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its hard being a pup

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This is our last diary entry

January 18th 2014 9:49 am
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As most of you know, Say Media in it's infinite wisdom has decided to shut down the Dogster Community. The Community which has been the heart of Dogster. We are so upset we feel like biting them on the butt.

We have been on Dogster for 9 years. It would have been 10 in August. When we first joined Dogster all you could do was put a dog in a corral and take a stroll.

Later on they added pup pal requests, diary entries and pmail. Then the forums, Dogster Plus, the rosettes, groups and special gifts.

They had the coolest dog and cat contests. They had the birthday strolls, the holiday strolls, the birthday parades. They had the scavenger hunt, the trivia games.

They had wonderful friends to help with good advice. They had friends who held us up when we were sad or worried. There were kind and generous people who would surprise us with gifts out of the blue. Not just virtual gifts but presents that would come in the mail. It was an anonymous donor who bought me my first plus membership. I know some people felt that they were being picked on, but I have never felt that way. I have only felt the love and kindness and loyalty, the people on Dogster always took the best part of their dog's personality and gave it to each other.

Another way that Dogster has helped me is as a person I have always been a little shy and awkward. But, when I could write as Dorothy or Lucky and be fierce. And I always enjoyed reading everyone else's diaries. They were funny or sad or playful. They were uplifting.

Finally, I am sad because when Dorothy went to the bridge, I got so much support and love. I knew that Dot was not really gone as long as I could see her pages.

I am going to give being a person a try. Please, please, please look me up on Facebook. Tracy Grote. I have a picture of Lucky as my picture. I love you all.

Now I'm going to stop crying and try to close my pages.


Thanks a heap !

December 20th 2013 10:13 am
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Thanks a heap for all the birthday, Gotcha day presents. Life on the bridge is good. Of course, I have grandma to hang out with sometimes. (Of course there is no time in heaven). Anyway, thanks for all the well-wishes.

I'm watching my family. Mom is still trying to get paid from her old work, but, many of the parents of the children she taught have asked if she would be willing to "sit" with their children for a few hours here or there. They have also told mom that when she finds a new place to let them know and they will enroll their kids in that school, so mom is coming to a business with business. (That has to be good).

Dad has finally got an assistant, so he does not have to travel to three different offices. We are all glad of that, because our car is getting ready to join me in heaven. (Although, they keep calling the car Lazarus, because they keep raising it from the dead).

Big and Little and Jake and Luke are all doing well in school. Jake will be applying to law school next year(maybe he can't help mom get paid).

The weather outside has not been frightful, but really quite delightful. It's 60 degrees and Lucky only comes in to eat treaties. She is doing a good job watching my family on earth, while I watch them in heaven.

Now, back to the ham!


This is Lucky's Diary but typed it on my page instead.

December 11th 2013 11:34 am
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Mom is home with me again. It seems the place she worked has finally bit the dust. Mom worked as a teacher at a pre-school and daycare. The first location she worked at closed in Sept. So in Oct. they brought mom in to the main location to teach. Mom could tell they were in trouble, but all of her co-workers were very dedicated(some had been there since it opened), so they all pulled together to make it work.

But, the daycare had a NO PAY, NO STAY policy. And unfortunately, they did not pay the staff, so the staff didn't stay. On Monday the staff(x-staff) all went together to unemployment and wage and hour and legal aid and now that's all mom can say about it.

I am happy because that means that mom will be staying home with me for a while. This means that she can let me go out and then as soon as she sits down, I will want to come back in. This means I do not have to just look out the window when the mailman comes or the garbage truck. This means I can be on squirrel patrol all the time. This means I don't have to take a walk when it is dark outside. This means mom will have someone to share her delicious lunch with(me!).

Of course there are some downsides to mom staying home, like mom's need to vacuum. (Come on mom-we don't even have carpeting). And mom's need to empty the trash everytime it gets smelly.(that's when it's good).

But all in all I'm glad mom is home. She can help me decorate for Christmas. I will help her bake cookies. YUM!



September 12th 2013 7:39 pm
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Hi from the Bridge!

I wanted to take a second from eating my chocolate covered ham to tell everyone who gifted me today thank you. I'm so glad that you all remembered me and I miss a lot of my pals who are still having fun on earth. I am watching over my peeps and friends, in between bites.

We can take comfort in knowing that time is just a human thing. It really goes fast. In a second we will be together with our loved ones again.

Anyway, I'm sending good and happy thoughts to all my dogster pals. Thanks for being good to my sister Lucky. She is getting the job of taking care of my peeps done.

Big Hugs,

Dorothy "dot" Louise xoxo


It's my Special Day!

December 19th 2012 2:11 pm
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Today is my Gotcha day. Thanks everyone for the gifts. Up here on the bridge we can do what we want, so you know I'm eating ham.

I am also peeping down in the peephole at my peeps and Lucky. Lucky is doing a pretty good job taking care of them. It took her a while. She didn't know that mom and dad didn't care if she got up on furniture or slept in the bed. She didn't know that mom likes nothing more than to scratch a pup's belly all night long. But now she knows.

Mom and dad are getting ready for Christmas. I love Christmas, all the ham....I think I better get back to the ham palace.


Greetings from the Rainbow Bridge

September 12th 2012 11:28 am
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Today is my Rainbow Bridge day. It is a sad/happy day. I believe the word people use is bittersweet.

It's sad because it makes me realize how much I miss my peeps. Sure, I look at them everyday through the "peep"hole. And I did send them Lucky Isabella to watch over them. (They are people after all,they need all the help they can get).

It's a happy day too, because even though I left fast, I was sick. And now I am not sick. Now I am as frisky as any puppy, but I am as smart as the smartest dog that ever was. I can eat all the food I want and I still stay nice and slender and nothing gives me hot spots, allergies or tummy aches.

And it's bittersweet because I have met a lot of pups. Pups I've only known through the Internet and Pups I've actually run around with from my nieghborhood. And I've met family pups. Dogs that my mom and dad have grown up with like Tiny and Issackin. And I met the dog that came before me: Poor Sweet Doggie Dude. (He said before he went to live with mom and dad his name was a lot shorter).

So if you have just lost a pup friend to the rainbow bridge and you are sad. That's ok to be sad. But we here in heaven are good. We are well rewarded for the work we did on earth.

Now I just want to say thank you for all the gifts and rememberances. It means a lot to me and it means a lot to mom and dad. And now please eat a ham sandwich to remember me and if you are a vegan have a fake bacon sandwich and make a toast to me and to all the bridge doggies.


Dogster Day

August 20th 2012 3:29 pm
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Hey! Today is the anniversary of the day that I joined dogster, 8!!!!years ago. Boy, have things changed. When I joined the only thing you could do is put someone in a coral. I have met tons of friends on Dogster both dog and people. And even though I am in heaven now, I still watch all the fun.

If you are friends with me, but not with Lucky, please make friends with her.

Hope everyone is having a great day. Now back to the ham.



January 2nd 2012 12:41 pm
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Finally! After a December of 60 degree weather and No White Christmas, we are getting snow. The weather guy says 2-4 inches, but right now we can still see grass. But, when it squalls we can't even see out the window!

I talked mom into taking me for a walk in this weather, after she got home from the supermarket. She was just going for the regular weekly stock-up but she said everyone else was buying for a blizzard. Mom says she will believe it when she sees it.

So we went for a walk and as soon as we got halfway around the block it started to squall. Mom couldn't see anything, but I was right there guiding her. I had to wait for her a few times because she was not wearing snow boots and she kept getting snowballs stuck on the bottom of her shoes. Fortunately, she did not fall. I do not need both dad and mom to have hurt legs. (Dad has a torn minuscus? in his knee. He walks with a big stick and cannot do any chores. We are waiting for the insurance to do the paperwork so we can get it fixed. Still I think dad's chore doing days are over.)

So we finally made it through the storm. Me and mom were both covered in snow! Instead of being a golden doggie I was solid white. And mom's dark blue coat was white, too.

Well, my feet are warmed up so I am going to go hang outside again. At least until my toes get cold or mom starts cooking some hot dogs!


It's My Day!

December 19th 2011 6:48 pm
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Greetings from the Rainbow Bridge! Today is my day. My special Day. Today is my Gotcha Day. It may or may not be my birthday. But that doesn't matter. It is my special day and I am having a huge giant party at the bridge. And all of my Dogster Pals are here.

I wanted to tell all you peoples that have let their pups go to the bridge, don't be sad. We are all great. We are not in pain. Our bodies are not burdened with old age. No one ever treats us mean. We check in on our families everyday and we give you help even when you don't realize it.

And time at the rainbow bridge doesn't exist so we don't wait long until you show up.

So be good to the pups that we have brought to you. Give a donation to the local animal shelter. Thank you for all the birthday rememberances. If you aren't friends with my sister Lucky make friends with her now. If you want to be friends with my mom on Facebook, send her a paw mail. Have a great Christmas and any other holiday you celebrate right now. Hope your 2012 is the Greatest ever. (Don't worry about that Mayan Stuff).

And now.....Back to the All meat Buffet.



December 13th 2011 7:23 pm
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Wow! I just looked at my page! I have 20000 views! Thank you all my Dogster Pals! Sure, I've been on The Dogster for over 7 years and before I went to the Rainbow Bridge I was quite an active poster, especially on the Diary Pages, but 20000 is a pretty lot. I'm glad I got to meet all you dogster pups. Now back to the Ham.

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