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Words of wisdom from Sneaker

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How to get mom off the computer

December 31st 2007 12:04 pm
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How dare mom wake up and NOT pay attention to ME! Well, I finally got her off the computer and this is what I did.

First I had to destroy a beanie stuffed animal. Boy did I ever make a pawsome mess! I had little beads all over the place. I was grinning from ear to ear. I checked and nope, it didn't quite work and she was still online.

Next I grabbed her prescription bottle and waved it in front of her face. That worked but dangit it was only temporary. Once she got the bottle back she was typing away again.

Finally, I grabbed the cell phone and was playing with it. I called my Aunt, who was on speed dial and finally mom figured out I wasn't going to give up until she was off the PC. I totally rock! I now know how to get mom off the computer! I'm filing this knowledge for future reference!



The Treat I almost had.

January 4th 2008 8:28 am
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I was lounging on the couch watching some TV with my human cousin (Justin). When my human came in with "the treat". I saw it and I new I had to have it. She threw it up in the air. I leapt off the couch my eyes fixed on "the treat". When all of a sudden the ground started coming really fast and I was too far from "the treat" . I could see him. My brother (Sunny) running in. His eyes fixed on MY treat. As I fell short he grabbed "the treat" and ran off. I was very disappointed. If only I had jumped a little further. All I know is next time I will get MY TREAT and Sunny will be the one watching me run off with it.


Gift gone bad

January 14th 2008 6:35 am
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My Humon told me she didn't feel well. I took care of her for two days, making sure she didn't stay in bed too long. Today she was up and moving. She left the bathroom door open and headed for the kitchen to make a cup of tea. I raced in the bathroom and grabbed a roll of toilet paper and proudly presented in front of my humom. After ripping the paper, my humom called me in the kitchen for a well deserved treat. She then turned on the kettle for tea, picked up the paper, and sat down to read the Sunday news. After feeding Sunny and ME, she asked if we wanted to go out. Sunny ran out but not me. MY humom then sat down with her cup of tea and glanced at the paper. I started to run back and forth, she looked at me and asked if i now wanted out. I took off running toward the door with humom fast behind me. As the door opened I ran, but not outside, I ran into the kitchen and up on the chair to drink MY CUP TEA. I finished the tea. Soon after I went outside. Mom got ready for church and then let Sunny and Me in. In the afternoon we played ball, tug a war, watched TV, and got belly rubs. Dinner was great, we got a hot dog with dinner. It was a great day. As my humom got ready for bed it was our last time out. I anxiously ran out and played. Mom opened the door to let bus back in. I charged in the door jumped up on the bed with my Wonderful Gift. She looked at me and yelled GET IT OUT. I grabbed my wonderful gift and ran back outside into the dark. She turned on the porch light to see what I had. There I was with my prize gift (small mole ). After several attempts to get it in, I soon realized she didn't want my grand gift. Oh well, it was still a grand day and a good hunt.


What da heck

February 7th 2008 8:13 am
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Mom came home with a water bottle and told me no more biting Sunny's back leg. Well, I thought I don't think so. She asked us if we wanted out so I ran over and bit at Sunny's leg like I always do. To my surprise, I was hit in the face with water. I stopped and looked at mom standing there with a big plastic bottle that water came out of. What da heck was that for? I always bite at Sunny to move him along! I need pup pal advice, what can I do to stop this awful torture? I chewed up one bottle, but another one appeared. I NEED ADVICE ASAP! HELP!


Happy Mother's Day

May 11th 2008 3:56 pm
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Happy Mother's Day to all the Dogster moms out there!



WooHoo - DOTD 5/28/08

May 28th 2008 5:41 am
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How exciting! I woke up this morning looking to see what kind of trouble I could get into today and when I logged on, I saw that I was DOTD. Thank You Dogster!!!! This is so very exciting and I am very happy! I even promise to be a good boy today! :0)

Mom is so excited and giving me smiles and I know that will lead to extra treats and attention today. If I'm really lucky, maybe I'll get a car ride to the pet store or Dairy Queen. I know how to smile, too. Maybe if I smile back, it'll work better.



Birthday Room

October 29th 2008 11:39 am
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If you have a moment, please stop by my page and check out my virtual birthday room. I'll be 5 years old in just over two weeks. I can't wait for all the goodies that I'll be getting. I know mom will probably bake some homemade biscuits for me and I'm hoping for some new toys, too. I just love my squeaky toys!

Sneaker Dinker who is refusing to grow up


I,ve been tagged

November 11th 2008 5:54 pm
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I,ve been tagged bye my beautiful pal Lola. I have to say seven things about myself and then tag 7 of my good pals.
1 I love my friends
2I love good food.
3Ilove my toys.
4 I can't wait until my birthday,I love my gifts.
5I love to tease my brother.
6I love people
7Ilove to steal from my mom and make her chase me.BOL.
I 1Sam
7Bo o Boo
This the seven I picked to tag have fun.


Birthday boy

November 15th 2008 10:32 am
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Hi pals guess what day it is today I turned5 .Mom woke me singing happy birthday to me.I had hot oatmeal for breakfast and mom made me apple cinnamon dog biscuits(my favorite). Latter today i,m having a party i wish all my pals could come. You can help me ,come to my virual birthday room and wish me a happy birthday. This my first birthday on dogster.I'll talk to latter mom has to get ready for my party.

bark at you latter


Tagged again

November 15th 2008 6:51 pm
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My dear friend Pepper tagged me today.I have to tell seven things about myself,here goes.
1 todays my birthday i'm five today.
2I already torn one of my new toys up.
3I stole some cookies. Don't tell mom.
4I loved my party.
5Ilike to take things and hide them from mom and sunny.
6My dog cousins are coming for thanksgiving (can't wait) .
7 Mom said i'm naughty if I keep it up santa won,t come OH OH .

You tell seven things about youself and tag seven more pals
I tagged
1 socks
2Priness Nya Cuddles
Have fun

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