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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!

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Dogster Daily Diary Pick!!

February 6th 2009 6:04 am
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WoooooHoooooo!!! I was chosen again for one of the Dogster Daily Diary Picks!! I think that is just so neat!! THANKS DOGSTERS!!

Things are going pretty well for me.... I'm still healing from my last set of surgeries.... the first was three weeks ago yesterday... and the last was two weeks ago yesterday, so I've still got a little healing to go.

Some of my strings are still in, so I still don't have my stuffies or fuzzies - - - which leaves me pretty bored.... but Mommy's been keeping me busy with lotsa' snuggle time and trips!!

Yesterday I got to sneak into all the errands places Mommy hadta' go to.... and lemme' tell ya'.... there's a REASON they don't let pups go to those places!!! In this one errand place.... there's this area..... OMD it has the BEST smells!! It's called a DELI and I could have just stayed there and sniffed allllllllllllllll day longgggggggggg!!!

We hada' fun time yesterday.... n' I got to wear my new Valentine's Day dress made by my Auntie Linda!! (this dress is for sale in custom sizes for YOU for just 50.00!! 1/2 of the proceeds go towards my foundation!! Contact my Mommy!)

Auntie Linda is creating a whole line of dresses!! It's called The Emma Collection!! WOWZA!! I feel soooooo special!! :) 30% of collection sales benefit my foundation, Cleft Companions - The Emma Foundation!! YAY!! The Emma Collection will be formally released on Valentine's Day!!

Well, I went back to the dogtors yesterday for 'nother check in... and the surgeon says I'm doing really well! I'm getting soooooo big!! Soon I'll be two pounds.... but Mama says you'd never know it because I'm still sooooo tiny..... small but solid!! :)

They say I gotta' still have 'nother surgery..... prolly in a few weeks..... that dogtor is tellin' Mama all kinda' secret stuffs 'bout me "enterin' puberty" (whatever that means) and she says that they're gonna' do two surgeries in one! While they modify my nasal passageway and work on my lip - - they're gonna' maybe fix up my guts too - - - - - somethin' 'bout 'cause Mama doesn't want me ta' make babies or somethin'.... (yeah, right, like I want one'a THOSE THINGS!!! blah) *wrinklin' nose*

We're still workin' on tryin' ta' get my fund raiser moving..... it ends in just a few days and we're nowhere close to our goal... which is REALLY HUGE this time!!

Pledges on this fund raiser are 100.00 each to enter our raffle... and money is so tight for everyone these days. Mommy had hoped that offering up our family vehicle, a 2007 Suzuki XL7 AWD Luxury SUV would be a great incentive - but we know it's just real tough for folks to part with a whole 100.00 at once. (I know we couldn't do it!)

The numbers don't really SOUND too bad if ya' say it out loud..... we just need 180 pledges of $100.00 OR 90 pledges of $200.00 OR 60 pledges of $300.00 OR 45 pledges of $400.00!! haha!! So when ya' say it like that, it sounds almost DOABLE!!!

But.... we gotta' have help FINDING those 180 furs to get their people to pledge 100.00 each.... that's the trouble!

On a good note, I'm still recovering really well from my two most recent surgeries.... n' even though I gotta' still go in for two more (which we didn't plan on) - Mommy says it will all be worth it in the end!!

I can already eat all by myself now!! WooooHooo!!! I can't tell ya' what it feels like to be alive for SIX MONTHS and NEVER have tasted CHICKEN!!!! OMD!!! Talk about HAPPINESS the day I had my first bite!!!! *wigglin'*

So things are good!!

If this fund raiser IS successful ... well then, it will help in lotsa' ways!!

First and foremost, now that I know I gotta' have two more surgeries, a successful fund raiser will give the dogtors the money they need to get me all fixed up!!

But we know that once my foundation: Cleft Companions - The EMMA Foundation - - is up and running.... we are going to be able to do SO MUCH GOOD for other pupfaces like me and for skin kids who have what I got too!! The whole thing is just gonna' be PAWSOME!!!

So please..... to all my furfriends and their families.......... as PIF Mascot ..... I ask you.... to stop by my fund raiser page and maybe nibble a lil' harder on your skin people's ankles to get them to help!! (and maybe even with YOU some great prizes!!) :)

Click HERE For Emma's Pledge Drive & Raffle: WIN A SUZUKI XL7 AWD LUXURY SUV!!! ion.2009-01-18.0704276349

If you want to help, but there's just no way you can persuade your pawrents to participate in the raffle - - you can still put on your saddest puppy dog face and convince them to send smaller donations through paypal to .... so there's more than one way to PAW IT FORWARD...

We love you all!!! It's YOUR paws and prayers that give us the power to not only heal ME... but to reach the thousands of cleft survivors like me!!

Speaking of PAWING IT FORWARD - please take a moment and come on over to the PIF Dogster Group where I am the female mascot!!

Join in and help with our contribution to RACHAEL RAY'S NUTRISH "FOOD RAISER" CAMPAIGN!!!

Paw It Forward

Rachael Ray's Nutrish has pledged 1 pound of dog food for each card received on Dogfessions, Dogvice, Pugfessions/Pugvice, and Bullyvice/Bullyfessions! The goal is to give 3 TONS of food to both Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue -- we need 6,000 cards!

The Dogvice cards themselves are decorated 4x6 postcards (or anything that’s about the size of a postcard, such as a photo or paper that you trim to size) that includes advice from a dog, and then snail-mailed to the Dogvice mailbox.

There’s a monthly contest where your dog can win stuff just for giving good (or bad or funny or strange) advice! Finally, every participating Dogvice card received goes to helping shelter dogs.

The "Dogvice Spokesdog" for this campaign isn't a celebrity dog, it's over 6,000 celebrity dogs! The PIF (Paw it Forward) group on is spearheading the campaign to raise 6,000 cards so that we can get 3 TONS of Nutrish food to homeless dogs. Each week, a different individual dog from the group is going to be a celebrity Spokesdog on all of the 4 sites collecting cards (Dogfessions, Dogvice, Pugfessions/Pugvice, and Bullyvice/Bullyfessions)

Each week of the food raiser a dog from the P*I*F Dogster group will represent the campaign! This week's dog is: Rickie Roo!

I will be the PIF spokesdog for the first week of March!!!

Kiss all your people and sniff all your friends... I LOVE YOU!!!

**kisses n' wiggles**

Love, Emma


FOX News Update

February 3rd 2009 7:10 am
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Just a quick little clip with FOX this time, to follow up.This was taped on Jan 26th and aired last night on the Primetime News At 9:00 pm.


Cleft Companions - The EMMA Foundation

February 3rd 2009 7:05 am
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Hosted By:Emma: Choosing LIFE!

When:Monday, February 02, 2009


Description:Just 10 days left to help Emma help others through the building of our non profit foundation!

Cleft Companions - The EMMA Foundation needs your help!

Click Here To View Event

Our fund raiser raffle ends on February 12th: 009-01-18.0704276349

We have tons of ways for people and furs to help, even if they can't donate! Just sharing the fund raiser link with tons of friends will give us more chances to be successful!

And those who might want to help with a smaller donation, (a single dollar will help! ) - even though they might not be able to participate in the raffle, can still send donations to paypal at

And not only that, but our friends, the Page family (they helped out with the Christmas Paws baskets!) have a smaller fund raiser raffle going on for anyone who wants to play! The chances for that are 10.00 with some cool prizes! Anyone can contact Cynthia at to find out all about that!

So there's lots that can be done to pitch in! And lots of great prizes to be given away in both fund raiser raffles!

So we'll just "keep on keepin' on" like Mama says!! :)


Lots and lots of love,



Moving Right Along...

January 27th 2009 7:53 am
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We FINALLY got our VERY FIRST bit of "winter weather" this year!

It's pretty...... looks like snow, but it's pure ice....

Dangerous though - everything's closed down and driving is a "no no".... lots of folks without power due to the ice.

So we're all snuggled down and staying in...

Emma had her follow up with the surgeon yesterday morning - everything is healing - with no sign of infection or other issues.

The nasal passage is of course open - the nose and lip just didn't hold.... but, it's healing well and the tissue looks great.

The palate is still in tact and that's the most important part!

To try to answer a couple of questions we've received...

Can we use the foam muzzle wrap to keep things together like when she was tiny? Nope.... she's so much stronger now and would never tolerate being still, even with me holding her - all wrapped up and for as many hours as it would take each night.... all it would do at this age, is stress her out.

Could we use an e-collar? Well... sure... in fact, the hospital didn't have one tiny enough for her, but they gave me some plastic material to make one for her if we needed to... but - the issue isn't so much with the rubbing any more.... since she has no toys or soft blankets at this point, that's not a concern.... it's just the licking.... it's her, licking inside her own mouth and licking the sutures.... so an e-collar wouldn't help that.

The benadryl seems to be the best answer for right now... it's keeping her drowsy - but not "knocked out"... just too lazy to do much licking. And it's easing that itchy feeling too, I think... so that's good for her.

I'm giving her water via the syringe - and hand feeding her foods.... it's not that she CAN'T eat on her own... but we don't want to put any more stress on the sutures than necessary...

You'd think that will all the "real food" she's been getting - she'd be "packin' on the pounds".... but actually, she's lost a couple of ounces....

This morning she is at 27.7 ounces, so I'm starting her back on the STAT high calorie liquid diet along with her regular foods.

She is happy, lively, bright-eyed and just beaming with that "Emma passion" that we just adore.... so we'll keep an eye on everything else and keep you all posted!

We did an interview with FOX 25 at the hospital yesterday, so that should be airing over the weekend. I'll post when I have more details.

Our foundation fund raiser is still not doing well, so I'll ask again, for everyone to please continue to post the link where you can and share with friends. n.2009-01-18.0704276349

For anyone who may want to help with our efforts, but cannot participate in the raffle due to the 100.00 minimum pledge required for chances to win the Suzuki SUV - - you are always welcome to make a donation of any amount (even a SINGLE DOLLAR will help!) via paypal to

Imagine if ALL of Emma's Myspace, Dogster and Facebook friends just donated one dollar!! We'd be well on our way to making our goal!!

Enjoy a beautiful week friends! We love you all ta' bits!!

*hugs, kisses n' love*


So discouraging...

January 25th 2009 8:36 am
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Just a quick note to say that Emma's sutures have come out AGAIN....

Feels like we're just replaying the scene from 6 months ago and it's so discouraging.

Well, I take that back.... the palate still looks to be in good shape. But the nasal is just wide open again.

The surgeon is keeping a close eye on her through zoom photos twice daily to watch any changes and we go in tomorrow at 10:00 am for a follow up.

Emma has constantly been licking - which is what's causing the sutures to come loose.

Doc had me put her on children's benadryl yesterday to keep her somewhat "sedated" and to help with the "itchy feeling" that healing can induce.

It's helping, in that she's sleeping a lot and not licking nearly as much.

We are back to hand feeding and giving her fluids via the syringe for now.

Please continue with the prayers and good thoughts.

Much love ~


Another surgery... but I'm okay!!

January 23rd 2009 7:46 am
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Hi everybody!!

We gotta' be real quiet, 'cause Mama doesn't know I'm up here on these keys!!

We sure had a yucky night. There I was, in my lil' pink crib - prancin' 'round with Mommy tellin' me how pretty I am - when all of the sudden, my mouth started feelin' really weird!

So I licked n' licked n' licked some more...... it felt like there were lil'
sandy pieces inside my mouth n' it was pretty gross....

Mama kept singin' so I kept dancin'!! Before long, I forgot 'bout my sandy mouth.

After a while more of playin' n' runnin' all ovah' - - it started buggin' me again and so I licked and licked and licked some more!

Mommy thought I had me some fuzzies stuck in my strings so she scooped me up to take a peek.

THAT was when I knew somethin' bad was wrong........ 'cause Mama almost never says naughty words, but she sure was sayin' 'em when she looked inside my mouth!

Welp - we were off..... Mommy was on the phone and was swingin' me all over the place gettin' this and grabbin' that! Next thing I knew, we were at the dogtors again! ugh!

The dogtor says that my strings broke open (and it was ALL MOMMY'S FAULT 'cause she gave me fuzzie blankets n' stuffies!) so parts of my new face fell down!

Mommy was cryin' n' tellin' me how sorry she was - 'cause she just knew that my brand new palate was all yucked up. I told her it was all okay n' that I'd be just fine.... I licked up all her tears from her cheeks n' we waited for the dogtor.

The good news is that my new mouth roof is A-OK!!! The whole thing wasn't near as bad as Mommy first thought. The bad news..... I
hadta' go to sleep again so the dogtor could do surgery to gimme' new
strings. =(

Soooooooooooo I took a nap n' Mama says they put that tubey thing in my lungs again n' that's why I have a wee little sore throat today. I didn't figure it was worth fighting those dogtors to stay awake this time, so Mommy says that part was much easier! (but I'm here ta' tell ya'... if they try doin' that to me ONE MORE TIME they dern sure gonna' have a fight on their hands!!) But I was sleepy anyways, so I let'em think they got one over on me!

Thank GOODNESS my Doc surgeon was still there that late at night!! We just had gone to see her yesterday morning for my check in after my other surgery - n' she said I was perfect!!

Guess my perfect didn't last long - - - but I'm all fixed back up again now!

Mommy stayed with me through my whole surgery again and I was happy to open one eye when it was all over n' see her! I wasn't even awake enough yet from the goofy gas to move my lil' feets - but I knew my Mama would be there so I fought and fought to get that one eye open just to be sure!

And yep, there she was - holdin' n' rubbin' me to get me warm!
It took every bit of pup power that I had but I stretched right up and
licked my Mama's eyes (just to be sure there were no tears I missed
while I was sleepin'!) Mommy kissed me right back - and soon, we
were snugglin' outside the cold surgery room and gettin' ready ta' go

So, home we are!

Mommy stayed awake with me all night long 'cause I guess I just wasn't tired after my nap at the dogtor's.

I love my Mama so much - but I gotta' tell ya' - - - - I think this new "plan" she has is just CRACKED!!! **stomp x's four**

She won't let me have ANY toys.... NO stuffies........ NONE of my soft blankies.... NOTHING!!!

Nothing but dumb ol' boring (not even WARM) sheets!!! SHEETS!! Did
you HEAR ME??? I said I can have NOTHING but SHEETS!!!


(okay, well - sheets and my heat disc.... big deal)

I simply cannot stand for this! I mean, really - how long does she expect me to endure such an existence??? (or lack thereof)

It's not fair.... it's JUST NOT FAIR!! I'm a good girl.... I ALWAYS pick up my toys!! I NEVER cry or complain.... WHYYYYYY can't I have my TOYSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! **sigh**

She says "better safe than sorry".... blah! I say "better FUN than BORING!!"

I begged and I pleaded but Mama won't break.... no toys for me! =(

I feel okay outsidea' all that. The dogtor says I'm in better workin' shape now than I was before since my nose breathe hole is all opened up now like she wanted it to be. So I guess it's kinda' good that my strings fell out - 'cause now I prolly won't hafta' deal with all that bad trouble with my nose squishin' in and makin' me sick with infections!

Mom says everything happens for a reason. I agree with her mostly. But she is SO WRONG on this NO TOY thing! **pffffffffffffffffffft**

I gotta' go now, 'cause I'm startin' ta' get a lil' sleepy.

I love you my friends!


Love, Emma

Ohhhhh, I snuck over to myspace too and put ups some pictures of me after my surgery last night. Well, the surgery was last night, the pictures are today!


Help Build Emma's Non Profit Foundation! :)

January 18th 2009 1:42 pm
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You are all welcome to cross post with group owner's permission and forward this information via email to anyone you like!

We are kickin' off 2009 with a BANG!!!

Our Baby Emma has come through a SUCCESSFUL cleft palate repair and we are heading towards a bright future ahead!!

Please join us for our BIGGEST fund raiser raffle yet!! Proceeds to go towards the building of Emma's Non Profit Foundation to benefit cleft palate children & pups!!

By participating, you'll have a chance to win a 2007 Suzuki XL7 AWD LUXURY SUV!!!!

Come be a part of our future!!!

Click HERE For Emma's Pledge Drive & Raffle: WIN A SUZUKI XL7 AWD LUXURY SUV!!!


The Princess & The Pea..........

January 17th 2009 6:32 pm
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2nd Day Post Op...

January 17th 2009 10:02 am
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Second day post op is going pretty well..... Emma is still very sleepy - with little bursts of energy where she just wants to jump around and be silly!

I'm still so surprised that she doesn't seem to have much pain at all.... sometimes she'll squint her lil' eyes and I can tell she's uncomfortable.... but she's yet to let out a whine, whimper, grumble or groan like I had expected with all that she's gone through.

I just can't say it enough................... this little thing amazes me..... and every single day, she shows me yet another ray of sunshine spilling out of her!!

Everything is looking okay as far as the incisions .... I don't see any sign of sutures coming out or infection setting in.... no fever.... no redness....

The surgeon called yesterday afternoon to check on her and I let her know of my concerns with the right nasal cavity.... it seems to be "caving in" and I'm not confidant that they've been successful with creating that airway - - - there just was nothing for her to work with - - - but I'm sure there is still a fair amount of swelling of the tissues - so still hoping that things will open up and be alright.

I haven't tried to open her mouth to check the palate, but I've not seen any drainage or blood so I'm pretty certain that it has remained in tact.... THANK GOD!!! (AND Dr. Domnick!) =)

Today, in the wee hours of the morning, Emma looked up at me with those deep beautiful eyes.............. and whispered, "Mommy....... I've tried so hard to be good................ LET THERE BE CHICKEN!!!"

So, chicken.............. there will be!!! =) I'll post a little video clip later so that you can all see how she does with her VERY FIRST bite of solid food!! FUN!!

Much love, gratitude and an awesome respect to all of you ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(this morning's pictures in Emma's Myspace blog at: )


Smilebox ...

January 16th 2009 5:34 pm
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