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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!

OMG!!! :(

August 22nd 2008 5:52 pm
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Stitches are coming out again...

I don't know if it's that they can't get them in well enough... or the rubbing... or the suckling.... I just don't know.... it's just a really tough spot to try to keep still. It pulls so much in that area even when she opens her mouth to yawn... or cry... or anything.

It's just so frustrating!! I wish I knew what to do for her..............

The surgeon can't get in till 1:00 - - so I guess we'll see what he suggests.

I'm so worried about infection..................

They can't possibly keep stitching... they are ripping right through her skin... then it splits... the stitches are in tact, but the face is torn....

I'm not even sure she has anything left to attempt to stitch to!

I actually went out at 3am and bought super glue to try to close up the wound.... but got home and was too afraid to try it.

I would think that would be an option for the vet though.... "surgical" super glue (same thing) and I bet it would hold better.... the only reason I didn't do it, is because I'm unsure of the possible toxic reaction being in the area where the wound is. The fumes alone are enough to burn MY eyes, let alone her little nasal airway. Maybe the surgical stuff is more of an option...

So I'm waiting to see the vet....

She's up to 95 grams today.... let's hope she at least continues to gain... I wouldn't be surprised if she were fighting an infection soon....


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