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My Going to Rainbow Bridge Story...

October 8th 2008 3:42 pm
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Well, most of you know how I went to the Bridge one night but I want to re-tell the story because it might help to save the life of another pup somewhere out there who thinks it could never happen to them.

My Mama and I lived in a tract house area but we were kinda rural because we were in an equestrian neighborhood. There were lots of wild creatures around like bobcats, racoons, opossoms, hawks and an occasional mountain lion. Mama always watched me like a hawk because she was afraid some barn owl or hawk would swoop down and snatch me up so I always stayed close to her. One day Mama found our kitty killed right in our own back yard by some coyotes so Mama got worried for me and was watching me extra hard. About a week later I begged Mama to let me go out in our backyard to go Pee-Pee so Mama let me out (it was dark outside already); she forgot that she had left the upper gate open because she was out picking peaches earlier to make a pie. Well, I slipped through the gate without Mama seeing me and she was looking all over for me and looked up just in time to see a pack of coyotes running off with my little body in their mouth...

Mama jumped the fence in her bare feet and ran after those coyotes with everything she had but they were too fast and disappeared into the night. Mama drove around our neighborhood calling my name and finally realized I was gone and crumpled onto the street sobbing. Mama always thought coyotes were kinda shy and would never approach if a human was around but she was wrong. She found out later on that some pups have been snatched right off their leashes as their owners were walking them!!! Mama isn't mad at the coyotes because she knows they don't know the difference between a pet and dinner for their pack. Mama was driving down the street a week later and slammed on her brakes when a coyote ran in front of her car...the thought of taking revenge on those coyotes has never crossed her mind.

Please let your pups who are still on earth know to be extra careful (especially the little ones) as this is a terrible way to leave your family. Mama was especially sad because she didn't have anything left of me to make ashes out of but my Grandma Annie found a clump of my fur in the backyard and Mama treasures this last little bit of me like it is worth a million $$$

Be safe out there Pups, I'll be watching over you tonight!

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Cisco Kid


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