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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!

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OMG!!! :(

August 22nd 2008 5:52 pm
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Stitches are coming out again...

I don't know if it's that they can't get them in well enough... or the rubbing... or the suckling.... I just don't know.... it's just a really tough spot to try to keep still. It pulls so much in that area even when she opens her mouth to yawn... or cry... or anything.

It's just so frustrating!! I wish I knew what to do for her..............

The surgeon can't get in till 1:00 - - so I guess we'll see what he suggests.

I'm so worried about infection..................

They can't possibly keep stitching... they are ripping right through her skin... then it splits... the stitches are in tact, but the face is torn....

I'm not even sure she has anything left to attempt to stitch to!

I actually went out at 3am and bought super glue to try to close up the wound.... but got home and was too afraid to try it.

I would think that would be an option for the vet though.... "surgical" super glue (same thing) and I bet it would hold better.... the only reason I didn't do it, is because I'm unsure of the possible toxic reaction being in the area where the wound is. The fumes alone are enough to burn MY eyes, let alone her little nasal airway. Maybe the surgical stuff is more of an option...

So I'm waiting to see the vet....

She's up to 95 grams today.... let's hope she at least continues to gain... I wouldn't be surprised if she were fighting an infection soon....


Back to the vet's....

August 22nd 2008 5:51 pm
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Well.... another hard morning for lil' face over here..... but - the dogtors got her fixed back up as best they could. It was a little tougher than the first time since they had less to work with... so her lil' nose is still going to be pretty "off" and she'll probably always have a lil' crooked smile... but hopefully, once this all heals, she'll still have enough "room" in there to create a functional nasal airway.

It wasn't as much of a traumatic experience for her as last time I don't think... still painful.... still scary for her.... still very stressful - - - but at least the palate is still in tact, so they didn't have to do any adjustments there.

She's home, (as you can see if you've stopped in to visit her) - fed... and resting.

I was so sleepy this morning when I weighed her, that I forgot to weigh her BEFORE her feeding, rather than right after..... so... when I did weigh her - minutes after she fed... she was still at 92 grams.

I weighed her just after returning from the vet's and BEFORE feeding.... and she's down to a pitiful 88 grams.

I left her with my room mate and went back to talk to the doc again.

He says that the trauma and stress is playing hell on her right now.... (of course, I understand that) - - - I showed him a printed out copy of the recipe for the high calorie formula recommended to me and told him that this is what I was considering switching her to.

Nope, nope, nope - he said..... absolutely NO adjustments in diet at this point.... So... she is still getting the formula, the STAT, and small amounts of fiji water when she doesn't take enough of the other... (just to keep her hydrated and her wound clean.) Oh, and I CAN give her a little plain yogurt!! (for the live cultures) and continue giving her the BeneBac

He said that in the weeks to come, I may be able to change her diet, but for now - - no changes... not even minimal...

Stools are watery since we returned home..... stress and upset, I know.... so I'm hoping by this evening that will get better.

THANK YOU for the tips and suggestions.... I have since "revamped" Emma's "space" and have allowed her only a third of the space she originally had - as instructed per previous posts.... (made a "wall" from a large rubbermaid tub and covered it with her blankies) - - - I don't know why I wasn't thinking about this before... of course, it makes absolute perfect sense...

As for a collar to keep her from rubbing..... no luck with that concept.... the nurses and I actually tried to fashion something useful but even with constant supervision, it's just too dangerous.... so we'll just have to hope.

My GOSH this child goes through a lot of laundry!!! hahaha.... I have EIGHT of those lil' pink and yellow flowered blankets you see on the cam.... EIGHT!!! And these are the last two clean ones!!! Those, along with all of her receiving blankets, washcloths, burp towels..... man oh man............... EVERYTHING needs washing!! And I.... need a NAP!!!!


Oh nooooo... Emma tore out her stitches!!

August 22nd 2008 5:45 pm
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Darn it, darn it, darn it!!!!

Looks like we're headed back to the vet in the morning....

Emma split her stitches open in her nose / lip ......... poor baby....

You can tell it bothers her when she starts doin' the face rub in the blankies......

Mannnnnnnnnn................ she's going to have to go through that whole thing all over again!!!!!! I feel so bad for her.....

I don't know how to keep her from rubbing like that though when she gets it repaired..... I can't imagine having to use one of those ... what are they called?? E collars??? on such a little girl... she'd strangle herself!!

Man, man, man........ :*(



August 22nd 2008 5:42 pm
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I could tube feed Emma if I absolutely HAD to.... but I'm so afraid of hurting her.... I've had to do it before a few times - and didn't have any problems... but never with a baby of Emma's small size.

The thing is though, is that she doesn't seem hungry.... her belly is full after feedings and she is content - no crying - she just closes up her tiny mouth and when she's done... she's done!

I'd hate to tube feed her - - force feed her.... if what she's taking is really all she's able to handle.

I'm not sure about the time between feedings.... since she is not sickly or weak - she is able to let me know when she needs to eat... so if I TRY to stretch the feedings out - but she starts showing me that she's not happy with that, I'll certainly go ahead and give her what she wants...
(I'm guessing this will only be the BEGINNING of giving this angel WHATEVER she wants!! haha!)


Up's n' down's....

August 22nd 2008 5:39 pm
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Morning everyone! (it is still morning, right?)

Wow, whatta' day yesterday was.... I think I'm still feeling the affects!

I hope that you enjoyed watching Emma REALLY nurse for the very first time, as much as I did........... She's a little "go getter" and has taken a few minutes with the bottle at each feeding.

I still dropper feed her - as I can tell her mouth is very tender and hurts her when she suckles.... it's also easier for me to tell exactly how much she's getting with the dropper.

She's still not gaining.... in fact... she's still losing....

She's just 92 grams today..... I'm fearful of what I may be doing wrong!!

The vet said to extend the time between feedings from 2 hours to 4 hours... so that she becomes a little more anxious in wait, and more aggressive with the bottle when feeding.

I asked if I should change or add something to her formula, but she says no, because her digestive system is so delicate right now - and she already has loose stools....

She is always pretty content.... while she does wiggle all over the place much of the day when she's awake... she doesn't cry or "root" like she's hungry.

Her tummy is always full and round after feeding.... She's urinating a lot, but she's not dehydrated.... I just don't get it.


Emma's first bottle feeding!! (video)

August 22nd 2008 5:33 pm
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My thanks to you all continues.... you are pawsitively the most compassionate group of people I have ever "known"!!

I see it every day ... and in so many instances.... and I'm grateful for each and every one of you!!!

I need to mention, that on the live feed page, there is a "chat area" where you guys can talk to others viewing the cam, etc. But I am very rarely "in" there..... I do go back and read the comments when I get a chance to sit down - - but please don't be offended if you're "talking" to me and I don't respond.... it's not because I'm rude... it's because I'm not there! LOL

I wanted to share with you a little video of Emmas VERY FIRST REAL BOTTLE FEEDING!!! The first time she's ever actually been able to suckle and nurse the bottle!!

I know, 5 minutes of watching a baby with a bottle is not exactly "Christmas at Disney"... but it's one of those special milestones that I guess I just felt I wanted to document....

I'm sorry about the quality of the video... this one wasn't easy, lol.... I didn't want to disturb the setup of the live feed, and didn't have anyone at the moment to video for me.... sooooo, (being the wonderfully capable backwoods redneck country girl that I truly am at heart...) I strapped some duck tape to my ol' camera... hung it around my neck... propped it up under my chin with the nutri-cal tube... and theeeeeeeeere you have it!!!! hahahaha..... (now THAT would have made for good entertainment!!!) hahaha...

Anyway.... here it is.... she ate very well and has since had another feeding.... not quite as much as the first... but I won't complain...



So blessed.....

August 22nd 2008 5:29 pm
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Oh my gosh, this has been a CRAZY day!!!

First I need to thank each and every one of you who have given of yourselves to pray for this little angel....

"God knows when a sparrow falls..." ~ (Matthew 10:9) - and He was certainly watching over baby Emma today, thanks to the crying out of so many beautiful YT hearts!!!

I'm sorry that I was a bit abrupt in earlier posts.... I just REALLY was NOT prepared for my little girl to go into surgery so soon and with such urgency.

But now that it's over, I couldn't be happier with the results!

The surgeons did a beautiful job.... they did tell me prior to taking her in, that this one was not intended to "create perfection" - (I had to giggle when I thought to myself how God had already created perfection in this tiny sparrow... and we just needed them to "tweak" her "dress" a bit!!)

Anyway.... this procedure was to serve as the first step in allowing Emma proper function.

I REALLY hurt for her though.... once they got into surgery, they decided NOT to put her under anesthesia!!!! Can you imagine??? I mean, I can hardly keep a grip on her to FEED her..... how in the world did they operate on her MOUTH without putting her to sleep???

But.... they didn't..... they used a local and lots of pairs of hands.... I just couldn't believe it.....

The cleft palate has been repaired.... the cleft lip has been reshaped.... she should have no difficulty gaining suction at this point... allowing her to nurse without fear of aspiration.................. and.....


Oh my gosh you guys.... SHE HAS A FACE!!!! I SO cannot wait for her little eyes to open, so I can meet the beautiful girl who's inside there!!!

They did a wonderful job and I am so thankful.....

Her little nose is still a bit crooked - and she has no nasal passage on the repaired side at this point.... the second surgery will be to create a new one for her.

I can't tell you how very blessed I feel to have had all of you here with me.... Emma is a lucky little girl to have so many hearts holding her!!!

By the time we got home, she thought she was STARVING!!!

I could tell that even trying to nurse the bottle was hurting her.... BUT... she DID get a heck of a suction when she tried!!!!! THANK GOD!!!! (and those fabulous dogtors!!!)

So I just went with the dropper and she took almost 2cc's - - more than double what she was taking last night.... so again.... YAY!!!

It's a good day................

And now.......... I have a little surprise for anyone who'd like "get a little closer" to this precious baby..........

Click here.....


Thank you Jesus!!!!

August 22nd 2008 5:25 pm
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I'll post more in a little bit, she thinks she starving!!!



August 22nd 2008 5:23 pm
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It's been TWO HOURS!!! What could POSSIBLY be taking so long???

What could happen to her being sedated for such a long time????

I can't take it another second.... heading back to the hospital to find out what's going on....


Emma's in surgery... NOW!!!

August 22nd 2008 5:22 pm
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Please send prayers............

I'm going out of my mind right now..... Emma has been in surgery for over an hour now.... doc thought it best to proceed with the repair of the cleft of the hard palate immediately....

I asked, "okay, that sounds reasonable... how soon would you do something like that? 4 weeks? 6 weeks?".......... doc says... "right now!"....

Oh my gosh... my heart just sank into my belly..... NOW??? Ugh....

So, they swooshed her away.... and with a "we'll call you in a bit", they sent me on my way.....................

She's soooooooo tiny!! I wished I'd had some more time to get her a little bigger... a little stronger..... I'm so worried....

Please say prayers that she'll do okay.... doc warned me that this is going to be extremely stressful for her, of course.... there could be risk of infection... and on and on......

Terrified... absolutely terrified right now............

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