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I see Balloons...lots of them!!!

April 1st 2008 11:58 am
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Okay, so me and my bestest pal Pappi are hanging around having a picnic in the daisy fields when all of a sudden we see lots of beautiful balloons coming down from the Rainbow....we run over to where they have landed and guess what? There was a pretty pink balloon with my name on it and inside was a letter from my Mama!!! This is what my letter said:

RAINBOW BRIDGE DAY - April 1, 2008


It hasn’t quite been a year since the last time we held each other yet I miss you like it was yesterday. I can still feel your paws around my neck and your sweet kisses all over my face! Your absence has been hard for me to bear sometimes so I am ever grateful to have so many photos of you and all of your old favorite toys. I have tried to smell your scent on some of your sweaters but the passing of these months have erased any chance of that. I have placed one of my favorite pictures of you on my office door for all to see with a poem in your honor.

Your adorable face and charming personality have been kept alive for all to see throughout the pages of – you have many new friends my love and through their generous hearts and support they have helped me to find peace and mend my broken heart. I still talk about you to friends, family and neighbors as if you never left and we laugh sometimes remembering how cute and friendly you were!

Cisco, you were the man in my life for 9 years and if there were ever a twosome that could be called soul-mates it was us…what a pair we were! You stole my heart from the moment I saw you and it will always belong to only you!

Be happy now at the Rainbow Bridge running and playing, and wait for me to come for you someday; that is my promise to you. I am enclosing this letter in a pink balloon in the hopes that it will reach you and you will know that I have not, nor will I ever forget you.


P.S. I see Pappi running towards me and he is waving a letter...looks like he got a balloon too!!!

What a WONDERFUL day!!!!!

Cisco Kid


Cisco Kid


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