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My hard life

Life as a Therapy dog

April 5th 2013 11:40 am
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Little did I know that when mommy signed em up and took me to training class to be a Therapy dog that my life would change for the better. I passed all my classes and test with flying colors and had fun doing it too. See mommy found out that Hospice of Cincinnati over here on the west side could use a Therapy dog she thought about me and how laid back and good i am. You can do just about anything to me and i just don't care. Well mommy thought I would be perfect for the job and I am. I have been doing this job for about a year and half now and i love every minute of it. I started off with just going to the Hospital to the Inpatient Unit (IPU) for Hospice but then since grandma does filing on Thursdays for Hospice mommy was asked to bring me to the office to help relieve the stress of the workers so naturally she said of course she would. then came my 3rd assignment and that is going to an assisted living place about 15 min from home. Boy was a hit there from day 1. They all love me there and i go visit the Alzheimer's unit. Mostly tho I concentrate on the assisted living people. I was invited to the Halloween party in October and mommy got to go by "default" since I can't drive. I am also considered part of the "family" at hospice and the assisted living place. everyone looks forward to my weekly visits even the nurses. I go to Hospice IPU every Monday, to the Hospice west side office every Thursday and to the assisted living place twice a month on Wed. Mommy has been asked several times if I go to Children's Hospital and she has said no not yet. I guess that will be my next place to go. Gosh am I a busy pup but i love it. Some people might think that starting off as a 6 year old doing therapy dog work is a bit late in a furs life but I say it is never too late. I was doing Therapy Dog work b/f I was a certified TD. Being a TD is very rewarding esp to see how the people cheer up when I come around. It can be hard but it is fun too. I have started to keep a journal of all my visits on our computer mommy has been told that I should write a book, I'm not sure about that one.

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April 5th 2013 at 7:53 pm

My mom wants to sign me up for being a therapy dog, but first she says I need some obedience classes!


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