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A New Beginning

It's been a week

October 27th 2007 3:25 pm
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Paquita and Pups have been here a week! I really want to start keeping daily entries for them from now on. I'm not really ready to recount ALL of the last week, so I'll just start with today and some supporting details.

Today the puppies' diarrhea finally subsided (for the most part) after just one dose of the colitis/giardia medicine from the shelter vet last night. They'll be on it for a couple more days and I'm really pleased that the improvement was so amazing.

I can officially say that NO DOG has worms anymore. At least not tapeworms. Thank dog. But really, you have never seen "nasty" until you've seen a puppy shed the entire tapeworm (not those little rice-sized segments -- the entire worm).

The puppies have not nursed on Paquita since Wednesday. I'm patiently waiting for her to dry up so that I can let her interact with those puppies more. Right now I just hold them for her to give them a quick grooming (which is really sweet to watch). If I let them down, the immediately try to nurse. They have a full set of teeth (well, minus a few big back teeth) and were not eating as much of the dry food as they needed to when they were nursing. Paquita seems totally fine with being separated.

Jasmine and Paquita have been able to go outside together more often. Jasmine is starting to try to convince her to play, and her play pounces and growls scare the bejeebers out of Paquita. She flattens to the ground and tries to appease Jasmine with body language, or she runs to the door. But Jasmine doesn't give up, and I don't want Paquita to snap. I want them to get used to each other slowly. So I've been keeping Jasmine on a leash most of the time.

Socks and Paquita met briefly for the first time today through a gate, and neither of them did a thing. I think, since they both prefer to ignore other dogs, that they will get along OK after all.

Paquita somehow got over the 4-foot gate (it's a corral stretched across the doorway) while I was upstairs getting my jacket so that I could take her out with Jasmine. Jasmine was at the top of the steps. I could see her tail from where I was standing. I kept telling her to "wait" because she was bursting with excitement, but I didn't want her rushing down the stairs just yet. I rounded the corner, and Jasmine was just standing there, but there was Paquita! Sitting on the top step! Her ears were back and her eyes were wide with that "guilty" look. Jasmine flew past her, down the steps, as if she didn't even see her. Paquita didn't really want to come all the way up that last step. It reminded me of how Socks had once been trained to never come up into the kitchen. She'd come as close as possible, which meant that she would often just lay on the very top step, but never touch the landing. I went downstairs and the gate was just how I had left it. I know she can climb up those corrals, but maybe she somehow pushed it aside and squeezed through. She did something. I'm hoping I can get her to do it again, just so that I know how she did it.

Paquita can be a little bit demanding. She'll scratch at my arm or mouth my hand a little bit. Today I gave her her first toy: a rope toy. She's having fun playing with it and chewing on it. I realized she'd appreciate a toy when she stole a washcloth off of the couch and pranced off with it. I'm still waiting for the puppies to stop having diarrhea before I give them any toys. Until then, they have fun dragging their blankets around in the crate and wrestling with each other.

Ta Ta Fur Now!


We're ALL adopted now!

November 30th 2007 2:12 pm
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Five weeks later, we're all off to furever!

Hoooowee, we sure were popular once we were on Petfinder last Wednesday (November 21)! People from all over were calling or e-mailing about us. Saturday, November 24th, we all went to the shelter and hung out in the front office. FM had put the date on all our Petfinder pages so that people could come down to meet us in pawson. Someone was waiting for us when we arrived that morning!! He chose Tippy (they had already decided on him based on his Petfinder page, and loved him even more when they got to hold him)! While Tippy's adoption was being wrapped up, some people walked in and scooped up Whitey (they also had seen him on Petfinder!). After that, we all just hung out in the office all day, but no one else seriously wanted us. BUT, a phone call came in from Tennessee for momma Paquita! They wanted to adopt her if she wasn't adopted that day. Paquita was NOT adopted and so they drove up Wednesday, November 28th and adopted her that afternoon (you can see a picture of Paquita, now named Niki, in her furever home in our Photobook). Paquita's new family sent a lovely e-mail to FM and it sounds like she's going to be a very happy girl!

On the same day that Paquita went home, the four remaining pups were also at the shelter for the day and Precious went home that morning (again, from Petfinder). So three more pups went back to FM's house for a couple more nights. Today, Tootie and Louisa went to Ohio together and Looey was scooped up, too.

All because of Petfinder! Yay!

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