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SPC Tango- Army dog!!!


July 6th 2009 11:15 am
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Daddy got out of the Army in September 2008. We went to live with his mommy and daddy until he found a new place to move closer to his job... Unfortunately, daddy thought we'd have to get another apartment, and decided I was better suited in a real house. They decided to give me to a wonderful family, with an older dog where I have absolutely flourished. Sadly, my new friend, passed away shortly after my arrival, but I kept her safe until that time. Now, I am with my new mom and dad and doing great. They can come visit me any time they want since they are family friends, and I know I will miss them dearly, but I am glad to have my new family.

We miss Tango dearly, but know he is so much happier in a home devoted to just him. He stood by the elderly dogs side and protected her when she was in danger, a changed dog. With two small children, we decided he deserved a better home with a family who could devote more time to him. It has worked, apparently. He is doing GREAT there. I hope he doesn't miss us, because he seems so happy. It just hurts to know I gave up part of the family.. He was GREAT with the kids. Oh well, sometimes life is mysterious, and as long as he's happy, healthy, and safe, I'm happy.


Waiting on Daddy

November 24th 2007 9:04 pm
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Today, daddy got all worked up over some game on the TV, something about the Vols!! Well, I guess they won, cause mommy was happy too!! Anyway, daddy went to work today. He always works at nights now since he hurt his arm... He doesn't even get to fly anymore. But anyway, he leaves in the evening, then I sit and wait for him all night till be gets home real early in the morning.

Sometimes, he wakes up sissy, and she cries till they feed her, but thats ok. As soon as they are all calm, I curl up next to them and nap until they are awake again.

I spent most of today throwing my tug rope around, and jumping up in dads face. He is so much fun when he throws that thing, I get so excited!!! Then I spent a little while snuggled up in one of moms shirts. If I can't curl up in their laps, then their clothes work too.

Well, I guess I am gonna head back to the living room, to lay around and wait on dad.... Gotta look out for mom and sissy too, wouldn't want anything to happen to em.

Well, goodnight!

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