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Daddy has had his hospital appointment and Mummy goes next- week!

September 21st 2012 12:41 am
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It was a luffly hospital with a Luffly Specialist and Mummy said they have Really soft posh armchairs to sit in and all sorts! We wanted to know why she did not bring us one back!! Anyway here is Mummy with the latest on our wonderful Daddy.

Alan had his appt with the specialist and turns out he has osteoarthritis in two parts of the shoulder with cysts ouch!! One part is the collarbone and one part is the shoulderblade at the top, which he has extra calcium growingh on as well. Where the tendons and ligaments are meant to be it has worn away and he has cysts rubbing inside instead, poor baby, so he goes back next week and is going to have an ultrasound and right after the specialist is going to inject one of the points to see if that helps, then the next time another point and once they find out where each different pain is coming from it will be two minor ops to fix the problems, then probably physio after that for his arm.
THEN they are going to look into his spondylosis of his neck! The doctor was really nice and the place was lovely. So at least he is not worrying so much as he is not going to have such a huge op as what he thought, he is more relieved and so am I.
Thanks for letting us chat about this pals and wanted to keep you all informed.

I have my specialist next week and still on complete rest, although I did go to the hospital with Alan the other day but It has wiped me out for a couple of days, my levels have worsened again and in a lot of pain and so very sleepy, but that is to be expected!
Will let you all know more as and when.
As Alan and I both said, if you put us in a bag to shake us up together you could not get one good body out of both of us BOL!!

So as you can see we are babysitting our pawrents, sheesh it is hard work! but we are doing well all things considered, we still go for our walks and get fed and sleep on the bed so we cannot complain, and Mummy is still well enough to clean our eyes out and bits and Brush us every day EWWWWWWW....

Luff Demm boyzzz xx




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