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Chad's Fantastic Life

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Chad's first Birthday...

August 8th 2008 1:16 pm
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Oh what grand day for many friends gathered at Pawsatively Bostylicious to show me their love.. thank you dear ones. A special thank you to Diamond, and Herbie ,and Becca, true friends forever... I never know the amount of love and friendship that has been bestowed upon me, Mommie says I am her special boy, and I know she loves me so much.. and all the friends who made this day so special .. a perfect day to remember.. Chaddy..what would I do without you to cuddle and lick my tears away.If I am sad you make me smile, if I l am cold you keep me warm, if I need a friend to listen you lend an ear.. you are you ..and that is the most special thing to Mommie.. You fill my days with love and laughter, and when I am sad I just hug the blues away.. Chad you complete our family.. I love you baby, Love Mommie


Thank you Dogster

June 9th 2008 4:41 am
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Wow, I am so excited I got one of the picks for Diary of the Day by Dogster..Thank you dogster, I am so proud of my dog Chaddy..What an honor.


Freedom and a bit about my Poppy, Ben Lester.. He was a- hero..

June 6th 2008 8:32 pm
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well I did not know my Poppy, but Mommie says he was a wonderful person. Poppy got a purple heart , he served in WWII. He passed away from his heart giving out, and well ,Poppy was loved by all. His nickname was Gentle Ben. Well, I want to thank Poppy for all of his love, and that he was so brave ,and fought for our country. I also want to thank the young men who are fighting today, I have great respect for them and all they do to keep us safe. The weather there is very hot and I am sure miserable conditions ,but they never give up, they are loyal to our Country. God Bless America, and the freedom we have today, due to the men who have fought so hard to keep our freedom. I want to wish everyone a safe Fourth of July, filled with good memories ,and take good care of us doggies, we are afraid of the loud noises that are part of the celebration. Love to all my friends here on Dogster, and their wonderful families. God Bless and be safe. Love ,Chad


I have been tagged by Diesel!!!!!

May 6th 2008 7:10 pm
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I was tagged by my best fur friend Diesel
four things I am thankful for..

1.I have a wonderful Mommie and Sissy who cuddle me a lot.
2.I have three BFF ..Diesel and Bud-Man and Herbie Derby.
3.I am thankful that I have a nice and beautiful girl friend ,Diamond Reign.
4.I am thankful I have a furever home and I sleep in nice ,cuddly, soft, bed with the Mommie and she fixes us chicken on our food.

and I tag 4 new friends
and Uma from our group Pawsatively Bostylicious... which I love my group and I love Dogster!!!!!


I am so lucky I have found my Best Friend!!!

April 29th 2008 11:29 am
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Diamond said yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am engaged on this day to my best friend ,♥ Diamond Reign Smith ♥ and I loves her soooo much she is da bestest!!!! actually the date was on April 26, 2008..just so we never forgets dat ,one special day!!!


I messed up in my last entry IT IS Diamond Reign Smith- ♥

April 21st 2008 10:43 am
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I so embarrassed I can't even type rite oh I hopes you forgives me ....


♥♥♥ That is how many monthes I have- loved Diamond Reign Smith &heats;

April 21st 2008 10:34 am
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we had a time apart but never in my heart and she and I got back as one on March 16, 2008..I gave her my heart , in Jan 2008 and I never took it back, for you see in my heart ♥, her name is printed , and we will be together , here on earth and at the Rainbow Bridge , I will never leave her side..♥ If you were to just know her for 1 second just one second of your time you would know why..Diamond Reign Smith, I Chaddy love you, Diamond, and I knows you could find a better one than me..but you will never find anyone who will love you, be pawsatively faithful and try never to hurt your feelings(I won flirt wid dem girls again)

♥ Diamond , I can't wait another day "Will you be my furever wife , Diamond, I love you and always will? If you say Yes I will be da happiest doggie evers..I love you Diamond, and I misses you so much until you get home..(PS Mommie say I can't get Married until I am 1 yr old so we have a nice engagemnt and ???


I forgot to add to me last diary entry names of doggies I- tagged!!!

April 14th 2008 3:04 pm
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Edgrr #376233
Dolly Bee #660423
Ruby # 520329 thes da doggies I tagged!! hopes dey have FUN I did!


I have been tagged by my friend Bardley

April 14th 2008 12:41 am
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in this tag you must answer 4 questions on your diary page and then tag 4 of your buddies..................................................... ..................................................

question #1.....................................
Name 4 Jobs You Have Had ?

1. greeting new doggies on Pawsatively Bostylicious group
2. babysitter
3. travel companion
4. toy inspector I have to dig thru the stuffing make sure no dangers are contained in new toys.

question #2.....................................

Name 4 Places You Have Lived

1. The Drive Through at Wendy's...burger...
2. Hanson and Meekin's Animal Hospital..I hate getting my toey nail clipped
3. Puppy Love ....emmm treats.
4. The pond out back....mud!!!!

question #3.....................................

Name 4 Places you Have Been

1. The Bank...more cookies
2. The Groomer...grrrr
3. The beach....icky sand
4. The post office

question #4.....................................

Name 4 Places You'd Rather Be

1. Disneyland
2. Petco
3. With Diamond
4. KFC


Prince Chad and Princess Diamond .....TPP wk 4/1/08

April 3rd 2008 12:52 pm
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the dream come true for Prince Chad..his Princess Diamond.. we had a great time at the Pawty palace last nite. In honor of Prince Chad and his lovely Princess Diamond, also the love of his you can see by his motto..born to Love Diamond..once in a lifetime a good dog comes who is caring, beautiful and you are just meant to be together ..... your soulmate ....and Chad found his in the lovely Diamond..Thank you ,Pawty palace for honoring us as Prince and Princess of the week 4/01/08.. Loves to all our friends on Dogster

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