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December 14th 2009 4:35 am
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Seems I was busy during the night last night. Addison and Tanner are minus their "goodie dog collars" this morning (aka shock collars). Dad found the remains of the collars on the living room floor. They had been chewed off.

Seeing as I'm the one that likes to tug on the other dog's collars and have been know to "nibble" on them at times, the finger is being pointed at me.

I know that Santa Paws brings us new collars every year. I was just hoping that by chewing off the other's collars that Santa Paws would come earlier! Yeah - that's the story I'm sticking to right now!

Bodhi - an expert collar chewer


slip and slide

December 13th 2009 12:23 pm
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I may have mentioned before, but I'm not the most graceful or quiet at anything that I do.

When I come in from outside, Mum and Dad know that it's me coming in through the doggie door. They know my sound.

This morning I was outside and attempted to come back into the house via the doggie door. I came running to the house, jumped up on the deck and put on my brakes to come through the door.

Here's the problem, my brakes didn't work. The deck was covered with ice. Instead of stopping, I just banged into the door and flew right though the doggie door.

Mum and Dad wondered what was going on, but realized how icy it was once they stepped out on the deck. I'm fine, the door is still there. It's just the hazzards of winter!

Bodhi - slip sliding away in Addison


holiday photo

December 9th 2009 3:18 pm
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So, mum and dad worked together and got a few pictures they thought could be used for our holiday photo to be included in cards this year.

Usually mum orders the pictures online and has them sent to the house. She knew that she was going to town this past Friday, so ordered the pictures to be picked up in the store they next day rather than have them mailed to us.

During the day on Friday, Dad got a phone call that the picture making machine was broken and the pictures might not be done by Friday night. When the pawrents checked, the machine was still not working and no pictures. Mum wasn't happy, but she dealt well with it.

Today, Dad was heading through town and instructed to pick up our holiday photos............bad news, the photo making machine was still broken! Dad had mum on the phone and talking to the photo department at the same time. They offered to refund monies so we could reorder and have them delivered at home. Mum agreed.

Well, seems they only refunded 2/3 of what was originally paid for photos. Mum is on a warpath! A manager of the store wasn't much help - a letter will be written to right this wrong!

Back to the most important part - mum has reordered the holiday photos and is having them mailed to the house. Of course they won't be here for a week, but they have never let us down being delivered to our home.

SOOOOOOO - cards from The Blaner Pack will be late again this year! BOL (And if you would like a card from us and we don't have your address - mum kept the ones from last year - pmail us where we can send you one!)



lotsa bags

December 5th 2009 4:55 am
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I'm not sure what is going on, but Mum and Dad were gone last night for a LLLOOOOOONG time. When they came home, they had lotsa bags. Some of them smelled very yummy. Mum hurried away with most of them.

It didn't take long to find out what was smelling SO yummy. Dad was handing out treats - think he called it "doggie cocaine" (mum sez it's Pedigree Jumbone dog treats). We all got one to chew/eat. They were gone in no time! Of course we were looking for more. Instead Dad pulled out a couple new toys. OOOOHHHH I just LOVE toys! One is a cow that moos. I keep poking it with my nose to make it moo. The other is a pull toy. I was running around the house swinging it everywhere and wacking everybody with it. It was great!

I let Mum sleep till 7AM this morning. SHe thinks it was because I did so much playing last night. She's a happy girl this morning!

Okay - time to start playing again with the new toys. Now, if I could just FIND where I put them......

Bodhi - toy lover



November 26th 2009 4:13 am
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Wishing all our pals a safe and belly-filled Thanksgiving!

Bodhi and the rest of the Blaner Pack


face to face

November 19th 2009 4:16 am
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Dad has been working on getting me and Levi back together. Every afternoon, he puts me upstairs with Addison, puts a baby gate at the bottom of the steps and lets Levi and Sandy out. Addison isn't interested and goes to lay on a bed. I come and sit on the steps to see what is going on.

Dad sits right there at the gate on a chair. He encourages Levi and I to see eachother - giving us both cookies at the same time. We haven't been grumbling at each other! Dad thinks this is a start. I have also been interested in going into the bedroom where Levi sleeps. Normally I would just ignore that room completely.

Dad wouldn't think of putting us together without muzzling both of us, but he's working towards that day. Maybe, just maybe it will happen!

Bodhi - Missing Levi?


baby steps

November 17th 2009 2:56 pm
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We got a "new to us" couch last night. We still have what's left of the old couch in the living room, too.

Dad and Mum both left at the same time this morning. Dad didn't come him till mid afternoon. He wasn't sure what to expect. Guess what he found........NOTHING! We were perfect angels while he was gone. I ...make that WE didn't do anything to the old OR "New to us" couch!

Dad was all excited and of course we have been wild since he came home. We have to make up for lost time from him being away from us.

Mum sez it's good, but it's baby steps. She's a kill joy!


pillow destruction

November 10th 2009 2:59 pm
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My dad is a contractor. Not much business in this economy for him - nobody building new homes or putting additions onto their houses right now. Bad news for him, but good news for me. You see, he's home A LOT during the day with us! We watch TV together, nap together, eat together........we do everything together during the day. Life is great!

Until.......yesterday! Dad left shortly after mum went to work. He was gone for almost as long as mum was gone. He wasn't here to pet me, watch TV with me, nap with me. It was a very LONG day. I didn't deal well with him being away. I had to let dad know that I wasn't happy. What to do what to do......

When dad came home, it looked perfect inside the house. The deck was another story. You see, I took the pillow that he sits on when he's on the couch and drug it out through the doggie door onto the deck. From there, I shredded it - fuzz from inside that pillow was everywhere. Once that was complete, I was tired and slept the rest of the day.

I was ready to play when dad got home, but him not so much. We've made up - he was a little upset, but knows that it was just me missing him and venting my frustrations.

I love him!


Keystone Kops

October 10th 2009 1:18 pm
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Dad headed out the door the other day. I thought he was going to the garden, so I was right behind him. Schwitty (one of the cats) was prancing towards the house. When he saw me, he turned and ran the other direction (I have no idea why - just because I like to chase him.) Anywho, he had a chipmonk in his mouth and dropped it when he turned to run from me.

The chipmonk was still alive and took off running - it went under Dad's truck. Tanner, Bo Cephus and I all saw it and went after it. I was so intent on getting that little buggar, that I hit my hard head off the bumper of the truck. The 3 of us just kept circling the truck trying to get that tasty chipmonk. Schwitty was watching from a safe spot outside our zone - his head moving back and forth with our movements.

We never did get that chipmonk. Dad found great humor in our efforts to get under the truck and said the 3 of us reminded him of the Keystone Kops. I don't know who they are, but I think you have to be old to remember that!

Bodhi - one of the stoogies


helping get wood for the fire

October 5th 2009 4:10 am
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The temperature outside has been getting cooler. Rather than turn on the furnace, Dad has been building fires in the fireplace. It uses wood logs. It is my job to assist Dad in getting those logs for the fireplace.

He'll tell me when it's time. I run over and grab one side of the wood bag and Dad takes the other side. We walk outside together attached via the bag.

When Dad comes back in with the bag, it's a little heavy for me to help with so Dad does that alone. I'm right behind him in case a log would fall or Dad would need my assistance again. I might even give the bag a nose poke to let it know that I'm watching it!

Once the fire is going, I love to lay on a blanket in front of the fire. It's very cozy!

Bodhi - the helper

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