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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!

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September 9th 2008 9:26 pm
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9:30 pm

We finally got to meet the wonderful... FABULOUS........ AMAZING.... Dr. Tina Neel!! (can you tell how much I love her already for what she's doing for Emma??) haha

I've talked to her lots and she knows all about Emma.... but up till now, we haven't yet seen her when we've been to see the wonderful... FABULOUS... AMAZING surgeon, Dr. Domnick. (haha, I know... sorry... but I just LOVE these people!!)

So this evening when I called to get Emma in for her lil' eye, Dr. Neel was crazy swamped.... so the receptionist scheduled Emma with another doctor....

When we arrived, the tech came out to tell us that Dr. Neel was going to see Emma herself..... and then.... the glowwwwwwwing face of Emma's angel - - - (yep, did I mention how much WE LOVE THESE PEOPLE???) came from across the room to greet our girl!!!

Okay so..... enough happy hysteria...

Emma's lil' eye was really painful and hard for Doc to examine her... so she put in some anesthetic eye drops to numb her eye... flushed it with saline... did some kinda' lil' stain test strip thingies... and a full eye exam.

I felt kinda' silly bringing her in for just a lil' dry gunky eye... but it really did seem to be painful to Emma........ and I felt better when Dr. Neel told me that when it comes to eyes.... "we need not wait!"

She said there doesn't look to be any ulcers in the eye.... and that Emma could possibly have bumped it on a toy... or scratched it though.... really could be caused by any one of a billion things!

(so .... OUT went the soft plastic toys from her crib, the minute we got home.... nothin' but stuffies for this girl!!)

And I just tonight realized..... that with all that was going on during Emma's first few days of life... I never even thought to have her lil' dewclaws removed!! Too late for that now, I think..... but I feel bad for neglecting that....

Dr. Neel asked us to come back in 2 days for a re-check... she wants Emma to see both herself as well as Dr. Domnick.

We came home with an antibiotic eye ointment that I am to put into Em's eye 3 times a day.... and instructions to cover her lil' paw paws.

So........... on the way home I made a mad dash for Barbie doll socks.... I thought that would be the best way to "make mittens"...

Didn't work.... wiggled them right off.... (I didn't want to use any kind of bands or anything for fear of being too tight)

So.... I resorted to wrapping her lil' paws with non-stick tape (the soft "spongy" kind of wrap tape) and then a couple of pink band-aids to hold them in place....

I don't know how long it will be before she makes her way out of those, but they seem to be doing the trick for the moment..............

That's all for now....


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