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Carmela's Stories

My 2nd B-Day

June 5th 2008 2:02 am
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June 4th was my 2nd B-Day and a great day. To start off I went to the french fry stand with mom & dad and I had my jumbo weiner, then on the way home they stopped at the grocery store and told me they were running in fur something fur me, but also getting one fur them, what could that be? They came out with 2 bags and put them in the very back so I couldn't see them. When we got home I found out it was 2 large angel food cakes they had got. Mom coated 1 in crunchy peanut butter as icing, made a ring of cookies around the side and the top as the candies, and poured a blueberry yogurt in the center as filling. It smelt so good while being made, too bad we were out of cheese, but it was delicious just the way it was. Lincoln and Sasha were both happy it was my birthday as they each had a piece of cake too. After we ate I opened a couple squeaky toys and 1 rope, and was doing zoomies around the house with the squeakies. Throughout the day I also received many happy birthday wishes and gifts and would like to thank everyone ((())) Thank You! for making my birthday a special birthday and one to remember. We miss not being online much lately and hope to get our computer fixed soon, or at least looked at by someone who knows about them, it is very difficult to navigate through any site and it freezes alot, don't know why :(
Thank You everyfur again fur all the birthday wishes and gifts, I had a great birthday :)
Licks and Wags


Tagged Again

April 6th 2008 10:37 pm
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I have been tagged and have to give 4 answers to 5 questions then TAG 4 more pups with a rosette or Pmail and tell them to read this fur directions.

4 Jobs I've Had
1-Backseat Driver(Co-Pilot)
2-Electric Blanket-Environmentally friendly type
3-Queen of the dogpark
4-Maid-clean up food after Lincoln

4 Places I've lived
1-Toronto-where I was born
2-Brantford-where I live now

4 Places I've been to
1-Pet stores
2-Grand River
3-Gramma & Grampas house
4-Mrs. Fries French Fry Stand(every week)

4 Favourite foods
2-Footlong Weiner (from the French Fry Lady)
4-Cookies, any but especially from Kilo's K-9 Kitchen

4 Places I'd rather be
1-Running At The River
2-Playing at the dogpark
3-Hanging out the truck window cruising the city
4-At the French Fry Stand


Tag! You're It

January 4th 2008 2:32 pm
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I was tagged by my honey bub(Bubba) and am listing 7 random facts or rules about me.
1. No lap will be left unoccupied.
2. All hands must be inspected fur taste
3. Squeaky toys must be tried on daily basis.
4. If you start the chewing on the rawhide, I will trade you my fresh one:)
5. When dad goes to bed, I always have to follow, even if I'm already snuggled up with mom or my fur family.
6. I am willing to search fur a snowball thrown into the snow, All I ever find is a facefull of snow
7. I make grunting noises a lot and some people say "what's she growling fur", mom and dad tell em I'm just breathing, not to worry.


Christmas Tag!

November 25th 2007 7:06 pm
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I have been tagged by Chipper.Here is my list to Santa Claws.

Dear Santa, I've been a very good girl this year. I keep mom and dad warm in bed,and when they watch t.v. I follow them both around the house to help them out with everything. Anytime they go for a car ride I like to be the co-pilot and help them get there quicker. I greet every person at the doggy park with kisses and paws, then I will play with the pups. When we go for coffee and Lincoln and Sasha don't come, I save them timbits for when we get home. I play with Lincoln anytime he wants to, even if he is much bigger and plays rough sometimes, I like it. I have dressed as an elf in hopes of helping you make doggy toys. I will leave you some biscuits and marrow bones with a glass of milk to wash them down. I will make sure Lincoln and Sasha don't bite you Christmas morning because they are very protective of their house and don't like strangers.
My Christmas list
1. Bones, you can never have too many
2. Squeaky Toys, I like to destroy the squeaker
3. Rawhide, yummy, what more can I say!
4. Stuffies, any softy to carry around, maybe one with a squeaker I could destroy?
5. Lots of presents for Lincoln and Sasha.
Happy Howlidays and have a safe sleigh ride Santa!

5 pups I'm tagging
1. Laertese
2. Yukiko
3. Mojotiki
4. Mickey
5. Matilda
Sorry Pups but I had to tag somepup!


Tag Your It!

November 21st 2007 12:24 pm
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I have been tagged by both Roxy and McGraw. When you're tagged you must list 7 things you're thankful for and then you must tag 7 other pups and let them know by leaving a rosette or Pmail. Write the names of the 7 pups you've tagged.

7 Things I'm thankful fur

1. My Mom and Dad
2. All my Toys
3. My family Sasha and Lincoln
4. Childrens play pools
5. Everyone having such a strong lap that I can be a lap dog! hehehe
6. Delicious treats
7. Sleeping in bed with mom and dad.

7 pups I tagged

Broadway Miracle
Chissy's Girls
Gracie Allen
Bowser Tyke

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