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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!

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11 Weeks Old...

October 20th 2008 2:47 pm
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Every time I post one of these updates, I just sit back in amazement that yet ANOTHER week has gone by!!

Baby Girl is 11 weeks old today!!!

She got her very first REAL bath!! Of course, there have been hundreds of sponge baths and baby wipe baths over the weeks... but this was an all out dive in the water, chase the bubbles, lick the faucet BATH!!! :) She loved it!!

I got a call from Emma's surgeon yesterday evening, checking in on our girl (isn't that sweet??) :) And we talked about Emma going to see an ophthalmologist to further delve into her eye "condition". We're not really certain that she has full use of the right eye at this point (the one that's smaller than the other) and while the drops (5 times daily) have really helped with the dryness, she thinks maybe we should check into it further. So..... I'll be making that appointment over the next couple of weeks.

Since Emma's fontanel is still so open (which really is normal for the breed) - she as well has more than one open space in the skull - which is not normal. I thought by now we would have seen some closure of the skull openings over the eyes, over the back of the skull and down the base of the skull.... but haven't seen much change. So Doc Ellen offered the option of taking Emma for a CAT scan with another surgeon here locally.... just to be certain that her brain is developing normally. This as well, will be arranged over the next few weeks.

My only hesitation with these procedures... is that Em will have to be anesthetized .... which as you all know - concerns me. So I'd like to wait as long as we can.

She is still so little.... even though she's HUGE compared to when I first brought her home!! She is weighing in at 16.15 ounces today!!

You know, 11 weeks old and this little girl has NEVER barked!! Is that odd?? She whimpers and whines when it's time to eat... and she growls in play.... but she just does not bark! Never... not once!

So strange, seeing as we have a houseful of yappy Yorkies!! ha!


So, you all may have read, that I've agreed to bring home a new baby brother for Emma.... His name is Teddy and he is currently living in Alaska with his furfamily and skin mom Debbie.

Teddy was born like Emma.... cleft palate, cleft lip & nasal / facial deformities. Though Teddy's cleft is a full midline cleft of the soft palate.... I'm not certain if the hard palate is affected.

Teddy is 4 weeks old and according to Debbie, is thriving and doing very well! I'm very surprised to know that Teddy is able to nurse from a bottle.... so that is a huge advantage for Debbie!! Also, Teddy's furmom is there to help out with the cleaning and other care so that's been great for him!

Right now we're trying to find a way to get Teddy from Alaska to Oklahoma.... conventional methods of transport just won't suffice at this point, since the airlines do not allow pups under 8 weeks of age and unvaccinated to fly, even in cabin with a human companion.

So.... we'll just have to see what happens.... maybe something will come up and we'll be able to get him home soon! I'd like to get him in to Emma's surgeon just as early as we possibly can.

Let's see.... what else has been going on this week??

Raffles, raffles and more raffles!! You've probably all seen (and likely been annoyed by) ;) the announcements and updates of Emma's fundraising raffles. The second is about to end and the third and final fundraiser raffle will begin at the end of the month!

The current raffle, located here:

Emma's Raffle

will be ending in six days! Thanks to ALL OF YOU, we have met our initial goal!!!

Please keep those pledges coming!!! Every penny raised goes directly towards Emma's care and treatment!!

Six more days to get in on some of the coolest prizes!!

And, as you know - we are currently accepting item / product donations for Emma's final fundraiser raffle!! So please get in touch with me if you'd like to help us out! :)

Lastly..... and oh so very important...... I'd like to ask that you all open your hearts in prayer for a tiny little skin baby girl named Mackenzie and her family.

This precious baby was born Saturday evening... 6 weeks premature... and weighing only 2.7 lbs - - the niece of our friend Tracy, who started Emma's Myspace page to begin with.

Mackenzie was born with club feet... and a hole in her back with a spinal fluid filled sack protruding out. The doctors have determined that Mackenzie has Spina Bifida.

Mackenzie's Mom, Jennifer is diabetic. She has already lost one foot to diabetes and she had toxemia with the pregnancy, which is now causing severe troubles with the other. Her kidneys are failing her and fluid began building around her heart, causing severely labored breathing. Mackenzie was taken via C-section, though Jennifer's symptoms have not yet subsided.

Please, please lift this family up in prayer.... Baby Mackenzie, Mom Jennifer and Dad Todd. They are in great need of the awesome healing power of God


October 16th 2008 6:47 pm
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Whatta' day!!

Got back from the dogtor's a few hours ago but Emma has been real "ouchy" so haven't had time to post.

She was oddly nervous today with the News 9 interview w/ Rusty Surette - and it was pretty cold in the offices today, so all she did the whole time was SHIVER!! Poor baby.... I think she remembered being there the last time she got her vaccinations, because as soon as everyone started coming in the room, she went shy and started acting like she was terrified! (I can't imagine it will make a very good clip for tv!) (ack!)

The interview overall went alright.... we waited 'till after the main
part of the interview was over before really doing much with her check up.

The News 9 folks did stay around and ended up filming Emma getting
her vaccinations.... probably not such a great idea.... she SCREAMED
like they were cutting off her tail!!! (though they said they would
"edit the audio" - - - guess they thought the blood curdling screams
wouldn't be so great for "family tv"... lol)

Just like the first time, she cried and cried and cried........... this
time she had three shots. :( The puppy vac, Benadryl and she had to have the Bordetella vaccination injection rather than the intranasal, for obvious reasons...

Tonight she is very sleepy from the Benadryl... and VERY sore from the vaccinations. She cries with just about every movement and doesn't want to be touched at all.... bless her lil' heart....

Doc numbed her eyes and did a pressure test with varied results.... but aside from the one eye being smaller than the other... and the current "dry eye" condition.... we're "so far, so good" with the eyes.

On exam, she was bright, alert and showing good motor skills, so no
worries there.

Emma's next surgery looks to be a little further off than we first
thought.... Doc was hoping for a time frame of between 12 and 16 weeks of age... but since Emma is still so small and only 16 ounces yet, she wants to get a bit more size and weight on her. As well, her lil' head has grown quite a bit since the last visit... so we want to let her
growth level out before going into surgery to lessen the chance of the
cleft widening even more with the growth of her head, and pulling apart the repair.

So..... in 3 weeks, we'll go back for Em's 3rd series of puppy vacs...
and see where we are with her growth and weight from there.

Frankly, I'm relieved to know the surgery is not going to be as soon as
we thought... I'm terrified at the thought of putting her under
anesthesia and would love for her to hit at least two pounds before even thinking about it!

Here is a quick little slideshow of pictures I snapped during the
interview this afternoon. Not certain yet when the story will air, but
I'll post details as I receive them!

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!!!


*hugs n' love*

News 9 Slideshow


Another Big Day For Emma!!

October 16th 2008 8:48 am
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Morning everyone!!

Well, it's another big day for baby Emma..... we'll be off to the dogtor for her check up and second puppy vaccination. (OUCH!!)

While we're at the hospital, we'll be meeting with the team from News 9 for Emma's second tv interview!

I'm not certain when the story will air, but since it is a local channel, I'll post the video link once I receive it.

Have a great day all!!! ::snuggles n' licks from Emma::


Time Is Running Out!!

October 15th 2008 8:41 am
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Just a few more days left until the deadline for Emma's fundraiser / raffle!!

I've written to ask the admin of if we can maybe extend the deadline a few days but haven't yet heard back.

We are at 78% of goal, so we still have a little ways to go!!

Please stop by and check out the PAWSOME PRIZES and get your chances to WIN and help Emma at the same time!!! FUN!!!

Emma's Raffle

THANKS EVERYONE!!!! We love ya' lots!!!!


"Is Emma Available For Adoption?"

October 14th 2008 6:41 pm
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Hi everyone!!!

I've been asked many times about Emma's future... and whether she will be placed for adoption or remain here at home with me.... so since I just replied to another inquiry, I thought I'd post my thoughts here as well....

(this is a copy and paste.... sorry, it's been an exhausting day!) :)



The plan has always been to place Emma with a forever family of her own once she has come through all of her surgeries, is eating on her own and is no longer considered an "at risk baby".

The time frame for placement was looking to be after February '09.... but I do have to admit, that I'm not so sure I will be able to let her go!

As Emma grows, I am seeing little things that may need a bit more "special attention" than the "normal dog".
One, being that she is so tiny.... she does have a fully open fontanel at this point (from the front of her skull, between her eyes - all the way to the very base of the back of her skull) - - so she will certainly need to be "handled with care" - much more so than another pup may.

Another "issue" is Emma's "dry eye" condition... requiring drops 5 times daily at this point. No clue as to what turn that may take in the future.

Still another concern..... Emma has an odd lack of hair growth.... to be frank, she is baby bottom bald over a large part of her body!  Hard to tell in photos, but Emma's head & face are covered in VERY thin hair (and getting thinner every day!). Her neck - and her entire "underneath" (under her belly, legs, tail, etc.) are completely bald....

Her skin all over is paper thin.... and she chills almost with nothing more than a cool breath on her!

So..... again, lots of things to consider (aside from the obvious required care of a "normal healthy" Chihuahua puppy) - - - and, I feel, maybe too much to put on someone else.

Time will tell.......... :)

I'm sorry for rambling!!



10 Weeks Old Today!!!!

October 13th 2008 8:28 am
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Woooooooooo Hooooooooooo!!!!

TEN WEEKS!!! Can you believe it?????

AND......... not only THAT........... But............
*drum roll please* I am FINALLY.........

ONE WHOLE POUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mommy said she checked three times and it's right, it's right!!! I'm BIG!!!!!!!

I am 16.05 ounces!!!!

It's gonna' be a beautiful day!!!!!!


WOW!!! Haute Puppy Courture!!!

October 8th 2008 10:53 pm
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WOW!!! I was contacted by Jennifer of Haute Puppy this evening!! What a sweet woman she is!!

Jennifer has donated one of her Limited Edition Courture Gowns (valued at hundreds of dollars!!) as a raffle prize to benefit our little Emma!!

Not only that - - but she is designing a very special gown in a tiny little size especially for Emma!!! YAY her first girly girl gown!!!! Woooo Hoooo!!!

We are just so excited and awestruck by the compassion and generosity of all of the hearts who have reached out to help Emma!!

THANK YOU JEN!!!! We love ya' to bits!!!!


Another Raffle Prize UPDATE!!!

October 8th 2008 7:32 pm
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Ohhhhhhhh this one is funnnnn!!!!

Our friends Sausage & Meatball from over at Catster - along with their Mommy, Donna - have donated some FABULOUS prizes for Emma's fundraiser raffle!!!

Go check out the raffle site at

Emma's Raffle

and take a look at these GORGEOUS Chanel, Prada & Coach handbags that Donna has shared with us to benefit our little Emma!!

These are all NEW items and 100% authentic!!!

Can't beat that for a $20.00 raffle chance!!! WoooooHooo!!!

Thanks Donna!!! You and the furs are SO GREAT!!!! **hugs**


Prize Update For Emma's Fundraiser / PetFlys Raffle!!

October 8th 2008 12:06 pm
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Just a lil' note to let everyone know that there have been a couple of additional prizes posted for Emma's raffle!!

PetAg has donated 4 "health packs" to raffle winners and a dear friend of mine has provided a $200.00 PetSmart gift card!!!

So don't miss out on your chance to enter to win AND help our girl at the same time!!!

Many blessings.... we love you all!!!! **hugs n' sweet puppy kisses**


9 Weeks Old!!!

October 6th 2008 8:38 pm
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Wow!!! With each week that passes.... I can only think.... WOW!!!

Emma is doing SO WELL!!! The progress she has made and the changes that she's exhibiting just amaze me!!

9 weeks old today - she is a beautiful, bright, curious, alert, JOYFUL little girl!! I feel so blessed to know her!!

Her lil' eyes are doing much better.... no conjunctivitis lately and she's doing well with drops and ointment 5 times daily.

The soft palate cleft that was repaired during her very first surgery when she was just 36 hours old - remains in tact and I don't think she'll have any problems with that as she grows.... YAY!! One less battle to endure!!

The hard palate cleft is widening and growing deeper as her facial development progresses.... but hopefully in a matter of several more weeks, this will be a thing of the past - as her surgeon works her magic!!

The cleft lip and nasal deformities will be repaired in a follow up surgery once the palate is brought together and fully healed.

I heard from Emma's surgeon today and though it was a very brief contact, she did tell me that she had consulted with a double boarded surgeon / dental specialist in Virginia and she advised that together they had come up with a "game plan" for Emma's procedures!!

She kinda' left me hangin' as far as details... but I hope to hear from her again soon... otherwise, we'll consult with her on the 16th when Emma returns for her second puppy vaccination and regular check-up.

Lots of fun stuff going on with our Dogster family and Emma lately!!

You know she has her own lil' group now and we've got all sorts of fun activities going on over there!! Come by and join us!!

The wonderful furs of the "Black-And-Tan Dogz Of The World" group have chosen Emma for DOG OF THE WEEK!!! YAY!!! So we've been prancin' 'round about that all day!!!! =)

The folks at PetAg (the manufacturers of Emma's formula... and wonderful people who have and continue, to donate the formula that Emma has survived on since birth!!) - have included a story about Emma in their monthly newsletter!! So exciting!!

AND the fabulous crew of The Chihuahua Connection Magazine not only chose one of Emma's photos as runner up in their photo contest, and for placement in their 2009 calendar.... but they also are publishing Emma's story (written by our dear friend Sammi - Emma's webmaster) in their winter edition!!! FUN!!

Lastly......... I've been contacted by yet another news team here in OKC who is also going to do story on our girl!! This should air in the next couple of weeks!!

It's been so exciting here (but absolutely exhausting!!) with everything going on and all the interest in baby Emma as she continues to thrive................ we have been SO BLESSED by the continued outpouring of love and support!!!

The constant prayers goin' up for Emma are holding tight and lifting her up in one awesome way after another!!

I will forever be indebted to all of you for your genuine concern, generosity and compassion!!!

Much love to all.............. enjoy your week!!!!

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