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I am NOT a snack....Scooter's Adventures in South Korea

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December 24th 2008 10:22 am
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Sunday, September 21st

Wasted Day. Dad 's sinuses are bugging him and Mom is going to have a really bad migraine. She's fighting it. We laid around and recouped. Mom did try to upload pictures before her head went to the depths of despair.

Monday, September 22nd
Mom was soo sick that she forgot it was Dad's birthday. She could barely get up to take me out. We snuggled. Mom went through all of the ice packs systematically; nothing helped. It finally started to ease off around 3PM leaving Mom feeling drained. She and Dad discussed the Neuro giving up and Mom's real options when it comes to the Korean idea of a pain management clinic. Mom has some , concerns with the language barrier reining as number one. The biggest concern is over what this backwoods country calls palliative care when the most she's ever seen is them treating Motrin like heroin. And very concerned that Biofeedback is going to be a large part of it. Mom has another massage appointment. Hopefully, it continues to work.

Tuesday, September 23rd.
Mom left me at home to go to her massage appointment. She came home, fed me early, then we went out to catch the base shuttle and hit the movies (without Dad). It wasn't crowded. Mom let me lay in her lap which was cool. I could see the screen and keep Mom awake; “Get Smart” wasn't that great. Dad had texted Mom that he was on his way back to base, so she called him and we headed to the Dragon to meet him. When we got there, he was standing with Casey and a bunch from work. They have the bus drop them there since the always miss the last bus.

When we got home, I curled up between them on the couch and started talking. Mom is always trying to get me to say, “I love you” and “Momma”. She has learned my secret weakness, freeze dried liver. I didn't break, but I did meow like a cat.

Wednesday September 24th
Mom and I slept in. We didn't really make plans, but we definitely needed to go to the Post Office. We caught the shuttle over and went to the PX. I had an embarrassing moment. All of the liver made me a little loose and I got a little on my butt. Mom pulled out the baby wipes and wiped my butt in public. We headed to the mail room. Dad was with, so we waited in the cab. We had a notice for a package that the other mail room. A short ride over, and Mom and I went to get it while Dad waited in the taxi. We had a bunch of boxes. Dad was acting like a little kid because his PS3 arrived. Mom and I walked over to the mini-commissary while Dad did a happy dance over his new toy.

Wednesday November 1st
Mom put me in my sling to carry me out of the building because they were waxing the floor. She didn't count on having to get off the elevator at the 2nd floor then carry me down a flight of stairs and step carefully to get out of the stupid building. Mom had a neurology appointment. We had a bit of a wait because the doc had an emergency. I was in the mood to anticipate every little move or thing Mom was going to do. That meant Mom had to stay on my butt, but not in a bad way; just that I acted spring loaded. Mom thinks the cool (but not cold) weather may play into it.

We were going to hit the aquarium earlier this week, but Dad didn't feel up to it. Mom wants to take me to the Osan Air Show in a couple of weeks, Dad won't get to go due to work. I'm still not completely down with his schedule. We don't get to spend much time with him during his actual “work week”; he's either gone or sleeping. He does understand my need to greet him when he comes home. He picks me up and lets me talk to him as soon as he walks into the door. I literally jump into his arms.

Today is Lola's birthday. She turned 11 today. I miss her a lot.

Thursday, November 2nd.
Mom needed some stuff from the PX, Dad needed a haircut, and we all needed to go check the mail. We hit the PX first. Mom and I went back to get something and she decided to test me. Silly Woman. She asked me to “Find Daddy”. When I found him, I started talking. Mom thought I was about to bay which would be bad. I held it in, but I did have to tell him that she sent me to find him.

We hit the food court for lunch. Mom and I went through the line and ordered the sandwiches while Dad arranged our stuff in his backpack at the table. Afterwards, he went into the barber shop for a haircut while we ran into the 4-Seasons since it is in the same building. When we were done, we went into the B-shop to wait on Dad. The waiting area is in the middle of the room. I was standing with a foot on Mom's chair so I could check her out when this grumpy old man comes in. I popped down and moved under Mom's legs (to be out of the way). He tries to pet me as he walks by. Mom isn't big on people messing with me and certainly not when someone invades her personal space. Her “Please, don't pet him; he's working.” gets Mom told she has a “bad attitude”. I guess she's supposed to let random old grumpy men pet me while I'm trying to do my job.

So, I pop up to finish checking Mom out, then give her a kiss on the cheek and the “All Clear” sign then put my feet on the ground and got back under the chair. The old guys just glares and says it doesn't look like I'm working. Dad comes long about that time and scrtiches me on top of the head (which really pissed the old man off) and calls me “Little Man”.

The bus ride to base was tedious. The brat sitting in the seat in front of me kept slamming himself back into the seat. The seat was shaking. Mom laid my seat back as far as she could. The brat was noisy too. The wait for a taxi was worse. Another demon spawn with a parent too busy smoking a cigarette to be bothered to parent their child. Darwin will claim that one if it's mother lets it stand up in an umbrella stroller very often.

We did get one of the better taxi drivers. He kept Mom laughing. Dad had to take a nap since he's doing midnights. I did sneak in and to wake him up. Mom and I headed to the mini-commissary while Dad was in the shower. His new thing is to tell me I'm in charge while he's gone; well, DUH!

Mom gave me some yummy beef for supper. Then we curled up in the big bed and watched NCIS on dvd most of the night.


2008 USAF Ball

September 22nd 2008 2:01 am
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Mom is trying to get all of the pictures uploaded to my photobucket account so she can link to it. For some reason, things are going S-L-O-W-L-Y!!!

Saturday, September 20th

I woke up at 5:50AM for breakfast and to go potty. Mom took care of me and went back to bed until her clock went off. I nudged her to get her up. Maybe I should have let her oversleep; making her get up got me a bath.

In protest over her leaving me at home, I refused to kiss her goodbye. No, I'm not a fan of sitting by and watching her let someone hurt her and I'm not a fan of the smells at the salon, but my job is to take care of her. She did take some special preventative meds (stuff that she can't take everyday), but still, we know they don't always work. She also said she would have to boogie to make it from her massage appointment to her hair/nail appointment.

While she was waiting for the bus, she called Dad to find out about transportation. It was raining. He said that the shuttle buses for the event were leaving at 5PM from the commissary. There was no way Mom could make one of them. Not having a phone number to call to have a taxi dispatched to the compound is a major pain in the butt. The idea of trekking to the front gate in 5" heels while holding up her dress and keeping under an umbrella was making her second guess the whole idea of going.

The humidity had knocked a lot of the curl out of her hair, so she had to recurl it. I laid in the hall and watched. She had Dad feed Bretta and I and take us out to potty while she finished her hair and did her makeup. Except, I wasn't allowed to walk; Dad carried me over to the grass. Got to stay clean.

I watched them get dressed and I started getting excited. I have to say that Dad had more stuff to do that I've ever seen. The shirt stays look like some sort of torture device. Mom got me dressed and Dad was in charge of getting my pins even. I have a pair of gold Caduceus pins (they couldn't find silver ones) as well a pair of Israeli Defense Forces Anti-terrorism "Service Dog" pins (in the original style; they have since changed designs).

It was a slow walk across the compound. Actually, I didn't walk; Dad carried me and tried to keep the umbrella over Mom. Dad did flag down a cab instead of making her walk to the cab stand about fifty yards away. It was also a slow walk into the building. The driver let us off on the side of the building instead of the front. As soon as we got inside and she could drop her dress, she took some masking tape to Dad to get off any stray white hairs.

We had to walk a gauntlet of arched swords, clapping, cheering people, and guys standing on chairs tossing rose petals like confetti. The pawrents let me watch it a couple of times since the guys with swords were going from attention to present arms which included the swords hitting and their heels clicking on the tile. That was a little freaky; I don't like guys I don't know flashing weapons. Having rose petals showered down on me was "different" and strange, but not freaky and the cheering and clapping didn't bother me. Mom took me through it at a decent pace considering her shoes and once we got past the swords, I'd have been happy to slow it down and enjoy the "fanfare".

The escalator going to the ballroom on the second floor was about twenty feet past the gauntlet. There was no way Mom could manage the escalator in that dress so we were escorted to the elevators. Dad got us checked in and was given a slip of paper with our table assignment on it.

Oh My Dog, it was crowded. This was a peninsula-wide event. Dad got Mom a coke and himself a beer and we started mingling. There were lots of questions about me. Lot of people wanting to take my picture. We finally got to where we could see the table arrangement diagram and then headed in to be seated.

Our table was near the front and right by the ROK MNO Band that was going to play during the meal. The band consisted of traditional Korean/Asian instruments (including a drum, which was right near us) as well as "modern" strings. The bass was also near us. They didn't play that loud (they were mic'd, but I guess they had someone running hte audio board that knew to cut the speakers on our side) and there was no heavy beating of the drums, though Mom did put my Mutt Muffs on me due to the noise from the toasts and the guest speakers.

The tables seated ten. Someone who works with Dad (and Dad knows from way back) was seated at our table along with his wife (who Dad also knows from way back). We also had a couple of officers and their wives. There had been a mix up and one of the pair had been separated at two tables on opposite ends of the room, but they got it sorted out. We had a couple of "singles" that never showed or decided to sit elsewhere.

I got bling. Well actually everyone at the table got bling. Instead of passing out wine glasses etched with USAF Ball, we got these cool coins.

Mom and I went to get her another coke (since the meal was served with wine and water). We had taken my Mutt Muffs off. As we were walking to our table, a new set of entertainment started...a drum line. It was loud and I didn't like it. Mom got my MM's on me as fast as she could.

There was an intermission of sorts. We filed out to take some pictures in front of the ice sculpture. I had my picture taken by more people and several people made the assumption I was a unit mascot. On the way back to our table, Dad asked Mom if she wanted my picture with a General. Duh! Unfortunately, I stuck my tongue out. I was checking out his bling. Lieutenant General Wood (3 stars) has some impressive bling.

We mingled some more, sat through a video presentation, some speeches, and the Air Force Song. We talked to our table mates and other people who came by before heading out to take more pictures. We didn't go to the other ballroom for dancing. Mom's feet were starting to hurt. She did take off her shoes which meant I had to be even more careful about not stepping on her dress.

Thankfully, the hotel is big enough (and busy enough) to warrant taxi's constantly pulling up. We didn't have to wait. The ride home was quicker (combo of less traffic due to it being after 10PM and the route).

Mom told Dad on the ride that she won't make the mistake of wearing a dress with a train ever again. From now on, her gowns will have to be straight sheaths. Dad kept joking that I was trying to stand on her dress and hitch a ride. Once we got home, Mom got me undressed and Dad got her unzipped. Mom had a little problem. She had used some special double sided tape inside her dress...she was scared of flashing too much or worse, if for some reason the dress fell down. It was some good tape...she had a hard time peeling it off. She had to then take a combo of baby oil and then rubbing alcohol to get the residue lines off and realized that she needs to be more careful with that kind of almost tore the skin on her sides when she peeled it off. Ouch!!!

Mom told Dad and I that we were the best looking guys there before she turned out the light.

Mom's Notes -
I was tag-teamed for my mani/pedi. Walking out to catch the cab was a nightmare. I was scared I was going to drop my dress into a puddle or into the mud. I ended up wrinkled.

I really didn't want to walk the gauntlet either. I spent most of the night worrying about walking in those heels.

The food was great. Hubby had to make the Beef/Chicken/Vegetarian decision when he bought the tickets; the beef was superb, so he chose well. The first course was salmon tartar (with butterflied shrimp and some roe mixed in). I took a bite. I'm not a fan of the uncooked fish. The second course was corn chowder; it had some other veggies in it that gave it a burst of flavor. The main entree was steak soo tender it reminded me of pot roast with mashed potato, a bit of gravy, a funny looking mushroom (it looked like a bunch of flower buds on a single main stalk), and minced veggies on a piece of zucchini. Desert was a brownie with ice cream and tiny chunks of watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, and a single un-pitted maraschino cherry (that I thought was a grape until I got it in my mouth).

Dinner conversation flowed. The usual "Where are you from and where have you been?" into "Where do you want to go?". I'm not always good with names; tonight was easy...Melissa and Melissa.

I've got to take a second to mention the clothes. Tons of beautiful dresses in almost every color imaginable. I saw several styles that I really loved (and goes with my new mantra of wearing a straight style without a train). One of the Japanese wives (married to a Japanese dignitary or liaison) wore a traditional Kimono with Obi. The needlework was exquisite.

I did feel like a princess. I don't normally walk around wearing make-up, let alone go around getting my hair or nails done weekly. I'm also not accustomed to wearing heels, let alone heels that high. I also had to chuckle when people finally realized that Scooter was wearing a leash. The cover was a hit (as was the formal wear). I think I'm going to have him another coat made from pinstripe suit material for those occasions where a suit and tie are more appropriate. I can then have bow ties made to match my dress. Big lesson learned....not all double-sided fashion tape is created equal.

Finally, I may be just a tad biased, but both of my guys looked good!


"Good Pain"...Formal Wear...Prepping for the big night

September 20th 2008 5:26 pm
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Thursday 9/18

We took a taxi to the Hamilton Hotel, then walked several blocks. Mom wasn't paying attention and the little mix breed terrier that we always see tied out in front of this one store tried charging me. The more I ignore him, the madder he gets.

It took us a few minutes to find the place Mom was looking for, then we had to walk up three flights of stairs. At first I didn't understand why Mom took off her shoes. We were shown into a room with a funny looking bed. It also has a funny looking chair with a small tub at the foot. Anyway, Mom got undressed and put on this robe that didn't have sleeves. She had brought my Eddie Bauer mini crate, so I settled in while she laid down on the bed.

Mom got a 90 minute massage that included some reflexology stuff on her feet. I don't understand the concept of "good pain"; all I knew was that the lady was, at times, hurting Mom and she was just laying there letting her. We had to stay to enjoy a cup of tea. Mom also scheduled another appointment. I guess this is something that we will be doing regularly now in an attempt to get Mom's neck pain under control.

We then walked to base to catch the bus to Osan. Dad left Mom in charge of picking up our formalwear. Unfortunately, she forgot to bring her MP3-player, but she did have a book to read. The trip down was uneventful.

The seamstress at the tailor shop was happy to see me. She did an awesome job on my coat, collar cover, and bow tie. She had to make an adjustment to the tie, but it didn't take her five minutes. Mom took a couple pics of me trying on my coat. Even without my "bling" on it, it looks really good and it fits really well.

Mom needed to eat, so we walked over to Chili's. She was happy to get to put the backpack down for a bit. We then went back to the bus station to catch the next bus back to Yongsan.

The ride back was awful. Cars kept pulling out in front of the bus (which was in the high speed bus-only lane). That meant "brake checks" from hades. Traffic once we got in to the city was bad, so we were about fifteen to twenty minutes late coming back. We did beat Dad though, even with the wait for a taxi. I was a hungry puppy; it was several hours past my normal supper time.

Friday, 9/19

Mom had a doctor's appointment. She didn't want to have to sit at the hospital for more than an hour, so we didn't take the shuttle. Mom's plan was to take a taxi to the one gate and then take the Post Run to the hospital. That didn't work out soo well. The harder Mom tries when it comes to speaking the language, the worse it seems to be. In this case, three different drivers didn't understand where she wanted to go and she got a little upset. Enough that she was getting an anxiety attack. I got her sorted out and longingly looked at one of the buses. She decided we'd go take the 110 to the gate closest to the bus terminal and still catch the Post Run.

I managed to walk on and off the bus by myself. (Keep in mind that the bus starts moving before you sit down and is very jerky.) We got a seat and I braced myself. We both managed to walk to the rear exit without falling on our faces. We were, however, 2 minutes too late to catch the Post Run. There were two people ahead of us in the taxi line. The first was going in our direction and the second was going to our desired location. We all loaded up and split the fare.

The taxi line was really long when we were done, so we just went to sit at the bus stop. We had a 30 minute wait. Mom watched the taxi line...we'd still have been waiting for one.

Mom had a ton of stuff to do in preparation for the Ball tomorrow night. I got my mani/pedi.


Movies, Movies, Movies...and Mom gets her "Precious"

September 20th 2008 4:57 pm
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Sunday 9/14

We napped the rest of the morning after Dad got home then took the shuttle bus to base. The pawrents decided to eat Mexican at the Dragon. That was a bit of a mistake. There was a large group seated about twenty feet away from us and we could hear their entire conversation. They were soo loud, Mom almost had to leave just from the noise.

Sometimes when things are too loud, it can be a trigger.

All of the shopettes were closed for the "Holiday" so Mom couldn't get any Nerds so we went to wait at the theater. We were sitting on the steps waiting for the doors to open, so Mom took the opportunity to water me (it was warm out). She had set my bottle back in our bag. I drank what she had poured and she asked me if I wanted some more. Someone (who didn't know Mom had the bottle stashed) thought I was out and was going to have to wait until we could get inside, so he offered me some from his bottle. It is nice to see other people look out for a pup.

We saw Babylon AD. Mom wasn't impressed (she almost fell asleep).

Monday 9/15

We went to the PX (Mom had laid eyes on a D&B purse that, from a classic color standpoint, would go with her dress for the ball, unfortunately, someone had snapped it up) and then to the theater to see Hellboy II. For once, we sat further forward in the theater. Mom was borderline so I laid in her lap and I actually watched part of the movie. I had hoped the Pom in the auction house would have lived; you'd think that tooth fairies wouldn't want to have to pick all that fur out from between their teeth.

Tuesday, 9/16

Mom was bummed about the D&B purse being gone, so Dad thought some retail therapy might help. Itaewon has some purse stores. Mom saw a couple that she sorta liked. One would have been perfect if it hadn't had these thimble looking things on it. The more they looked the more she got frustrated. Dad finally told her to see if she could find "The Precious" long as it was really big enough to hold our stuff. (Dad is the greatest!)

"The Precious" is an Hermes Birkin Bag knock off. Not one of the cheap knock offs, but a certain name brand of its own. Where the original costs way more than Dad makes in a year, this brand name is real skin as well, and still several hundred dollars. In the case of Mom's "Precious", we are talking gray croc.

Mom finally found the store that had it. Dad managed not to flinch at the price. He did look at it and wonder if it would really hold my mat as well as the rest of our stuff. After he saw how much it will hold, he's been joking that it is like the Tardis, much bigger on the inside.

We then walked to base. Wanted was playing and the pawrents had been wanting to see it. The only reason we've been going to the movies soo much is that it admission is free. Either the MWR (morale, welfare, and recreation fund) or AAFES pays for the admissions. We still have to buy snacks and drinks, but they don't cost near what they do at the regular theaters in the US. They agree that it is spoiling them, but it is at a location that is easy for us to access and it is something to occupy their time. Mom thinks Dad needs to get back into playing in the weekly poker tournaments at the Navy Club.

I'm on cloud nine. Mom is back to using a knee pillow, especially when she lays on her back, so I have a nice snuggle-y place to prop my head.


Trying to Maintain

September 20th 2008 4:54 pm
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Friday, September 12

It was a really bad, really long night. Mom's neck went out. She said if felt like someone had hit her on the back of the neck. This tends to make her headaches worse. I kept trying to get her to stop gritting her teeth. She gave herself leg cramps bracing against the floor. Silly woman didn't want to go wake Dad up to take her to the ER.

I laid in the bathroom floor while she sat in the tub to get her legs to quit. We tried to sit on the couch. Mom tried the TENS unit on her shoulders. If Dad had been up, she'd had actually put it further up her neck, but sometimes that can make it hard to breathe. I thought she was going to bang her head against the wall before it was over. We finally tried to lay down again before I let her know that her alarm was about to go off and I needed to go out.

We called the appointment line and got a same day appointment then reset the clock and laid back down. She went through all of her pillows trying to find one that didn't make it hurt worse. She finally got her "space" pillow where it moved something just enough her neck cracked a bit. I laid wrapped around the pillow with my head beside hers.

My favorite leash has been temporarily sewn into the leash cover for the ball next weekend, so I'm having to use a back up leash and the snap is almost too heavy. Mom and I have been trying to work around it. She's to the point she's ready to maybe use a different leash, but couldn't find the one she wanted, so I had to use the heavy one.

There was a cute little baby on the bus. She was the happiest little toothless chubbster. She just smiled at us and laughed. Her mom had a clue...she had stuff to keep her occupied when she had to put her in her carrier/carseat, so she didn't scream like some of them tend to do.

So, Mom got some meds and we caught a taxi home. We've seen that doc before and he knows the deal.

Dad had bathed Bretta and was playing the Wii when we got home. She told him that we needed to go check the mail. He had time before he had to be at work, so we caught the shuttle bus. This time there was a kid that needed to learn the meaning of shut up and sit down. Seriously...his mom told him at least a dozen times before the bus started to sit down. He started to come bug us, but Dad gave him the look knowing Mom's frame of mind. I just sighed. Right before we pulled out, Mom's drugs kicked in and she said her pain level went down considerably. Maybe we can sleep tonight...or should I say, maybe I can sleep in the bed tonight. Don't get me wrong, the couch is comfy enough, but I like to snuggle under the down comforter.

We got the same taxi driver we had the other day. He remembered me and where our mail room is at. Then we had to stop at the big mail room because we had package notices. Mom's stripper shoes came...seriously, they have 5 inch "chunky" heels. Dad could kiss Mom without getting a crick in his neck. She says she's going to wear them to the ball. Why do I have a feeling this means that we will be walking V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W-L-Y? Is she going to figure out a way to make my leash 5" longer? The pawrents "Inversion System" (AKA gravity boots and bar) also came in the mail. Mom hopes that by hanging upside down she can decompress her lower back and maybe her neck.

Traffic through Itaewon wasn't bad; it was quite normal. Hopefully Dad will get home at a normal time in the morning. He likes to tell me that I'm in charge when he leaves. I'm so in charge that I made sure Mom ate and that she gave me something extra tasty as well. I had half a cornish hen breast and a wing. It was yummy. I know Mom has another one thawing for me and I think she is going to bake a couple for her and Dad tomorrow.

Saturday, September 13th

It has been a lazy day. We played late last night. I can run circles on our bed and I like to let Mom tackle me. Dad does this thing with Lamby where he holds him by the legs and pulls his tail like he's cocking a gun then he shoots me. Mom did it, but instead of "Bang" she said "Bah". I got more Beagle Brisket tickles before we settled down to watch movies on tv in the bedroom. She piled all the pillows on the bed so I could tunnel or lay on top of them. I miss our bed not being up against the wall on one side, but our bedroom is too small and the radiator is in the way.

We really didn't sleep, so we laid down with Dad. It was a good nap. Now Mom is trying to decide if we are going to go to Aunt Susan's get together or stay home. We missed leaving in time to see the 5PM movie, and Mom isn't keen on being out really late, so the 8:30 movie is out. (OK not soo late, but by the time that movie gets out, we walk to where we can get a taxi, and we wait in line, it would be after 11PM.)


I know the ER drill....Mom needs to stay out of the kitchen

September 12th 2008 4:32 am
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Wednesday, September 10

Early morning:
We didn't sleep much last night. Mom was sick. Dad got onto her this morning and told her that if she didn't go get the headache knocked out, he was going to take her to get it knocked out. Mom called when the appointment line opened at 7:30 to see if maybe we could get in to see the neuro, but he's booked solid and her next appointment is on the 19th. So, Mom is going to lay down for a few and then we will be off to the ER to take care of the problem.

Mom can look back and laugh. I know the drill. Walk around to the ER door, go through the automatic (noisy) door. Go into the first room where Mom's checked in and signed up. Go wait in the waiting room. If we are the only ones there, Mom will find the remote and turn the tv volume down. When they call Mom's name (yes, I know Mom's name), I stand up and collect myself (and shake or whatever). We walk through another heavy door and I know exactly what room they will put us in. We get inside and I go sit by the bed. Mom gets her shoes off and puts our bag out of the way. Depending on who comes in to start the IV and what arm they want, I may have to move to the other side of the bed.

I'm also to the point that I know several of the staff on sight and smell. One of the female nurses is really calming; I really like her and I now wag my tail at her when I see her. I also now recognize one of the guys. He's the one who stuck Mom today (and got it right the first time). He did her right arm and didn't make me move. He thought it was funny that as soon as he got done and got all of the tape on it that I was ready to get on the bed where I sniffed Mom's new addition without touching it then laid down to wait. I also recognized the female Doc and she gave me some love. She got one of my favorite spots behind my ear.

Another of the female nurses came in just to see me and make friends. Mom is all for letting them pet me because if something were to go really wrong, one of them would have to move me (they would have to move me if I were on the floor too), so she wants me comfortable with them. I'm still not really sure about one of the other male nurses that works back there. There is something about him that I find off-putting and Mom isn't sure why. (Times like this she wishes I could talk so I could tell her exactly why.)

Anyway, they didn't get the headache knocked completely out, but did knock it down enough that Mom was better. We came home and kicked back.

Dad was late getting home. Really, really late. Traffic was horrible. This is a long holiday weekend for the Koreans. Someone compared it to Thanksgiving and Christmas combined where everyone leaves for their "ancestral home" or to grandma's. We've heard that Seoul is more or less deserted, if you can imagine a city that large ever being really deserted.

Thursday, September 11

Mom joked that this morning was like the movie "Ground Hog Day" where she'd wake up, go get something to drink, go potty, and go back to bed only to repeat like 3 or 4 times. Then Dad was even later getting home since traffic was worse than the night before. He did call so Mom would have an idea of maybe when to expect him. He said he was hungary so Mom decided to cook. It really wasn't her night to be in the kitchen.

First, she shattered the bowl she was using to flour the meat. When it hit the floor, one of the shards hit her foot and stuck. I was laying on the couch (since I'm not allowed in the kitchen while she's frying anything or opening the oven). I came running to the doorway and halted. She did manage to clean it all up without burning the meat. She got the glass out of her foot too. It wasn't that bad. Then, she decided to do dishes and almost cut her hand open. At that point, she decided that Dad could finish the dishes and she stayed out of the kitchen for the rest of the night.


Boys Night In...Busy week...BP woes...I like going to the- theater.

September 9th 2008 9:00 am
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Monday, September 1

We had rode the bus to the PX when they called to say they were on their way. Dad had to scramble to get "Guy Food". (Brats and Beer). Dad wasn't helping Mom's headache at all with the volume control on the remote. Then again, Mom can magically "tell" when Dad has had X number of Beer. That is when we generally tell him we are going to bed.

Tuesday, September 2

I was a good boy in that I didn't try to wake either of the Uncles up. Josh had settled itno my papasan chair and Jay had the whole stretched out fouton couch to himself. I wanted to tell them "Good Morning" with a loud AAAARRRROOO, but Mom told me NO.

We all rode the public bus to the War Memorial, then walked to the gate, then headed to the bus station, got tickets, then went to eat lunch. The bus was crowded so I didn't have a seat to myself. Then the bus driver started with the "pets in carrier" crap. He got the manager who took one look at us and told the guy NOPE. He rides loose.

We got there and told the guys Bye. Dad needed to get a Dress Mess uniform for this ball and the tailor at Yongsan doesn't do USAF ones, only Army. Mom brought my Rough Wear Cooler as a template for my dress mess.

The guy was thrown for a loop when we first started talking to him about it, but after a few minutes and me explaining the coat and the covered collar with a bow-tie, he got excited. We had to go next door to clothing sales to buy the buttons, so he was even more impressed with the buttons we chose for Scooter's coat.

It was interesting to Mom that he understood why we were going for the look.

We then went shopping in the BX propper. Mom found a shirt she liked. Then we took a taxi to the front gate to look at purses. While we were walking around, Dad saw a store that carries gear bags and MOLLE stuff. Mom got the basic harness (to fit her) there. One of the guys asked about me. Mom explained she has a neurological condition and about the alerts and the response and hearing tasks. Mom has noticed that when people ask and comprehend the work aspect, that the common thing for Koreans to say is that I am a smart/deep dog. Like they don't see that in their pets.

As we walked around a well groomed (shaven footed) Maltese issued a warning from a store door. He got the dog next door screaming too. All I did was walk by. I looked up and Mom and just sighed. Had I been in my old 60# body, I'd have made them quake. We took a taxi back to the BX. Mom was done with the looking, but we had time to kill to catch a bus home. Dad opted to get a haircut; we hit the shopette in search of snacks.

Mom had, somehow, forgotten her meds. She had taken her dispenser into the kitchen to refill one when the guys got her sidetracked. She was going downhill fast. On the way out the door to the bus station we a little girl stop up to ask questions. Mom just handed her my card and told her I was working. She just didn't have the juice to explain. Mom does try to answer people's questions, but times like that, my card is the best she can do.

The bus was crowded going home as well. Mom had hoped we would get a pair of seats to ourselves so she could stretch out and try to "go someplace else". Cramped in with Dad, I sorta laid on him so I could see out the window and Mom used her MP3 player (lots of Enya) to drown out the noise. By the time we pulled up to the Moyer Bus Terminal, I was laid across both of them. Luckily, we got a cab quickly. It was a little after 9 when we got home (late for us)

Wednesday, September 3

Dad's first day on his new schedule. He left the house EARLY. Mom forgot to set her clock. She took an Ambien....and slept for 17 hours...she did get up to take me potty and feed me breakfast. Thankfully, she woke up before my suppertime. She said the dreams were wild.

Thursday, September 4

Dad has weird hours. He did go with us to the mini commissary before he had to go to work. Some kids kept screaming at us. Definitely not good for Mom's headache. He also keep coming up and circling us. Mom had to do the drill sgt voice. She let him know that he was to keep his hands to himself and to stop screaming around us.

Friday, 5th needed to stay awake cause he was going to do midnights. We did a lot of walking.

Saturday, September 6

There was supposed to be a concernt on base...some sort of end of summer jam. We missed the shuttle bus, so we decide to take a cab. Between the two of us we got pretty close and next time I know more explicit directions to get to that gate. Concert was a no-go. The pawrents ate, then Mom felt really light headed.

Sunday, September 7

Dad decided he needed new glasses, so we went to the optometrist. I laid down and ignored everything while they did Dad. Mom had to remind me to hold my down/stay because I wanted to be right there beside her. Dad managed me just fine. I made sure he heard my displeasure (loud sigh). We walked to base and hit the PX. While we were there, we ran into Aunt Sharon and Uncle Clint. Mom got a new camera. Her old Kodak is bulky to carry around. Her new Nikkon matches her purple metallic Oakleys. It is also really slim and fits into "our" bag much better. We grabbed a cab to the theater and watched Death Race. Mom and Dad agree they must have it when it hits DVDs; Dad for the action and Mom for the eye candy. Why couldn't they have a cute little girly female for me to look at.

Mom's headache was sorta all over the place, so I laid in her lap She said her arms fells asleep while sitting there; she wasn't leaning on anything. She's still light headed off and on. When we got home her fingernail beds were this really cool shade of purple/blue.

Oh and the big hit of the day was when we were walking towards the gate. We ran into the really loud rude woman who yelled and screamed at us the first week we were here. I walked by like I owned the place and she didn't say a word. She literally stopped mid-sentence to someone in her family and watched us walk by like we were part of a parade or something. I guess she's never seen a Beagle wearing a vest and doing a show walk on a loose lead. It made Mom smile.

Monday, September 8

We were supposed to go to Osan for our fittings. Mom was too sick. We did manage to go get the glasses. Mom looks cool. She only has to wear hers while reading or on the computer. We also went to get Mom's dress. The seamstress made me a leash cover on the spot that matches Mom's dress. It is going to be awesome. She also has several other dresses that Mom wants. One is a pretty ballerina type dress...all flowy and pink with just a hint of beading. It would look awesome with ballet (toe) shoes. Mom may go buy it next month. We have other events coming up.

Tuesday, September 9

Dad went to Osan without us. Mom was too sick. I will have to go down at another time for my fitting. Dad has told Mom (repeatedly) that she needs to go to the hospital. This headache has progressed to the point "status" (and then some). If Mom's head is still hurting tomorrow, he wants her to go.

There is new info out that say the more of these headaches Mom has the greater the chance that she will develop some sort of brain damage and greatly increases her risk of stroke. She's also having more stroke like symptoms with some of these headaches. Little things like remembering words. She says she can see them in her head, but she can't say the word. With the BP stuff, we are all worried. Mom is just being stubborn. She's tired of being the guinea pig or getting her hopes up and then something not working out.


Ambien dreams and Mom's visit to "Puppy Street"

September 9th 2008 8:17 am
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Friday, August 29

Mom had an appointment with her neuro. General consensus is that she's broke. We've tried all the tricks. Mom had looked at several good resources for information on migraine management, trying to find a combo that while it can't be taken as a daily preventative, it can be taken if someone has something very special to do. So she got a scrip for that, and full warnings about not mixing it with her normal migrane med. She also bit the bullet and opted to try Ambien again. Mom had tried it once, long, long ago. I heard the hunting dogs, a decade later talking about how she picked ticks off them and cleaned them up and clean out their pen all while half asleep. It was enough to make the one little beagle not want to break out of her pen for fear Mom would dip her.

We left the hospital and met Dad at the Dragon for a late lunch. Mom was in the middle of eating when I alerted her. Dad suggested she try the new med. It did ok at first. We made it home and she thought she was in the clear, so she and Dad hopped the public bus to go look at dresses, She found her dream dress. They came back pretty quick because Mom started feeling worse.

So at bedtime, Dad suggested she take an Ambien so she'd be rested up. Uncle Jay and Uncle Josh wanted to come up to visit us. They are stationed at Osan. Aunt Meegan is back in Maryland with the hu-kid and Pauly. Pauly (and Needy) were Dad's cats. Needy and Mom didn't get along so we had to do what was in everyone's best interests. Pauly went to live with them when Dad got orders. Mom isn't a cat person, buy she misses Pauly.

Saturday, August 30

Mom slept weird and had strange dreams. At one point, she got up and went into the papsan chair because she was scared she was going to hurt me and Dad. Dad and I weren't scared, but it was strange that Mom didn't want me close. Once she sat there for awhile, it was like she woke up and started having an anxiety attack at the thought of hurting us. I calmed her down and finally got her to lay down between me and Dad,

When she woke up we decided to go to the movies. I laid in her lap while they watched House Bunny. I watched the trailers. I wanna see HellBoy II. Mom was really sick during the movie.

Sunday, August 31

Mom decided to leave me at home. She wanted to visit Chomuryo, but didn't want me there because she didn't know how it would be (since in a lot of ways Korea is like 20-30 years behind the US in something.

Here is Mom's report

This was puppy alley. Breedwise red poodles of all three sizes and Beagle babies ruled the day alongside a few English Bulldogs and Frenchies. I saw an adolescent boxer and a BYB crestie. I think I saw a labordoodle or a lab/golden cross. I really couldn't pay too much attention to him. We found out there was a large dog show going on down the road, but never made it to the location. I can say that the puppy stores were very clean and pups were only minamally caged and in containment of adquate size. Much better than anything I've ever seen in a US puppymill showcase.

We found a large supply store. Great selection of foods, supplements, toys, bags, collars,and leads. The one thing I didn't expect to see was a nicely groomed Beddlington Terrier as one of the customers. He was a nice little guy and seemed soo out of place there.

Mom was pretty sick when they came home. They did run up one subway stop to DongDea Mun. Mom brought back some live-plant materials for Blue's tank and got me a pair of goldfish. A Black Moor we are calling Hannibal, and a red and black oranda with striking markings that we are going to call Tojo, Mom did get frustrated. She saw a third goldfish at another store that she wanted. (He was a pearscale that had a Hitler mustache). The guys wouldn't' sell him, but would sell the rest of the fish in the tank. Mom also wanted 6 cardinal tetras, but since they wouldn't sell her the goldfish, she wasn't going to buy any other fish from them.

Mom got started on the tank, then had to lay down. Dad did his best with Tojo and Hannibal. Mom will decorate their tank later. I laid down with her...she went through a ton of ice packs and the tens unit. She really needed to go to the ER, but she didn't want to miss Dad's time with Uncle's Jay and Josh.



September 9th 2008 6:53 am
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Friday, August 22nd

We think Mom is having an allergic reaction to the nerve block. The only joints that don't hurt are her fingers and toes. She's also got leg cramps. It took us a few minutes to walk to the elevator. She didn't sleep despite being up for more than twenty-four hours. Then right after Dad left for work, Mom nodded off We basically staid in bed all day and missed our chance to call the neurologist. We are supposed to have plans this weekend. If Mom can't walk normally, then we won't be going.

Saturday August 23rd

We (Mom and I) slept for 4 hours. I asked to go out at 5AM and for breakfast,. She took care of me and laid back down. Once I ate and drank some water, I joined her. We overslept. Dad was up and puttering on his computer. It is his last real weekend deal. He starts his weird shift stuff next week.

Mom decided to tough it out. Susan was bringing her boytoy and Trish was coming as well as Aunt Sharon and Uncle Clint. We were to meet them at 8PM so we had time to ride the shuttle to base and browse the PX before catching a public bus to the meeting point. Mom is determined to make me a new sling. The "pet" slings kill her neck. SO, she's looking at getting a black MOLLE pack and having a sling bag made that will attach. Then she can carry me on either hip or in front.

We had a long walk to the gate and up to the bus stop. It was sorta nice because it is tree lined with lots of shade loving ground cover. Once on the bus, we got the driver from HELL. He drove like his personal goal was to give everyone whiplash. Mom and I were happy to get off the bus.

We walked around a bit, then Mom saw Susan, but wasn't 100% sure it was her. The whole thing about girls dressing to go riding and get stinky look one way vs being cleaned up. Her guy decided to bail on the food portion of the night, but would meet us later. Aunt Sharon and Uncle Clint showed up. Trish was running late. We decided to go to Geckos (bar). They wouldn't let me in., Mom was ticked. So we went to the Indian Restaurant instead.

I did my job, laying quietly under the table. The old man acted like he had never seen such a well behaved dog and the server thought I was adorable.

Susan had called Jayden to meet us at the Hard Rock. We got on the wait list for a table and left her number with the guy. Aunt Sharon has been reading about all the off-limits places (specific establishments) that we cannot go into, but there is nothing saying we can't walk down the road. Most of them are on "Hooker Hill". We walked up "Hooker Hill". I saw a couple of trannies and a bunch of prostitutes and even had a dog try to come out to great me from one of the houses. Not sure if the dog was "any of the above", but given the location, who knows. Susan was pointing out the tranny bars. Yeah, I wasn't impressed. Poor Daddy and Uncle Clint both looked a bit embarrassed. Mom summed it up well, if you've seen one hooker or one tranny, you've basically seen them all. Some just dress better than others.

The Hard Rock was LOUD!!! I had my mutt muffs on and the floor was vibrating. The band was ok, but the lead singer sounded like a tortured cat. Nothing like a Korean band trying to play British old school rock (Beatles, Queen, ect). I was happy when they took a break and went back to the techno crap. The service sucked. It was like they didn't want Americans in there. I doubt we go back, unless Mom takes me in there again, just to get my picture made.

We missed the last bus home, but we finally caught a cab. Mom had stacked triggers to the point she knew she was going to be sick. The scent of someone smoking further down the street, someone else marinating in perfume, the smell of something that cooked too long. Sometimes it happens.

Sunday August 24th

Mom didn't lay down until 9AM, then we slept most of the day.

Monday August 25th

Mom and Dad had ordered a TENS unit. Mom use to have one for her knee. Dad figures he will use it off and on for his back and that Mom will use it the most between her knees, shoulders, and neck. My Snoops bandanna came in the mail as well. Mom is going to get a pic of me in it soon.


Coex..subway of human sardines

August 25th 2008 11:47 am
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Wednesday, August 20th

Dad informed Mom that we have a formal event coming up. That means we have to go on the search for her a dress as well as have a tailor make me some evening wear. I've got to look good too.

Thursday, August 21st

Well...we went to the Coex. Mom and Aunt Sharon decided to they wanted to find Hannam Station, then saw a sign for a different subway station that would mean they only needed to do one line transfer. I swear we walked 2 miles before they almost didn't find it. If some well dressed dude hadn't come up from some semi-hidden steps, we probably wouldn't have found the station. Mom needs to find out which bus goes there from the stop out front.

We finally got to the station and made it to the mall without a problem. Did you know that Huyndai has a department store? First floor food. Second floor, cosmetics (yes, a whole floor of make up and skin care). Third floor, shoes and bags...including Jimmy Choo. Fourth floor, women's dressy clothes. Fifth floor, women's casuals including Oakley sunglasses and Juicy Couture. Mom found some purple metallic Oakleys that she had to have. We also found an umbrella store where Mom got two micro umbrellas. One of them has a small hard case, but Dad liked it, so just gave him a kiss.

There was also a big bookstore with a large selection of books in a variety of languages.

It was crowed when we headed home. People pack themselves onto the subway like sardines. Mom put me in my sling. I was illegally petted to the point all I could do was sigh and roll my eyes. Mom and Aunt Sharon were blocking for me to no avail. Mom carried me through the station where we changed lines - it was like walking through the Atlanta airport.

We passed a guide dog going the other way. He didn't see me and I ignored him. Mom needs to find out the Korean phrase so she can call out a warning. We also saw an older visually impaired man get off the subway. He about got knocked down while he was gaging the gap to get off. There is no sense of personal space and no sense of looking out for those who literally can't look out for themselves.

We were worried we wouldn't make our transfer station. We got on and stayed by the one door; got several stations out and it changed to the other side.

We finally made it to the War Memorial station. Aunt Sharon walked onto base and we caught a public bus. I was in a hurry, so Mom had to tell me "No". The ride started off rough, then someone who was in one of the handicap/elderly/preggers seats offered it up. Mom took it; standing up with me is hard to do. Mom thanked the person and I was happy to have a bit more stability for the ride.

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