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The Good Life

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I'm adopted!

February 11th 2008 4:41 pm
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I've been adopted for a week now, actually. Last Monday (so... the 4th of February) someone came to the shelter so that they could meet me. Out of all the dogs they had seen on Petfinder, they liked ME the best!!

Well, I was at my foster home on Monday, so the earliest I could meet my potential furever pawpaw was on Tuesday. FM dropped me off and when the man came to meet me, we hit it off and the next thing I know, he's filling out paperwork so that I can officially be his. And then I'm getting in his car! And going to my furever home!!!

I am an only pet but I have a Golden Retriever buddy that I get to see all the time. It's just me and my furever dad but I have furever grandpawrents (they own the Golden!) that check in on me.

Life's great!!


It's been cah-ray-zee...

January 12th 2008 7:32 pm
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...since I last wrote!

See, FM took in a momma and her newborn puppies so that they would have a chance to live. It was a big change for me, but FM says that she is SO PROUD of how I took everything in stride. I growled a little bit at first, but now I'm totally cool with Holiday.

I have been a really great boy and I've been able to be a much more involved member of the family in the past few weeks. I get plenty of exercise, play with all of my toys, and get lotsa cuddle time. FM says she better start regulating my food because, believe it or not, I'm CHUBBY!!!!!!!

FM says that I'm going to be featured in the newspaper sometime soon as an adoptable dog. The newspaper spot has been really successful for the shelter in generating interest in dogs. Since I'm sorta plain and not in the spotlight for potential adopters, FM would like to drum up interest in me! She says I will go to furever that same week (hopefully). She says that will be nice because then she'll have more time to work with Holiday (that dog is as clueless as I was!). But FM says that she's gonna have a good cry when I leave, more so than any of her other fosters, because she loves me. A lot. She says I remind her of her Maxwell. She says I'm a great "Teddy Bear" to cuddle with and hug. I get concerned when she's upset, so she says I'm a true friend. I've also done a complete 180 and she says that that makes her proud.

My scars are all gone... except for the tip of my tail. There's 2-3 inches of a scar that looks like my tail was dipped in acid (but who knows what really happened). FM says she wishes that us dogs came with a book that told of our past. But anyway, my nose is completely healed. My ears are still just a teensy bit rough around the edges. But no one would know that I had those awful scars unless FM told them.

Oh, hey! I got the coolest new toy. I went to Petsmart (we stayed there for HOURS and all these people came and pet me! And some of 'em gave me treats!) and I found this stuffed quail that squeaks. FM showed it to me, gave it a squeak, and then tossed it onto the floor. I looked at it for a second, then pounced on it, picked it up, and pranced through the store. FM immediately brought me to the checkout aisle and pried the quail from my mouth. The cashier quickly scanned it and FM tossed it back to me. Now it is my FAVORITE toy and I love to play with it. FM will hear a "quack quack quack" that reminds her of Wiggles and how she loved the "squeakity squeak squeak" of the loofah toys.

Sooo... that's pretty much it!




December 25th 2007 2:00 pm
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This has been the best-smelling day EVER!!!

So first the day started normally. I went outside to potty and came back in and FM put me in the crate. But then she poked this thing called a "bully stick" through the bars and it was really yummy-smelling so I picked it up and started chewing on it. Then I heard a bunch of noises upstairs and realized I was missing out on something. I HATE missing out on stuff! So I started to whine and bark and eventually FM came downstairs, put my leash on me, and steered me upstairs and into Socks' crate, and gave me my bully stick again. The crate was strategically positioned so that I could see the majority of what was going on in the room.

Let me tell you, it was crazy.

Paper was flying everywhere, ripping noises and jolly laughs filled the room, you couldn't see the floor anymore, Jasmine and Socks were chewing on bully sticks on blankets, and occasionally I could hear the CAT'S patter-patter upstairs (did I mention that two cats are visiting? Speaking of yummy-smelling things...) and one time the cat "JoJo" came and surprised me by poking his head around the corner and peering in at me through the door of my crate. We were inches from each other. He jumped away, leaping over mountains of paper, before I recovered my voice and bah-roooed at him. FM quickly told me to knock it off, and for once I did.

Then all the hoomans gathered around the table and ate this yummy smelling stuff while I could only stand by and watch from Socks' crate.

And, oh gosh, so much other interesting stuff happened, but I've got to go, so I'll try to come back and remember it all for your amusement.

Bah-roo to you too!


We've got your back, FM!!

December 22nd 2007 12:47 pm
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Lately I've been able to practice my big-boy-bark a lot. There are these people that will walk up and down the street. Sometimes the people have dogs or kids with them. And then there are people that come walking up to the door! Eeek!

Jasmine told me (via her "Get away from here, you nincompoop!" barks) that those people should NOT be so near to our house. I can't really tell what FM thinks yet. Sometimes it sounds like she's howling with us, and other times she makes grand attempts to get us to stop. But I won't stop if Jasmine doesn't stop, and Jasmine never stops until the job is done and the people are long gone.

So today Jasmine was sounding the alarm and FM made us back away from the door, but I tried cautiously peeking out there anyway from three feet away. I saw a man standing on the front step. I was a little spooked. Once FM was completely outside, Jasmine rushed to the window, so I followed. Jasmine put her front paws on the window sill and proceeded to bark at them to go away and to take their business elsewhere. So I joined her. I put my paws up on the sill right next to Jasmine and started bah-rooing away. Jasmine said I was a great addition to the security team because I have that deep, throaty bark that scares the bejeebers out of people.

I heard FM come right back in the house almost immediately, but Jasmine and I stayed at the window and amped up the noise because the man was in plain sight now. FM said we both looked quite comical bah-rooing in synchrony right next to eachother. She tried to get our attention, but we were both fixated on the man, so she took Jasmine's collar and led her to the kitchen, where she made Jasmine lay down. I followed and FM made me sit. Then we had a brief "pep talk" where FM told us that she was really fine and that she appreciated the support, but we could stop barking now (Jasmine was still yipping from the floor, but I had stopped).

I hope my furever won't mind having a watchdog!



I'm trying hard! Really!

December 21st 2007 5:38 pm
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Oh, I'm trying so hard to be a good boy in the house. But everything is so new and exciting, I feel like it all needs to be investigated thoroughly.

For example, the couch. It is soft and squishy for a reason, and today I found out the reason. There is FOAM in there, everywoof! And, OMD, foam is so much fun to play with. If you've never played with foam, I recommend ripping a small hole in your couch right now and discover the joys of foam.

Now, wait a minute. It sounds like a just ate an entire couch. Actually, I just found a hole that some other doggie had previously made and I pulled the foam out from there. And not a whole lot of foam. Just a little piece. Or two.

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my toys? There's no such thing as too many toys, in my opinion. FM says that there's an entire aisle devoted to toys at Petsmart. I really hope she takes me there so that I can see if that's true or not!



But I wasn't broken!!

December 15th 2007 4:18 pm
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FM took me to the shelter today to be "fixed". I know I'm not perfect, but surely I wasn't broken?? And even if I was broken, isn't that why I'm with FM and not still living at the shelter?

Anyway, I was sorta happy that I was at the shelter. FM NEVER gave me breakfast this morning!! I thought I should write a cruelty report and send it in to shape her up. You don't feed me gobs and gobs of food and then suddenly stop! It's not fair! When I'd confront her about it (through persistant and pitiful barks, whines, and cries from my crate) she would say, "Sorry, but you can't eat anything before being fixed."

Well, it was freezing cold outside at the shelter. The ground was slippery and flooded. FM walked me to the vet entrance, but it was challenging because I was pulling and she was slipping and sliding. When we were in the vet area, I saw some people that I knew before and I got to say "Hi" to them. They all said I looked really handsome and beefy. My crate was brought in and FM was pushing me in there ('cause after all, I couldn't eat before being fixed... otherwise she would have used a treat) and I layed there for about 4 hours. I watched a bunch of activity going on... I could see dogs and cats entering and leaving the surgery room, except they looked a lot different when they came out.

Then, my crate door was opening and they got me out. They stuck something into my thigh and then put a mask over my nose. I said "Hey! What's that for??" and the next thing I know, I'm back in my crate and groggily waking up. About an hour later, FM came to get me and when I tried to stand up, I realized that I hurt between the legs.

FM had actually seen me on the table, right before the vet was about to slice me open and pop out two dingleberries. But she said she was "too stressed out when it's as good as my own dog on the table" to watch, even though she's seen spay and neuter surgeries several times before. FM spent the entire time at the shelter, assembling umpteen Kuranda beds for all the doggies in the first building to sleep on. Generous donators allowed the shelter to purchase (or else the people donated the beds themselves) 111 of the beds. Those shelter doggies are now much warmer on this cold night, especially if curled up next to a kennelmate.

Anyway, I was so sore and groggy that FM had to carry me back to the van. I was in my crate for the car ride home. Now here I am at home, and FM keeps harassin' me if I look like I'm investigating my incision. I finally got to eat some food, but in small handfuls. I guess a plus of this is getting to drink chicken broth.

FM says to be thankful I'm not a girly dog.

Hey, apparently this means I can now go to furever whenever they find me!



December 11th 2007 4:06 pm
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Uhhh... FM must be goin' a little crazy. She wants me to spend sooo much down-time in my crate, and today I let her know that it just ain't happenin'!

FM had me outside for awhile and it was a lot of fun out there. FM was getting me to sit for treats, rubbing my belly, and throwing my toys. Then we went inside and I rushed upstairs instead of going to family room. FM was callin' my name, but I ignored her. Then she stuck her hand in the food bag, and I still ignored her. She got a handful of food, stuck it in front of my nose and tempted me down the steps and to my crate, and then threw the food into my crate as usual.

I looked at her and thought "Are you NUTS, lady?? No way am I goin' in there for a 3 hour nap! Let me stay out so I can get more belly rubs!!" FM came and guided me to the crate and once I was in the doorway I went right in. Hmph.

FM was planning on having me neutered this Thursday... however, she asked the vet tech over the phone if I should wait until I'm a little heavier to have the surgery. The vet tech decided I should wait until I've gained five more pounds. So, in about another week, I can go get neutered...

And that means I'll be completely ready to go to furever!



I ain't nothin' but a hound dog!

December 10th 2007 2:21 pm
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FM says I've got a wonderful hound bark:





December 9th 2007 5:51 am
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OK, now I really feel bad for pups like me. Or, pups who WERE like me. That is, stray pups with nowhere to go.

FM sent me outside for my morning potty just as it was started to rain. I pottied quickly and then came back inside to the warm house where FM immediately through a towel over me and rubbed me dry. Then I hopped into a cozy chair and licked myself dry the rest of the way. It was FREEZING COLD RAIN out there. And, shortly after I was safely inside, it started to pour sheets and sheets and sheets of that stuff.

I am SO glad I am no longer roaming the streets in that stuff. Even the shelter was heated and, even though the floor was not comfy, I at least had hot air streaming down on me.



Pictures from Day Five!

December 8th 2007 4:42 pm
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Just kidding, FM's picture editing stuff is finally working. So, yipee, ya'll can see what five days of good care can do! Isn't it pawsome??


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