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its hard being a pup

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March 18th 2005 1:22 pm
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If you are a regular reader (Hi Guys!) You know mom has been making some shelves. Today, she painted them and I just had to help. Somehow or other I ended up with a light green stripe down my side. Mom said if I wanted to turn green, I should have done it yesterday for St. Patrick's day. Mom said this wasn't as bad as the other times I have helped her paint: like the time I walked in the white paint and left a trail of puppy paws all over the house, or the time I knocked over the yellow paint on the hardwood floor. (Thank goodness for throw rugs). Oh and then there was the time I got the sky blue paint on my head. (I looked so pretty). I don't know what it is with me and paint. Mom is an old hand in getting paint off of me and she can also get dog hair off the wet painted shelves, too. Mom is happy that the shelves have been painted and now all she needs to do is lay them on the brackets and put the books on the shelves. Hopefully she will get that done by Monday, because I heard a rumor that Maw-Maw and Pap and their dog Tommy are coming for Easter and they are bringing a piano! (Thus all the shelf buiding). these are not my Casino grandparents, these are my deer camp grandparents.



March 16th 2005 12:58 pm
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Molly is another one of mom's work dogs. She is a black lab mix. On March 13, it was the anniversary of her gotcha day, but mom didn't get to see her until yesterday. I knew right away something was up when mom loaded up her pockets with MY good treats. She said they were to celebrate Molly's special day and I had plenty of bones other places so I should just get over it. Mom says Molly is really sweet and just stares at her with those sad brown eyes and says please let me in the house. Mom also says that Molly is the perfect watch dog, she knows who to let one the porch and who to scare away. She also keeps a close eye on all of mom's work babies so nothing can hurt them either. So mom said that I should write a Happy Gotcha Day to Molly.
Meanwhile, the home repairs are still going on. Exactly how long does it take mom to paint two boards. She been at it for days. Mom thinks it would go quicker if it would stop snowing. (She doesn't want to paint inside because last time she painted inside I wanted to help and she was cleaning up puppy paint paws forever. I thought they added just the right touch to the house).



March 13th 2005 3:49 pm
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Mom and dad are doing home repairs. They are building more shelves, but mom and dad do not work well together on the home repair front. So things around the house are tense to say the least. They can't find any studs and who taught you how to measure things any way? Needless to say that as soon as the door was opened I took off to Pork Chops and I stayed on his porch for a long, long time. When I finally decided the coast was clear, I headed home.Mom was painting the shelves and dad was cooking dinner. So life was more relaxed. But now it is snowing!!!It's snowing a lot!! and mom's shelves are supposed to be drying outside. I think mom would like one of those decorating shows to come and make over the house, maybe when she wasn't home.



March 11th 2005 1:03 pm
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Mom stayed home today, but instead of spending all of her time paying attention to me and itching my butt and rubbing my belly she was doing other things like vacuuming and paying bills and just boring non dog related things. So I asked to be let out. When I was outside, one of the Rebels was out too, so I barked and barked and barked at him. Then I decided to follow him to see what kind of trouble he was getting into. Well, I followed him right past my best friend's house, Pork Chop, so I let Rebel go on his way and I thought I would visit with Pork Chop for a while. I heard mom calling me, but it had started to rain, and I was nice and dry on Pork Chop's porch so I just stayed there. Rebel came back and went down behind Pork Chop's house to the creek. I decided to go with him because sometimes there is something good to eat that has washed up on the creek bed. But just as I got down to the creek bed, mom showed up and I knew my big toot was over. Oh well, It was raining anyway. Take a look at my photos. There is a new picture of me on Pork Chop's porch when I ran away.


A Case of Mistaken Identity

March 9th 2005 7:08 pm
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I only heard this gossip second hand. I sure wish I would have known what was going on at the time. My dad spoke with the neighbors who live behind the house. Their mom told him that there were new neighbors in the neighborhood. The new neighbor lady must have seen me walking down the street after I walked past their house. She said to her husband, "dear, quick, take a look, there is a pig walking down the street." Well, I must have heard her get her husband's attention, so I turned around and they got to see my face. That's when he said, "that ain't no pig, that's a dog." Good thing I have high self esteem. I sure wish I was a pig, then I could eat even more and have a good reason too.



March 8th 2005 5:14 pm
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Brrr! It was so cold in the house last night that I actually slept under the covers nestled up against mom and dad so comfy and cozy. But today when mom got home I wanted to go for a walk. Mom was not ready for that because it was still so cold out. She thought I would just go out to the yard for a minute, but I was on my way before she even had her coat buttoned up. First I ran to Pork Chops, but mom got me off his porch before anyone could come out with food, so I had to put my clever, clever plan into action. I went behind this van where mom couldn't see me and I waited until she turned the corner and then I headed on back to Pork Chop's house. But as I was turning around who was standing right in front of me but Mom. She somehow figured out my clever plan. I don't know how. So it was straight home. I had to eat mom's cooking too.



March 6th 2005 2:31 pm
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First I have some sad news. My very oldest friend, Whitney, is on the rainbow bridge now. Whit was the first dog I met when I came to live with my mom and dad. She and I chased each other around and almost tore down the Christmas tree. I will really really miss her. The reason I know is that today, Whitney's mom and dad and baby came to visit and I kept waiting for Whit but she wasn't coming. Then mom told me what happened, that she was old and tired and not feeling good and so she went to the rainbow bridge where she feels better. So I tried to be extra nice to Whit's mom and dad and her baby. But, I have had too many babies lately. This baby was very busy too and he liked to be in charge of opening and closing all of the doors in the house. He also played the harmonica and the slide whistle. And He hardly dropped any food at all for me to eat. But, we did have panecakes and I managed to get my own pancake. So that was good. And the weather is spring-like so we got to go on a long long walk. Now the baby is back at his house and I can relax and take a big nap.



March 4th 2005 1:17 pm
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Today, one of mom's work babies came to our house instead of mom going to his house. The last time he was here, all he did was eat and sleep, but this time he could walk and squawk and get into everything. At first I was not too happy that he was here, I mean he was climbing all over mom and mom was loving on him and giving him all kinds of attention and I was a little jealous. But, mom told me to behave or go to bed and I did not want to miss anything so I tried to be good. The baby got into a basket that usually has dirty clothes in it(but it was empty) and mom gave him a ride in it. Hey! if I had known that I would never walk anywhere I would just sit in a basket and let mom push me around. Then the baby found where I keep my secret stash of dog bones and he tried to eat one! I think he reburied them( or maybe mom put them up) because I can't find them now. But here is what babies are good for. When they eat, they miss their mouths A LOT. And anything that falls on the floor is mine. It was like a feast- Corn dogs, cheese sandwhiches, macaroni and cheese. And then he turned the peanutbutter cookies upside down and mom was doing something else so I had a ton of peanutbutter cookies before mom could clean them up. Thank you baby. (But now I sort of have a stomache ache.). Then when the baby went to sleep, mom just laid him on the couch. What was she thinking? He could fall right off and hurt his head, so I laid down right beside him so he wouldn't fall. When he got up, I pretended like I didn't care and barked at him and he just laughed and laughed at me.



March 2nd 2005 12:56 pm
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Last night I just really needed to go out, so mom finally got out of bed to let me out and guess what? It was snowing. So I decided since I was already out I would take advantage of my favorite weather. I rolled around and walked in everyone's yard and ate a lot of snow. I was having a good time. Then mom came out, but she did not want to play. She made me come in and go to bed. Mom did not seem happy about my late night romp. I heard her saying something about it being two o'clock in the morning and she has to get up at 6 to go to work, but gee mom I don't have to go to work, I can sleep all day.



March 1st 2005 3:32 pm
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It snowed today. So when mom got home she and I went for a perfect walk on a winter day. It was cool and crisp and quiet. All that snow for me to walk in and to put my footprints in everyone's yards. There was no one else out, until we got to Shiloh's house and then our perfect walk was less than perfect because of course Shiloh came with us for the rest of the way and he came in my house and ate my bones. I think we are having something good for dinner tonight. Got to go sniff it out.

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