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its hard being a pup

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June 19th 2009 11:33 am
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First I want to say thank you to HQ for making me a dogster diary pick. That good news cut some of the crushing disappointment I had to live through today.

Last night mom and dad cleaned out the boat and got it ready to take out on the water. HOORAY! A boating trip! That would be soo much fun. I love to sit in the boat and watch the fishes swim. So, I just had to wait patiently to go.

This morning I got up and was soo excited. Dad got up, but instead of putting on his boating clothes, he put on work clothes. He went to work! Well, maybe we will go canoeing after work.

Then at lunch time dad came home. Finally we can go canoeing. But, he was not alone. Another car pulled in the driveway. There was a very nice family in the car. There was a mom, a dad, a grandma and a little girl. The family took MY canoe on their car. I was not going to go canoeing at all. This nice family was borrowing my canoe. Now you can see why I am heartbroken and disappointed.

But the little girl is my new best friend. She sat next to me and talked to me and gave me extra pets. She said she was a little afraid of going in the boat, but I told her (Mom translated from dog to people speak)that there is nothing to be afraid of and she would have a great time.

I know she will have fun, but I was disappointed I did not get to go. That's why I am glad to be picked as a diary of the day. This honor is easing my heartbreak.

(Hey mom and dad-don't we have two canoes? Isn't one just sitting there doing nothing? I know the rivers haven't dried up, so what's the deal?)


Big and Little Come to Play

June 17th 2009 6:43 pm
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Big and Little came over to play this week.
I love Little he is my best friend. Every time he gets something to eat, he feeds me too: Ham, cheese, crackers, cookies, pop tarts, fruit roll-ups, ice cream, freezer pops, sandwiches, well, just everything. He will even sit on the floor and feed me.
I love Big he is my best friend, too. Everytime he goes outside, he always takes me out and we run and catch sticks and ride bikes and play hide and seek.
Plus I get extra pets all day from both of these boys.
Of course, mom is mean as ever and she tells Little not to feed me his food. And she tells Big that it might be too hot for me to be outside. And it was pretty hot.
So we went to the piano room and played music. Big played the keyboard and Little played the piano. Little wanted to know why the piano didn't have a drum voice.
Big found the Halloween decorations so he put them up and now the house looks very scary. I am waiting for some trick-or-treaters now. (and candy).
The only thing we didn't do was take a nap and now I am extra sleepy. So I am going to dreamland now.


Joey Bear Update

June 14th 2009 9:30 am
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I am so sorry to report that Joey Bear has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Joey Bear belongs to mom's friend from church, Mary. Joey had kidney and liver problems. Mary wants to thank all the Dogster pups for their prayers and thoughts during this difficult time. Mary said she could feel the prayers working on her and Joey. You made it easier for Mary to do the hard thing she had to do. Now, Joey is feeling good. Thank you.


Fast Runner

June 13th 2009 11:04 am
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The weather this week has been terrible. It has either been too hot or too wet to go for a walk. Mom is not weather sensitive and she has tried to get me to go on a walk every day, but I don't like the heat and I don't like to walk in storms.

This morning the weather looked pretty good. It was still early so it wasn't hot and it wasn't rainy. I decided to let mom take me for a walk. I was getting stir crazy. Plus now that mom fixed the vaccuum by herself, she keeps trying to use it.

Dad had left to go grocery shopping so it would just be me and mom. Mom finally got the hint that I wanted to walk so she grabbed my leash and away we went.

We were almost to Pork Chop's house, when dad came driving up. He rolled down the window and said the magic words: "Get in the car I have quarter pounders!" I was ready to hop in through the window. Mom said: " I'll just walk her home!" Is mom crazy? We are talking fast food burgers here! I took off running after dad and made it home before he did! That's how fast I can run if I really feel like it.

And dad did by me a happy meal, even if mom ate all the fries.


Bad News for Me

June 12th 2009 10:54 am
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Today, mom said she was going to vacuum. She had been threatening to all week, but today, she actually got the sweeper out. She plugged it in and started to sweep. But! What's this? It isn't sweeping. There is a big giant clog in it. OH HAPPY DAY! The vacuum is broken! WHOO-HOO! All my hard work of shedding and leaving little crumbs of food all over the house has finally paid off. I need to do the Happy Dance all over the house.

But, what's this? Mom has a screwdriver! She is taking the vacuum apart. Don't do it mom! You don't know nothing about fixing vacuums. Mom took it outside and worked and worked and worked on it. I couldn't watch. She brought it back in and plugged it in and now it sweeps better than ever.

My happiness has turned to sadness. My joy has turned to pain. Who would have thought my mom could fix a vacuum cleaner. (It's not like she ever uses one).

Now mom is going to put Vacuum Repair Person on her resume, because she still hasn't got a summer job.


Stormy Adventure

June 10th 2009 11:57 am
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First, before I get to my life saving adventure, mom wants to thank everyone for their good thoughts about her finger. This is how mom cut her finger. She was doing the dishes. (Yes, sometimes she does the dishes by hand when the dishwasher is full and we don't have any plates. I think, judging from mom's housekeeping, that she thinks she is a college boy. But, I am getting way off track.). So, mom was doing the dishes and suddenly got super-strength and broke a cup in her hand. The shards of glass sliced the top of her finger and she didn't even notice it until she saw blood all over the t-towels. She didn't need stitches, but the bandage made it hard to type. And you will not believe how many mistakes mom has made typing just now!

But, on to my life saving adventure. Mom is done working for the year, except for one day a week. She has not found a summer job yet. I guess all the old men got that good Wal-Mart greeter job. And we already know she's not going to be a maid. So mom is home with me. She is taking it easy, trying to find some Law and Order to watch. (Did they take it off for summer?) I meanwhile am watching the skies. It is going to rain. It is going to rain hard. It is going to rain heavy. I know we need to get to a save place. I wedge my body inbetween the end table and the couch. I keep pushing, because I am going to hide behind the couch. Mom looks up (the Gilmore Girls must have been in commercial) and sees that I have successfully moved the couch enough for me to get behind the couch. She goes behind the couch to make sure I am ok. And BOOM! The biggest crack of thunder I have ever heard! It shook the house. But, me and mom were safe behind the couch.

After a while, mom made me get out from behind the couch. And here comes the scariest thing. There are DUCKS! in the yard! I was not trying to protect mom from the storm. I was trying to protect mom from the killer ducks. They are quacking right now even as I type this. If you don't hear from me you know the ducks have gotten us.



June 9th 2009 12:54 pm
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Mom has cut her finger so I have lost my typist for a while. I hope it'll be better by tomorrow. I did want to thank everyone who is praying for Joey Bear and his person. I will give you an update on him on Sunday.


Prayer Request

June 6th 2009 6:17 pm
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Mom has a prayer request. She has a friend from church who has a pup named Joey Bear. Joey Bear is very sick and is probably going to the rainbow bridge very soon. He is having liver and kidney failure. He is an Elkhound mix. Mom would like all the dogster pals to say a prayer that Joey goes easily to the bridge and mom would also like you to remember Joey's person and say a prayer for her. She isn't on Dogster (no computer), but she is a special person. Thanks.


Pool Update

June 4th 2009 3:09 pm
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My dad loves the pool. He spends the entire summer floating in the pool. He says it keeps him sane. Well, the pool is up. But we are having some problems with the pump. We have to buy a new one and we are waiting for it to come in the mail. (Don't worry dad, I won't bite the mailman!).

Even though the pump isn't quite working, dad would still be floating in the pool, except that everyday when he comes home fromwork, it starts to rain. And thunder. And Lightinging. And so poor dad has not been able to float in the pool at all.

I guess he is going crazy. Poor dad. Maybe if he needs to be in the water so much, he can take me out in the boat! Me and him and Roger could go fishing.



June 1st 2009 7:21 pm
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When I go for a walk, I either like to sneak away and go by myself down the road to pork chop's house, or I like to have my entire family with go for a walk with me. I don't like to go with just mom or just dad. Sometimes, mom can trick me to go with just her, but normally if Dad isn't going then neither am I.

Today mom got me out the door and into the field. I realized that dad was not with us. I was on the leash. I decided to do some business. But, I like privacy and so it was hard for me to go. I would stoop and then walk, stoop and then walk. It was hard for me to go on the leash. I was trying and trying. Finally mom took me off the leash so that I could go and be private about it.

As soon as mom took me off the leash, I ran home. I didn't have to go. I was fooling mom so that I wouldn't have to go for a walk without dad. Ha-ha-ha I am so funny.

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