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April 22nd 2010 6:00 am
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It's really just blind luck that I ended up at my furever home; here's the story:

A few months after Mom lost her beloved Cisco Kid she felt empty and lost and wanted another furbaby to love. Mom had her heart set on getting another Chi but when she got to the shelter they didn't have any. One of the Shelter workers told Mom that they just brought in a very cute 8 month old Maltese (me). Well, Mom wasn't interested one bit..hrmph...she really wanted a Chihuahua but the Shelter worker was very persuasive and Mom agreed to take a peek at me. Mom thought I was cute and sweet but I was so dirty and matted that I knew there was no way she was going to pick me! Well, in a pinch I decided that I had better show her my "stuff" so I sat in front of her, wagged my tail super fast and lifted up my paw for her. I think I saw Mom's eyes start to leak when she looked down at me...prolly cause she felt more sorry for me than a desire to take me home. Mom went ahead and put her name on the list to adopt me but I needed to stay in the Shelter for a week to see if anyone claimed me. In the meantime Mom kept searching for a Chi and after a week the Shelter called her to ask if she wanted me. Mom said she would come back and look at me again and I went with her into a play area and I really poured on the charm...well Mom agreed to adopt me that day but I had to get fixed before I could go home with her (yeowch!).

Mom picked me up at the Vet the very next day but she didn't recognize me cause the Vet had me shaved down to the skin...I looked UGLY!!!! Mom just stared at me and I think I saw her eyes leaking again...another pity look..hrmph! Mom was thinking that she was getting a pretty Maltese with long hair that she could wash and comb and put bows in; boy did she get a surprise..bol!!!

I looked horrible for about 4 months and then one day a miracle hair started to grow longer and Mom was able to put a ponytail on my head and I got to wear my very first bow! I looked so pretty and from that day on I was her little princess...the rest is history!!!!

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