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How I Spent my 4th of July

July 7th 2008 6:04 pm
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So my mommy had the day off! I was very happy about this. She had made plans with Marley and her mommy to go to the doggy park and to eat breakfast. We woke up early, and it was sunny already. Marley and her mommy drove up to the local KFC to pick us up so that we could carpool.

Stop #1 - Jack in the Box. So the mommies are obsessed with these new smoothies that Jack in the Box now sells. Mommy loves the strawberry banana ones, but this time she got the orange sunrise, which tastes like a 50 50 bar. Marley's mommy got the same. I was busy pesturing Marley since she was sitting on my mommy's left leg as I sat on the right. Not enough room for 2 pugs!!! I attempted to lick mommy's smoothie but licking the frost off the cup was the farthest I got.... selfish mommy.

Stop #2 - The doggy park. So we finally made it to the doggy park, where we were now allowed to run loose. Marley ran, or should I say trotted for about a minute or so before sitting next to her mommy, and keeping her phanny there for the rest of the visit. I ran off with all sorts of dogs.... every one that was there. A man brought in a psycho chihuahua... who was not scared of me! He kept lunging at me an chasing me off! I didn't know what to think or do.... the mean mommies thought it was friggin hilarious and laughed at me the whole time. We played for a bit longer before the mommies drug us out.

Stop #3 (Unplanned) - So now we are on our way to breakfast.... but Marley's mommy happened to miss it. We got lost in a giant mess of bike riders and a parade of all places. Bikers here and there, bikers were everywhere! (Bicycles, not motorcycles), people not paying attention, obviously not caring if they get hit or not! We pulled over by a house and Marley's mommy attempted to look up the address of the restaurant. No luck. Luckily one of the two guys directing traffic knew where it was and helped us out. We saw more bikers, and finally got out. We also saw a float getting ready... or maybe it was a vehicle for the parade? Who knows.

Stop #4 (The real #3) - We made it to the Park Bench Cafe. It was sunny out, a nice breeze, and not a wait! My mommy had the cinnamon roll french toast.... mmm... it had powdered sugar and cinnamon roll frosting! Marley's mommy had the Lumberjack meal... and Marley and I split chicken breast and a hot dog.... yum! They took us around in the grass, after Marley drank about a gallon of water, hoping that we would potty. They were unsuccessful, but I did do a #2! The mommies dragged us on the bench and took photos. Look, I am not a model... I do not need 200 photos taken of me! Just feed me and let me play!

Stop #5 - The Pet Store. So the mommies went to a pet store that my mommy had never been too. We were spoiled with bully sticks, chewwies, and treats!! I must say, we are prettttty spoiled. We finally got home about 1:30.. (we had left at 8:30). I was pooped. I slept.

My mommy and daddy went to daddy's mom's for a while, which Buster and I were NOT happy about. They finally got home about 9pm... as mommy was worried sick about Buster, knowing his fears on fireworks. Where they used to live the fireworks were bad and would go on until midnight or 1am. Here we live by Knott's Berry Farm and Disneyland. There were fireworks going off but not badly. They shut the door and turned the window AC on... to block off some noise. After about 10:30 mommy shut it off and went to bed. The fireworks were gone... a good thing about living on a busy street is that there is nowhere to shoot off fireworks, and the parks stop at a decent hour. I was not afraid of them fireworks at all!

And that my friends, his how I spent Independence Day.


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