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What adventures I am having ....

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Mom is doing the writing tonight

October 28th 2009 5:26 pm
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To all Polar bears, Oreo's pals, Daisy and Lilly and of course I better not forget Ruffles. We just have not been able to be on dogster or caster much due to a very serious family event that includes the human teen girl. I and the gang are very sorry but life has thrown something our way that will take all our time and effort. I can't say much because certain events are still ongoing on with the 4 bad men and the district lawyer, and the police dept.
We really miss everyone and we hope you all have a howling Halloween.


It's Been to Long Gone

July 16th 2009 9:32 am
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Gosh I can't remember the last time I got to write anything with mom, but here we our now and I better hurry and do this as I am getting very sleepy. Today is hot here and I just want to sleep and lay in the tall cool grass. Mom embarrassed me by sticking me in a small swimming pool with the neighbors watching. I did not want to swim so I just stood very still and I really did not like it when she splashed me.


More Trips to the VET!

February 16th 2009 7:43 am
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Well I have learned to be a comfort for Polar bear, as things have not gotten better. He is in a struggle to keep the hearing in his ear that had operation on, we went back and the sweet girl doctor said polar can't have the stitches out!
He has a bad infection and needs to be on some strong medicine to make him lots better. So mom had a long talk with me on how I can't play, or jump or touch his ear. I just have to be soft and cuddle him as much as I can. Mom also has these special medicated pads that she washes Polar bear's ear with and he has to take a bunch of pills I have to snicker a little about this part because Polar thinks he is just getting treats but its his medication, he won't take the pills, he is tricky somehow he holds the pill in his mouth for a long while and spits it out later for mom to find laying around the house, gee I wish I could do that.
On top of things Daisy is very sick also I and Lilly can't play with her either and its a real bumper!
When we took Polar in mom took all the rest of us for toe nail trims and the new girl vet looked at Daisy and said there was something serious going on with her skin! So ... and this is the awful part, the doctor scraped her skin and pulled some hair out! OUCH! and the vet did not do this just once but lots of times all over Daisy's body it was tough to watch. So when it was my turn to get my toes clipped I did not behave nicely this time in fact the girl was scared of me and put a cat muzzle on me the gall of her! All because I grouched once or twice at her yikes!


I need to be nice to Polar Bear

February 11th 2009 7:17 am
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Wow has it been a tough few weeks, I can't touch, play, or grouch at Polar Bear he has these funny things in his one ear and the ear will not stand up.
It's been tough because mom has grouched at us girls for trying to play with him. Sometimes if I even look at him mom grouches at me so I have been taking it out on Lilly. We get into some real growling contests and snarling and still I can out growl and snarl her anytime. I wish Polar Bear would act like his old self again, he just does not want to play anymore right now I wish I could get him to play with me.


Christmas and My Birthday

December 18th 2008 1:55 pm
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I am so excited my birthday is coming again Dec 24th and I already got an early present... a brand new purple hippo and I just love him! I lay on my bed and chew away at him trying to squeak that darn squeaker! Thank goodness Lilly does not like toys because there is no way I am sharing him in fact I have even hidden him from mom and Polar.


Halloween is fast approaching

October 7th 2008 12:03 pm
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Good grief where in the world did summer go? I have been sitting on the couch for days watching it rain and rain, rain. I hate rain! Now today I saw mom pulling all this scary stuff out and its all sitting by the front door what is she going to do with those skull heads and why does she get so exicted about Halloween? I hate Halloween she always buys a costume for me and Daisy and I do my darnest to get it off as fast I can.
Oh yes I have mentioned seeing the deer yesterday, 3 of them and did I snort and woof at them one even stoped right in front of the car and looked right at me, did I run ? NOPE I held my ground. They did not scare me one bit. I think I will go chase the cat now she is looking at me and needs a good run.


I am Gonna Come out There and Kick Your Butt.... Any Second- now...

August 3rd 2008 5:51 pm
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Anyway that's what kind of attitude dog I am today and last night. So mom and daddy tell me. Last night I did a good job at kicking Ruffles butt, she tried coming up stairs and I would not have that. I came after her and made her tear down the stairs. I proudly trotted off snorting about what I had done. Today I really was boss of the yard, I kept Polar in line and Daisy, they followed my moves!
First I came outside and really told the neighbors off, mostly those little boys who kept running back and forth. I would bark, and use the shake my head and snort tatic on the neigbor boys. I then ran the fence, COME ON, OR I WILL KICK YOUR BUTTS, and IT LOOKS AS THOUGH YOU ALL NEED IT. I did not want to listen to mom who said that's enough! I decided to jump onto the mound and stand with my chest out and full of attitude LOOK OUT I MIGHT STILL KICK YOUR BUTT! Later I was in the house up in my window and once again I had to yell at those boys, and remind I would be out in second... to kick their butts if they did not stop all that yelling and running around. Well.... It looks as if I am in control of things now, I think I go cuddle up to daddy.


In Total Control of the World Today.

August 1st 2008 2:05 pm
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I just love the up stairs window! I have so much control over the world up here in my window. I can sit and watch those little boys and bark at them as much as I want. The huge couch sits safely next to the window just enough so I can look out and keep an eye on everything. I the most wonderful thing of all no one can do to much about it. I might be raining today but I am having a grand time in my window.


For the Love of Pillows!

July 29th 2008 10:50 am
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I do love my bed, but do I love those soft, floppy things with covers on them. Mom was napping on the couch and put pillows on there to lay on but I grabbed up the spot. Laying right in the middle on the top of all those lovely pillows. I looked up at mom once and blinked as to say, go ahead mom find another spot to lay down, I don't mind at all.


Polar and His Birthday

July 21st 2008 3:17 pm
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Wow! is Polar old! he's 10 now....
I would have never thought he was that old, he acts more like a puppy!
Did he get spoiled! darn it!
Mom baked him a sprinkle cupcake, he got a hunk of roast, and a slice of cheese and did he share? NO!
He also got a new stuffy toy! a duck! I want that duck ! I am gonna snitch it and keep it! Just let him try and take it away! Maybe if I go pout more today momma will notice me!

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