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its hard being a pup

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1000 !

March 13th 2010 6:42 am
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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped Lucky get to 1000 hits! and she has made some new friends, too. What do they say? "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold." Well back to the never ending ham buffett.


1000 Views for Lucky

March 10th 2010 4:03 pm
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Hello from Heaven. It is, of course, really great up here and all of us pups here are having a great time.

I'm writing for my sister Lucky. She almost has 1000 views. So stop by her page and help her out. If you are my pup pal but haven't made friends with her yet, send out a ppr. You know we love to have friends.

Thanks a lot. Now I have to go because we are going to have a big ham party. Just like every day here in heaven.



January 2nd 2010 7:54 am
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Oh noes! Mom forgot to renew our plus subscription. It runs out on Monday! So she wrote a check and is sending Daddy right to the post office to mail it. San Franciso is pretty far from West Virginia, so it might take a few days for the check to make it. So we will be without plus for a few days. I know there are other ways to pay but since it is a holiday weekend it will probably take just as long to get the $ to dogster. Oh well, not being plus is fun too. And Dorothy can remember Dogster before plus was even invented. We both think that mom's New Year's Resolution should be to be more timely-you know how she is. Keeping Halloween decorations up until Christmas, putting Christmas decorations up on Christmas eve, not paying the Dogster bill in a timely fashion. That mom-what a airhead.


Pup Pal Requests

December 21st 2009 3:37 pm
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While I was here on earth, I made a lot of Dogster Pals. Now I am in heaven and I sent my mom and dad a new pup-Lucky. I made a lot of good dogster pals, but any time Lucky tries to make a ppr with one of my friends, she gets a message that says-You are already friends with this pup. Well, I Dorothy Louise is, but Lucky is not. So please send my Lucky some pprs so she can know all the good friends I have known. Thanks. Have a happy Christmas.


Gotcha Day

December 19th 2009 11:47 am
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Today would have been my gotcha day, if I was still alive and on earth. Dogster sent me a virtual cake. I am in heaven now so I don't really have to celebrate my gotcha day. But, all virtual gifts become real gifts in heaven so I had a delicious birthday cake to eat. It tasted really good because I know it was made with love. I was so happy to have it that I sent down some snow to mom and dad and the new pup Lucky. You know how much I use to love snow. I got a little carried away and sent so much snow they had to close the state. Oh well. At least Lucky can play all day.


Thank You Dorothy

November 15th 2009 5:16 pm
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Dear Dot,

Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I know you are just are goofy in heaven as you were here with us.

I want to thank you for sending us Lucky. You knew she was exactly what we needed. You knew how much barking goes through your daddy's head. So you got us a dog who wouldn't bark. You knew how tired I was and just couldn't train a dog so you sent us one who knew basic commands.

You knew how many boys and girls come to our house, so you found us a dog that loves kids. A dog that needs a kid to come and play everyday. And you knew that even though me and your dad love to sit around you knew we needed to go out and run. So you sent us an active dog. So we can get the excerise we need to stay healthy.

You also knew that Lucky needed a family who would spoil her. That she would need a family who would teach her that it is ok to chill. To run and play and be a doggie and not just a dog.

You sent us a serious dog so we can teach her to be goofy. She can teach us to be serious about some things like walking and eating right. It was a match made in heaven.

We love you, Dot.



October 29th 2009 8:56 am
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Hey Everybody! Check out my new sister Lucky! She is working on her first diary entry.


Swine Flu

October 27th 2009 9:22 am
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I know everyone is waiting to meet the new pup that I sent to mom and dad. Unfortunately, mom has the swine flu. So all she is doing is sleeping. (I had to use my ghostly dog powers to posses mom to write this entry. She thinks it is just a dream.) Mom did get some tamiflu and she should be conscious by Friday. Then you'll get to meet the new girl.

Happy Howl-o-ween!


I have found the pup

October 24th 2009 5:33 pm
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I have been looking for a new pup for mom and dad. I know that since I went to the bridge they have been lonely. So I have kept my eye out for the perfect pup for them. I finally found her, but I had to get mom and dad and this pup to meet.

First I got mom and dad and dad's boss to have a conversation about pups and kitties in the shelter. Dad's boss told him a story about how she adopted a cat and this cat had a roommate that dad's boss couldn't take. But when dad's boss told people about the cat's roommate so many people went to the pound to adopt the cat's roommate. Well, that got dad thinking about checking the animal shelter on-line, just to see what they had.

That's where he first saw this pup. He told mom to look at the animal shelter site, but mom said she couldn't look at the site unless she knew she was getting a pup that day. So that got dad thinking more. Dad wanted to wait until Christmas. That way someone would be home all day and they would be able to tick a dog to behave in the house. But, I knew how lonely mom and dad both were. And it wasn't right that I am up in heaven having a blast and mom and dad were both lonely and there was the perfect pup at the shelter for them.

So I pushed a little harder and yesterday dad said to mom: "Let's go to the shelter and see what they have. " Mom said to dad: " If we go to the shelter, I'm not leaving empty-handed."

So this morning, mom and dad did their chores. They did them soo fast they really shouldn't have bothered. Then hurry to the shelter. They saw some really sweet dogs. They saw one that looked like me. But he was a little too young and loud. They saw a sad looking Boxer. But he wasn't quite the right one. They saw a beautiful brindle Pittie. But he was getting adopted. Then I led mom and dad to the pup I picked out.

She is a golden retriever mix. She was just sitting there. Not making any noise. She was a stray and they think she is about 3 years old. Dad fell totally in love with her. (Ok, dad fell in love with her when he saw her on line). They took her for a walk. She was soo well behaved. She was so friendly and happy. I whispered in mom's ear that she would know by the end of the day that they made the right choice. So mom and dad adopted a new dog.

The dog shelter had named this dog Goldie, but mom and dad are looking for a new name. Once they get a new name for her, mom will put her on Dogster so everyone better make friends with my new little sister.

Mom and dad were very impressed with this dog. She has obviously been trained, she knows several commands. She is a good traveler. She was friendly with all the dogs in the neigborhood. And when she saw some kids she went right up to them.

She is not food crazy. She has a certain sweetness about her. She has a big purple tongue. Not a black spot but totally blue. Like she's been eating smurfs. Also she doesn't bark. We don't know if it's what she is mixed with or if she had a no bark collar and now she doesn't know how to bark. If anyone knows how to find that out let us know.

After mom and dad got sis settled in, they had to go to church. There was a visiting priest today. When he came in the church he was followed by a dog. A golden retriever. I told mom I would send her a sign and I did.

So once we get her a name, mom will get her a page and she will be the active dogster dog. I will retire It's Hard Bein' a Pup and relax in heaven knowing that I have done my final job taking care of mom and dad.


I was so mad

October 16th 2009 6:20 pm
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Here I am up in heaven having a good time. I look down at mom and dad and who do I see visiting them? GRANDMA! Yes that is right, grandma and uncle have come down for their annual fall visit and I am here in heaven so I can't eat all the left overs. Oh wait, in heaven you don't have to wait for leftovers I can just eat anytime.

Grandma looks really good. This summer, we all thought she would be in heaven waiting for us, but she got her medicine changed and now she is fine. So to show grandma how happy I was that she was feeling better I gave her some doggie luck when she went to the casino. She came home pretty happy.

Grandma and Uncle visit mom and dad about 4 times a year. And one thing that mom and dad do for one of those visits is have a dinner party for them. They invite friends that Uncle and Grandma know. They had planned to have the dinner party on Thursday. Dad bought a turkey to cook.

Dad is the cook of the house. Mom is not a good cooker person at all. You know how everyone has one company dish that they can make to impress people. Mom does not have one. She knows how to call for pizza or chinese food. Mom just gets very bored when she is cooking so she usually jacks up the heat to get the food done fast and ends up burning it, or she doesn't cook it long enough and it ends up all bloody. It is better to leave the cooking to others.

(ok, to be fair-mom does have one thing she makes really well. Microwave scrambled eggs. All the kids love it. But, mom does not like eggs. So the one thing she cooks well is the one thing she doesn't like to eat.)

Ok back to the dinner party. Dad was going to cook a turkey on Thursday. But, he had to go to work. He told mom to just cook the turkey and he would take care of the sides when he got home. Grandma and Uncle had planned to go to the casino all day so mom was on her own! OH NO!

I used to love it when mom cooked. She would drop so much on the floor and you know the dog rule-anything on the floor is the dog's. So mom was dealing with a 15 pound turkey. I would have been mad if she would have dropped it and I would not have been there to eat it. But fortunately mom did not drop it. She painted butter all over it. She stuffed big hunks of butter under it's skin. She found some a jar that had a picture of a turkey on it so she sprinkled turkey spice all over the turkey and she put it in the oven.

About an hour later, she noticed that the messege light on the phone was blinking. It was a message from dad. All of the dinner guests had cancelled. So don't bother cooking, we'll just have left overs. Well, too late for that. The turkey was cooking away. But at least mom didn't have to clean the house.

(Ok house cleaning is not one of mom's big skills. Ok mom is not very domestic at all. )

Grandma and Uncle came back from the casino ready for a dinner party. They were disappointed to know that everyone was sick and had to cancel. But that turkey sure smelled good. They were ready to eat.

Mom took the turkey out of the oven. It looked really good. It cut really well. It was sooo juicy. It was delicious. I am so mad. Mom finally made something good and I am in heaven and can't have a taste of it.

Oh wait, I'm in heaven I can have whatever I want.

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