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A bit of Lil Bit

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A Bit O' Lil Bit 10/23/2008

October 23rd 2008 10:17 am
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Woof, Woof to me just thinking out loud. I guess that's what ya do when ya think about something and then mama writes is down for me. Well Lil Man has been telling me all about this Halloween thing that humons do??? Doesn't make sense to me, but then what do I know. I never had that before, but Lil Man says it's fun cuz when those kids ring the door bell we get to bark like crazy. Well we aren't suppose to bark but then Lil Man starts and then I get in on it and it's kinda crazy around here until mama and dad get mad!!! BOL, BOL.... We don't like them to be mad at us but it's fun barking at those kids and now we have the new window we can get right up there and see who's outside. We don't get to do it for too long tho, at least that's what Lil Man says and he should know cuz he has always had Halloween. But it sure sounds like fun. The kids dress up in stupid costumes and we are suppose to be scared. I don't think so cuz as long as we are inside and they are outside they can't hurt us. BOL...I wonder if other doggies do that?? I guess they do cuz all those kids go to everyone elses house too. Mama had to take her puter in the shop for 5 days while they cleaned it??? She sure wasn't in a good mood about that, so I just layed low. Know what I mean??? Cuz when mama is in a bad mood we all stay low and we can tell just by the sound of her voice. Sometimes she even says those bad words and then we know shes really mad. We got it back and it still didn't work right and that made her mad all over again. But she got over it as soon as she got to talk to her furends again. She missess her pmail buddies a lot. She has a lot of furends on the puter. That's where I get all of my furends. So I can so feel her on that one. Furends are very hard to find. Good furends anyway. That's what mama says and she is probably right. The weather down here has been real nice and we have been going on our walkie, walks 2 times a day!! My legs are short so it's not as fun for me as it is for Lil Man but I still like going. It sure beats the summer. It's almost down right cold here. Mama said it's almost time for our winter coats. specially in the morning. What a drag that is going out in the early morning cold, burrrrr. I do my business and get back in as soon as I can. We are on a new diet too and it's chicken and brown rice and some veggies. Lil Man doesn't like the veggies but I do and the chicken is the best part. yummie!!! I'm getting a little chubby but that's cuz it's almost winter and I need all the fat I can get so I can stay warm, althought it's not cold in the house and that's where I like to stay. Right up in the new window when the sun comes in. Well Lil Man gets the window and I just get the sun on the floor. He's such a big bully, but I wuf him cuz he's my brudder. Well gotta go now it's almost time for our dinner and I can hardly wait. As soon as the microwave bell goes off I know it's time to eat and ya don't have to call me twice.BOL...BAYL


A Bit O' Lil Bit 09/16/2008

September 16th 2008 9:30 am
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Woof,Woof All....Well things have finally settled down here, thank goodness...and mama has finally broken me almost from being so grumpy and nippy all the time. Now whenever I start she puts me in the R O O M!!! I hate that cuz I'm away from everyone else and she makes me stay there until I behave. Of course Lil Man just wufs it because then he gets all the attention. He's so spoiled. But I have been doing real good and haven't had to be punished in almost 3 whole days. When I hear mama ask me if I wanna go to the R O O M, I learned to cool it real quick. I've been a real good boy too about doing my business outside. It took awhile for me to get the hang of that but I know now what I have to do and where I have to do it. Sometimes I hold it just so they have to take me for a walkie, walk. See I'm learning how to handle my pawrents:)...I get to poop somewhere other than my yard and then if we go to far I can usually get one of them to carry me little bugger, uh??? and they thought I was retarded. It's just know one has ever taken the time with me or made me behave w/o being real mean to me. I just wuf my home and my pawrents and hope they never send me away. That would be horrible. But they would never do that..I'm sure. They have had me almost a whole year so I'm sure I'm gonna get to stay right here in my furever home. I even get to sleep in the bed everynight now and I get to sleep late too, but I still get up when eveyone else does, cuz I don't like being alone now. We have had a lot of bad storms where we live, and boy have they been loud, but I''m not doesn't bother me but Lil Man is scared like anything.BOL... I heard mama say that I was getting a new coat just for me. I can't wait for that. Last winter I had to use all Lil Man' s used clothes. I didn't mind tho cuz it kept me warm. and they were too small for him anyway. Lil Man really needs to loose some more weight, BOL, BOL.....Dad said he looked like a stuffed sausage??? I don't know what that is but mama said he shouldn't say that and she didn't like it at all, cuz he is her favorite...but she still is real good to me, it's just Lil Man got here first. Well I gotta go now but I shall return!!!! BAYL..........


A Bit O' Lil Bit 09/04/2008

September 4th 2008 5:46 pm
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Woof,Woof Gang.....well we are home from Calie, of course everyone already knows that cuz Lil Man had to tell everybody first. See, some things never change. But we had a good time, but I don't see what all the fuss was about??? I like it here better and we are gonna stay here and not move back there for awhile anyway. But one of my mama's furends went to the bridge and the other furend just might be coming to stay w/us forgood! and he has a cat!!! Yikes...where will that put me on the food chain??? She is bigger than me. She didn't bother me and I didn't bother her, but still I just wonder??? Mama talks to me all the time now just like Lil Man and I know "words" now and what it means when their mouths move and they are not eating. Some of it's just nosie but sometimes, and I like those sometimes when it's just me and mama.....I wuf her to baby me..but that cant' happen when you know who is around.
He's been better to me and he made sure I was OK in Calie. Even when we went to the doggies parks, he had my back. We even slept in the same bed in Calie and now I get to sleep in bed w/mama and dad and the spoiled brat. Better known as Lil Man. I wuf that more than anything. Mama can trust me now not to go pee, pee in the house or poop so the gate hasn't gone up in a very long time. Not since we have been back from Calie.
We have had some bad storms here and we are suppose to have a real bad storm this weekend. That's a bummer for me and Lil Man cuz we can't go for our walkie, walks...and we get wet when we do HAVE to go out to take care of business....yucky..I hate the rain. but the thunder is worse...but mama and dad try and comfort us and we get over big time, acting all scared and when we do we ususally always get treats....Sometimes we even get ice cream...yummie. Ice cream is so good. When we hear the freezer open and the paper rattle we come running and doing all our tricks. I can only "speak" now, but I'm working on other stuff. The more mama works w/me the better I get and the more treats I get. I am getting a little chubby now and can't have much more or I'll have to have a restricted diet like you know who... I got my front paw caught in the door the other day and it hurt like anything. I was following my dad and he didn't know I was behind him and I tried to stop the door and OUCH, stuck paw. It was crooked and everything and dad had to make it go straight again. It wasn't broken or anything like that, but mama wants to take me to a bone specialist. All my legs are bad, but my front paws were broken before and my back legs dislocate all the time. I'm on special meds for that and I might have to have surgery?? I 'm not sure what that is but I don't think it's a good thing cuz mama and dad look worried when they talk about it. The words they say I don't like. Well I'm gettin ready to go nitey,nite and I have to say a special pawrayer for a new pal I have named Emma. She only weighs 3.9 lbs and she has been real sick. She is only 29 days old and had two of those surgery things. I don't think they are like what I'm gonna have but she was a real sick puppy.,..she just got to Dogster and we became furends. I do have a special girl, but I'm not saying who...all for now guys BAYL.....


A Bit O' Lil Bit 08/24/2008

August 25th 2008 2:44 pm
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Woof,Woof All......well Lil Man gots nothin' on me. I went in an airplane way up in the sky and I was a very good boy in the plane and in the hotel. But we didn't like the hotel at all cuz we only had 3 rooms and they were kinda small to me. But I got to sleep in the bed w/ mama and dad and Lil Man. Lil Man wasn't to happy about it but it worked for me just fine and now I get to sleep in bed w/everyone else at night. Boy do I like that just fine. I didn't like Calie very much tho. They had lots of doggie parks but me and Lil Man just stayed to ourselves most of the time. The other doggies were lots bigger than us but we didn't get pushed around or anything. Mama even told me I was a tuff guy!! Not like Lil Man but I try. I think Lil Man likes me better now. But he still has to be first all the time, I guess I just have to get used to that. But he did take up for me when another doggie tried to bother me. Lil Man thinks he is the only one that can do that, but when he does he gets in trouble w/mama(ha-ha). I just fake crying so I get the attention. Little does he know he taught me bery well. ruff, ruff....I got new doggie food too, it's Natural Balance Small Bites...and I like it alot. Mama puts butter on it for me too. Yummie!!!
She made some real good meat yesterday and I got some drippin's on my new doggie food. Boy do I have a fat belly today. Well I have to go now cuz we are getting a BAD thunder storm and I hate those, they scare me like anything. Mama has to turn the puter off anyway. So bye , bye for now...BAYL


A Bit O' Lil Bit 08/04/2008

August 3rd 2008 2:38 pm
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Woof,Woof Guys.... I hope all my furends read this cuz I am so thank ful that you guys remembered me after all this time and sent me and Bit all those wonderful pawresents. Mama said as soon as we get home she will return all the wonderful favors. You guys are the best. We are still in Calie..and having such a good time but really can't wait to get home to our own yard and the nosie factor is unbearable. too much scares me !!! The parks for doggies are great but the rest mama said you could keep. We really didn't realize what we had until we saw what we left. More about that later..... much more. very different here. We will be so glad to get home in our own bed best of all and to go walkie, walk w/o all the noise. Me andLil Man really miss our dogster furends so please understand we aren't at home and cant' be on the computer has much. but we still wuf everyone just as much as we did when we left.!!! Well mama said we had to go now cuz we are using our furends computer so stay well everyone and I'll be BAYL...... big chi OXOXOXOXO'S.....wuf ya all bery much


A Bit O' Lil Bit 07/22/2008

July 22nd 2008 8:53 am
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Woof,Woof Gang..............My mama is so silly...(she's really a DUH sometimes). She thought she wrote in my diary last and she wrote in Lil Man's. That's why I haven't been around. We are living for Calie today, in just a litte while. Our flight is at 4:40 p.m. and we will get to SF at 7:06 p.m. and we don't have any "stop overs". I'm not sure what that is because I never got to go in an airplane before. Gosh I really haven't been anywhere, I don't think. But mama said to think of this as an adventure. Lil Man is going to be showing off all the time. But he will show me all the cool places he used to go. They have lots of doggies parks in Calie. I never went to a doggie park either, but Lil Man will show me the ropes. The bigger doggies are fenced in away from us little guys so nobody gets hurt. That's a relief!!! But I'm not scared. Well maybe just a little but what can ya expect when ya never been anywhere before. I'm really excited!!! Wow new places to pee on and new places to poop. I hope I don't have any accidents at mama's friends house or at the hotel. The hotel is the most important place, cuz my mama's friend said they wouldn't mind cuz I'm just little and so are my poops, but mama really wants me to be a gentleman and be a good boy so I'm gonna try my best. Keep your paws crossed. We haven't even left yet and things are really crazy!!! Mama and dad have been yelling all morning. They had to go all the way to Columbia Airport and get a rental and come home and then pack the rental car and then drive all the way to Charlotte NC airport so we can get a direct flight. Mama said that was a good thing tho and it will be eaiser on me and Lil Man. Well we really gotta go now. So I'll fill ya in on all the details of our adventure when we hit Calie. Mama said there was internet access at the hotel so I'll keep in touch. Also Dogster is right down the street from the hotel and mama is gonna see if we can visit in person. What fun that will be and boy will I have stuff to tell then.....BAYL..........


A Bit O' Lil Bit

July 11th 2008 6:10 am
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Woof, Woof Gang, Gosh I hardly know where to start. So much has happened since mama has been on my page. It's been real crazy around here, cuz they went away and left me and Lil Man in a "Bed & Biscuit", can you believe that one?...Well I was a brave boy but Lil Man has never been w/o mama & dad overnight before! or even more than 6hrs alone. That's w/o mama of course. But it worked out real good and we were good boys but we were sure glad when mama & dad came to pick us up. I thought we were gonna get left there till we got new pawrents, again! What a bummer that was. Me and Lil Man couldn't get along w/the other little doggies cuz we aren't socialized and Lil Man is a snob and I'm to old to fight anymore.
When mama & dad picked us up after 2 nights we were both so excited we didn't even mind going in our carrier or car seat. Of course, you guessed it Lil Man has the car seat w/the booster so he can see out the window and I'm low man again and has to stay in the carrier. But it's one of the nicer ones mama has seen, I heard her say to her friend that my carrier was more than the cost of one peice of her luggage. But again it's a hand-me-down from Lil Man. He never used it that much we just use it now to store toys in. But that's what I'm gonna go to Calie in. Lil Man gets to sit on dad's lap cuz he's an SD. and that makes him special(puke)..BOL,BOL
But at least I get to go to Calie too and they aren't leaving me behind to fend for myself.
Boy am I gettin fat! WOW it's hard on the legs so when we go walkie, walk mama or dad usually carry me most of the time. Well as soon as I finish my business that is. I would rather do business down by the woods then in my yard. Cuz mama stepped in it before and she said those words......................Well me gotta go now, cuz everyone is running around like crazy gettin ready to go to Calie....and I'm going too...but I'll still have access to Dogster and my furends...


A Bit of Lil Bit 06/19/2008

June 19th 2008 4:56 pm
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Woof , Woof Gang...well mama's computer has been crashed??? That's what they said but I just know she's been around a lot more. That's OK too cuz I really like my mama now and I know finally what "spoiled" is and I like it more than anything....But I don't think I'll ever be as "spoiled" as Lil Man!! BOL... he's such a bully. My dad takes up for me lots but that DUMB vet told mama that we, meaning me and Lil Man should "work things out",on our own! ha, what a joke that is...Like to see him have to knuckle under all the time. Lil Man is bigger than me and he was adopted first, but for the most part we get treated the same, only I still have to sleep by my self in the office and Lil Man sleeps w/ mama and dad.
But I did go from the "mud room", to the guest bath, to the "office". It's real nice and I got the whole sofa to myself. Not so bad considering where I came from. So watch out Lil Man, I'll make the bed w/mama and dad too one of these days. BOL.....But for now I just wuf the sofa and the nice A/C and they dont' close the door, they just put the gate up so I'm not scared or anything like that and mama always puts a piddle pad down for me just in case. Haven't had to use it yet.....WHEW.....(gulp) mama always takes me out before she puts it down for the night to go pee, pee. Ain't that cool and I haven't had an accident yet...........They also leave the night light on for me in the guest bath until everyone goes to bed for the night. Ain't I got it sweet?? Well gotta go fellas, and no cracks about the bath pic. They got me and it wasn't even Saturday night, of course Lil Man got to go first, but dad did change the bath water...BOL..BOL..stay w/me guys I got a million of em' BOL, BOL......BAYL.


A Bit of Lil Bit 005/30/08

May 30th 2008 4:38 am
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Woof,Woof Gang...I had a grreat first offical Woofday. I got a card from my special furend, Beau and pawresents from my other bestests furends. I justed wanted to let everyone know how special that was for me. Cuz I never had a Woofday for just me and my furends remembered. Of course mama said I had to be a gentleman and not say who's was the nicest and who's I liked bestests. But my lady furends know who they are....(blush). Although I thought I could get and do anything I wanted to that day, that's not what happended. I was a bery, bery bad boy and I pooped in the house 2 times and mama was so mad at me and so was my dad. So I didn't get a whole cake like Lil Man did but I did get a whole purtty cupcake just for me from the bakery(?). There were a few other goodies but I think my dad ate most of them(curses)... But I was happy most of the day and had a very big belly!!! Mama and dad are tryin' to cut out the sweets I get cuz my legs hurt to bad when I weigh too much(never had that trouble before). Maybe that's cuz I get to eat my bery own food and my bro has his special food, it's a restsricted diet(ha-ha) and he's still too phat! That's what the vet said so he doesn't get treats anymore either and my diet is hypo-allergetic and I get meds that helps me not itch.

My coat looks great now but it gets real hot here so I gotta get a haircut, I never had one of thoe before. My other folks just cut out the matted hair, but mama has been working on it and she's much happier and so am I. I think Lil Man really likes me now cuz he even shares his toys....and I think he would miss me if I was gone, But mama said that would never happen again. This is my furever home. YEAH!!!!! But I gotta start being a good doggie or at least better. But I don't think mama would ever get rid of me again.
Well I gotta a big day ahead, cuz I heard mama tell the neighbor the realtor(?) is coming to day and she's real excited bout that, but we have to go next door when he's here cuz we won't stop barking at strangers. I have much more to tell ya guys but I gotta go so I hope everyone is sayin pawrayers for Samamtha, she's gonna go to the "Bridge" soon and we have been prayin real hard for the old girl. But her mama said she only has a few days left..........and she's in lots of pain so if ya read this pleezz say a little pawrayer for her. She's not a chi but that doesn't matter. We don't discriminate(?)..I think that means we don't care if they are a chi or not and Lil Man has known her for a long time....BAYL..


A Bit of Lil Bit 005/07/2008

May 7th 2008 8:09 pm
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Woof,Woof All.....I haven't been round for a while cuz my butt hurt. I went to the docs a few weeks ago and the reason I stunk so much cuz my anal glands were full(?) and that guy had to stick his finger in my butt.. and squeeze!!!! Whew whatta smell I could hardly stand myself so ya know that's bad!!!BOL I really didn't mind cuz I really couldn't smell how bad it was. But mama did and she found out I was "retarted"?............ah......where was I??? oh yeah retarted. So that's why I'm not to swift, but they are working w/me on a different level now not like Lil Man(smart ass)! ooopppsss I'm not suppose to say that but I get away with more now(ha-ha) so I ain't that stupid. I don't poop or pee in the house anymore and I don't have to sleep in the mudroom anymore either, but I kinda liked the mudroom. It was real quite and the door to the breakfast nook was open so I knew when it was time to get up. I graduated to the guest bath now. It's nice in there. It smells much better and it has a floor warming system and mama is so afraid I'm gonna get cold at night she leaves it on for me. Just as warm as me mama's belly and I still have my pillow to sleep on like a prince in a fairy tale. It's the same color as I am that's what mama says, so I guess it is I just know it feels good. I sleep real good now and don't get up til like 9 or 10 in the morning and that's only cuz mama knows I gotta pee real bad and comes and makes me get up. I still growl at her, but not my dad. I like him better. He like me too and I get to watch sports w/him all the time cuz Lil Man is always with mama. It's almost my woofday. I never had one before, at least mama doesn't think I did and I don't memeber. But she said I was gonna get a cake just like my bro and maybe some new toys. That would be grrreat. I have all my own stuff here at my furever home. It's really cool. I know how to speak now and sit when mama tells me too, if she gives me treats that is.....Well it's dark now so that's my que to go nitey nite. I like goin nitey nite. Sweet dreams all and thanks to all my new furends. I never had them before either. They just used to be furends of you know who, but now I get furends of my own. That wanna be pal w/me. Whadda life, never knew it could be so good. Mama also found out my legs are funny looking, I'm a broke down doggie. The mean folks that had me before broke my shoulder and my ankle and didn't get it fixed so it just set on it's own. That's what the doc and mama said and mama cried???? She didn't do anything so I don't know why she cried???? Oh well BAYL.....

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