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Ranger Rover, Ranger Danger Dog, Mouseiur Le Goof, Teeth and Tail

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not playfulvery playful

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Quick Bio:
-mutt-pound dog

June 1st 2006

Meeting people and playing with dog friends.

Cats that won't play with him.

Favorite Toy:
A soft rubber ball, he likes the unpredicable ways it bounces

Favorite Food:
Dried Apricots

Favorite Walk:
Anywhere, anytime

Best Tricks:
Recycling bottles (puts them in the recycle bin), shake hands (right), give paw (left), hug, touch the named item, choose, speak, talk, bark

Arrival Story:
After years of being dogless the time had come to get a dog. Since our last cat had taken four months to find I expected a long process of finding just the right dog. After all this dog had to meet the expectations of all the family members. For my daughter he had to be a good looking dog, "not one of those weird looking dogs," for my son the dog needed to play fetch and have enough energy to keep up with an eight year old, my husband didn't express any particular preferences and I wanted a smart dog. Our first trip to the Humane Society there he was, the perfect dog. He'd been surrendered due to a death in the family although it didn't take us long to realize that despite the fact that the previous family had done a fabulous job of socializing Ranger they'd neglected to teach him any manners. I suspect that lack made surrendering him easier. When he first came to live with us Ranger's idea of an appropriate way to greet people was to leap on them and lick them to pieces. Within a few weeks of joining our family he'd learned that the appropriate way to greet people was to sit politely and let them come to him then after some petting and loving he'd jump on them. He's learning now that he can only jump on people who ask for a hug.

Ranger is frighteningly intelligent. Two examples illustrate this well. When one of the children leaves something out where it shouldn't be Ranger will pick it up, take it to the child and hold it "hostage" until they "pay" him what he thinks it is worth. It can be very funny watching him send the 14 year old back to the kitchen for a different treat because he doesn't want the one she brought. I have to admit his technique has the children doing a much better job of picking up after themselves. The second example is a command my daughter taught him. She's taught him "choose." She started it as a choice between two treats but I use it now to determine if Ranger wants to play a little more ball or go for his morning walk. Ranger sleeps in his enclosure outside by his choice. With his double coat he gets overheated indoors. In the morning when I go out to take him for his first walk of the day we play ball for a few minutes. When I think it's been enough I give Ranger a choice, ball in one hand and leash in the other I ask him, "ball or walk" he chooses which one he wants by putting his nose on the ball or the leash and we do that.

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Here I am, Adore me

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November 5th 2007 More than 9 years!

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I'm a Working Dog

July 21st 2012 2:29 pm
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I'm a working dog. My job is to visit people and have them pet me. I really like being petted because it makes me feel good but it also makes the person petting me feel good. It makes every body feel good, even the people watching me work.

Today I went to Mary and Martha's Nursing Home. We had a different tour guide today and I was the only dog in our group that could make it. Usually we try to keep our visit to about an hour but I was there for close to 90 minutes today. Since I was by myself and our new guide wasn't as focused on getting us to as many residents as possible we spent more time with some of the residents. That was kind of nice but it did take longer.

I saw a man that was 102 years old today. That's pretty impressive. If he were a dog that would be like 20 years! He was really nice and he liked dogs. Almost everyone likes me.

One woman liked me a lot but we couldn't stay too long because her roommate is allergic to dogs. Another woman hadn't finished her breakfast and wanted to give me her leftover sausage. Our guide and Mom said it was OK so I ate it up. It was yummy. Two ladies had dog treats to share with me. Also Yummy! And I got a dog biscuit when I arrived and another one when I left from the man at reception.

Because quite a few of my favorite residents were outside in their enclosed courtyard I even got to go outside and visit them. I think those are the people that like my visits the most because I don't care what they don't remember and it's OK with me if they call me by other names or meet me again every couple minutes. I just like visiting them.

One of the staff got down on the floor with me and loved all over me which was great and when she told Mom about how their dog had problems being nice to people he didn't know Mom was able to make a couple suggestions and to recommend the trainer we have for my psycho sis. The staff person's boyfriend doesn't want to neuter their dog but some place Mom remembers reading that neutered dogs live longer and that often show dogs that are retired from breeding are neutered to give them a few more years of healthy life. The staff person thought that might be a good argument for her boyfriend to get their dog fixed. It makes us feel good when we can help.

It was a really fun visit. I'm plenty tired now though so I'm going to go find a nice napping spot.


Been Listening to Kids Read at the Library

July 11th 2012 6:00 pm
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Sorry it's been awhile since I last updated my dairy. Since we adopted my psycho sis we've been devoting lots and lots of time to trying to rehabilitate her. She's come a long way but she's still got a long long way to go.

Mom is very impressed with the way I help with teaching Finna the proper way to behave. Mom says Finna received no socialization when she was little so it's a darn good thing that I'm social enough for any ten dogs.

Anyway, I wanted to tell everyone about how much fun it is to listen to kids read to me at the library. There were three of us dogs at the library today. Mom and I got there first so we got to pick our spot in the room. Mom picked a nice corner for us with a nice cool brick wall to lean on. When the other teams arrived we said hello and they got settled. After that the librarian let kids into the room so they could read to us.

There were lots of kids wanting to read to us. They were good about taking turns. I got to hear lots of stories and I got to hear "Gilbert Goldfish Gets a Pet" and "Fancy Nancy and Pajama Day" several times each. I think Gilbert should have just trained the dog when he had him as a pet, instead he got a catfish. Weird. Fancy Nancy turned out OK. She went home and put on her pajamas that matched the pajamas her friends were wearing so they could be triplets. What are triplets anyway? Three things that match I guess.

Mom made some trading cards for me that we were giving to the kids. The other two dogs had bookmarks. Do you think I should get bookmarks too? Anyway, on my card it lists K9 sign as one of my tricks. One boy was especially impressed because his cousin goes to school where they use sign language. He and Mom talked about why I couldn't make all the same gestures to sign that a person can. For example, my wrist doesn't bend the same way a human's does. But the sign for water that I use and the sign for water that is used in human sign language is similar.

It was very popular that I know some sign language. One of the librarians even came in to meet me because she heard some people talking about how I know K9 sign. And the person that belongs to one of the other dogs was very fascinated. She had some cheese flavored treats so Mom asked me to identify it and when I signed that it was cheese I got to eat it.

One of the kids that came to read to me had a book with all kinds of interesting questions. One of them was what kind of band I would have--a rock band and what the name would be--Ranger and the Rejects, do you think that would be a good name for a rock band? I thought that Finna would probably play drums and my cats The Great Catsby and Meowzart would play lead guitar and bass respectively. I can totally imagine Meowzart playing the bass although MyGirl thought he was more likely to play keyboard.

Another question was about a time I played a trick on one of my friends. That would have to be the time I convinced my friend R that my little twig was more wonderful than the great big stick he had. I was so convincing that R dropped his stick and stole my twig. I took the big stick and chewed it in half so that R and I could each have a piece.

It was lots of fun being at the library and listening to kids read to me. Two hours was a long time though. I have to confess that after 1.75 hours I went sound asleep. I hope I get to go to the library and listen to more stories soon.


You Won't Believe What They've Done Now!

November 11th 2011 2:27 pm
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I still can't believe it. My pack got me a new little sister and I'm not always sure what I think about that. My new sister is named Finna and Mom likes to call her a Gorgiherd because she is half German Shepherd Dog and half Corgi. She's also pretty weird. As Mom puts it I now have my very own little sister who comes complete with her very own set of issues. I think that's about right. On walks she's kind of nice to have around; except that sometimes she thinks she has to bark and growl at everyone and everything; and getting to roughhouse with her in the yard is fun but boy oh boy does she have a lot to learn. She gets all food possessive if I'm around which is pretty funny. I'm not very food motivated and I don't want her food anyway I get to eat much better stuff. She also gets scared sometimes if I try to come in the living room and then she growls and barks at me. One day she even snapped at me. Boy did I give her what for then. I just wanted her to know that she can't act like that but when I showed her how big my teeth are I must have scared her a lot because she peed on the floor. Oops. She barks and growls at Dad and TheGirl too. Not so much at TheGirl anymore but still too much barking and growling at Dad. Sometimes she doesn't and we'll all be glad when she stops doing it all together. We picked her up just a week ago today. Finna is TheBoy's dog and he's being a very good person for her. He makes sure she gets lots of exercise and lots of training. She's better than when we got her but boy does she have a ways to go. Still, I think my pack is a good place for her. As Mom says, I have enough confidence for six dogs so I'm a very good role model and we all have clear consistent expectations for how Finna should behave. It seems like she's eager to learn what we want her to do so maybe by next year I'll just be glad I have a little sister. We'll see.

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