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Home:Chatham, ON, Canada  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Female   Weight: 51-100 lbs

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Roo (Like Kangaroo), Baby-Roo, Roobie

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Quick Bio:
-purebred-dog rescue

"Walkies", "Treats", Other dogs (only quiet friendly ones), curling up in bed with mommy & daddy (she's a bed hog though), sneaking up on squirrels and chasing them up trees, "car rides", and snuggling up on the couch with her people to watch tv.

Thunderstorms terrify her, strangers on or near her property bother her....she's protective of her family, "men" generally are a threat to takes her a long time to be comfortable around adults, especially men, but once she knows you

Favorite Toy:
It took Babe many months before she would even consider going near a toy...we thought she may never find toys amusing......suddenly one day she started investigating the toys in her basket and now she loves them! Stuffed dog/tennis balls/kong/chew rag/etc

Favorite Food:
Babe doesn't have a favourite food.......anything edible is fair game....she does have a passion for her "Scoobie Snacks" though.

Favorite Walk:
Babe has nightly "walkies" with the whole family. We follow a regular route around our neighbourhood. She "ROOS" at other dogs walking by as if to say "Hello! Great to see you tonight!"

Best Tricks:
Babe is "treat" motivated and tries really hard to obey, she can "sit" and throws tennis balls for herself, she doesn't do traditional tricks but she sure can steal socks faster than any dog I know, she's also adept at hiding her kibble under our pillows.

Arrival Story:
After searching the internet and many dog shelters for the perfect addition to our family, we came across the AB&TC Rescue. Our family had owned a B&T many years ago and were quite fond of this particular breed so we began to discuss the possibility of adopting one of these beautiful hounds. We weren't sure how we'd be able to adopt a hound from the USA since we live in Canada, so we continued to look in the South Western Ontario for a B&T hound to adopt. We came across many helpful hound rescue groups but B&T's were few and far between. So we enquired about the possibility of adopting a hound from AB&TC Rescue and were told that of course it was possible and that there were even volunteer drivers who could help us transport our new hound home. We applied and were accepted and after asking many questions about a few different dogs, we chose Babe. It sounded like she'd be a perfect match for our family. Babe was originally from Louisiana and was being fostered in Martin, Michigan...still quite a distance from where we are...but the wonderful people at AB&TC rescue arranged transport for her all the way to Detroit, all we had to do was cross the boarder to pick her up! On Saturday February 21/04 we picked up Babe. She was skinny and scared and was probably wondering what in the world was going on, and she was so beautiful! She layed on the seat in our van all the way home...all tuckered out from her long days trip. Once we arrived home she very cautiously explored the kitchen, the living room, and our bedroom (all on the main floor) and excitedly discovered her food and water bowls. once we coaxed her onto our bed, she curled up for a nap. We have had Babe for less than a year now and are pleased at the progress she's made. When she first got here all she wanted to do was hide. She was terrified of every movement and sound. She appears to have been abused and probably by a man, as she would not approach my husband or my son on her own, but if they called her, she would slink across the floor towards them (almost on her belly) with her head down and tail between her legs. Babe is now returning our affection and she is now wagging her tail when she's being petted and she will stand still for a very long time just to allow you to pet her and rub her ears. Babe was so cautious when roaming around the house. She would move from room to room as if she was trying not to be seen. She would not attempt to climb the stairs to the second level of our home....she didn't like stairs and would avoid them at all costs. We carried her upstairs to show her the kid's rooms and she enjoyed investigating all my daughters stuffed animals, but she tried to hide behind the door when it was time to go back we carried her back down...although she was very underweight, Babe was not light. Now, Babe's favourite place to be is upstairs on one of the beds. We have noticed that Babe feels so much more confident outdoors. She enjoys wandering around our backyard but really prefers to be indoors where it's warm....she despises the snow :) Although it appears that she's not used to being indoors, she certainly prefers it. Her favourite places to be are curled up on our bed, curled up on the couch, or curled up on the big chair in my office. She seems to enjoy sleep.....she does it alot! She loves our evening walks with the whole family. Like I said earlier, she is so much more confident outdoors. Babe seems to have some real self-esteem issues and we are currently working on helping her gain confidence. When she would slink from room to room or attempt to come into the livingroom while the tv was on, we praised her and told her how brave she far we're making progress. I just can't believe how great this dog is....she can be left alone in the house without being put in her kennel, she does not chew things or get into trouble (she just prefers to sleep), she has not had any accidents indoors at all, she does not jump on people (she's still afraid of people), she enjoys car rides and just lays down on the seat, she walks well on the leash, she is not destructive or noisy. Despite the many "issues" Babe has, she is a wonderful addition to our family and we are so thrilled to be her family. Upon our first visit to our vet she detected a heart murmur in Babe, which the vet said could be very normal for a 5 year old dog...didn't think it was too serious as Babe didn't have any other symptoms of anything being wrong. We got a special dog food to help put some much needed weight on her as well. Babe was adjusting well to our home and our family and we quickly fell in love with her. A short time later we noticed Babe was coughing quite a bit after our evening walks, one night she even coughed up a large round worm on our bedroom big deal since we were in the process of deworming her but the next morning, Babe was limping and not using her one back leg very well so I brought her to the vet right away. The vet re examined her and said that her lungs didn't sound right, that yes the worm was definately a round worm and that Babe was full of a bunch of different parasites, the vet did a heartworm test to check it out and guess what???? Babe was positive for heart worm! Babe was further examined and found to be in a later stage 3 of heartworm disease......her microfiaria count was too high to even count and the risk of treatment was too great to chance.....the vet was concerned that Babe would go onto anaphylactic shock when they began treatment...which would be a far more terrible death to suffer than euthanization. We had only had Babe for 2 weeks thus far and the vet costs were adding up already. We were told that the HW treatment, if we wanted to consider it, would cost between $1100.00 and $1500.00 provided there were no major complications or additional treatments needed later on. If they began treatment right away and she lived, she might be back to normal (or as close to it as possible providing there is no other major damage to her heart and lungs from the worms) by late May early June. And if all this wasn't enough, Babe had suddenly began losing the use of her hind end. First it was a limp and involved only one leg, it quickly became both legs and she had trouble standing and began falling over and had difficulty walking, it eventually became a great problem as she couldn't even lift her rump off the ground to have a bowel movement. Babe had to be lifted and carried everywhere. I took her to the vet in the middle of the night for an emergency visit and was told that due to the high microfilaria count, she is struggling with poor blood circulation and lack of oxygen, which explained her confused mannerism. Babe was so disoriented and trying to walk, she kept stumbling around while her front end went in one direction and her back end wanted to go in another. She is so confused and disoriented that she began growling at the children although they were not anywhere near her. Her condition is continuing to deteriorate rapidly. She checked her blood again and re examined the microfilariae count. She said that she had never seen so many to count even....she said that in all of the dogs she's ever treated for heartworm...all their counts put together didn't even amount to Babe's count. The vet once again sugested euthanization due to the severity of Babe's condition. She sent me home with some medication to keep Babe comfortable throughout the weekend while my husband and I decided what to do for our dear little dog. After having to carry her around all weekend and assist her in doing her business outdoors, then having to carry her back indoors and keep her from falling off the furniture or walking into walls, we decided that it was better for Babe to be euthanized instead of allowing her to suffer any longer, especially since the chance for her to make it through the HW treatment was so slim. We scheduled her euthanization for Monday at 11:00 am. On Monday I had to send my children to school crying and distraught over the fact that their Babe was gonna die that day. Although they could see she was going down hill fast and that she was incredibly sick, they're hearts were breaking. I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly unbelieveable all this has been to our family......still in shock over all of it.....I felt betrayed. Anyway, at 10:45 am on Monday morning as I was on my knees in the livingroom floor crying over the fact that I was soon gonna lose my Babe, my little sweetie jumped up and came running over to me (something she has been unable to do due to the loss of the use of her hind end) and licked me, she ran to the kitchen and began eatting and drinking, then she ran to her toy box and got out her bone and a chewie and layed down and chewed on them, then she wanted out so I let her outside and she ran through the yard, leaping! I was so bewildered and didn't know what to do then......she was a completely different dog. I called my husband and then called the vet...ultimately we decided to take the risk and go ahead with trying the treatment. Either Babe would live through it or she wouldn' we admitted her to the hospital that morning and and she began treatment the next day, she had to spend two nights in the hospital and she survived the first part of this treatment........the vet says we are far from out of the woods yet, but for now she is still alive. We brougt her home and have strict instructions for her care during the treatment schedule.....she is now confined to a cage in our livingroom for 4 weeks, no exercise, no getting excited, no walking around, jumping up, climbing or going near stairs, etc.....she hated the cage and I felt terrible for her to have to go through all this. If we failed to follow the vets instructions, it could cost Babe her life.....and we weren't gonna risk it. She also has a strict medication / feeding schedule, so I stayed home as her full time nurse. She needed to be lifted out of her cage and we had to build a ramp for the back porch so she could avoid the stairs.......this was going to be a long road to recovery for babe and the end results are not even guaranteed, the vet said that she could simply die anytime during the treatment. Babe's progress......She was admitted to the vet hospital for her next round of HW treatment. She had 2 immiticide injections and will have a final microfilaricide treatment in May. Babe was admitted to the hospital again because she coughed up blood and wouldn't eat or drink. I took her in and they kept her to give her fluids and do xrays and blood work. Her blood tests showed she was a little anemic and something with the platelette count (vet said it was to be expected with her condition) they were gonna give her some kind of blood thinners to help with the clots in her lungs and increase the steroids to help with the increased lung inflamation. On May 4th 2004 Babe successfully completed her final Heart Worm treatment. She's healthy and really starting to come out of her shell now. Her final weight after a few weeks of recovery was........58 lbs........a far cry from the skinny little girl we first brought home on February 21, 2004. Babe has her own page on our family website, feel free to check it out to see "what Babe's upto now." babe.html

Babe's story can be seen on the American Black & Tan Coonhound Rescue website : and updated pics and stories can be seen on our family website at: ml

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Babe says "Good Bye" ....

Babe's last day....

July 2nd 2010 1:19 pm
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We buried our old girl today....Babe suddenly became completely blind, almost overnight.....she lost 12 lbs these past four months. Her Vet said it was a brain tumour..... so we had to let her go :(
Many tears have been shed over the memory of our beautiful Babe - sadly missed by all her little people and her companion shih tzu Buzzy :(

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