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I am NOT a snack....Scooter's Adventures in South Korea

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Our First Weekend...or How I'm a better SD than Dad is a SP- (service person)

March 8th 2008 3:07 am
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Saturday, March 1st.

Mom put my new soft sided crate together. Not one of the dinnerplate ones, but a sturdier one. It is a miniature version of Bretta's. She placed it under the loaner desk in the bedroom with one of my restaurant pads and all of my toys that she managed to pack in her luggage. I've been napping in it.

Mom woke up early. She got a few chores done then I decided to drag out of bed for breakfast. We took a taxi to base since the bus doesn't run on the weekends. Dad finally remembered that parts of the Dragon had wi-fi, so we sat down so Mom could dig out her laptop and get online and send messages out to my Snoop's Big Brother, Bernie and to Destry's Mom, Sabrina's Mom, and a few others.

Once Mom was done, we took another long walk to the PX. We walked through another area first. Mom found a bedspread she wants, but it has to be special ordered to fit our bed. It's a chinese-y silk brocade with dragons on it. I can't wait for Mom to order it. I'm just giddy at the idea of rolling on it. I can't wait until our bed gets here. Three of us in a double bed is cramped; I mean, gees, sometimes three of us in a California king is cramped. Makes me really glad Bretta doesn't sleep with us.

Next we went to the "store" where they sell outdoor stuff. I don't understand why they don't have everything under one roof. All of the dog stuff is there, along with BBQ stuff, bikes, kid's toys, ect. They even had fishtanks. Mom grabbed a new leash for tethering Bretta in the living room. That is working out well. She's become calm and not so OCD. We finally made it to the regular PX. The pawrents found humidifiers. They grabbed two. I know they will help Mom's head and nose. There were no fans to be had. We took a taxi home.

Mom and Dad decided to go walking off base...without me. I was mad. Dad had to be Mom's "Service Person". She was miserable without me and kept telling Dad that she felt naked without me. She did take the time to tell me about the walk.

She picked up a few trinkets for Grandma Pat and Uncle Steve and picked up a Tae Kwon Do outfit for me. It has a Korean flag on the back. She saw a guide dog. It was a heavy-boned yellow lab. She walked close enough she could have done a "drive by petting", but being Mom, she didn't . She was impressed at how he didn't even turn his head. The Korean handler was standing in the middle of the sidewalk talking to someone. Mom would have liked to have asked him a few questions if he hadn't otherwise been engaged.

Dad cooked. So if I had any questions about this being "home", that answered that. Home is Dad's mac and cheese.

The pawrents wondered off again on Sunday. They brought home a stroller. Until they can get all of the info together about my status off base, I get to ride. It is a real baby stroller; very nice. I can get really comfy in it and Mom can do all the work. Mom found a specialty store on her walk that we will have to check out together. It's a dog store. She also walked past 3 or 4 embassies that she wants to take my pic in front of the gates. Crazy woman.

Mom has warned me that tomorrow will be a busy day. We've got to get the rest of the stuff on Dad's checklist done and a few things for Mom. She wants to sign up for a Korean language class and then plans on signing up for online college classes this fall.


First Days In a New Land

March 7th 2008 5:38 pm
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Wednesday, Febuary 27th

We finally got up and ate some breakfast. Dad had to run into work to take care of some paperwork, but was back pretty quick. Mom got me dressed in a sweater and my vest, so I knew I had to work. We got about 10 yards from the bus stop when someone stops us and asks, "Do you live here? You can't have pets." Mom had to choke back the "Can you read?" retort.

So I got my second bus ride. I guess I should explain. We are living a couple of miles from the main part of the base in a compound that was fixed to house American Military personnel. They have shuttle buses that run hourly to the base. The housing area is No Pets, but Bretta and I aren't pets. Dad went through a bunch of rigmarole with the compound managers (it is now privatized and manged by a Korean company, but they have to honor US rules as far as we (Bretta and I) are concerned).

We got off the bus at the Dragon Hill Lodge. It is a HUGE hotel and is where Dad stayed before our apartment was ready. We went to get Mom a cell phone that would work over here, then across the parking lot to another building to get Mom and Dad put into some system so they don't have to have two forms of ID to get on base and to get them doing the processing for a Ration Card. We went back to the Dragon for lunch. I'm soo happy. I did my first mechanical revolving door. Mom let me watch it for a minute, then Dad went through it. That was all the cue I needed. We did have to explain that I'm allowed in the restaurant, but it wasn't too much of an issue.
Next we were off to the PX. The greeter (gees, just like Wally world, except he's checking IDs) was adamant I wasn't coming in the store. Dad went to find the manager and Mom did something she doesn't normally do, but since we are soo far away from home, she figured it might shut the guy up. She pulled out my ID. The manager got there pretty quick and saw my vest and said "Off you go." We made our purchases and took a taxi home. We ended up going to the little shoppette (mini commissary) on the compound and had to explain that I was allowed. The employees are all Korean. While we were checking out, one of the baggers tried telling me to sit. I just looked at Mom and rolled my eyes. She had to explain that I only listen to her. The words polite and well behaved were discussed (in Korean).

Mom is putting us on Cranberry pills for the next couple of weeks to make sure we don't have any ill effects from holding it for soo long. IF she had thought about it, she'd have started us on them a week before the trip.

We put our stuff up, then were off again, this time to the "Lending closet" to borrow pots, pans, dishes, and silverware. Now Dad can cook.

Several pups have asked us how the place is. Institutional is the word Mom likes to throw out. The floors are institutional grade tile over concrete. The walls are off-white with gray trim. It is screaming for some color. Mom has threatened to buy some blank canvas and do oddball modern art or better yet, let Bretta and I paint. I've done paw painting before. Mom joked Bretta could paint with her tail.

Think about how the Eastern Block apartment buildings look in all of the old 80's movies. That is sorta what this place looks like.

Mom and I napped. Then we got up and ate and tried to spend some time with Dad. We all went to bed, but then Bretta woke Mom up in the middle of the night (again). She just wanted to play. My clock is getting reset a lot quicker than Bretta's. I woke Mom up for Breakfast then left went back to bed until a reasonable hour.

Thursday, Feb 28th

We decided to take the bus again to try to get some stuff done that we didn't get around to yesterday. Dad has this checklist of stuff. He also had some sort of test he had to go take after lunch. The bus driver was about to give Mom a hard time, but she flashed my ID and he stopped mid-sentence. We got off the bus at the Dragon again and walked down this big hill to another building. Two of the things there were closed until after 1PM, so we went to check the mail. Mom sent a total of 10 boxes before we left. I hope they get here soon; there are toys and all sorts of good stuff in them including Mom's super-duper dark curtains. No mail. So we went to the hospital for medical intake paperwork. The hospital is where all of the doctor appointments are done as well as being a full service hospital. The staff was really nice and all wanted to see me.

We taxied back to the Dragon for lunch. I did the revolving doors like a pro. While we were in the restaurant, Dad heard someone talking about us. Mom asked if we were being the "Freak Show" again. Nope, someone was explaining to one of the natives what I do.

Mom had one of "those" moments while eating lunch. Here she is an American now living in South Korea, eating in a Mexican restaurant. She's also feeling very much like we are a "Freak Show". She's starting to think it is going to be a rough 2 years. Dad put us in a cab for the ride home while he went to take his test.

Oh, I almost forgot my big breakthrough. I'm starting to alert to scents. There have been a couple of places where I've hurried her along because it has either smelled like someone has marinated in perfume or they have sprayed stuff all over the place. I'm staying on her not to be in it too long. I know it can give her an instant migraine. Mom worked on fine tuning my alert a bit so that I'm communicating very plainly with her and not being obnoxious with how I'm doing it.

We get home and Mom notices that Bretta has scratched a really nasty spot on the back of her neck. She's more upset that she doesn't have all of the stuff here that she needs; the proper meds and what not. It isn't bad enough for a vet visit, but it is bad enough to need a proper cleaning.

This not being able to control the heat really sucks! Mom has opened a window in every room in the place. Plus, she has to do something to kill the fresh pain smell. It isn't helping her head.

We went to bed really early again. Mom had a dual headache last night. Dad got me (and B) out for the last time then carried me back into the bedroom to have Mom undress me. I've been wearing a sweater every day since we got here. Dad isn't the greatest when it comes to sweaters. He does try and has gotten good at dressing me; it's undressing me that gives him a hard time.

Oh yeah, silly Dad doesn't know the difference between a double bed and a queen size one. He thought the loaner bed was a queen. It isn't. We are all sleeping kinked because they brought us the wrong size bed.

Friday, Feb. 29th

This fine Friday morning, I'm laying on the back of the chair overlooking the little glassed in porch and looking up towards the Hyatt up on the mountain. That's my idea of "roughing it". Mom wants to take a series of pics of the city via our bus ride. We pass some really old classically "oriental" buildings in severe disrepair. Our sense of direction has been thrown off a bit, but it is coming back. It's really quiet around here this morning with no TV and no internet. Mom hasn't picked a movie to put on loop for Bretta to listen to for the day. The work crew next door seems to have finished all of their noise. (It was bad yesterday.) We've had to vent the porch windows because they were painting and our porches share some air.

We had the bedroom window more open than before and we both slept better. Mom is kicking herself this morning for not getting Destry's Mom's phone number before we left. We thought we'd be able to send international text messages to an e-mail addy, but we can't. Mom is determined to get to an internet cafe this weekend or else. She's also kicking herself for not having Bretta an ID made like mine. That will have to wait until the desktop computer gets here. Neither Mom nor Dad have photoshop on their new laptops.

Dad is off to Osan to pick up his "Chem Gear". Mom has a doctor's appointment. Her neck is giving her fits. We know we can catch the bus OK, but Mom isn't soo sure about catching it back. We can always catch a taxi.

Speaking of taxis. These people drive crazy. The ride yesterday was like a roller coaster. We went down this really steep hill and around a curve that Mom thinks would make for a kewl luge ride.

Mom did her calling around about getting us "registered' on base. We can stop by any time next week. Bretta doesn't have to be there. Mom was thankful that an American answered the phone. She's been having a little bit of a problem with being understood. Her extreme southern drawl is hard for the Koreans to understand.

We saw another dog. It was a German Pincher and it was wearing a pink coat. We've seen a couple of dogs on base.

Mom is trying to figure out how we are going to manage long term without a car. We can't get my trailer and Mom's bike on the bus. We will have to figure out the straight shot so Mom can be a bit more independent. Dad said he walked it before we got here. It is mostly uphill. Thank Dog Mom just got a 21 speed bike. Mom is worried about how much walking I can take with all of the hills. I have to trot to keep up with her walk. She is scared she's going to hurt me because of my legs. My trailer converts to a jogger, so that will be a plus.

We hustled over to the bus stop with time to spare. I was charming while Mom had to explain why I was allowed; that I am not a pet. The ride seemed quicker. I was a good boy while the Korean Army guy checked Mom's ID. We got off at the right stop. We had time to go to Dental In-processing before Mom's appointment. Back across the street to the hospital. Mom couldn't find "Family Practice" on the hospital map. One of the people working at the Information Desk was nice enough to actually show us where it was.

I charmed the doctor, the nurse, and everyone who saw me. Mom and I were having a very synced day. I went under the chair and laid down without her asking. Very awesome. Mom was given a referral to a specialty group that should be able to help her neck. Her sinus headache is due to dryness. Dad found Mom a fan, but no humidifiers.

I had a toddler throw home cooked food at me while we were waiting in the pharmacy area. Mom only had to remind me once to "Leave it". A piece of corn landed on my foot. I knocked it off and slid backwards about 6 inches. The kid's parents were impressed. (Mom says the backward slide is my way of avoiding temptation.) We took a cab home since the next bus was over an hour away.

Mom has realized that Koreans are fascinated with blonds with blue eyes and redheads. They want to touch them (like Mom's red hair). They also want to touch me. I'm not big with having strangers touch me. I HATE to be PATTED on the top of the head. Rubbing is ok; patting is out. Mom isn't quite sure how to broach the whole "it is bad manners" thing with the Korean people. She's ready to get me some patches in Korean to put on my vest. She's thinking a Stop sign with DO NOT DISTRACT OR PET in both languages. I bet money she won't have the same kind of problem with Bretta in public.

We went to bed early again. Mom has sore spots on her shoulders from sleeping on her sides (and toting the backpack with our stuff).

This place is going to take some getting use to.


The Flight...or how to hold it for 22+ hours

March 7th 2008 2:00 am
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Wednesday, Feb 27 8:08AM Korea time
Tuesday, Feb 26 6:08PM EST.

Mom woke us up REALLY early. Bretta must have been a bad girl, because she had Mom pretty aggravated. Bad enough that Mom made her work through her commands. Later, Mom took us out together. Bretta didn't want to do all of her business. I guess B doesn't understand that she's not going to get a chance later. She was also wanting to just try Mom. Not the best idea at 3AM. Mom made her work again. This time she didn't stop until B was tired. I just sat there looking at B, trying to mentally tell her to just stop being such a pain and do what Mom asks; especially when Mom does it at weird times. Bretta just wants to turn everything into an opportunity to try to up herself in the grand scheme of things.

We go back to our room and Mom uses the phone. Pretty soon there is a guy at the door with carts. I growled at him. Let me explain. It is about 3:15 in the morning and I wasn't dressed for work. Mom and I have a deal. If I'm not dressed for work, then I can do what I please, within reason. It's a long story for another day. With Dad gone, it is up to Bretta and I to take care of Mom. I'm the mouthpiece and Bretta is the enforcer, though I don't think she has realized it yet.

All of our stuff gets loaded and the guy takes off. Mom got us dressed and we headed downstairs. While Mom was checking out, I spied our stuff. It disappeared again when someone grabbed it and took it out to the shuttle bus. There was an older couple on the bus when we boarded. Mom sat down right behind the driver so that Bretta had a bit of room. B needs some practice on backing into small spaces.

We get to our airline and there are no skycaps on duty. Mom got a cart and managed to load 2 large suitcases, a smaller suitcase, Bretta's crate, a bag of electrical cords and other stuff that have to be dumped into a bin otherwise, it looks like Mom has a bomb, and our backpack (with binky). She got all of that (and us) across a bus lane and into the building and to the first class line. She pulled Bretta's crate off the pile and used it to sit on while we waited for them to open.

There was a father/daughter team waiting down from us. She got peeved when she realized she chose poorly. She had picked a counter space to wait at, and when they opened, it wasn't manned. So she starts with, "But we were here first." when the guy waits on us. The agent looked over and asked her if she was flying first class. When she said no, he told her that we were. Mom just smiled.

We had to accompany Bretta to special TSA screening in this little windowless room. They checked her crate, including feeling around the rim(s) and stopped short of patting her down. They did make Mom make B stand up on her hind legs so they could see her belly. The TSA guy was a jerk. He told Mom that I couldn't just walk around; that all dogs have to be crated. Mom asked him if he could read. It made him sputter and turn a couple of shades of red.

Mom checked the time and told me we had to boogie. We went downstairs and out the baggage claim doors, across 6 lanes of thankfully non-traffic (this time of morning) so I could take care of business. We then went back upstairs and through security. Mom stopped outside of the line to take off my ID collar(cuz of my slider tags) and put my nylon slip lead on behind my work collar. So when we got to the point where Mom had to take off her shoes, she took off my collar and lead and just used my nylon one. We had 3 plastic bins. Mom's shoes, my collar, and her jacket. Her computer. And "The Bag". It was fun trying to get everything back into "The Bag".

In the past, Mom has always brought my Samsonite bag for me to lay in while flying. It is like my safety net. It has a soft crate pad that she always covers with a pillowcase. She didn't bring it. She packed it in a box and sent it to Daddy. I was a little confused. She carries me around Atlanta airport in it. I got a little worried. I walked like a big boy onto the plane. Mom told me when to turn into "our" row and I sat down until she pulled out my "restaurant" pad. She laid it out and I hopped onto it and laid down without her saying anything to me. A stewardess came by and gave Mom a little card saying Bretta had been loaded. I did get a little nervous when we took off. I sat up and put a paw on her leg. She told me it was going to be OK. So I laid back down and we both napped.

Mom told me that we lucked out. We taxied to the international terminal at Atlanta. WHOOOHOOO! No having to change terminals and it wasn't that crowded. Normally, Mom doesn't let me walk due to the amount of traffic. Unfortunately, there wasn't a chance for me to go potty. Mom wishes I could learn to use a human potty. We took care of Mom then got her a drink before going to the gate and doing "the wait".

Some guy sat down on the floor across from us and was being RUDE. He kept staring at me (not Mom). Not in the way that a lot of people stare (looking at my vest and trying to figure out how I help Mom), but in the sheepdog/predatory way. Mom noticed the hair on my butt was standing up, so she redirected my attention to her which made the guy look at her. They had a brief stare down; Mom won.

The plane was HUGE! We could see it parked outside the window and we watched as one of the pilots do a walk around. We got in a special line when they called our "zone". Then we got called to the desk to get the sticker saying Bretta was on board. This meant we had to go to the back of the line.

There were two sections of business class. 120-130 seats plus at least another 200 coach. Business class was 6 seats across. The ends were normal with two aisles so that the middle two didn't have to step across each other. That's where we were, plus we were on a bulkhead so I had plenty of room. It looked like this. (Seat, Seat, Aisle, Seat, Seat, Aisle, Seat, Seat)

These seats had footrests and reclined WAAAYYY back on a remote. Everyone had plenty of room. There were monitors that popped up and to the sides with lots of movie choices. Mom wasn't feeling very well. Between toting the backpack and her sinuses, she was pretty sick. She managed to eat a tiny bit of the first meal before going to sleep. I curled up on my mat.

What is champagne and Mimosa? They were passing it out when we boarded, but Mom didn't have either.

Mom woke up to take some meds and to go potty. (That was interesting. I don't see Mom ever doing that with Bretta. I thought we were going to have to stand on our heads to make it work.) We got settled back down when Mr. Staredown walked down the aisle staring at me again. I assumed a very Aussie/BC position. I wanted to tag him, but Mom told me to knock it off. She asked me if I wanted to lay in her lap for a bit. She covered me with my thermal binky (she had our binky on her lap) and we slept until the mid-flight snack. We woke up for that. Mom put me back on my pad while she ate. She decided that since it had been 11+ hours since I'd had a chance to potty that I might decide to use a piddle pad. We even found the "handicap" lavatory. Compared to the other one, it was HUGE. I refused to even entertain the thought of soiling inside.

The flight attendants took advantage of Mom being awake to fawn all over me. Mom asked for a bottle of water. They were passing out the little 8oz bottles like Halloween candy. (Mom never drinks water, but she did manage to drink 3 of them) They brought Mom a real china bowl to serve me. Mom declined the bowl in favor of digging out my cup. It takes up less room and there is less chance of spillage. Mom then released me to visit with them (in the galley of all places). That was a big deal. Normally, I don't like strangers touching me, but I was feeling especially outgoing and I knew they were doing a good job taking care of Mom. Smoozing done, I curled up for another nap. Yeah, Mom and I slept the flight away. 14 hours in the air (Atlanta to Seoul) and I think we slept at least 12.

We finally landed and got off. We had to walk (and walk) before getting to this place where we have to choose a long line for Immigration. We finally get to the person and she is having problems processing us. She is on the phone for the longest time. It seems like forever. She finally tells Mom that she needs to go to "The Office". Mom's head is killing her. That pesky left side headache is thumping, the sinus headache has her off-balance and her ears won't pop. The chick at the desk didn't speak the best English; Mom speaks no Korean.

We are in the office, are asked to hand over ID, Passport, and a copy of Dad's orders. They finally ask, "Why no visa?" (yes, like that.) I'm thinking..'.visa. Mom has a visa in her wallet. What's the problem?' That's when I learn that there is another kind of visa. Mom has to explain that she didn't know; Dad told her all she needed was a copy of his orders. They processed the visa in the office and sent us on our way. We took the elevator downstairs to baggage claim. (OK, what is the deal with baggage claim always being downstairs? Just an observation)

The carts are small, but free. Mom managed to grab her three bags and get them loaded. She then "snagged" the nearest guy and asked about Bretta. He had already put her on a cart and was looking for Mom. He walked us through quarentine where they checked out our paperwork and took their copy of our international health certificate. Next was customs. No stopping. We then come to this big set of doors. He can't take her any further. He pushed her through the doors. Mom spotted Dad. They did some sign language that only we would understand. Mom had me walking as close as possible to her, behind the cart so I wouldn't' get run over. She handed me and the cart off to Dad so she could get B.

Once they got clear, I went back to Mom. So we had to walk about a mile to the counter for the buses and taxis. Keep in mind it has been about 22 hours since I last had a chance to pee. Mom is a little peeved at Dad about the visa thing and is feeling like she is going to pass out. Dad gets in the bus line. Mom tells him not no, but hell no. She also reminds him I need to GO. We finally get outside and Mom sends me to the nearest bit of something other than concrete. There was this weird didn't matter, a tree had never looked soo good. I actually propped my leg and took a wide stance.

Taking care of B was Mom's next goal. Thank Dog Dad remembered to bring a knife to cut the zip ties in the door. Bretta ended up riding in her crate in the backseat with me and Mom. Dad rode up front. We got stopped at one point, right after we got moving. Something about a motorcade for some president who was leaving the country. (That may explain the dudes in uniform with what appeared to be Israeli-made hardware.)

Mom tried to check out the scenery, but she passed out. She was in and out of things. I hugged her neck and licked her face, trying to wake her up. She whispered that the mountains reminded her of Vegas. Since we weren't in any danger, I decided to just let her be. Luckily, she had given Dad her backpack, so he had her passport and ID. She needed 2 forms of ID to get in the housing area. The taxi gets to our building so I wake Mom up. She got me out ok and got Bretta out. Dad grabbed a bag and just took us upstairs. Bretta ended up tethered in the living room while Mom fell out on the bed.

Dad got us fed and watered and got Bretta bedded down for the night. I made myself at home. It was about 7PM local time or 5AM EST.

Bretta woke Mom up about 2AM needing to go out. They got downstairs and took care of business. When they get back in the elevator, Mom hits "6" instead of "4". We had been staying on the 6th floor at the hotel. Mom goes door 605 and tries to open it. She was about to knock when she realized her mistake. Thankfully she didn't wake anyone up. She and I made a quick trip out and made it back to the right floor without a problem. We went back to bed until Bretta woke Mom up again at 5AM.


Days leading up to the Big Flight

March 7th 2008 1:39 am
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The purpose of this blog is to document and recount my various adventures Stateside and Beyond.

Dad is active duty in the United States Air Force. We are moving to Seoul, South Korea. We will be there for two years; plenty of time time for a little guy to have some big adventures.

Mom started by packing and repacking her two big bags. Then she packed a smaller bag and we took a quick trip to Florida. I didn't get to see my beagle sister, Lola, but I did get to see "Grandma" Pat and Uncle Steve. G-ma Pat's brother came out of his rooms to see me. He's in a wheelchair, so I'm always careful to watch my toes.

We left my goldfish there with Grandma Pat. Bretta got to play off-leash and meet the cows. I met them several months ago when Mom and I came down for a visit. I'm not impressed with them. Bretta seems to think she's special since they followed her around.

We went to one of Mom's favorite places to have supper. She saved me a bite of steak since she won't give me anything while we are in a restaurant. She feels it doesn't set a good example.

We went to see Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Jack. It is always fun to go to their house. Uncle Jack always sneaks me some good treats. Bretta had to work for her treats. All I have to do is stand there and look cute. They fall for the "Beagle Eyes". Mom ancd I left Dad and Bretta there while we went to Mom's orthopedist appointment. We were waiting on her prescriptions when I alerted her. I didn't understand why she didn't immediately take her meds or head to the car. I got pretty insistent with her. She finally took them, but I knew it was too late to stop it. By the time we got back to Aunt Bonnie's, Mom was having problems seeing out of her right eye.

Aunt Bonnie believes in cooking. So she made us eat. All of us. (Big Smile) The ride home (back to Maryland) was weird. Mom was drugged out. I was mad because I was seat belted into the backseat and couldn't reach her. She finally managed to get her arm and hand where I could touch her. The craziness continued when we got home. Dad got busy packing and doing some stuff out on the deck/porch. The vibe was pretty urgent.

Mom and Dad woke up really early on Saturday and left....without me. Mom came back by herself. I asked her where Dad went. She kept telling me and Bretta that Dad had to go ahead to Korea so things would be in order when we get there. I miss him.

This last week has been even crazier. Starting 2/18.

Mom has been packing boxes and moving stuff around. Tuesday she actually left me at home. HOW RUDE! She said something about taking those large boxes to the post office.

Then some guy shows up and Mom lets him in. He starts loading it up. Mom actually crated me and told me to make myself comfortable, that I'd be spending some time in there over the next couple of days. Great.

We ran to Target for a couple of things. Mom found this kewl little soft-sided crate for me. It is too small for me to travel in, but it will fit in her pack and will give me my own space if we get tired of each other.

Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2008

The movers didn't leave until late. Bretta and I were crated ALL DAY! Mom managed tp grab a quick shower and tried to sack out on the floor in the sleeping bag. She left my crate door open, but I slept with her. Yes, I'd rather sleep on the hard floor with her than in my crate with soft bedding. She's soo stressed that I won't leave her.

She realized that the movers had packed our backpack. My kewl crate is out in the Jeep, but my back up toys are gone as is our binky.

Thursday, Feb, 21, 2008

The movers got done early. Mom loaded up our bags and off to the hotel we go. Now, this is my idea of roughing it. We've got this huge King size bed, a mini-fridge, microwave, and a couch. I jumped up and down on the bed while Mom sorted through her bags. We ran out to get another pack and binky, then back to the old place to get Bretta and her crate. Mom also cleaned out the freezer. She did well at rationing out the RAW. I'll get it until we leave! YIPPEEEEE!!!!

Friday, Feb, 22, 2008

The weather is NASTY! It started raining, then it froze. Mom had to drop off the cable boxes and get us to the vet for our health certificates. She had a mini-breakdown. No one told her that it had to be stamped by someone in Annapolis or it wouldn't be legal. Thank Dog the ladies at the clinic were nice. They called around to make sure someone would be there and printed out directions for Mom. They went above and beyond. Everyone was wanting to close early because it was supposed to rain some more. Mom ran Bretta back to the hotel and we were off to get the stamp.

We went back by the apartment. Mom cleaned out her Jeep while we were waiting on the guys to come get them. She called Uncle Jay about getting the stuff from the Jeeps.

I got to take my first cab ride. It cost $25 to go 10.5 miles from the apartment to the hotel (by the airport).

Mom took a shower and fed me (and Bretta, but she doesn't get RAW). Later, like really late for Mom, we went down to the restaurant. It is strange for Mom to eat alone. I was a good boy. I grabbed a nap since it was soo quiet. Mom brought me back a small bit of roll.

We just hung out. Bretta has finally had a breakthrough. Mom tethered her to the desk. Bretta finally realized that it was nice to just HANG OUT. She realized it was cool to just be still. That is a major thing for her. She's also figured out that she's been rude by constantly dropping her Kong in Mom's lap. So, for the moment, she's not being soo OCD.

Saturday, Feb. 23, 2008

Mom called the airline to make sure they had us in the system. We then went down to the "Business Center" to make copies of our paperwork. Seriously, she has at least 6 sets of copies of everything. While we were down there, we had to watch out for the wedding party in the wing by where we have been going potty. We were accosted coming back inside. We weren't vested. Mom let Bretta greet them. I wasn't interested in being molested so I backed between Mom's feet.

Speaking of standing between Mom's feet. That is what I've started doing in the elevator. The hotel elevator feels like a roller coaster (even to Mom). It also keeps me out of the way. Mom has told us that we need to get use to it since Dad has informed her we will be living on the 4th floor. Bretta does ok with it; Mom just reminds her to watch her tail. Then again, most people tend to try to get as far away as possible from her. We don't understand it. She's the most polite Mal you'll ever meet. The chicks at the vet office are card carrying members of the Bretta Fan Club.

Mom had pizza tonight. She also stayed up late. She was still up when there was a knock on the door (like at midnight). It was another pizza guy. Mom didn't open the door. I was right there with her, growling loud enough that I could be heard through the door. He heard me and started acting nervous. Bretta barked once. It was one of those sharp, "I'll mess you up if you don't leave" barks. That made him leave.

After we were sure he was gone, Mom took us out to potty. Bretta was on high alert, intently watching EVERYTHING.

Sunday, Feb. 24, 2008

We woke Mom up bright and early. Mom spent a bunch of time repacking. I know something is up. Mom double checked Bretta's crate and then zip-tied it. I guess Bretta will be traveling in it. Poor Girl. Mom made a big deal of laying out my working gear and choosing which sweater I'd be wearing.

Uncle Jay came to get some of our stuff. I'm going to miss him, but Mom says I'll see him in a few months; that he's coming over for a year.

I ate the last of my buffalo meat. Also had a few medallions. Gees, I love this diet. She said something about making me run around so I'd poop before we get on the plane.

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