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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!

Moving Right Along...

January 27th 2009 7:53 am
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We FINALLY got our VERY FIRST bit of "winter weather" this year!

It's pretty...... looks like snow, but it's pure ice....

Dangerous though - everything's closed down and driving is a "no no".... lots of folks without power due to the ice.

So we're all snuggled down and staying in...

Emma had her follow up with the surgeon yesterday morning - everything is healing - with no sign of infection or other issues.

The nasal passage is of course open - the nose and lip just didn't hold.... but, it's healing well and the tissue looks great.

The palate is still in tact and that's the most important part!

To try to answer a couple of questions we've received...

Can we use the foam muzzle wrap to keep things together like when she was tiny? Nope.... she's so much stronger now and would never tolerate being still, even with me holding her - all wrapped up and for as many hours as it would take each night.... all it would do at this age, is stress her out.

Could we use an e-collar? Well... sure... in fact, the hospital didn't have one tiny enough for her, but they gave me some plastic material to make one for her if we needed to... but - the issue isn't so much with the rubbing any more.... since she has no toys or soft blankets at this point, that's not a concern.... it's just the licking.... it's her, licking inside her own mouth and licking the sutures.... so an e-collar wouldn't help that.

The benadryl seems to be the best answer for right now... it's keeping her drowsy - but not "knocked out"... just too lazy to do much licking. And it's easing that itchy feeling too, I think... so that's good for her.

I'm giving her water via the syringe - and hand feeding her foods.... it's not that she CAN'T eat on her own... but we don't want to put any more stress on the sutures than necessary...

You'd think that will all the "real food" she's been getting - she'd be "packin' on the pounds".... but actually, she's lost a couple of ounces....

This morning she is at 27.7 ounces, so I'm starting her back on the STAT high calorie liquid diet along with her regular foods.

She is happy, lively, bright-eyed and just beaming with that "Emma passion" that we just adore.... so we'll keep an eye on everything else and keep you all posted!

We did an interview with FOX 25 at the hospital yesterday, so that should be airing over the weekend. I'll post when I have more details.

Our foundation fund raiser is still not doing well, so I'll ask again, for everyone to please continue to post the link where you can and share with friends. n.2009-01-18.0704276349

For anyone who may want to help with our efforts, but cannot participate in the raffle due to the 100.00 minimum pledge required for chances to win the Suzuki SUV - - you are always welcome to make a donation of any amount (even a SINGLE DOLLAR will help!) via paypal to

Imagine if ALL of Emma's Myspace, Dogster and Facebook friends just donated one dollar!! We'd be well on our way to making our goal!!

Enjoy a beautiful week friends! We love you all ta' bits!!

*hugs, kisses n' love*


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