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its hard being a pup

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January 12th 2005 5:23 pm
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well grandma and grandpa have left. They had a good time and I had a good time enjoying my grandparents. Now I have to go back to being alone all day until mom and dad get home from work. And I have to go back to eating mom's cooking. (ok dad does cook and he does way better than mom but he doesn't cook all the time) Plus mom really just gives me dog food and no people food.

Anyway it is hard to believe it is January because it is 70 degrees outside. We went on a big walk and all the kids and dogs came with us. Mom says enjoy it while we can it's going to turn cold cold cold before Saturday.



January 11th 2005 1:06 pm
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I am having such a good time visiting with grandma. We eat reaaly good food like hot dogs and pork chops. We are having such a good time thatgrandma has decided to stay an extra day.



January 10th 2005 12:59 pm
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So yesterday I was just laying around minding my own business, trying to take a nap, when who comes through the door? Grandma!!!!and Grandpa!!!!I haven't seen them since Thanksgiving and I was missing them. They just stopped by for a few days. They wanted a change of casino scene.(That's what mom says). So they are visiting. Today I helped Grandma cook chicken soup and pot roast. (But don't tell mom and dad-I am not allowed in the kitchen when people are cooking-but who else can do a taste test?)



January 8th 2005 5:11 pm
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Mom is sick so dad brought Chinese Food home for dinner. Chinese food is the best food a dog can eat. Dad says that there are some dogs that do not even know what Chinese Food is. Those poor pups. It is DeeLish. Mom meanwhile is just lying on the couch moaning and groaning and hogging all of my pillows. I have to lay right on top of her because she took all the pillows for herself. But as soon as she moves I am going to claim what is mine.



January 6th 2005 7:31 pm
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Dad got home from work before mom today so he took me for a walk without mom. Of course we got Freckles as well. Harley decided to go for the walk, too, and so did Scooby and Cookie. As we were turning the corner who comes down the road but Mom!!!! I was so happy to see her, I actually ran to meet her. Mom was glad to see me too. I know it had been forever since we saw each other.(Since this morning). While we were walking all together, I stopped to talk to Blackie and Max so while mom and dad were waiting for me, they cut Freckles' toenails. I saw waht they were doing so I hurried up and got ahead of them so they wouldn't get any ideas about my toenails. I thought I wa safe, but when we got home dad gave me a pedicure, too. Mom says they are very fashionable, but usually when I get my toenails cut it means there is a bath involved. But no bath so far.



January 2nd 2005 7:17 pm
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Happy new year everyone. Hope yours is full of treats. Mom and dad built some book shleves today. They are hannging up on the wall. Ususally I hate it when they do home repairs, but mom and dad didn't fight at all and there project went really well. They were able to take down all the bookshelves they have so now I have more room in whinch to stretch out when I take my midmorning or late morning or early afternoon or late afternoon or early evening nap. But, when they moved one of the bookcases, they found one of my secret stash of bones and cookies. Mom said they were disgusting and threw them all away. (Thank goodness she doesnt know about the stash under the bed.)



December 31st 2004 12:58 pm
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Mom and dad are measuring all the rooms for home repairs. They are planning on putting up shelves. This is niever any fun for me because mom and dad do not work well on home repairs together. So they usually end up being a little loud and that upsets me, so I usually go to Pork Chop's house and sit on his porch until they are done. But it is raining so I can't get out. But mom said they are done today and for me not to worry about it. I hope so. Mom and Dad are going out later tonight leaving me tocelebrate the new year alone. I think I'll take a big new years eve nap.



December 30th 2004 11:27 am
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This is how my day typically goes. Once I wake up, I have to wait for mom to put a pillow on the floor so I can get out of bed. Jumping on the hardwood floor sometimes makes my bones hurt. So mom puts a pillow on the floor and I get out of bed and go outside to take care of business. Mom is making breakfast so I have to hurry. I come back in and eat breakfast. It is usually dog food and some peanutbutter bones. After I eat, I let mom know that my bowl is empty but I am still hungry, but mom just ignores me so I am starving starving starving unless dad lets me have some of his cereal. Then I go back outside to survey my world. I have to make sure the world is save from squirrels and birds. Then Buddy usually comes down the street and we play for a while until mom and dad go to work. This is when I get down to serious business. First I take a nap in the hall. Then I take a nap under the computer desk, then I take a nap on the couch. Then I get a drink from the toilet. Everyone knows toilet water is the best. then I take a nap in the guest room. By then it is time to bark at the mail man, that must work because he only stays for a second and then he goes away. After that I take a nap in the bedroom and then I take my last nap by the front door. (Unless it is hot out0 then I will nap in the kitchen because the floor is cooler). Finally mom and dad come home. We go for a big walk and see all of my friends. We talk about all the naps we took today. After our walk, mom and dad eat dinner. I show mom how my bowl is empty, so mom feeds me too. Its about time. Mom usually plays the piano after dinner and I go in to listen to her and to sing with her. Dad will play spades and I help him by telling him the best moves to make. Then we watch tv and I let my mom know that I need to get my belly rubbed until it is time for bed. I tell you it is hard to be a pup.


Mom's Public Service Announcement

December 28th 2004 9:21 am
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We had some neighborhood company this morning. About 7:00 am Buddy was on the porch. Buddy is a golden lab/basset hound mix. We have known each other since we were pups. Plus, he lives with my best human friend in the nighborhood-Pork Chop. Mom let Buddy in which I barked about but Buddy didn't care. I showed Buddy all my Christmas gifts and then mom gave buddy a treat. I went out to play with him for a while and had a pretty good morning.
Later on in the morning there was a pounding at the door. It was one of the kids from the nieghborhood-Billy. He is about 7. He was crying hysterically. He said there was a big dog after him. There was a big dog outside, a rottweiler. He had on a collar, but mom didn't know him and neither did I. Mom let Billy come in and cleaned him up. Billy said the dog didn't bite him it just scared him. So mom showed Billy what to do when he sees a strange dog. She told him not to run, but to stand perfectly still with his hands at his side. She said the dog may want to smell him and that will be scary but he should just take a deep breath and stand still. Then she made him practice with me. She told me to look mean or to bark, but I wouldn't do it. She also showed him how to pet a dog (using me again) under the chin. She told Billy never go up to a dog he doesn't know and even if he knows the dog, to wait for the dog's person before petting. That was mom's public service announcement. Billy said he didn't know why that big dog was chasing him. Billy had found a big dead rat on the road was going to take it home and that's when the dog came after him. Mom knew the rat was really a squirrel and the dog was probably looking for a good road kill treat that Billy was stealing. So mom made Billy wash up with soap and told him not to touch dead things. Now mom has a rule that no kid can come to the house and leave empty handed. They have to go home with some candy or cookies or something. So she made Billy a treat bag. Billy thought it would be mean to go home with this bag and not have anything for his brothers and sisters. Mom said "how many brothers and sisters do you have?" Billy said "Oh, about 10 or 11, but they don't all live here". Mom made him a few extra treat bags and sent him home. But, now there is a dead squirrel in my yard that I can't wait to eat. (Note from mom-Like that's going to happen Dot). Oh well.



December 27th 2004 9:56 am
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Ho!Ho!Ho! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a good holiday. My was pretty good. Dad played guitar for Children's church and mom sang on Christmas day. They were both exhuasted so they pretty much slept the holiday away. With all the presents under the tree still to open. And dinner to be cooked and eaten. But finally they got up. Mom and dad got some non interesting boring things like a new camera and some jewerly, but I got three yes three different bags of treats, pupparonis, bacon strips, and tbonez. Plus two new bandanas. Oh mom and dad love their dogster t's that I got them. Mom wore hers the whole day. We went for a christmas walk and gave out bones to all the pups in the neighborhood. For dinner we had crab legs, and turkey and baked potatoes and cool whip for dessert. All in All I would say we had a pretty excellent Christmas and we really hope all our dogster pals did too.

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