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Getting old

October 9th 2013 8:32 am
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Since being told back in June that i have the BIG C I've had my ups and downs some days good some not so good. My good friend arthritis is getting worse I can't jump up in chairs, on beds or even on tables as much as I used to my back end is getting weeker but I'm still able to enjoy life . We have a new fur neighbor that moved in the end of august he is a little Malti poo named Oliver he's furry nice and we is good friends he came over a couple times in my yard to play and it was fun . He thinks he is a big fur but he's not. then who am I to tell him differently. I am enjoying my senior dog days and am looking forward to all the fun I'll have come winter.


I'm getting old

April 5th 2013 11:52 am
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I might be 12 years old which is kind of old for my breed but I love life even with a bad hip. Snow and cold weather are my favorite but as I get older I find myself liking the cool spring and fall days better . My mind is still young and I want to ruin and chase critters all around but my body says slow down. I have my good days and bad days most are good days but when i have a bad day mommy knows it and helps me thru it by letting me rest and take things at my pace. I still love going new places and smelling new things parks are the best for walks b/c of all the smells. Recently I discovered human babies. I wanted to kiss and love on them but was told not to. I wanted to figure out why they smell so much different then kids and adults. I have yet to figure that one out. I am looking forward to a camping trip in May that should be lots of fun even tho it's been a few years since i was last camping I can still remember the smell of a campfire and the mean little critters that stood on the fire ring just out of reach and teased me. Mommy finds herself worrying more and more about me these days and worries about me crossing the bridge when she least expects it. I tell her not to worry that she will know when it is time for me to cross the bridge and it isn't anytime soon. BOL I can't wait until all the deck furniture comes out and mommy spend time outside with me playing ball or just watching me stalk critters. Even tho I'm not a hunting dog I love to chase the critters out of the yard.It keeps me happy and healthy. That and chasing Alex around the yard now that is fun esp b/c he is smaller and younger then me.


Spring is here

May 5th 2011 5:05 am
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Spring is here and so is the rain and flooding. BOL That is ok with me tho b/c that means it will be extra special when the doggie park drys out and we can go play there again. My little brofur has been going to doggie school and coming home teaching me what he learned even tho I already know most of it. I do have a love in my life now here on dogster she is so sweet I go to bed every night dreaming about her. She is the most prettiest girl around.We are made fur each other.


Fall is in the air

November 12th 2010 10:29 am
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Oh boy fall is here and so is the cool weather and i am loving it !! I can hardly wait until winter and snow. My peeps have been getting ready for winter and aren`t sitting outside hardly at all any more b/c of the cooler weather so that means they play ball with me inside which isn't as much fun as outside . The good thing is tho i can leave my ball and know that Chubby the yard pest (squirrel) won`t touch it. He has a bad habit of touching my toys when i leave them outside and the has the nerve to fuss at me about taking my stuff back in the house. He is fun to chase up a tree tho and then i stand there so he can`t come down. BOL I don`t understand why my peeps call him a yard pet all he is is a pest. He only comes around to bother me and for food. Goofy squirrel. don`t he want attention and belly rubs ??


The easy life

October 27th 2009 7:25 am
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Well I am doing great . It iwll be 1 year come dec since I ruputred my spleen and had to have emergancy surgery. I am feeling great and lots of humans can`t believe that I am 9 years young. They are surprised tehy all think i am aboutmaybe 2 years old. I love the doggiepark and wish taht we didn`t ahve such a crazy summer or elese I could`ve went to teh doggie park more. I also love walking at teh park. Mommy is so proud of me that i am finally after 4 years getting over my leash aggression. It`sbeen a long hard road to get to where I am now, but it was worth it. My humans didn`t give up onme. I am still a bit aggressive on athe leash but now it is only when another dog starts and growls at me or wants to come after me. Other then taht I do great !! Most the time I want to play with teh other dogs. Mommy always says that we are to walk or shop at the pet store nto to play man waht a bummer. I will be helping pass out candy on howl o ween well mostly my humans give out candy and I give out kisses. I have gone to 2 howl o ween parties for pups and they were fun well thesecond one was more fun then the first one. The first one I thought teh person in charge was strange. She is a trainer but talks ina strange high pitched baby voice to us pups. We all looked at her liek we could care less. I did getr my picture taken tho. All teh humans say that a husky is too sweet and too pretty to be a devil . BOL little do tehy know hwo stubborn we can be at times. BOL anyw how you look at it it is fun for my humans . I don`t care for being dressed up but I don`t complain if it makes my humans happy.



March 21st 2009 6:04 am
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Well who ever said squirrels are cute has never had a pesty one with friends come into their yard like it was their home. We started out with just one ok no problem it stayed that way until the fall when our 1 turned into about 4. As if that isn`t enough my family went and named the one of them ..Chubby . He is the fatest of all of them and has been around the longest. As if sitting on the fence just out of my reach or teasing me from up in a tree wasn`t enough. He decided to come nose to nose with me right after Christmas. Well he dared me to chase him and said I couldn`t catch him. I had had enough of it him so I took off chasing after him. I didn`t think about what I was doing at the time I just took off and skipped about 3 steps going off our back deck into the yard. Well I felt a small pain at first but just kept going after Chubby and got him out of my yard. Well then after all that was over with I didn`t feel too good I laid down on the deck but was in a lot of pain. Mommy came outside to get me to come in and I did but I cryed a little bit. Mommy thought I had hurt my bad hip again and that I would be better by morning. However I just wasn`t the same I was in a lot of pain and when my family touched me I cryed. So they rushed me to the emergency vet. They told my family a lot of stuff that it could be but the bottom line was that I had ruptured my spleen. So the ER vet did surgery right away on me to remove my spleen. I got to go home the next day but had to take it easy for a while. That was hard to do esp when Chubby kept coming back. I am all better now but my family stills worries about me chasing Chubby. I almost had him the other day but just missed him. He slipped right thru my paws. I tell you it is a dangerous job keeping squirrels out of the yard. Oh yeah my family now calls the squirrels "yard pets". I like yard PESTS better BOL


Foot ball tag

February 2nd 2009 5:22 am
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I have been football tagged by my pal Tinkerbell . So here goes...

Alright Pal! You made it here. I see you caught my football pass. Here is what you should do next! Hurry and pass the ball to 5 of your team mates so they can make a touch down! You are also suppose to write down 5 things about yourself that are funny. Also please leave me a bone and ask all those who visit your diary to leave you a bone so you will know they have been there ok! OK Here goes the play!

1. I love to chase Chubby the squirrel

2. I love to play with squeeky toys esp when my family is eating or watching tv

3. I "talk" when it is time to be fed and won`t be quiet until I get my food

4. I love to eat bird seed

5. I like to grab my little brother Alkex by the neck and play with him

My 5 pals I have tagged are

Gerogie Girl
Daisey Mae


I `ve been tagged again

November 5th 2008 5:53 am
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Ok since I have been tagged again here are 7 morethings about me.

1. I love camping
2. I love car rides
3. winter esp if it snows is my favorate time of year
4. I like the doggie park
5. I do not like the electric fence
6. I like frosty paws
7. I am working very hard to become a therepy dog for Hospice

Now here are the 7 friends I tagged this time around

Sugar Lynn
Jack daniel


I`ve been tagged

November 4th 2008 2:39 pm
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I have been tagged by my sweet little friend Teddy. The rules are very simple you have to write 7 facts about yourself and then tag 7b of your friends. So here goes...

1. My name is Nikki
2. I am an 8 year old husky
3. I have a little brother named Alex
4. I love the outdoors
5. I have several nik names including nik Nack and Nosey
6. I love people
7. I love love love squeeky toys

Now it is time to tag 7 friends. I choose ....

The Girls
The Gang
Nikki (no not myself BOL)


what a month

May 28th 2008 6:08 am
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Well ity has been one crazy month fur me. I started off by trying to give mommy a dead bunny but for some reason she didn`t want it . She went bonkers on me and tryed to get to let go of it and leave it outside. Well when I wouldn`t let go of it she made me stay outside . So i laid down and ate half of it. Well she went bonkers saying how gross it was and called the dogter on me and everything. I don`t get it it was just a bunny. Well the next day I wanted to give her teh otyher half of it and she still didn`t want it so I ate that half as well. I don`t understand what the big deal was. The bunny was in my yard and I thought mommy would be proud of me that I caught the bunny fur her. Well Then the next week I hurt my back and mommy rushed me to the vet and the next day I had to go fur testing and I was just fine my back didn`t hurt or nothing. However I did have to get my yearly checkup since I was there at the dogter anyway and got my teeth cleaned. Well I had a bad tooth and had to have it pulled . It didn`t bother me but for some reason mommy was laughing at me when she picked me up from the dogter . she said I was acting goofy. Ok So I couldn`t get my feet up on the counter to beg for treats the first time I tryed and my butt slid out from under me . It`s not my fault that the med they gave me made me act goofy. I did however get lots ogf loving from mommy BOL Now mommy tells me to play nice with the critters in the yard and not hunt them. DARN !!

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