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A new doggie on dogster!

July 14th 2009 4:18 am
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Our human bro has joined dogster with his dog Heinz!

Please give him a dogster welcome. Right now, our pack is his only pup pals.




back to normal?

July 8th 2009 3:59 am
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Granmaw and the girls went back home on Monday. We're back to life with just 6 dogs in the house now. Granmaw said that Angel (the chubby dog) has hardly moved since they went back home. Guess we kept her busy and wore Angel out.....Granmaw, too! BOL

The pawrents haven't been getting much sleep for the past couple of weeks. Something has been outside at night and we have been going CRAZY to get to it. Well, the mystery is now solved. Lastnight, Dad came out onto the deck while we were going nuts and there it was - a raccoon! He would run from the high grass on the hillside to the bird seed that has fallen to the ground - we would go crazy barking and he would run back into the tall grass again.

Solution? The pawrents closed the door over the screen door (which we've torn and made into a doggie door again) and also put the board in our doggie door so we couldn't get outside on the deck last night. The pawrents were sure that there would be a HUGE mess in the house in the morning, but NADA! They slept, we slept and everybody is happy!

Hope everybody has a great, fun-filled day!



Damn bees!

July 3rd 2009 10:45 am
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Well, it's that time of year again. Yup, you guessed it! I got bit again by not just one but two bees.

Dad saw me with one of them, but it was too late. I have a pink, puffy left eye and also a swollen left front leg down by my paw.

I was "pilled like a dog" (benedryl was hidden in a mozzarella cheese cube.) I'm already getting sleepy.

Maybe when I wake up I'll be back to my handsome self!

Bodhi - pink and puffy



July 1st 2009 9:45 am
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We have company. Dad's mom and her 2 dogs (Ginger and Angel - Addison's real sisters) are staying with us through the weekend. Now, you might think that we have too many dogs in the house, but the pawrents think once you have 6 what's 2 more! BOL

Angel is the dominant dog at Grandmaw's house, but she and Addison don't have a problem when they are together. You might be surprised to know that SANDY has a problem with Angel......not Ginger. Just like she has a problem with Addison.

So the solution for the visit is for Sandy to stay with Levi and only out when the other "girls" are away and safe. This is a normal day at our house, so really nothing out of the ordinary!

Know what I like best about Grandmaw visiting???? She left her bedroom door open last night and "we" took turns sleeping with her. Mum doesn't think Grandmaw got too much sleep, but we sure enjoyed it!


Have a safe holiday!



a correction to my previous entry

June 29th 2009 3:52 am
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Last night as the pawrents were talking, Dad made a correction to his story of what happened the night Levi and I had our mishap....

Before Mum left for the long weekend, she told Dad NOT to have other members of the pack sleep with him at night - said it was a dominance issue. (They have talked about that before so this wasn't new to him.)

It seems that Saturday night after Dad came home from the wedding, He let Levi out for his evening pee and put me in the bedroom. Dad said that Levi seemed to be having fun romping with the other so he just decided to keep me in the bedroom with him for the night.

Levi was the one that came into the bedroom looking for me and was the aggressor to the altercation.

We just wanted to clear that up. While I would normally be the one that would instigate something, I was innocent this time! I was just defending myself when Levi jumped on the bed.

Okay - that's all straight now. Next mum has to deal with the twisted story that she was originally told. She hasn't said too much.......yet, but it's a brewing!

Bodhi - the innocent one this time!


a mishap

June 28th 2009 3:17 pm
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Our mum was away for a few days. Something about human bro getting married. Dad stayed with us except for Saturday when he was gone for a LONG time.

Now, there seems to be a very large creature that is nosing around our house at night. Being the protective animals that we are, we sound the alarms to let anybody/thing in the general area know to go into defense mode. This has happened for the last 4 or 5 nights. Mum caught a break from it since she wasn't here, but Dad has "had enough"......(his words).

So he came home last night from the wedding very late. Just as he is getting to sleep, we start the alarms. WARNING - something has entered our yard. Dad was NOT amused. Actually, we weren't either - we were serious. Well, Dad figured he'd scare off whatever was in our yard and fired his gun, twice, off the deck of the house into the ground. (Not to worry, our closest neighbor is about a mile away.)

As Dad was doing this, it seems he was very tired as he didn't pull the locked bedroom door closed completely. I figured this out and went in to visit Levi. It was just a repeat of the usual.

Levi has some wounds and I have a few wounds, but Dad got hurt this time, too. While he was trying to separate us, Dad got a bite on his face and on his hand.

Mum is home now to tend to all of us. She's armed with peroxide, asprin and antibiotic ointment (which is very tasty!)

Dad had been playing phone tag with someone that works with animal "issues". He's done playing tag, and he sez that something will be done and soon.

I'll keep ya posted!

Bodhi - battered and a bit bruised


Helping out Meatball

June 23rd 2009 9:50 am
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If you haven’t check out this auction yet, you’re missing out on a lot of great stuff. All proceeds go to help defray the cost of Meatball’s recent surgery for bone cancer of the face. Everybody has been great and they are more than half way to the goal of $5,000!

While you are there checking out the auction items, take some time to get to know Meatball (Meaty) if you don’t already know him.

Luv you guys!



my ice cream flavor

June 16th 2009 6:17 pm
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My pal Chipper tagged me in this "what flavor of ice cream am I" game. Well, after thinking about it for the day I would have to say I'm Vanilla Moose Tracks.

You see, I have white patches (the vanilla), brindle fur (the fudge swirled through the vanilla ice cream) and I'm always full of surprises (the little chocolate covered peanut butter candies). That's one theory - the other is that I just burst through everything like a moose! BOL

So, what flavor of ice cream would you be???




June 2nd 2009 11:15 am
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Mum is sad. Last Wednesday in South Baltimore, someone doused a 1 year old female pit bull with gasoline and set her on fire. People were standing arounding watching her burn when a police officer realized what was going on and put out the flames with her sweater. The dog was taken immediately for help.

They named her Phoenix because she rose from the ashes. She was burned over 98% of her body - even the pads on the bottom of her feet were burned off. Even though she had been through all that, she was still happy to see humans when they came to tend to her and would try and walk and wag her tail. The caregivers knew that it would be a difficult road for her, but she seemed to be a fighter.

Saturday, she went into kidney failure and had to be euthanize. We were very sad to hear that her body just couldn't take the trauma it had endured. We hope that she passed knowing that not all humans can be so ugly.

Bodhi and his mum


How I like my water

May 26th 2009 7:31 am
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We have 2 water bowls in the kitchen – one in a metal pan and one in plastic. (Have to have the plastic one cuz Addison won’t drink out of the metal one……Mum thinks it’s cuz her tags hit the metal dish and make a noise!)

Anywho – when the water dishes need filled, sometimes Mum will just pour more water into them. I’m right there when this happens. I LOVE taking a drink from the water as it’s being poured into the dish – like a cool mountain spring.

So, I think that in Dad’s spare time he should build us a fountain. The fresh water would be flowing all the time and I could get my water just the way I like it!

Bodhi – a free flowing kind of dawg

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