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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!

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Emma's little eye...

September 12th 2008 9:00 pm
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Just a quick update to let you all know that whatever it was that was causing Emma's eye to be so sore the other day, seems to have worked itself through.

She's doing great and having no more problems with it!

I'll continue with the antibiotic ointment for a few more days to be certain, but I expect no problems.

Emma is up to 11.75 ounces today!! She continues to thrive and is developing beautifully!! Such a sweet lil' spirit this baby girl has!!



September 11th 2008 7:04 am
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Hi you guys!!

I've set up a donations drive to help meet some of Emma's expenses!

It's really important that this information goes out to AS MANY PEOPLE AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.... because we only have 25 days (well, 24 now) to reach the goal total of $3301.00 .... if the goal is not met by the deadline, then the pledges we DO have (currently 190.00 I believe) and whatever more come in, will be rejected.

So basically, it's... "meet the goal or receive nothing".

SO.......... pledge if you can.... but whether you are able to pledge or not... PLEASE post, cross-post, mass mail... anything you can do to get this out so that we have a better chance of making goal!!

Here it is: 0.7984636631



Vet appt today!

September 11th 2008 6:50 am
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Okay, so this afternoon we go back to the vet for a re-check of Emma's little eye.... it still seems to be giving her some trouble, but not as badly as the other day.

NOTHING worked for lil' mittens so it's just been a lot of cuddling and keeping a very close eye on her, to keep her from rubbing or scratching.

I'll post an update this evening!

Have a great day everyone!! ::hugs::


Back home......

September 9th 2008 9:26 pm
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9:30 pm

We finally got to meet the wonderful... FABULOUS........ AMAZING.... Dr. Tina Neel!! (can you tell how much I love her already for what she's doing for Emma??) haha

I've talked to her lots and she knows all about Emma.... but up till now, we haven't yet seen her when we've been to see the wonderful... FABULOUS... AMAZING surgeon, Dr. Domnick. (haha, I know... sorry... but I just LOVE these people!!)

So this evening when I called to get Emma in for her lil' eye, Dr. Neel was crazy swamped.... so the receptionist scheduled Emma with another doctor....

When we arrived, the tech came out to tell us that Dr. Neel was going to see Emma herself..... and then.... the glowwwwwwwing face of Emma's angel - - - (yep, did I mention how much WE LOVE THESE PEOPLE???) came from across the room to greet our girl!!!

Okay so..... enough happy hysteria...

Emma's lil' eye was really painful and hard for Doc to examine her... so she put in some anesthetic eye drops to numb her eye... flushed it with saline... did some kinda' lil' stain test strip thingies... and a full eye exam.

I felt kinda' silly bringing her in for just a lil' dry gunky eye... but it really did seem to be painful to Emma........ and I felt better when Dr. Neel told me that when it comes to eyes.... "we need not wait!"

She said there doesn't look to be any ulcers in the eye.... and that Emma could possibly have bumped it on a toy... or scratched it though.... really could be caused by any one of a billion things!

(so .... OUT went the soft plastic toys from her crib, the minute we got home.... nothin' but stuffies for this girl!!)

And I just tonight realized..... that with all that was going on during Emma's first few days of life... I never even thought to have her lil' dewclaws removed!! Too late for that now, I think..... but I feel bad for neglecting that....

Dr. Neel asked us to come back in 2 days for a re-check... she wants Emma to see both herself as well as Dr. Domnick.

We came home with an antibiotic eye ointment that I am to put into Em's eye 3 times a day.... and instructions to cover her lil' paw paws.

So........... on the way home I made a mad dash for Barbie doll socks.... I thought that would be the best way to "make mittens"...

Didn't work.... wiggled them right off.... (I didn't want to use any kind of bands or anything for fear of being too tight)

So.... I resorted to wrapping her lil' paws with non-stick tape (the soft "spongy" kind of wrap tape) and then a couple of pink band-aids to hold them in place....

I don't know how long it will be before she makes her way out of those, but they seem to be doing the trick for the moment..............

That's all for now....


Back to the vet....

September 9th 2008 9:25 pm
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Well, we'll be on our way back to the vet in a lil' bit...

The other day I thought Emma may be getting a little cold in her eye... she had kind of a gunky eye in the morning, but nothing more so I didn't think to mention it at her appt. on Sunday.

But now the "gunk" is back.... it's not a wet type of weepy eye... rather, more a dry eye condition.... but she's been squinting and holding the eye closed most of the day, telling me that it's painful.

So......... we're off to the vet....

Don't know if she could have pawed her face and scratched her eye or what, (I've cut her nails 3 times already!) - but it's definitely hurting her, so I figure better to go in and see than to have her end up with a full blown infection in another day or two.

Will post when we get back.


Donations Towards Emma's Care & Treatment...

September 8th 2008 1:48 pm
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Neel Veterinary Hospital is the home of Emma's current treating dogtors!!

Emma's care is in the capable hands of Dr. Tina Neel and surgeon, Dr. Ellen Domnick. They are providing the very best care Emma' could possibly receive!!

These two wonderful dogtors have agreed to donate a part of Emma's treatment and services in order to assist her plight... but we still need your help!!

To make a donation directly to Emma's hospital account, you may use the link below to send using a credit card / debit card donation via the hospital's own payment acceptance form.

The information you'll provide in the required payment fields are as follows:

Full name: Emma Lamkin c/o Dena Lamkin

Client number: 40208

Phone number: 405-429-0796

Service Provided: Veterinary Services

And then your donation amount.

You are still welcome to make donations via the initial paypal account address:

Or feel free to send donations or personal cards and gifts to Emma, directly to:

Emma Lamkin
c/o Dena Lamkin
2801 SW 83rd St
OKC, OK 73159

THANK YOU!!! We Appreciate Your Heart!!!


Emma's Check Up With The Surgeon =)

September 7th 2008 6:33 pm
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Back home from our two week check up and baby is playing in her crib... she loves goin' out!

All is well.... the visit was really unremarkable... keep her on the same routine as normal.... heart and lungs sound great... fontanel is a bit smaller than the last visit... she's gaining just fine and developing normally.

Next check up will be the beginning of her vaccination series and we'll likely be able to start her on some pureed puppy food via a larger tube. (right now she's on a 5 french... for the puppy food, she'll have to be able to tolerate an 8 french tube.)

I'm to give her first dose of pyrantel in the morning to deworm her, just in case anything was transferred in utero.

Doc says I can start with puppy vitamin drops any time I feel that Emma is lacking in nutritional aspects. I have already starting giving her the tiniest bit of Missing Link supplement in her yogurt a week or so ago, which Doc says is fine. Emma is tolerating it well and her loose stools have greatly improved since taking the ML, so I doubt she'll have the need to take any other supplement at this point.

She's doing very well and I am pleased with her progress thus far.

The only new "talk" this time, was of the possibility that Emma will have to have "doggie braces" as a young adult.... but that's pretty far in the future so I'm told not to worry about that now....

I spoke to the Dr's about setting up an account for folks who would like to assist with Emma's medical bills - - - so I will be posting that information as soon as I have it.

Have a blessed week all!!! ::nose kisses from baby girl::


4 Weeks Old Today!!!

September 1st 2008 11:51 am
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Baby Emma is 4 weeks old today and doing beautifully!!

She is weighing in at a big 9.3 ounces this morning and is growing and thriving just as she should!!

I've posted a new youtube video that we did last night so you can see this lil' angel wiggling and romping around!! She is SUCH a happy baby, it's amazing!!


Emma's Consult With Her New Surgeon ~~

August 24th 2008 8:28 pm
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Well.... it was a good consult.... Doc says Emma is in beautiful body condition... heart and lungs are strong and she's developing normally.

Because Emma has a large open fontanel at both the front and top of her skull - we of course, have to be extra careful in handling her. This is a trait of the Chihuahua breed and is perfectly normal. (as opposed to this being one of our Yorks, where we'd all be crazed with worry!)

(I really wonder how very careful the first surgeon was able to be in handling her little head during surgery of her mouth and face while she was wide awake.... but that's not something I can dwell on at this point...)

The openings in a Chihuahua's skull are not indicitive of Hydrocephalus as some vet's might suggest.... this is a normal condition for the breed and in MOST pups, the skull will become fused by 4 months of age. (but in some pups, may never fully close).

Here is a link for more info on that. molera

So.... my mention during the consult regarding Emma's stumbling and falling over.... was met with reassurance that this is just the normal process of our growing girl. I am to start allowing her more space, to wander around and continue working those muscles.

Her doctor is adamant that Emma NOT be on antibiotics... so we've stopped those completely..... and no more yogurt or supplements of any kind. She is thriving on the caloric intake of her formula alone and at this point, needs to start being exposed to ...... ::gasp:: normal, every day GERMS........ ack!!

As for the clefts........... right now, as I think we all agree... Emma needs to grow quite a bit more before enduring any further surgery. So her vets will be checking her every 2 weeks for the next month to six weeks... (and HOPEFULLY we can wait even longer... the goal is to get her to 3 months old before surgery). - - they will continue to watch her progress and growth and will address any problems that may arise.

Emma is to continue being tube fed - - attempting to bottle feed for even a couple of seconds at this point, leads to pain and bleeding as the palate splits from the pressure of even the slightest suction. As well, with bottle or syringe feeding, there is of course the increased chance of fluids getting into the cleft....

Doc wants nothing going in orally. (even if it takes till 12 weeks for her to have her surgery!!)

Once Emma's caloric requirements surpass what her formula can provide - she will be fed a pureed diet via a larger tube... but still cannot eat on her own.

Emma will very likely not tolerate my having to insert the tube for each and every feeding for much longer.... as she grows, she has already begun to fight the tube and is starting to chew it rather than swallow....

So.... when the time comes, whether it be 2 more weeks, 4 more... or however long..... when Emma will no longer allow the insertion of the tube for feeding, her doctor will surgically insert an esophagostomy tube.... (which is safer and less invasive a procedure than the gastrostomy tube, which goes directly into the belly....)

This tube can remain in place for several days... even weeks in some patients - at a time, and will be the continued process of feeding Emma until she is able to have her surgery to repair the clefts.

So this is where we are tonight........... thank you all for your continued prayers and warm thoughts for little Emma... she certainly is a blessed baby girl to have all of your hearts holding her tight!!



August 22nd 2008 7:06 pm
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Well, now that Emma is a little older, she is no longer on the BeneBac (probiotic supplement) that she was on during the first week of her life.

She does still take her Esbilac newborn puppy formula (which I mix with yogurt, for the active cultures - for two of her feedings, daily). She is weighing in at 6.75 ounces this morning - so I have increased her intake to 6cc's (from 5 cc's this past week) per feeding.

Emma is fed with a TINY rubber "tom-cat" catheter inserted orally and passed directly into her stomach.

During the day now - and because I don't want to over feed her - I try to give Emma 6cc's of formula every 3 hours.... sometimes we can only make it to 2 or 2.5 hours and she starts wiggling around to let me know she's ready to eat!

During the night, she gets 6cc's every 3 - 3.5 hours.

Starting Monday, (she'll be 3 weeks old) I will extend the time between feedings to 4 hours both day and night..... the amount of intake will increase as she gains in weight, but time between will stay at 4 hours, likely over the next couple of weeks.

Emma is still on antibiotics.... she gets 1/10 cc Clavamox drops 3 times per day. This is to help prevent infection and pneumonia.

I am hoping that we may be able to cease the use of the antibiotics following this Sunday's consult with the new surgeon.

As well, Emma takes a "rub" (tiny amount rubbed on her gums) of Nutri-cal twice daily.

As for napping....... well, she eats and sleeps the majority of the time.

The time when she is awake - (generally the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning) - she spends snuggling with Mommy (she LOVES to cuddle) - - or "tackling her stuffies"!!!

She loves her little stuffed toys (as they replicate her littermates) - and her activity with them serves as a great benefit to her tiny muscles when she shoves them 'round her crib.... under and over... moving them about..... yes, I do believe this is her "play".

She can see and hear very well now and she'll look up at me when I come to the edge of her crib - - - she'll come over to me as soon as I call her and put my hand out..... she'll look around to where her favorite toys are in her bed and make her way right over to them....

At this point in her development.... as with ANY newborn.... she is very demanding.... Miss Emma wants what she wants WHEN she wants it!! haha.... she is a bit impatient when it comes to feeding time - and I'm certain that this is partly due to the fact that she's missing out on the instinctive desire to nurse and "kneed" - which in and of itself, serves as a relaxation mechanism ... and offers a calming effect... while receiving nourishment....

With tube feeding, although I try to make it as "soft" as an experience for her as I can...... those natural desires are not really met.... so she sometimes gets a bit "frantic" in just GETTING THE FOOD!! Once she realizes her belly is filling up... she calms and the rest of the feeding goes smoothly.

It will be interesting, to say the least.... to watch Emma grow and develop as an "only child".... I am learning more and more each day as to how to "guide" her as her fur mom would have done.... with different growl - hold - and "bite" techniques..... (yes, I growl at her... haha)

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