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glad to be back

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for one of my new friends on dogster.

April 2nd 2008 8:36 pm
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to cinnamon, i hope we can both be great friends on dogster.
and i hope ,with yourself making a new friend on dogster, help's your mom and the rest of your family have very big smiles on all your faces.


for my friend named trixie

March 31st 2008 9:27 pm
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to trixie, i hope you get to sit on the shiny green grass on dogster, with a very big smile on your face.
----------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
trixie, i hope you see lots of bluebirds flying over singing happy songs of joy.
trixie, i hope you share cupcakes and dog treats with your very best friends on dogster.
trixie, i hope each day, you wake up on dogster, you look out your window,where you live on dogster, and the biggest rainbow in the sky and all the pretty flowers outside and there is lots of bright sunshine.


best thing happened on dogster,

March 29th 2008 6:45 pm
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tonight on dogster, one of my best friends on dogster, named hansome jack ,help one of my newest friends on dogster,named hannah have and make another friend on dogster.
i want everyone on dogster,hansome does great being help full and offer support on dogster.
we all should of hansome jack, he help's dogster,be a great and help full place to be.
------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
to maggie,aggie, brittany,ralphie,sedoso, and tuffy,you have been very help to myself, when i need a favor,to help some of my friends on the bridge.


my guardian angels on dogster

March 24th 2008 9:51 am
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i am great full to have such great friends on dogster, who are on the bridge,watching over and they try their best to help me safe on dogster.
ralphie,sedoso, and brittany are my guardian angels from the bridge.
i feel very happy and warm inside my inside myself, knowing that.
ralphie,sedoso , and brittany are some of my all best friends on dogster.
and i am proud of that.
----------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------


to honor 3 of my new friends on dogster

March 21st 2008 9:59 pm
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to tuffy and sedoso, its great to meet you both on dogster.
tuffy and sedoso, i hope the 3 of us of dogster can be great friends, who help each other and offer kind of support.
tuffy and sedoso, meeting the 2 of you both on dogster , has been very help full to myself.
nice meeting you both you.
i hope you both have many warm and bright days on the bridge.


some of my very best friends on dogster and catster

March 17th 2008 8:32 am
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i am great full to have made such great friends on dogster and catster, and here are some of my great and best.
----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
2.clay,noa h's brother
3.king spivey
9.c assie
11.hansome jack
14.siruis black
------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------
to maggie,aggie,and ralphie and the rest of your family, you have been great to myself and i am very happy ,that i help make your whole happy.
---------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
i have also made other great friends on dogster and catster, which have been great to myself and offered myself help and support, i will not forget who are my great friends
--------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------
i hope myself and king spivey can make spolied pugs a great group on dogster.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------


made chairs for both simon and maggie on catster

March 12th 2008 9:29 pm
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the chair, that i made and gave to simon on catster, it helped make him , very happy.
and tonight , on dogster, i made a comfy chair for maggie, who is also on catster, i hope maggie has a great morning on catster, picking her new comfy chair, which i left for her, in the alley, at the breakfast club.
in general terms, i hope 2 of my many best friends from catster, simon and maggie, enjoy sitting in their new chairs.


my dogster's page's new look

March 2nd 2008 7:52 pm
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today, on dogster, my friend named chaddy and his nice family help give my dogster page, a new look, with the saint paddy's day look.
my dogster's page looks a lot better, thanks to chaddy of my best friends on dogster and his nice family.
i great full to them all.


for my good friend named frodo

February 27th 2008 8:31 am
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frodo has been one of my many great friends on dogster.
i am glad to have such a great friend like frodo.
having friends like frodo , helps myself feel good , about being on dogster.


was visiting catster, tonight.

February 18th 2008 9:03 pm
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tonight, i went over from dogster, to visit catster, it was a great visit, but a very long visit.

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