated on this dogs opinions on the national scene.

But in the meantime I can write about the really important stuff, like the local beauty queen pageants...It is true, my report comes a little late, since most of these contests took place on Labor Day, but a dog needs time to weigh these significant matters over before commenting.

First of all, let me express my congratulations to the lucky young ladies who now bear the titles of "Crustacean Queen," "Watermelon Princess," and "Miss Skipjack!"

How proud they must be. I am afraid I don't know what any of them look like, except for the "Crustacean Queen" who looked weirdly like last years winner. Same basic Anglo Saxon genetics, same heap of wild blond ringlets, same dress as far as I could tell. But she holds the throne...(or is it a crab pot?) for 2011. What does the future hold for her? Perhaps a nice secretarial job or something in the retail field? Maybe even a job in politics! (Wouldn't that be wild if I someday commented on her political career?) Or perhaps just too many celebratory dishes of potato salad and a nice job cleaning crab shacks?

We wish her the best. And try to ignore the suspicion that there may be an unending chain of "Miss Crustaceans." All with the identical curls and dress...year after year after year. It does make one long for a brunette.

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