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A bit of Lil Bit

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A Bit O' Lil Bit 01/22/2008

January 22nd 2008 7:14 pm
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Woof,Woof Guys... Well I'm doing better at my furever home. I'm getting fed properly and my coat is looking good these days...I think my new bro is even liking me just a little more and that's a good thing cuz I'm not as smart as he is and he never lets me furget it either!!! But it is soo much better here than where I have ever lived new mama and dad buy me much better food and new bowls and nobody bothers me when I eat,. I don't even have to worry anymore about not having enough food. We are not allowed to go into the kitchen when mama and dad are fixing dinner(didn't even know what that was before here) and after they eat they fix me and my bro our very own bowls of food and we go out there at the same time but have our own stuff so we don't fight at all. It's much better that way. My belly is getting so big. It's hard to believe what a little bit of love will do fur a guy. I know they love me cuz I get to sleep as long as I want to in the mornings and when I wake up mama and dad smile at me and pick me up to go outside and I have learned that's where I take care of my business at and then I can go right back inside if I want to. My bro said when it gets real warm in the spring and summer mama lets us go in the yard and play or just lay in the sun and warm our bones. Then we can go for a walkie, walk in the afternoon when thers is not much traffic around, not that there is any here anyway, but we get to go out more when it's just us cuz we are so little and there are some big dogs across the street. They run the streets all the time but they don't come in our yard, cuz mama yells at them and shakes the broom at them or the rake and they run away real fast. We don't understand how their folks can just let them run the streets like that cuz theydon't even have collars on or anything. But that's not any of our business so we just go about out business. and that's fine with me. I can tell this will be the furever place. I turned out real good, I think at least that's what mama says. They were waitng for someone special just like me and there I was. Mama said they almost missed me cuz I was the smallest in the bunch of 39 other dogs. and that's a lot of doggies and I don't miss them at all. But I do hope they do get homes like I did. I'm sure they will, at least I pawray every night for the doggies and kitty kats that are still out there cold and hungry and afraid. Please don't shop, adopt.!!!! pass the word....... and sign the petition at the bottom of my page. pleezzzz. gotta go now BAYL....


A Bit O' Lil Bit 01/12/2008

January 12th 2008 10:43 am
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Woof, Woof guys...I'm finally getting used to my new family. But I still have a long way to go....I can go for walkie walks on MY new harness and leash!(ha-ha Lil Man). I can go all night without pee or poopin in the house. YEAH, what a milestone that is for me. I'm so proud and my mama and dad give me lots of praise when I go outside like a big boy. I get to spend most of the day doing anything I want, which is sitting in the big chair in the living room in front of the bay window we just got and getting the rays!!! and nobody bothers me excpet when Lil Man is bored..then he just comes and bullies me around but mama tells him he has to learn to share w/me. He doesn't like it but he has to when mama is around which is most of the time. But I have gained weight, I weigh 5.4lbs now. I still don't like wet food, I only eat dry and my new mama gets worried cuz she has tried just about every kinda wet food there is and I still don't like it. One of her furends suggested the "raw diet", but mama just can't compute that and she asked my doc about it and he couldn't really give it a thumbs up so for now I just eat my dry food and that's OK with me. I get treats also...I just love "good & plenty" candy and will do some tricks mama has taught me. I can sit and sit up purtty, see you can teach an old dog new tricks...Lil Man's not the only star. I just wuf being on Dogster cuz I have my own furneds and people say nice things to me. It's really nice when a guy doesn't have to watch his back all the time, like when he's eating. Lil Man can't have my food cuz he's fat, and mama yells at him if he even thinks about going after my food. Even if I don't want it right away it just kills him cuz he can't have it. Cuz if he does he gets in real trouble!! and has to go to his R O O M(mama's office).(te-he)..I'm such a stinker.,..but I'm just as cute as he is now that my coat is coming back in, just like the doc said it would....OMD, my dad found a tick on me and it was real wasn't on me long cuz mama and dad brush us everyday. Mama thinks I picked it up on one of our walkie walks. But now she's not sure they got the head cuz where the tick used to be there's a little knot under the skin. So I have to go back to the docs on Monday..I don't like it and neither does mama cuz it's so expensive, but that's her prob. I just don't like the doc and I guess Lil Man will have to come along(heavy sigh) too! I gotta go now for my walkie, walk now so I'll BAYL..............dont' forget pawrayers for homeless and needy doggies that are still out there and need a furever home.oxoxoxoxox's I'm so thankful.


A Bit O' Lil Bit 01/05/2008

January 5th 2008 1:50 pm
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Woof, Woof Guys..I'm the new doggie on the block and in the house. This year seems to be working out much better for me so fur. I just got adopted before Christmas and I'm not quite sure what all the fuss is about. A tree in the house???? hhmmmm and you can't pee on it? Oh well at least it's warm and dry and I get all the food I want and nobody trys to bite me or steal my stuff. I didn't have any stuff when I got here, but I do now and nobody's taking it away from me ever again! I never had my own stuff before. I used to be with 40 other doggies, can you believe that? Of course I was the smallest and just got the leftovers, but I got to pee and poop where ever I wanted to but I can't do that now, cuz my new pawrents won't have any of that, so I'm trying to be a good boy and just go outside w/my new bro. I don't think he likes me very much. Boy does he have a lot of toys, but he doesn't like to share. So my new mama got me some toys just fur me. They took me to the docs right away and I had an ear infection and a skin condition. So my new folks have to give me a bath twice a week with some special shampoo and put drops in my ears twice a day. I'm feeling better already.:) They are really good to me here. I really like sitting with my new dad and watch the sports channel while my bro stays with the mama in the other room. I wish Lil Man would come around more and play but he's jealous and spoiled big time. I guess he doesn't remember he was adopted too! (ha-ha Lil Man, I know the truth). How soon they forget(lucky him) I won't ever furget. My foster mom tried real hard but she worked all day and then she had to take care of all the other animals she has. She also rescued a red tail hawk, a barn owl, and two other birds that were hurt and had nowhere else to go. She really had her hands full and I was just so small I got overlooked very easy. I didn't think I would ever get adopted! I was there for 4mos. My other humans were going to take me to the bridge cuz of the thing with my skin, said they couldn't afford the treatment so off to the bridge with me. But my new pawrents bought the meds for me and take care of me real good and I'm not as scared as I used to be and my hair is looking much better and I get to go walkie, walk with my family. Gosh that feels good. Then we go home and I can eat and then take a nice nap in a soft bed or on the chair in the sun and warm my little bones. I only weighted 4.5lbs when I came here and as of today I weigh 5.4lbs. So watch out world cuz here I come, I have arrived!!!! I will never furget where I came from and every nite I say my pawrayers I pawray fur all the doggies that still don't have good homes and are cold and hungry or have bad humans that abuse them. We all need to take care of each other. That's what my new mama says and I think she's right. Until next time Dogster furends........I'm just howlin' out LOUD!

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