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its hard being a pup

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February 10th 2005 12:57 pm
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There are two dogs in our neighborhood, Blackie and Max. They live in a big yard that is fenced in. I often visit with them. Blackie has a trick where she can climb the fence, but Max just puts his paws up on the fence and barks. Except for today-As soon as Max saw my mom he jumped over the fence!!!It surprised my mom and it surprised Max,too. He has never been out of the yard. But he had to come and see my mom. I think it is because mom never goes anywhere without dogbones(MY BONES- but mom says she'll buy more). So she gave Max a bone, but, she threw it in his yard and opened the gate so he had to run in and get it. So Max's adventure was short-lived.



February 8th 2005 1:36 pm
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Dad brought home this chair with great big wheels on it. It is very scary, especially since I am afraid of wheels. When I was a younger pup, I got my foot run over by a bicycle and ever since then, I have stayed far away from bikes and cars and wagons and anything that has wheels and now there is this big wheel chair in my house. I am not going near it. Dad said he is taking it to someone at work so it will only be here 0vernight. I am going to stay as close to mom as I can until that thing is gone.



February 7th 2005 1:54 pm
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So I am minding my own business, taking my early afternoon nap in front of the air vent when I hear all this barking and howling outside. Mom opens the door and it is Shiloh -ON MY PORCH!!! I barked at him to tell him to get off my porch but he didn't care, he just barked right back. When mom opened the door to give him a bone HE CAME RIGHT IN MY HOUSE!!!! Like he lived here or something. I barked at him some more, but he didn't care. That's what I like about Shiloh, He don't care about nothing. He looked all around and then he just sat down like he belonged there. Mom just laughed and let Shiloh stay, so I finally got over myself and played with Shiloh too. But then Mom pulled out the Vacuum cleaner the most evilest of all machines. I knew what was coming and I told Shiloh we better get out while the gettin' was good, but he didn't care. I told him it makes a big loud noise and it will eat up all the dog bones that have been hidden and all the crumbs of food just lying around on the rug, but he didn't care. When mom turned it on, he just barked at it and then he went right back to playing. Shiloh is my hero, he is so brave. He protected me from the vacuum. I wish he could just stay with us on Vacuum day, but his owner showed up and Shiloh went home. Oh well, more bones for me to eat.



February 4th 2005 3:44 pm
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I'm naked!!!! I somehow got my bandana(red with white bones got it for Christmas) wrapped around my front leg so it looked like I had my leg in a sling. So when mom saw it, she took it off. She said she has to wash it anyway(something about me dragging it through the big puddle on the corner-also known as the Puddle of Life). But she didn't put a new bandana on me and I have plenty. So I got to walk around the neighborhood naked. We ran into Scooby and Shiloh and Harley so when we got home we had a little dog party in the yard. Mom gave us all bones and we all ran around and barked at each other. Then one of my dad's cammping buddies came by. I thought we were going camping. But we didn't. That was a huge disappointment to me. But mom said we could have pizza tonight, so I got over my disappointment.



February 2nd 2005 1:22 pm
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Happy grounddog day!!!Ok I know it is ground hog day, but when my mom was a little girl she thought it was grounddog day. She thought it was the day all dogs had their birthdays(like how all horses turn a year older on Jan.1). I don't know what she thought a grounddog was, did she think there were spacedogs? And she never connected all that weather hoopla with the groundhog seeing his shadow and a day that starts out Ground. But someone finally set her straight. She doesn't care she still thinks its the birthday for all dogs and we are going to have a dog party tonight when dad comes home from work. I don't know know if we are going for a walk because my paw is a little sore today, I landed on it funny when I jumped out of bed and I think the only thing that can cure it is left over Chinese food.



February 1st 2005 5:57 pm
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First, mom would like to know how I can manage not to go to the bathroom all day long, where she even has to yell at me to get me to go, but I can't hold it in for those 10 extra minutes in the morning before the alarm goes off. But I say, you got to go when you got to go.
Our walk today was fun. I was a little jealous because Dad always takes Freckles and not me so I made them put me on the leash to walk with them. Hey they are my humans not Freckles. So all the people we met on the walk today petted me and Freckles. Harley came too, but he was really only interested in the pocketful of bones my mom carries. I met a new dog a german shepherd called Wyatt. he seemed pretty interested in me and I was a little put off by him but I let him smell me. Then his owner came and pulled him away.
After our walk, mom had to go do an errand so I followed her out. She got in the car and left so I decided I would just sit on the porch and wait for her to come back. Dad did not even know I was outside. So after forever and ever mom finally came back-with Chinese Food. I knew it would be worth the wait. Of course she gave me some wonton because I waited out on the cold hard porch for her and she said I am way cuter than Freckles or Harley or Wyatt or any other dog in the neighborhood.



January 31st 2005 7:09 pm
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Mom and dad did not go to work today, but they went somewhere. They were all dressed up and dad took his guitar. That ususually means they are going to church but they just were not coming back for like ever!!!Finally they came home. They said they had to sing at a funeral that was way up in the mountains and then they had to stay to eat. But did they bring me any food? NO!! I got stuck just eating plain old dog food. But mom and dad are both pretty wore out so I think I will let them join me in my early evening nap before bed.



January 30th 2005 5:24 pm
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Well, I knew when mom and dad didn't take a walk yesterday my deer head would be gone, and I was right. It was not on the hill where I left it. Some other dog must have eaten it. Oh well, at least I FINALLY got a taste of it. When we went on our walk today, Scrappy-Do was chained to a brick, but that sure wasn't stopping him from roaming around the neighborhood. Since we don't know Scrappy we looked at him from a distance to see if he was ok. he looked fine. One of the teenagers had some pepper spray but my mom told him not to spray that dog because then the dog would have a reason to bite him. Instead we all just yelled and barked and Scrappy's human came out. He couldn't believe that Scrappy he was able to move freely with his leash tied around a brick. Scrappy is normally inside or in a fenced in backyard(that's why we don't know him)So I guess they won't try that method of restraint again. This dog is still a puppy too. He is going to be super strong.
After our walk, Harley hung out with me for a little bit, but he was just trying to get bones from mom. Of course mom gave in. She is going to give all my bones way. And it's not like there is a Wal-mart every 5 miles or something.(Oh wait a minute yes there is).



January 29th 2005 9:01 am
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it is raining and snowing and I don't think mom and dad want to take me for a walk. But, I still have some of that deer head hidden and I have to figure out a way to get to the field. My friend Dave came over for a while and I made him pet me and pet me and pet me until mom told me to stop being so needy and behave myself. Well, I hope I get to go on my walk. My parents are such wienies when it comes to cold,nasty weather.



January 28th 2005 3:11 pm
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If you have been a faithful reader of my diary then you know that there is a deer head floating around my neighborhood. (Actually, mom says there are about 3 deer heads, but I'm a dog numbers don't really apply to me). Everytime I get my opportunity to eat the deer head mom or dad makes me walk on the leash. But Today I was being very good. I walked right beside mom the whole start of the walk. I didn't even try to go to Prok Chop's(It's Friday- Rosie don't cook on Friday so why bother going). So because I was so good mom didn't put me on leash when she went to get Freckles. And that is when I saw it. The deer head!!!! Well, at least the jaw and teeth of the deer head. It was just the right size for me to pick up and carry so I could get out of sight of mom and then I ate it. It was Delicious!!!! I don't think that mom knew, after all I couldn't see her so she probably couldn't see me right? Well, it's time for my before dinner nap. Mom better get cooking I'm starved!

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