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its hard being a pup

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Parental Update-Swag

October 10th 2009 7:14 pm
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Looking down from heaven to tell everyone what is up with the folks.

Little had his birthday party today. It was at PopUps of Fun. In case you are not familiar with children's entertainment, PopUps of Fun is a place that has Bouncy houses and jumpy slides-all those inflatable things kids like to play in all in one place. Of course, all the kids loved it. The parents liked it too because the kids could play while the adults could visit.

This made mom think about how parties were back in the olden days when she was a kid. The rule used to be: However old you are that is how many kids you invite plus one. So if you are turning 4 you invite 5 kids if you are turning 7 you invite 8 kids. Simple right? Of course back in the olden days the only place kids went was school and scouts. The other rule was you didn't have a party every year. You had a party when you were 4, 8, 12 and 16. But, back in the olden days everyone had more kids so if it wasn't your birthday party year chances are it would be your brother's.

Anyway, Little had a good party and got lots of cool gifts. He likes toy guns so he got a lot of toy guns: pop guns, cap guns, nerf guns, space guns. He also got an easy bake oven because what's better than guns? CAKE!

Big did pretty good sharing the day with his brother. He is very excited that Monday is a holiday. He thought he was getting a day off from school because he had a great week last week. He is pretty sure any kid that got in trouble will have to go to school on Monday.

Jake and Luke were at the party, too. Jake thinks he has finally figured out something grown-up and bad to do now that he is 18. He is going to get a tatoo or a piercing. He also got to sign the permission for Luke to jump at PopUps of Fun. He was acting as Luke's guardian. How grown up.

Luke had the dreaded swine flu. He said he only felt sick for a day, but he had to stay out of school for the entire week. If he didn't have an actual doctor tell him it was the Swine Flu, mom would have thought it was sciencitis. You know, that illness kids get when they forget to do their homework. Well, whatever it is he is fine now.

Dad had to go to a big conference for his job. He is a social worker. He finds homes for people who may have been in institutions or for people whose families can no longer care for them. It is a good job in that he meets many people who are the salt of the earth, who truly give of themselves to people who are in need. So dad went to this big conference and he came back with a bag of presents. I know when movie stars go to award ceremonies they always get bags of gifts-swag it is called. The gifts that movie stars get are things like ipods and expensive jewelry and rich thick lotions and all kinds of luxuries.

Dad brought home a bag of pencils, a jar opener, a ruler, a bookmark, some hand sanitizer. What kind of world do we live in where movie stars come home with a bag full of ipods and social workers and teachers get chip clips with the name of the local mental health facility stamped them?

So that is all the news for the week. Mom and dad are both ok. I have been coming to mom in dreams telling her it is time for her to let me go because I am getting closer to finding them the right pup.

More reports next week.



October 6th 2009 7:48 am
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I met another one of my family ancestors today. This was a basset hound named Bonnie. Once again, she was really Uncle Jeff's dog, but she was family, too. Bonnie was born with a deformed foot. She only had two toes on her front paw. It was perfect for holding a pen. So Mom taught Bonie how to write her name. She could make a B. I guess that means she could sign legal documents when she was alive. Bonnie was also the first dog of my mom's family that my dad met. They did not get off to the greatest start. Dad was sitting in a chair in Maw-maw's living room and Bonnie kept barking at him. Wouldn't stop. Dad didn't understand why, he was nice to this dog. Of course I bet all you dogster pups know why-Dad was sitting on Bonnie's chair. BOL!

Some of my dogster pals have asked that I keep up this diary until I find the perfect pup to send to mom and dad. They want to know what is going on in mom and dad's life and how everything is. I guess I could give you some updates.

It's birthday week. Jake is turning 18! He wants to do something bad but legal. He wants to buy lottery tickets and cigarettes. Of course everyone would kill him if he actually smoked. He just wants to do it because he wants to be bad. Mom told him if he is doing something to be bad, he really shouldn't broadcast it. This kid doesn't know how to get in trouble.

Little is also having a birthday party this week. He will be four. He is having a big party at PopUps of Fun! He wants a new scooter. He always puts his old scooter in the middle of the driveway in the hopes that someone will run over it. Mom thinks he will be disappointed when he finds out that the transformer scooter doesn't actually turn into a robot.

L and Big have both been into their school work. L wants to make straight A's this year. He keeps asking mom for help with science. Mom went to school back in the olden days when girls didn't need to trouble their heads with hard things like science and math. So he is pretty much on his own.

Big is in kindergarten and has totally blown his teachers away. Seems he is a super reader! He reads at a 4th grade level. Mom thinks its all the video games he plays. They are giving him extra reading time, because he still needs to be in kindergarten. Mom is so proud.

Mom and dad are both doing ok. Dad is still having his sinus problems. Oh! they got a surprise visitor. Their old college friend got a flat tire while driving home from Kentucky. Fortunately, she wasn't too far away from our house. So It was mom and dad to the rescue. Who knew they could change a tire!



October 1st 2009 5:17 pm
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If you are reading this, you've been tagged!!! I read Mya's diary and was tricked!!! So, follow the below directions!!!

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their diary the rules and their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged! Anyone who reads this has been tagged as well.

These are 6 things my mom misses about me and one other pawsome fact.

1. She misses my cute face looking in the door whenever I was done outside. I would never knock, I would just look in the door until someone saw me and let me in.

2. She misses how I could get exactly what I wanted out of the garbage without taking anything else out and making a mess.

3. She misses how I could take up the entire king size bed and all 10 pillows all at once. (ok maybe she doesn't miss that too much.)

4. She misses how whenever I would run away to Pork Chop's how happy I would be when she would "find" me.

5. She misses how I would eat all the extra food on her plate, including the yuckiest stuff.

6. She misses playing with me when she comes home from work each day.

7. She knows I am still watching her and dad from the bridge and I will find them the perfect pup to take my place when the time is right.

Now to tag some friends.

1. Kirby
2. Cassie
3. Hunter
4. Pepper
5. Juliette
6. Romeo
7. Bear



September 26th 2009 5:52 pm
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I met up with Malakai today. I was surprised to see him. But, you never know how long you are supposed to be with your people. When you leave them, your work with them is done. They have learned the lesson you were meant to teach them (whether or not they know it or not). He is fine here on the bridge. I told his fur sister Maya that I would watch out for him and make him part of my pack along with Poor Sweet Doggie Dude and Whitney.

So we were all hanging around going on car rides. (Yes, you can go on car rides on the bridge. You can hang your head out of the window, you can ride in the back of a truck, heck, you can even drive). Suddenly, this old dog drives up. It is a dog named Tiny. Tiny was a dog that mom had when she was a little girl. Well, Tiny belonged to the entire family and he really was Uncle Jeff's dog, since Uncle Jeff had to feed Tiny.

Tiny told us the story of how Maw-Maw busted him out of jail. It was a Saturday Night and Tiny had gotten out. So he went to see his girlfriend. But, his girlfriend's mom did not like Tiny so she called the cops. Since it was a weekend night, the Dog pound was closed so the police just put Tiny in a pen in the backyard of the police station.

Sunday Morning, after church, Maw-maw went to the police station. She saw Tiny in the pen. She told mom and her brothers to keep watch and Maw-maw went to the back of the police station broke the lock and sprung Tiny. The police never said anything, because how embarrassing for them to have a dog stolen right from under their noses. As for Tiny's girlfriend and mother, well I guess they moved. Tiny lost interest so they weren't problems any more.

Tiny and Malakai have really hit it off. They have been running around and playing chase like crazy.

I have been watching mom and dad from the bridge. It is raining like crazy. If I was still on earth I would have made mom go for a walk in the rain. But maybe not today. She has a bad cold and has been coughing and sneezing like crazy. Dad had a bad cold last week. I wonder if there is a connection.


10 Day Challenge

September 23rd 2009 6:18 pm
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Greetings from the Bridge:

I can't believe I have been here for 10 days. I want to thank everyone who took my challenge. I hope it was rewarding for you. I know it might not have been as easy as it sounded. But, I hope you brought as much sunshine into some person's life as your pup brings into your life. Keep it up!

Also thanks for all the ham sandwiches that were eaten in my honor. I know that was an easy thing to do.

It is good here at the Bridge. I have looked up every pup that was mentioned to me. We are all doing great, just missing our people.

I can look down from heaven and see my mom and dad. It started out being a pretty hard week for mom. Dad had to go out of town and mom was all alone. At first, it was fun. She could eat candy for dinner and watch girl shows on tv and wear the same outfit two days in a row and not do dishes. But it was lonely coming into an empty house with no pup to greet her. She gave the fish names.

Mom and dad have noticed the little things that I used to do and they miss that. For instance, they had Chinese food for dinner. Mom said that she was full but she still had a lot of food to eat and no dog to share it with. Dad did the stand-up thing and ate mom's leftovers. Mom has noticed that she hardly has to vacuum anymore. How can mom and dad live without a nice coat of dog hair on all their clothes. Like I said it's just the little things.

I am looking for the perfect pup for them. But, I know they are not quite ready to move on yet. When people ask them what kind of dog they are going to get next they just say they want a happy dog.

Oh, here comes the ice cream truck-all you can eat! I'll write more later.


Greetings From the Bridge!

September 16th 2009 1:44 pm
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First, I want to thank everyone for all the presents and rosettes. It is really helping my mom and dad with their sadness. You wouldn't think a virtual gift would matter, but it really does make the burden lighter. I am sure mom will try to thank everyone personally, but in case she misses someone, you know we appreciate all the kindness.

I am also glad I got to be a diary pick today. I hope that means more people see my challenge. I know everyone who is doing the challenge is probably working hard, but their part of the world is a little bit happier.

Now to business:

I want to tell everyone that their pups here at the bridge are all great. They miss their people, but since there is no time here, we know we will be reunited soon. Just don't worry about us.

This place is really great. It was so nice to see and meet all my internet friends. The best I can explain it is like this. In the olden days, in high society, when someone new came along, someone would have a party in the new person's honor. And then the next day someone else would have a party for that person and it would go on and on and on. (I don't know, they might still do this-I'm not a member of high society). That's what it's been like for me. A whirlwind of welcome parties.

Angel and I went looking for Freckles. She wasn't too far away. Of course she had to get here first. But we were glad to see each other. I saw Pork Chop, too. He was busy with all his dogs, but he had a ham for me. (Later I will tell you about the food).

Then Stryker told me about the Lake for Bob and me! Man, I love going to the lake. And this one has corn on the cob on the bottom of it. It is the perfect place to chill and have picnics at. I hope everyone stops in to hang out there for a while.

But I have been looking for someone. Poor, Sweet Doggie Dude and Whitney. Dude was the pup that sent me to mom and dad. He had had a bad life before he came to mom and dad and he didn't like very many people or animals. Whitney belonged to our friends who live in the mountains. One time mom was watching Whitney during a thunderstorm. Dude sat on one side of mom and Whitney sat on the other side and they both shook so hard they moved the couch. Whitney was Dude's only friend. Dude went to the bridge and he sent me to mom and dad. One day our mountain friends came to visit with Whitney. We ran all over the house and knocked over the Christmas tree. Whitney was my first friend. So I really wanted to see them. I looked everywhere. That's when Daisy said: "Just ask." So I did and there they were.

I finally felt like I found my family. Doggie Dude came to mom in a dream and told her that we were together. And that I am as goofy as ever.

So now I am going to chill at the lake and eat my ham.


Over The Rainbow

September 12th 2009 6:19 pm
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It' Dot's mom. Dot went over the rainbow last night. She didn't suffer. She wasn't in pain. She just stopped eating. On Friday, she didn't wake up at all. When we got up this morning she was gone.

She was such a good dog. I know everyone says their dog is a good dog, but Dot really truly was. Even people who didn't like dogs would go out of their way to see and pet Dot. She just wanted to make people happy.

We buried her in the back yard, wrapped in her favorite blanket next to her favorite baby. I want to say a special thank you to Jake and Luke and their mom, Shawnna, Eddie and Judy, Big and Little and their parents, Bob and Shelley for helping us dig the hole and bringing us food and just being there. They were such a great comfort to us.

I also especially want to thank all of Dot's Dogster Pals: Kirby, Cassie, Hunter, Jelly, Fred, Julliette, Angel, Nikita, Montana, well the list would just go on and on and on. This site is so special, just reach out and someone is there with whatever you need. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel so blessed to have found you all. So many dogster pups have told me that Dot was their first friend on the site. But, it has been you that have made me feel like you were my first friends.

I am not leaving Dogster. I know that Dot will send us the right pup at the right time. I know she is still being her funny self. Right after her funeral, I got the mail. Her dog tags had come.

I believe that angels come in many different packages. I know that one of those packages are dogs. And all you dogs are angels helping and guarding and guiding the people they are sent.

And now this is Dot's challenge:

For the next ten days, treat someone the way your dog treats you. Be truly happy to see them. Be sorrowful when they have to leave. Try to make them happy without thinking of yourself. And if they are mean and hateful to you just forget about it. Just try it for 10 days with one person. You may want to expand it and do it for more people or for more days. Heck, if a dog can do it surely you can too.

Love you all. I am sure Dot will report from the Bridge after she gets settled in.



September 10th 2009 4:12 pm
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Doing a little better today. I slept comfortably. The medicine makes me sleepy. I haven't eaten for a few days so I am super skinny. But of course I am tired, too. I have been drinking water and keeping it down. We are going to try popsicles.

Iwalked around the backyard and I went to check out my field. I barked at the neighbor kid when he came over to see if mom had any candy. Mom and dad were encouraged about that. I guess that means I am allowed to bark and scare children now.

There isn't much more mom and dad can do. Just make me comfortable and hope for the best. I have seen miracles before. (I do live next to the miracle field.)

Keep on sending mom and dad and me all your good thoughts and prayers. We can really feel it working on us.


Last Night

September 9th 2009 4:59 pm
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First, thank you sooo much for all the prayers, good thoughts and gifts. It really means a lot, especially to my mom and dad. Last night, I really freaked them out.

I got some medicine. It sort of settled my stomach and I was able to eat a little bit and keep it down. But around 4 o'clock in the morning, I needed to go out. Mom let me out. Usually, when I go out in the night time, I just do my business and come back in. Mom will lay on the couch and sometimes fall asleep until she hears me on the porch. Last night after about thirty minutes, mom realized I was not back in the house or on the porch. So she did a quick scan outside and she didn't see me. So she got on her shoes and went walking through the neighborhood. She looked in all my regular hiding places and hangouts and she couldn't find me. She walked up and down the neighborhood until 5:30. She woke dad up and said she couldn't find me. So he went looking, too.

Dad said we would probably have a better chance of seeing me in the daylight and would not be mistaken for burlgars. About 8:30, dad saw me under a tree in one of the neighbors backyard. I was happy to see dad, but dad and mom were happier to see me. I didn't mean to worry them. I just wanted some time alone and outside.

I am still not doing great. I haven't eaten today, but I have drank some water and I've managed to keep that down. Mom and dad are giving me medicine and keeping me comfortable. There isn't much more to do but pray and send us good thoughts.


Still Sick

September 8th 2009 1:58 pm
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I am still sick. Last night I ate a little bit and mom and dad were really happy. I still didn't feel like doing much, but I did show some interest when dinner came around. but about 3:30 in the morning I needed to go out. I stayed out for so long that mom finally fell asleep on the couch waiting for me. I finally came in around 4:30 am. We went back to bed. Mom was sleeeping. I was laying on the floor next to her. When mom got out of bed to go to work, she stepped right in some throw up. I threw up another time in the living room, too.

Mom was worried that when she got home from work, I would be at the rainbow bridge, but instead, she found out that I was a diary pick. And I am still here. I went outside for a while in the backyard. Dad came home and gave me some medicine. He said he got me some broth, too. I am feeling a little better, but I am still not hungry. Thank you everyone for sending me prayers and good thoughts. Please keep remembering me.

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